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RC SCENE describes a subculture wondering about synthetic designer drugs.

A list of all posts and pages published here since 2020. RC SCENE – Safe NOT Scam! describes a subculture curious about (newly emerging) (synthetic designer) drugs (so-called Research Chemicals RCs respectively New Psychoactive Substances NPS). (2018 – 2021)

Wiki > Memories: RC-Shop museum > Benzoland BenzoLand used to be a vendor claiming to be in Spain shipping Benzo blotters (Etizolam, Clonazolam, Diclazepam, and Flualprazolam) worldwide. Was active from 2018 – 2021.…

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Memories: RC Shops museum

Wiki > Memories: RC-Shop museum Last year, when surprisingly shut down, not even two days had passed before Google search results were flooded with fake scam shop imposters using this (former) vendor’s…

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Compliance Detail When money is shitting right in your face. Adidas, Nike, Apple, Facebook/Instagram/WhatsApp/Meta, Amazon, Blood Diamonds Antwerp, the people of Denmark, H&M, Wall-Mart, US DOH, Billabong, etc., all play the same game.…

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Everybody Happy!

#everybodyhappy is an idea to not only contact RC SCENE, but, and this rather unique: to even ask qeuestions again, and to democratize knowledge by bringing people together. Skip to Contact Options If…

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From what I read you have time for problem happily hear. It needs. I don’t know, just not anybody high. wait, what happened. no beIt can go on like this. thick thoughts? sometimes, maybe. but only! family guy. thinking a lot about TV. If it wasnt for the kids. Nghtmare before daylight blinds. hardly working. So sad, choke, sometimes. A maze but no gardener. where has exit gone. the craziest story. everyday I am in same. also yesterday. In mirror, see of horror films in eyes. blurry the picture from bleeding tears. not fears, noone afraid here. nobody a scammer. just asking. just put and end to it. stop myselves from searching. last help it will hit this time forever.

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