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A list of all posts and pages published here since 2020. RC SCENE – Safe NOT Scam! describes a subculture curious about (newly emerging) (synthetic designer) drugs (so-called Research Chemicals RCs respectively New Psychoactive Substances NPS).

1V-LSD Blotter enthielt echtes LSD. Chemical-Collective versenden solche Blotter von Deutschland aus

Echten LSD Trip direkt in Deutschland bestellen mit Chemical Collective und Deutsche Post

Dieser Beitrag ist auch auf Deutsch übersetzt hier verfügbar. In April, CheckIt! Vienna (Austria) issued a surprising substance warning: The 1V-LSD Blotter they tested contained actual LSD Acid. Contents 1V-LSD -> LSD -> Dry Cardbaord…

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Kewlr evolving with them

para-Aramid: A fibre defining reason [presented by Kewlr™]

Coupon codes (Discounts) in June 2022: Realchems claim “REALRARE25” would save you 25% and Rechemco claim “JUNE-2022” would save you 20 Euros off EU Meds

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2 years of RC SCENE: Happy Birthday. Two photos show a birthday candle in form of a "2" on a Blueberry Muffin. Also, there are samples of A-PiHP and 2-FDCK

2 years RC SCENE: Candle Night with The Real RC

Alex is good-looking, you cannot deny it. His secret? Thursday jour-fixes at Le Coiffeur in Boxtel (Hair Grooming for 600 Euros.) You can’t go wrong with Le Coiffeur and their timeless interpretation of…

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This Weekend: 25% Discount on all orders Alpha-PHP paid with Bitcoin

A-PHP 25% Discount on all orders paid with Bitcoin

Coupon code: #btc25 Please consult a doctor if you feel like the image above would not answer all your questions. The coupon code #btc25 will be automatically applied after you entered your address…

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Screenshot of Email service website with the lighthouse and the sea

CTEMPLAR Email service shutting down in May

Godfrey & Team offered the only privacy-concerned email service I was aware of. We are at war. Ukraine defending against the Russian army? More like NATO vs. RUSSIA meeting in Ukraine to shoot…

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White chunks of A-PHP rocks on deep blue background.

Type Alpha-PHP Positive (Aimimi Alpha RC Vendor, EU)

Marc’s World Social Distancing My girlfriend keeps telling me I was annoyingly anal about that social distancing thing. In 2017, I caught the flu, and I sure keep distance since – but for…

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Screenshot of Austrian Newspaper They show a photo they licensed with REUTERS showing people on the streets protesting Putin's war against Ukraine. A Woman is holding a painting: It shows Putin with a bloody nose. A hand colored in red looking as if it were blood is in his face. Another picket fence says stop the war against Ukraine. chose "Weltweit wird gegen Putins Krieg in der Ukraine demnonstriert. REUTERS". Putin; Clown; Bloody Nose; Blood on his hands; woman holding a sign


Compliance Detail When money is shitting right in your face. Adidas, Nike, Apple, Facebook/Instagram/WhatsApp/Meta, Amazon, Blood Diamonds Antwerp, the people of Denmark, H&M, Wall-Mart, US DOH, Billabong, etc., all play the same game.…

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A world map with countries from which RC SCENE welcomed visitors in the first two years highlighted in green. There is a lot f green with fewer than 30 countries who could not visit us without using a VPN or because parts of Africa may not allow internet access as we are used to it, and in generally speaking, could face more urgent challenges to cope with (civil wars, droughts and starvation) rather tahn being interested in shitty synthetic designer drugs. Unfortunately, that is real life whilr out welfare-boredom is insane luxury.

2 years RC SCENE & an Emergency Response Plan Update

Two years Our dear web host remembers March 2020 as that time when 18 people discovered a tiny weblog, still in the making, with nine more or less empty pages published. They…

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TDC - The Drug Classroom Logo

Seth Fitzgerald (The Drug Classroom)

…about Hey, + I came across your site a while back (..) and I think it is a great resource. Too few people in the RC space are reputable and genuinely care…

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Substance warning: 4-CMC / 3-CMC sold as fake ecstasy. Users suffered badly. 3-CMC / 4-CMC: terrifying hallucinations, psychosis, unpredictable, sold under fake name, worrysome contaminations, memory loss, not good, ruined weekend, waste of money

HALLUCINATIONS – Substance Warning: 3-CMC, 4-CMC (Synthetic Cathinones)

The Brits always think they had something going. Porridge Radio or Sprints? Yard Act! Aye, the UK’s DIY-post-punk scene makes bird and bloke raise a smile. Shakespeare already knew: The cat will mew,…

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A girl is first puzzled, a questionmark is drawn abvove her head. In scene 2, she thinks about the issue. In scene 3, finally, a lighbulb is drawn above her head, and she looks happy, she found the answer to her question.

Everybody Happy!

#everybodyhappy is an idea to not only contact RC SCENE, but, and this rather unique: to even ask qeuestions again, and to democratize knowledge by bringing people together. Skip to Contact Options If…

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On old Black & White photo of workers leaning on a truck. There are names next to some persons, this is irony, of course, the names say Perry & Joel, Legit, and Moon which used to be reliable US vendors with the RC SCENE Community. No later than February, we will bring the old gang back together and re-open the US section.

ÆMERICA! Shall we get the GÆNG back together? USA 2.0 projected for 02/02/2022.

Promise is promise, an eye for an eye // We’ve got something to reveal // No one can know how we feel. +++ (Josh Homme / Nick Oliveri: Queens of the Stone Age…

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Peace! A friend in need is a friend, indeed. A friend with weed is better. (Placebo); 5 Lego Star Wars Storm Troopers standing next to each other, one of them holding a picket sign with the symbol for piece.

Donate to help make RC SCENE stay around. Thank you! Subscribe to Premium+ Bonus Content.

Salute the Solution! Finally, you can support RC SCENE also with money. How great is that? 🙂 How does it work? You can subscribe for Premium+ Content now. ⁔ Please note that I…

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I will build a great, great wall on our Southern border. - For the children?

For The Children – Scam

The For The Children Scam: Whenever somebody claims they were doing it for the children, maybe think again. Find examples and variations below. Back to Wiki Index Examples To be fair: None of…

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clown school ANTWERPEN: excellency in yo-yo.

clown school Antwerpen

clown school ANTWERP.EN (excellency in yo-yo) first appeared today. Why? I believe a “certain clown” could have tricked me into googling for something that does not exist. Back to Wiki Index

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