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They have no environmental regulations there. Children are born with disabilities, the water is contaminated, the fish die, and a particularly striking example of environmental pollution is that the soil here is so rich in chemical/toxic waste that it can be lit with a lighter.

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About 140 well-known pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer and Sandoz produce in Hyderabad, an area in India that is expanding and wants to become the world’s pharmacy. Again, without having to care about taking precautions for the environmental impact they cause, with all the dangers for life and limb.

400 more companies have already bought new “Pharma City” spaces. The government calculates an income of 80 to 230 billion dollars by selling the spaces. They expect that 1,500 companies will settle there.

According to a spokesman of the Indian government, the project enjoys the government’s full support and has promised to build sewage treatment plants (wastewater disposal) for the first time ever (!) to keep environmental pollution “within limits”.

Everyday Reality

This is the reality in India, the second largest producer of pharmaceuticals. The biggest manufacturer, by the way, is China.

This is what the pharmaceutical industry, all the big companies, tilt daily and do not deny at all. They refer to the lax laws in India. Besides, Europe and the USA buy their stuff by the ton. The pills are produced in Asia and packaged in Europe and the USA. There is no mention of an Asian manufacturer on the package; only the American or European importer and packer are mentioned.

Grey Area Reality

You may have already ordered meds from other countries (usually UK-based shops) and wondered why these had been shipped from India. Also, you couldn’t help but think these pills sucked. Counterfeit Viagra has hardly any effect. Fake XANAX bars might contain Flualprazolam and not even be close to what you had ordered.

Another thing we noticed was that these counterfeit medicines from India all have a similar smell that does not resemble the original medication.

Counterfeit Meds

Counterfeit Meds

It turns out that these pills are indeed counterfeit medications. DarknetLive blog described an example in which Pfizer investigated and led to the arrest of some Darknet Dealers going by “HulkedBenzoBoss.”: The defendants started selling drugs through the HulkedBenzoBoss vendor profile in 2014. Pfizer Global Security started investigating the vendor in June 2016. The investigators made multiple purchases from the vendor. The purchases reportedly led to the identification of Ward as the operator of the HulkedBenzoBoss vendor accounts.

Pfizer investigators handed over the investigation to the cops in early 2017. The police arrested Ward on June 13, 2017. Ward’s arrest led to the seizure of four blue barrels containing counterfeit Xanax and more evidence of the production and distribution of drugs.

Source: <>

What did we learn today?

  • So, now we know why these counterfeit meds suck.
  • Counterfeit meds are not even more affordable since Dutch douche charges the same price as original meds would cost.
  • You never know what’s inside.
  • Pfizer does care, and just like them, everyone can assist authorities in tackling organized crime. Counterfeit meds can be a real threat. I wouldn’t trust anyone offering me prescription meds claiming these were origininal brand products.

While the US DEA is worried about all kinds of counterfeit meds being fent-laced and possibly deadly, they also observe more counterfeit prescription meds and Cannabis plants that do not contain what they should, making them a dangerous gamble.

In summer, European CheckIt! Vienna substance testing unit discovered a pill sold as Modafinil that contained an unknown substance. It looked exactly as you would expect it but contained whatever.

If it ever needed a warning not to trust in NPS and/or counterfeit meds to help you with self-medication, here we go.

Only original meds have been tested and researched, guaranteeing you get what you are paying for.

I strongly doubt that counterfeit medicines are produced in the same factories as the original medicines. I suspect Pfizer would never fake their brand products but that some sketchy factories offer cheap copies of the brand medication.

I assume these factories are dirty by our standards. And that they don’t give a shit about their environmental footprint at all.

Generika vs. Counterfeit meds

Just in case: Ordering meds online is okay. Medicine is patented for a couple of years before other companies may also offer that medication. These are called generics. You can also get them at any pharmacy. They tend to be more affordable than „the original“ brand medication but contain the same active ingredients.

Counterfeit meds are copies still protected by a patent and may not be manufactured or distributed by anyone but the company that invented them. It costs millions to develop and test new medication. The patents are essential to ensure the pharma company will profit from their latest development.

Counterfeit meds can also be random meds that do not contain the expected active ingredient and pose severe risk! Counterfeit meds can also be fake prescription meds. If someone offers you a prescription pill but is not a doctor, say no!

Many Darknet dealers try to make you believe they could provide original-brand pharmaceuticals. That’s impossible. Unless they had stolen the pills. Pfizer does not sell to Darknet Dealers.

Take care!


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