Rechemco Unboxing Video & Discount

Rechemco Discount Coupon for AUgust 2023 is: "AUG-AF-2023" and worth 5 Euros
Rechemco Discount Coupon Artwork Summer 2023. “AUG-AF-2023” gets you a 5 Euros Discount until the end of August.

With all that hassle with DPD and PostNL packages stuck in the Netherlands for two long weeks, it gives me a good feeling knowing that Rechemco is still there and delivers as they always did.

I would not know what more I could do than show you how I open the bags live on camera. All the reviews on RC SCENE are genuine, and the photos are produced by a small team and worldwide exclusive original content and not perhaps provided by vendors to advertise for them.

Why would I mention this? Because some still complain to me about getting scammed by random sites. Spread the word:

Unboxing Video

Benzocaine, Bretazenil, Sildenafil, 4F-MPH, Flubromazolam sourced with Rechemco EU Retail


I will leave you with photos of the products for now and probably create dedicated posts for each product a little later. I cannot test all these things at once. ;- )

The first thing that probably caught your eye was that Rechemco uses slightly different packaging: Instead of putting QR-Codes they print the product names on the labels now. I think the QR codes had more style, but I also find it handy to have the bags labelled accordingly.

The second thing would be, and I find that almost sensational: Benzodiazepine Liquids are available not only in the US.

The Coupon Code for 5 Euros off

Use the coupon code “AUG-AF-2023” and get a 5 Euros discount until the end of August. This is coupon is for everyone and not related to RC SCENE.

Rechemco sometimes offer discounts for e.g. free shipping (worth 7 Euros) on Telegram. Their channel goes by “RECHEMCO News & Promotions”.

(All the samples were sourced with Rechemco EU)

Yard Act – The Trench Coat Museum (2023)
“Can You Ban A Coat?”

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  1. Do you know if is safe to buy from? I see you have listed as blacklisted. Tried purchasing from TRCC but they dont ship to Sweden.

    1. They sent poison. They found out about their mistake before I got well again.
      Might have beeen tough luck, I would not know how my customers were hospotalized but this is not my idea how to operate a shop.If I sold you, eg. NEP, then I woult try that NEP in high dosages together with the team. You cannot always trust Lab Test resulsts, and you play with people’s health. You make a fortune out of sellling NPS. The least you could do were to make sure threy are not tainted with toxic synth residues.

      They ship worldwide, but I don’t think I would ever place an order there again,

      Soem vendors care, others don’t. I stick with the ones who care.