• KU Crystals (White)

    KU Crystals (White)

    A fake KU vendor recently cheated me out of 50 USD. He seemed to be one of those KU Crystal vendors who are plenty around, but, unfortunately, a bunch of scammers have mingled with the game recently. In the scammer’s defense: He told me he could not provide me with samples. I thought that was…

  • Tropacocaine Scam (Professor.NL)

    Tropacocaine Scam (Professor.NL)

    De Professor involved in a Coke scam!

  • Chem-Casino Shop Review

    Chem-Casino Shop Review

    (Tested 3-FPM, DCK, DMXE, and O-PCE) An unusual Dopek Franchise The internet domain chem-casino.com was registered in 2019, and the shop first appeared in late 2021 as a Dopek forum franchise. I remember Predator liked the new shop template a lot, but I didn’t take a closer look then because I assumed the Casino was…

  • Free Modafinil, Xanax, Tramadol and more pills

    Free Modafinil, Xanax, Tramadol and more pills

    They have no environmental regulations there. Children are born with disabilities, the water is contaminated, the fish die, and a particularly striking example of environmental pollution is that the soil here is so rich in chemical/toxic waste that it can be lit with a lighter. But see for yourselves: About 140 well-known pharmaceutical companies like…

  • Winners! (OldSchoolRC)

    Winners! (OldSchoolRC)

    In the Summer, OldschoolRC approached me, offering 10 x 4 sample packs for a raffle to lucky winners of our community. OldschoolRC and other Spanish vendors had even been blacklisted for allegedly not shipping orders on some forums. They wanted to prove that they were not running some goofy business but, of course, deliver. They…

  • Oh-Oh O-PCE

    Oh-Oh O-PCE

    Win Yeah Yeah Yeahs appareal and music!

  • 3-CMC & Eutylone banned

    3-CMC & Eutylone banned

    3-CMC and Eutylone got finally banned in the Netherlands The Netherlands have finally banned the probably very concerning substance 3-CMC. It was added to List 1 of the Opiate Act which makes it a schedule 1 together with established problems like Heroin. The government explains that “Based on the most recent risk information about 3-CMC,…

  • Flight RCs vendor arrested in Greece

    Flight RCs vendor arrested in Greece

    Synthetic Noids made in Europe The probably last vendor openly advertising to ship Synthetic Noids worldwide seems to have gotten busted. An admin of their Telegram channels shared this information before going silent: “I regret to inform you of an unexpected situation [..]. Flight has been arrested in relation to an incident mentioned in this…

  • A new EU Vendor welcomes you with a 50% Discount on A-PiHP, 2-FDCK, 1P-LSD, Flunitrazolam and everything.

    A new EU Vendor welcomes you with a 50% Discount on A-PiHP, 2-FDCK, 1P-LSD, Flunitrazolam and everything.

    Frank and a friend used to sell NPS a few years ago and now want to know it again. BY Kicking off with a sale where everything is minus 50%, they might quickly build a customer base. T read the whole article, kindly subscribe for this and more to come.

  • Predator RC Samples in August 2023

    Predator RC Samples in August 2023

    Samples sourced with Predator RC in summer 2023. Unboxing video Which of the products are good? (Premium*) Gallery

  • A-PHP (FX Chem Labs)  in 2023

    A-PHP (FX Chem Labs) in 2023

    I had not heard from FX in quite a while and was more than surprised that it was Terry having a technical question:  He wanted to become a subscriber but somehow ran into an issue and was hoping I could assist with a workaround. Well, I couldn’t help him then. Credit Card issuing banks do…

  • Rechemco Unboxing Video & Discount

    Rechemco Unboxing Video & Discount

    With all that hassle with DPD and PostNL packages stuck in the Netherlands for two long weeks, it gives me a good feeling knowing that Rechemco is still there and delivers as they always did. I would not know what more I could do than show you how I open the bags live on camera.…

  • 3F-a-PVP


    A-PVP, 4-MMC, MDPV and 3-MMC have been banned many years ago. They are gone for good and will not return. If you sell A-PVP, you could as well sell Heroin; both mean prison. You would have to be stupid to take a risk only to offer a shitty NPS that nobody could want. A-PVP was…

  • Free Samples! (with OldSchool RC)

    Free Samples! (with OldSchool RC)

    Old School RC is a vendor from Spain. They want to prove they know how to send a letter and generously give away…   * drum roll * ————————– 10 x 4 free samples ————————– …to anyone willing to share a photo of the samples received.   Who: Old School RC Where to: Worldwide excl.…

  • AL-LAD


    AL-LAD is a remarkably weak LSD analogue. It produces light euphoria followed by a subtle body load, which I already knew from trying other Lysergamides. I got tired and fell asleep. Depending on what you expect for 6 Euros, this thing could be a waste of money. The blotters on the photo were sourced with…

  • A-PiHP vs. 4F-PiHP

    A-PiHP vs. 4F-PiHP

    last updated 2023-07-12 In March 2023, the United Nations Commission on Narcotic Drugs (UNO/UNODC CND) made “α-Pyrrolidinoisohexanophenone” (α-PiHP, a-PHiP) a Schedule II means they added the substance to the Convention on Psychotropic Substances of 1971. The WHO is the United Nations World Health Organization but is not necessarily the world government. NPS manufacturers do not…

  • RCBestSell / RCB Online (Trusted Shop Review)

    RCBestSell / RCB Online (Trusted Shop Review)

    Good news, everybody! RCBestSell (RCB Online) have been around for 12 years and they still deliver. But see for yourselves: Unboxing video Benzodiazepines “R” is for Bromazolam The bag labelled “R” contains Bromazolam. I assume this may be the “new” Bromazolam, a slight modification of the substance that had emerged around 2016 in Sweden before…

  • Research Chemical Vendors in Europe (2023)

    Research Chemical Vendors in Europe (2023)

    Last updated: 2023-11-30 RC SCENE is the only independent and trustworthy source to discover and discuss RC Shops in Europe, Asia, Canada and in the USA. I believe these shops are the most reliable and most exciting ones these days. If you should still encounter issues with any, please let me know, thank you. Browse…

  • 3-CMC (Substance Warning)

    3-CMC (Substance Warning)

    Dutch vultures have recently begun to aggressively advertise the problematic 3-CMC substance again. They claim that 3-CMC could soon become illegal and want you to send them money immediately (“before it could be too late”). However, You never wanted any 3-CMC in the first place, a reminder. 3-CMC is concerningly toxic. Acute toxicity The adverse…

  • 2-MMC


    So, I bought this 2-MMC. It’s rubbish, of course. Just because a substance has a similar chemical structure and a name similar to a popular drug does not tell you anything about it. 4-MMC (Mephedrone) was a hit in the early years of this millennium and is undoubtedly a recreational drug. 2-MMC, on the other…

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