About this blog. WHY?

RC-Scene.com is to paint a bigger picture on the Research Chemicals Scene, because remembering it from back in the noughties, it is hard to believe how this thing has turned into an even less spineless cash machine that started poisoning teenagers with Fentanyl-derivatives, attracting more and more scammers as well as semi-retarded vendors spamming the web with fake reviews about their own useless products.

RC Scene - Trusted RC shops
RC Scene – Safe NOT Scam!

Don’t get me wrong, there are a few Research Chemical vendors who refuse to offer extremely toxic substances. Also, not all of them are criminals, especially in the Netherlands, RC vendors often run semi-legitimate businesses and some even pay little taxes. Others, however, prefer spending their time with money laundering rather than with their tax returns…

I’d like to give insights on how the scene uses buzz marketing to sell their often times worthless shit, and how criminals are running sourcing forums and take money from shops in order to list them as reliable vendors while at the same time they will use fake accounts to spread lies about trustworthy shops that happened to not wanting to give money to these crooks.

If I discover a shop offering an evidently toxic substance, that shop will be remembered here, as well as scammers who think they are clever because they steal your money and, by hiding behind ProtonMail and Bitcoin Mixers, might even get away with it. That is the sad truth.

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Pexels.com

The list to sources offering synthetic designer drugs is a balance act, not only a legal one, to be honest. I had talked to so many people lately, who were being scammed, not only once but several times already, so I decided that if you feel like you needed to try NPS then better get the information from me than losing your money to some shithole scammer.

To make you think twice before placing an order, each and every page on this blog contains links to websites that provide help with addiction patterns, inform about possible health issues and will leave no doubt about that synthetic drugs are a danger to your body, your mind and thus to your social life and your career.

Also: If you think, something is wrong with you, go seek a doctor! Do not try to self-medicate yourself. All these Designer Drugs are fast acting but will make you addicted and have no therapeutical use (on the long-run).

Many people cannot imagine how a psychotic episode caused by drug abuse might throw you off the rails and how long it will take you reaching the next train station walking along the rails.

Changes in drugs legislation, tips on how to avoid scammers and last, not least, harm reduction are on the editorial response plan for the next two years. However, will start everything spinning around the lists of trusted vendors:

White Poweder on a finger tip
The Power of White?

There will be Shop Reviews, and I would like to invite everybody to join in because I could neither test all the vendors in the world, nor do I know many consumers of Research Chemicals that could support me. If you discover a reliable vendor or discovered a scammer, please let us know.

PS: As long as we don’t have proof in hands that vendors delivers (decent) substances, they won’t be listed in the Trusted Shops List.

To me it seems that the US and the European Union finally woke up and might sooner or later put an end to the Research Chemical business as we know it. China shows themselves very cooperative these days, too. 2020 will be a tough one for the scene, so much I may already reveal as of today 😉

Even though this is not a forum, I hope to receive input and ideas from you. Discussion is open for all.

You are very welcome to share your experiences and provide me with feedback. I would especially like to invite visitors from North America to share their knowledge and to maybe even publish articles and provide photos.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with me: Contact

With kind regards,
* * *

This blog will hopefully be found by Google…


2 thoughts on “About this blog. WHY?

  1. thank you for this great service to the “community” and serious piece of work you must have had! it seems you legit have not compromised your operation and i wanted to word my respect in an open way. man this is needed more than ever it seems and at the same time so fragile – i wholeheartedly hope you stay true to being independant as well as resourcefull. all the best to you and stay safe everyone

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi ghbaron,

      Thank you for your motivating words, reading your post made me happy 🙂
      So far, I still have ideas, I am just a little slow, and I will of course never sell advertorials here.

      Thank you for your message & have a happy day!

      Kind regards!


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