Free Samples! (with OldSchool RC)

Win 10 x 4 free Samples
10 x 4 samples for free with Old School RC

Old School RC is a vendor from Spain.

They want to prove they know how to send a letter and generously give away…  

* drum roll *

————————– 10 x 4 free samples ————————–

…to anyone willing to share a photo of the samples received.  

Who: Old School RC

Where to: Worldwide excl. Spain

How: Send an email to  

Update August, 1: Thank you for your messages. The winners have been drawn.

The samples will be shipped in August.

FIDLAR – Free Falling (Tom Petty Cover), 2023

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  1. I began happily paying for premium as soon as the subscription was announced! Soon after this sight became glitchy whenever I’d attempt to access, though as of last spring I’ve regained entry into this matrix. Just assumed you worked out all the bugs!
    If I had sneaky computer savvy, I’d just go to the dark web and get real psychotropic substances, lol. 😉
    Just kidding. My preferences are for research and discovery!

  2. Update: The winners have been drawn. Thank you for your messages. Next time, we will give away t-shirts and music. ;- )

  3. Used to drop $$$ ordering from FX, then later, Old School. By far one of my all time favorite vendors and always worth the wait to the US. Then.. things changed.
    An “Easter break” announcement was posted on there FX site, which later was explained to be a police raid. They promised to replace all the parcels confiscated during the raid and adding extra product to all these. I lost three packages at the time and did receive one of the promised reships. The one that landed really was bestowed with a generous amount of extra weight but still didn’t make up for the lost 1,200 or more EU of all 3 combined.
    I understand a ton of NPS shipments get confiscated at US ports and success rates are only deteriorating. Just don’t answer my inquiries (placed month or more after the status changed from pending to shipped out of respect and curtesy) by telling me I’m the idiot for even placing the order in the first place. Yep, I’m taking a risk of losing money by placing an order, and I accept that risk.

    They should have ceased shipments to Americans like a lot of others, but I guess the money is just too lucrative. What was some of the best customer service around, later became either indifferent, unresponsive, or sometimes even hostile. The handful of order inquiries I made were meant to be informative. I don’t ask for reships.

    I really do think they’ve been honest about most things. And dealing all day, everyday with consistent “where’s my stuff” emails seems like hell, not to mention being fucking raided by policia.

    I will sign up for this promo and when/if it lands, will post quality images with reviews. Shit, I may even become a regular customer again. Yep, their pihp is that good.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, and I get this isn’t exclusive to the US, I can’t help but to think this promo is in reaction lost customers from the States.

    Thank you for this blog. Well worth the price of admission

    The ‘ole vendor carousel keeps spinning around…

    1. the price of admission… something tells me you sneaked in here for free, probably via Mc Wifi ;- )

    2. Yea I think something is up again because my last 4 packs was a rip off