Predator RC Samples in August 2023

O-PCE Predator RC Batch
O-PCE from Predator RC in 2023

Samples sourced with Predator RC in summer 2023.

Unboxing video

Predator RC Samples in August 2023
(Music in the background: Rex The Dog, Led Zeppelin, and Fake Blood)

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Bipolar Feminin – Matrose (2023)

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19 responses to “Predator RC Samples in August 2023”

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  1. Ok mate ,I’m Going to be working from Yahoo mail in the mailbox,and then
    Predator is sending I’m sure….


  2. Not sending to this time…..

    Refund , waiting,no lemon….

    1. email and provide them with your order number. then send me an update, please.

  3. Sergiuz is mod of


    I’m send number of

    order !!!

    1. I also forwarded your complaint to Predator’s.
      Good luck!

      1. Thanks Man,I’m know whit Team of Predator,soon I’m sure you will find something else to do but I’m still waiting for the results…

        Best regards.

      2. We’re is my Refund,all Dopek is damned Predator -1500euro?



        1. Hi Stanimir,

          Iam not affiliated with Predator, we do not even know each other.

          Please consider the following:

          – Provide me with your order details (order number and summary, payment transaction ID) and explain to me what exactly has happened. I will have a look into this and if necessary warn the community against Predator for not delivering orders.

          This will be the last time I will have a look into an obviously complicated order issue for free. In the future, only subscribers may expect me to read and analize their emails.

          – Report the issue to the EU consmer network. They will provide advice and try to help you. The vendor is legally obliged to deliver or refund you means they are breaking the law. If you report them then legal experts will pick up the case and the foulplay vendor might expect issues with their website, email, and bank accounts.

          Please please please report the issue to them. If nobody reports business malpractice nobody will ever find out it and nobody will help you.

          – If you paid via bank trasnfer inform your bank that this was a malicious transaction. Some banks can even get your money back. Others will blacklist the vendor for fraud.

          – As a last resort, you could report the vendor to the police. Some countries have dedicated cybercrime units, but usually you would report fraud to local police means to your nearest police station. Fraud is a serious crime and will be investigated. Please make sure to provide all necessary details and to explain what happened in a way so it is easy to understand. I recommend filing a report and submit a Word document or PDF because most police officers will not be capable of handling such cases. If you provide authorities with a document that descibes what happened, they will forward your report to a specialized police officer who will check your description for plausibility and then forward your report to a state attourney.

          I am not with the police, I can only assist you filing a report and explain options you have to fight for your right.

          Hope that helps.

          Kind regards,

        2. Hi,

          Your payment never arrived. They have been accepting BTC only in the past few months. They had never provided you with any bank account you sent the money to somewhere but not to them.

          I am sorry to tell you but you made a mistake here . They never received your money and won’t shop, of course.

          Kind regards,

  4. No they wrong ,big of shipping I’m send1500euro and no ,Refund,nothing…

    Selective scammer in their team …

    1. Please send me an email with all relevant infromation. I cannot promise they will reship but generally speaking you should always inform the vendior if your order did not arrive. These shops use various shippers and shipping methods. .If a route is dead, then please inform the vendor because they would usually not find out if nobody complained.

      1. Predator now is seame situation,2 months

        Scammer,My partner whant to go ln locally
        Interpol office in Dam ,sister is hel if not sending pay-order….

        1. Hi,

          First contact the vendor, provide them with your order number and explain what happened.

          If to no avail and you need to escalate the issue, then I recommend

          Step three would be reporting them for online fraud with local police or if available in your country the national cybercrime department.

          Please mind that only tracked (and insured) orders allow to prove that your goods never arrived.

          I have seen a few complain lately, but nobody shared in which country they live. If mail to the UK or overseas is only possible untracked, that would be unfortunate.

          I again urge you to contact via email and provide them with your order number. They will figure if there was an issue with payment or if one of their shipping agents maybe is on holiday.

          Please keep us posted. THX

  5. In case you wondered: Predator and partner shops did not experience issues with mail carriers. They have fewer customers and obviously know their thing although they had to switch to a new email address once again. it is. At least I think so.

  6. Réne one monts I’m send Txid, QR and

    Refund for the update order for me and my wife and she said yes to the store!!!


    What is this Predek?

    1. Hi,

      I am not exactly sure if I understand the issue you have with this vendor, I will send you an email.

      PS: Please keep in mind that this will be the last time I will have a look into random order issues. I am not affiliated with or working with any vendors. I try to provide reliable information that you will not find anywhere else. That is what I do and what most expect to find here. In the future, you will need to be a subscriber or I won’t be able to assist you with your issues. 1 Euro per month is like nothing but still makes a difference for me because helps me cover the costs this blog causes.

      Payment via PayPal, CC, and BTC, Direct Debit and more is possible. You kept asking if I could offer subscriptions to be paid with BTC. I had to buy a solution that makes this finally possible. Please don’t let me down now. So many friends chipped in to cover the costs for woo commerce etc., and I will give my best to entertain you with more articles and also use the new mini forum to share news and chitchat with you. You can finally upload photos to make your reviews, questions and complaints more authentic and understandable. No more waiting for me to add your experiences to the respective blog posts. We will soon have everything you kept asking for. I have almost recovered from that accident so nothing is gonna stop us. I won’t be able to do this for long but for at least one more year I should be available. Spending less time with emails and your sometimes cryptic complaints will allow me to spend more time working on new content. #Everybodyhappy!

      Back to your vendor issue: They usually offer friendly and flexible customer support. Their lettters to overseas might not always make it, but usually they would try to make their customers happy. If that shoudl have changed, I am glad you complained here to let everone know. We will figure that out. 🙂


  7. Beautiful APIHP like it should be. Some 3MMC ? Damnit, lucky you.
    2MMC is garbage, just a brief stimulation followed by a major comedown; must ingest it.
    Those OPCE little crystals look great, I was used to a beige super fine powder with a few little chunks inside, have a great time !
    I’m curious about the MDPHP hydrochloride version, might it be bette orally ? Snorted ?
    Thanks for sharing as usual the sample unboxing !
    (What are those little packets where it is wrote : WARNING do not hesitate to recommend us to your friends. With an astonaut sat on the moon ?!)

    1. Hi Lygell,

      Thanks for the motivational words,

      The little packets with the astronauts sitting on the moon contain antibacterial napkins”. Similar wo what you get in some restaurants where you eat with your hands and then clean your fingers with these slightly wet napkins. I prefer water and soap, but you could clean yourself with such napkins as well. I think we have a clip where I open a bag and use one of these napkins, I might post it with the forthcoming blog article describing how to register with Predator and how to navigate through the Polish site easily by making use of Bing or Google translator. I alslo would like to demonstrate that Szloty (PLN) are not a stable currency but that ordering with Predator might be more affordable in some weeks than in others. I think Predator RC operate an original outlet with sometimes exclusive and really worthwhile products and that such a blog post could help many to understand that Polish is definitiely not a problem if you want to order something. Also, they still have the www version updated for us, so nobody needs the Onion Tor browser and the Darknet which I do not like.

      The O-PCE is A LOT better than eg The Real RC’s one which left me sad and disappointed. O-PCE, however, is a disso and such substances are can have unpredictable effects. It’s a lot of fun but the fun is actually a side-effect of what dissos actually do: They separate your mind from your body, you lose touch to reality and if new to this can easily hurt yourself. O-PCE is not just any psychedelic, it’s some magic. I strongly recommend doing O-PCE if you are unexperienced, have to get up to work the next day and generally speaking all these psychoactive substances are not for kids. And by kids I mean everyone still in their 20ties. I am and old grumpy man, I do not easily panic or freak out over substance effects anymore. I think that’s because I am almost 40 years old now and all these substances don’t hit me as hard as they used to when I was younger.

      Here is an update on TRC’s lame O-PCE, of course with a photo attached:

      The little forum is a new feature I am still wokring on but it finally allows you to conveniently upload your photos directly to our server and I hope that some will share their experiences and photos as well as the latest chitchat there.

      I am not so much a fan of 3-MMC, but their “new batch” is okay. Some will like it, I prefer things like A-PiHP. 4-CMC and 4-CEC used to give me a terrible time by inducing psychosis. Those early moon rocks were cool, but the side undesired sode effects of anything CMC or CEC are not worth it, Same with 3-MMC. It sucks compared to 4-MMC and I always found it disppointing. Still, it could surprise you with unpleasant side effects. It’s a shame that Mephedrone is gone for good (forget these new replacements currently being advertised everywhere) because each any any MMC since the ban in fact was a waste of time and money. I have to admit I have seen worse, but still not a fan of it.

      2-MMC is garbage, I couldn’t agree more.

      I stopped smoking/vaping a while ago because I could already feel how it damaged my health and wellbeing so I insufflate or eat all those compounds. With MDPHP, I notice I get kind of nervous with little anxiety coming up but it at the same time made me feel drunken and not focussed or clear-headed at all. The material is concrete crystals, I would not know how vaoing such could work. Crushing them into powder seems the way to go, but what would I know.

      The A-PiHP is alright. But that information is intended for subscribers only. Everyone spending a fortune on drugs: Now that I even tell and show you which products are worthwhile and which are for the garbage bin, please do support me with as little as 15 Euros. I promise I have no plans in becoming rich with this blog but I could not fund it wothout your help and I really spend quite some time on creating content that you hopefully enjoy and that you won’t find anywhere else on the web. Thank you!

      Have a good night, Lygell. Always a pleasure having you here!

      Kind regards,