1P-LSD & 1cP-LSD Blotters from The Real RC [ Trusted Shop Review pt. II ]

Today was one of those days. I open Twitter, and the first thing I see is some douche NPS vendor promoting bullshit about Tryptamines and their oh-so-promising potential to cure social anxiety and mental health issues. If you hit me up on Twitter, you might meet the person behind the beloved RC SCENE admin from… Read More 1P-LSD & 1cP-LSD Blotters from The Real RC [ Trusted Shop Review pt. II ]

Chemical-Collective.com (Trusted Shop Review)

Sketchy? Recently, Chemical Collective has been called sketchy here for even splitting orders shipped within the Netherlands, which – so I assumed – would indicate that there would be something wrong with the products he is selling, since research chemicals are perfectly legal in the NL. However, Chemical Collective stresses that it would indeed be… Read More Chemical-Collective.com (Trusted Shop Review)

RareChems.com (Trusted Shop Review with Video)

RareChems.com started their business in 2019 in the Netherlands. They are one of the retail shops affiliated with Lizard Labs, a manufacturer and wholesaler of Research Chemicals. In their retail-shop they do not only offer self-made products, but also source from Chinese labs as everybody else does. What makes them different is that they might… Read More RareChems.com (Trusted Shop Review with Video)

LSResearchChems – Photos, Mini-Review & Shop Discussion

Test-Sample: O-DSMT Click the images to enlarge them. lsresearchchems.com, longflourishrc.com & theresearchchemsclub.com are sales-agents / shops for the same lab. While LS usually would not offer remarkably toxic substances, the other two offer all chems their lab produces, even the highly toxic BTCP and Nitazenes. Quality is outstanding, better than with XC, on par with… Read More LSResearchChems – Photos, Mini-Review & Shop Discussion