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Research Chemical Samples (Cathinones and Benzodiazepines) from Chinese vendor RCB Online; Samples Kompliance 2023
NPS samples from Chinese vendor RCBestSell / RCB Online, 2023

Good news, everybody! RCBestSell (RCB Online) have been around for 12 years and they still deliver. But see for yourselves:

Unboxing video

Unboxing of Research Chemicals order placed with Chinese vendor RCBestSell (RCB Online) in May, 2023.

Music in the background: Die Buben im Pelz & Freundinnen – Sonntag Morgen (2015);
Sunday Morning was originally written by Lou Reed & John Cale, performed by The Velvet Underground 1967.

The unboxing happens twice because the unboxer is just too fucking quick with opening drug orders, almost as they had opened envelopes before.


“R” is for Bromazolam

The bag labelled “R” contains Bromazolam. I assume this may be the “new” Bromazolam, a slight modification of the substance that had emerged around 2016 in Sweden before it 2020 suddenly seemed available everywhere and in vast amounts, but recently got a little tricky to source in decent quality. The effects are pretty much identical. It maybe lacks the light-headed (recreational drug) feeling right after ingestion, but that’s it. It comes as a fine white powder, and it is damn potent. Bromazolam is the brom-analogue of Alprazolam, but it is a different compound. It does not mess as badly with your memory, and it does not help as efficiently with anxiety issues, although it still does, foremost, makes you calm and tired. Again, this powder is remarkably potent; stick to low doses, or you will regret it. If taken too much, it will make you sleepy for two days and give you a hard time experiencing a harsh comedown. EMCDDA director Alexis G. at last year’s EU drug markets report wondered that combining uppers and downers had become a thing in recent years. I would not know if that was true, but in the unlikely event of haven taken too much of a stimulant, Bromazolam helps you keep calm.

Please mind that Bromazolam is considered a controlled/scheduled substance in Armenia already since July, 2022!

“Si” is for Desalkyl-Gidazepam

This compound may also go by Bromo-Nor-Diazepam. It is a metabolite of the prodrug Gidazepam, a drug licensed for use in Ukraine and Russia under the name Gidazepam IC®. A pill contains 0,02g (2mg).

The manufacturer describes it as

A daytime tranquillizing agent of the benzodiazepines series. It eliminates the psychic and somatic symptoms of anxiety, uneasiness, and stress, combining the anxiolytic characteristics with the activating and antidepressant effects. It is applied to treat the neurotic, neurosis-like, psychopathic and asthenic states and the conditions of fear, anxiety, and high irritability. It is also efficient for the relief of the abstinent syndrome. It does not possess the hypnotic effect and practically does not influence the coordination of the movements.

So, this substance seems to be like Diazepam and may help with anxiety and stress, and, at least according to the manufacturer, would not make you tired, so they advertise it as a “daytime tranquillizer”. Well, that’s the manufacturer. I cannot say anything about the substance other than that I did too much and indeed did not feel drowsy. The next day was another harsh comedown, though. If you ever tried Eastern European prescription meds like Phenazepam, you might remember your surprise at how potent that drug was. Keep that in mind when experimenting with the powder. Also, make sure to find out how little 2mg is. This is a tiny amount! Avoid a harsh comedown the next day, as I experienced.


DC2 (XC) and RCCP (CP) are tiny off-white/champagne crystals. I had not had the substances tested and would not know what exactly they are, but I assume both are Cathinones. I know, “CP” sounds like it could be a Phenmetrazine. If it was one, then it’s a well-designed one because I did not notice any of the many undesired, very unpleasant side-effects that usually come with Phenmetrazines (like 3-FPM or MDPM): No headache, no aches at all; it did not feel toxic.

Both substances felt mild.

My favourite, by far, was RCBA1 (A1). This one does not feel too mild; it just works. I liked it a lot. According to the vendor, it would be an A-PVP analogue. I prefer Pyrovalerones over “standard” Cathinones, but not all are worthwhile. This one, however, I think is. It feels smooth and does not make me anxious or nervous. It’s nothing like A-PVP: Not jittery, not psychotic, and it won’t keep you awake for days.

I would describe it as a smooth Pyrovalerone with a headspace almost like a Tropane. You cannot vape it; it still works. It’s a brownish powder and one of the best products I have seen lately.

All three stimulants felt remarkably fresh.

As if they came right out of the lab. Orders from Asia might take a little longer to arrive than if you ordered domestically or from a neighbouring country, but the quality you receive could compensate for the waiting.

About RCBestSell (RCB Online)

RCB Online have been around for 12 years, and their customers are mainly from North America, Europe, and Australia, but they can ship worldwide. They promise a delivery guarantee: If your parcel should be stuck at customs for 30 days, they will re-ship it for free. Delivery might take between two and four weeks. Just in case you wondered: They say they ship identical products worldwide. Shipping is 40 USD, btw.

The RCB Team says things like, “We believe the best way to do business is honesty”, and that they exclusively offer legal chemicals. Communication with them was friendly and turned out to be a treat. When Melissa worried about forum postings claiming there could be issues with orders from China, I spared no expense or effort and asked for free samples, which the RCB Team kindly offered; thank you!


RCB do not disclose the exact names and/or formulas for many of their products. I guess this is because they develop these and do not want competitors to copy them. They offer sample packs and even free samples. They also provide communication via email. I could imagine they can help you find products you like. I was positively surprised by RCBA1.


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