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Sketchy? Recently, Chemical Collective has been called sketchy here for even splitting orders shipped within the Netherlands, which – so I assumed – would indicate that there would be something wrong with the products he is selling, since research chemicals are perfectly legal in the NL. However, Chemical Collective stresses that it would indeed be… Read More (Trusted Shop Review) (Trusted Shop Review with Video) started their business in 2019 in the Netherlands. They are one of the retail shops affiliated with Lizard Labs, a manufacturer and wholesaler of Research Chemicals. In their retail-shop they do not only offer self-made products, but also source from Chinese labs as everybody else does. What makes them different is that they might… Read More (Trusted Shop Review with Video) (Trusted Shop Review) — Update: Out of business as of 01/2021

As of January 2021, Spain City Sales are gone for good.They say they have been purchased by and recommend ordering with are not from Spain, they operate and ship from the Netherlands. Some say they might be affiliated with, which seems to be some sort of Research Chemical franchise that is running… Read More (Trusted Shop Review) — Update: Out of business as of 01/2021