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Still coooking

I’ve been in hospital lately. For quite a while, even.

An accident so bad, the police sent a forensics team to my home to make sure nobody could have died and disappeared here. Twice.

An accident so bad, that, because I was still standing and dialed 911 myself, the state attorney routinely started investigating against me for assault because it seemed to them that there was too much blood spilled to be from a single person.

Never mind. According to emails you sent, you want to know how Alex is doing. Who wouldn’t? He had to give up his beloved internet domain therealrc.com.

Curious myself, I visited his new web shop trrcshop.com and sent him money in exchange for a letter because this is how we communicate.

Seems they are doing fine, hallelujah.

Unboxing a samples order placed with The Real RC in 2023


Still around, nobody got busted, don’t worry.

Quality seems good. So far: Bromazolam top, Troparil good, MDPHP Freebase exactly what you want, and O-PCE are fresh crystals. Photos will follow.



Everybody Shatter

Algiers – Everybody Shatter (from SHOOK, 2023)
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2 responses to “Letther from The Real RC”

  1. kimberlyreneea30d8d97c2 Avatar

    I am sorry to hear you were hurt 🙁 I too have lots of experiences with hospitals, so I sympathize greatly. Here is wishing for your speedy recovery and no lasting pain. 🙂

    1. That is so sweet of you, thank you! 🎈

      I am not in pain, really, there is no need to feel sorry whatsoever for me. I am too sexy to suffer and whine. I am a practical guy, I smoke weed now. And will be fine again.

      I am so happy to hearing from you, you have no idea.

      HAPPY DAYS :))

      Kind regards,

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