plasmamoon249 : Keep Hush. Photo, Mini-Review & Shop Discussion

Test-Sample: 1P-LSD Blotters “Pink Sunshine” I experienced a few problems initially due to difficulties with Wickr and delayed shipping times due to mail-in ballots. Besides that Plasma Moon handled everything on his side and I received a very inconspicuous package in the mail. I must compliment him on the tremendous attention to detail he took… Read More plasmamoon249 : Keep Hush. Photo, Mini-Review & Shop Discussion

VYREN – Photos, Mini-Review & Shop Discussion

Test Samples: Etizolam Powder and Solution Received a syringe filled with Etizolam PG solution and some Etizolam powder Part I Vyren has excellent products, great opsec and stealth, and amazing prices. They sent me a sample for review, and I haven’t researched the powder yet but the solution is potent and effective. I’d definitely order… Read More VYREN – Photos, Mini-Review & Shop Discussion

Legit RC – Photos, Mini-Review & Shop Discussion

Test Samples: Benzo Solutions Received 2 samples, Clonazolam and Flualprazolam solutions, each 5mg/ml. Items were packaged securely in a Mylar foil bag zip locked. Research was conducted on the Clonazolam solution first. Seems to be dosed correctly and all other properties match up from what past research has shown on this compound. Test subject dosed… Read More Legit RC – Photos, Mini-Review & Shop Discussion (Trusted Shop Review with Video) started their business in 2019 in the Netherlands. They are one of the retail shops affiliated with Lizard Labs, a manufacturer and wholesaler of Research Chemicals. In their retail-shop they do not only offer self-made products, but also source from Chinese labs as everybody else does. What makes them different is that they might… Read More (Trusted Shop Review with Video)

LSResearchChems – Photos, Mini-Review & Shop Discussion

Test-Sample: O-DSMT, & are sales-agents / shops for the same lab. While LS usually would not offer remarkably toxic substances, the other two offer all chems their lab produces, even the highly toxic BTCP and Nitazenes. Quality is outstanding, better than with XC, on par with Rechemco, better than shops from the… Read More LSResearchChems – Photos, Mini-Review & Shop Discussion