Scam Warning > & are scam websites!

Today, we discovered the first scammers who pretend to be LSResearchChems and LongflourishRC: & are scam websites! and are gone for good. RC SCENE displays a warning on the pages with the shop review and the list of Chinese vendors so not to fall for copycats/impersonators. Such register similar-sounding internet addresses… Read More Scam Warning > & are scam websites!

LSResearchChems – Photos, Mini-Review & Shop Discussion

Test-Sample: O-DSMT Click the images to enlarge them., & are sales-agents / shops for the same lab. While LS usually would not offer remarkably toxic substances, the other two offer all chems their lab produces, even the highly toxic BTCP and Nitazenes. Quality is outstanding, better than with XC, on par with… Read More LSResearchChems – Photos, Mini-Review & Shop Discussion