Winners! (OldSchoolRC)

In the Summer, OldschoolRC approached me, offering 10 x 4 sample packs for a raffle to lucky winners of our community.

OldschoolRC and other Spanish vendors had even been blacklisted for allegedly not shipping orders on some forums. They wanted to prove that they were not running some goofy business but, of course, deliver.

They had restructured their shop by then, adding tracked shipping options and changing some of their team. Also, they would no longer sell in bulk amounts.

While some of you would be super quick and annoying about getting something for free, I’ve been screwed by winners a couple of times. Maybe some sample packs are still underway; I would not know, but I am super glad that so many of you sent lovely photos of the sample packs received.

But take a look for yourselves:

Unboxing a sample pack of four in 2023. Music in the background: Daliah Lavi – Oh, wann kommst du (1970)

“Heres the pic of the samples I got. Thank you!!!”


I’m happy to say that I received the samples yesterday. Beautiful purple letter with a funny birthday card. The stuff looks to be of great quality. I will not consume the stimulants but I’m very enthusiastic about the ALD-52 ! Thank them for it if you have the occasion !

If we look at the prices on the website they offered the value of almost 150€ !

Took some funny pictures, I hope they will be appreciated by our fellow psychonauts.

Much gratitude.


Thank you!


Above average quality. The A-PiHP and the NEP Europe Batch turned out a pleasent surprise


Oldschool RC are a vendor from Spain. They ship worldwide.

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  1. Omg thank you so much using my pic, my quote is a little goofy lol, but again thank you so much!

    And ty to Oldschool rc also Im really enjoying the NEP!

  2. Hi everyone !
    Thanks you so much to have put the pictures I took in first 🙂
    It took some time to find the right background for each one but it was an undeniable pleasure.
    The quality of each compound is really good : it fuels a want to order at they’re place certainly.
    Great continuation everybody ! Continue staring at the stars ! Keep it up !!

  3. hmm ordered from them once or twice and it never showed so I wrote it off as a silly mistake on my part (vendor shuts down leaving only sketchy substances and “reappears” with normal but still good offerings then pack doesn’t show, screams scam) but will reconsider if there are new options and there’s more positive sentiment. appreciate the writing to re-open my mind