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In case you shouldn’t have heard of Rodrigo Duterte, president of the Philippines:;

Click the next link only if you can cope with graphic content/disturbing images:


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  1. uplaywithfiremyfriend Avatar

    Where is my rc-scene critical comment, i wrote months ago?
    (didnt attached the mail i send the comment with)

    1. Hi,

      Please read our Terms of Use. If you post off-topic – this page is the contact page, and no one may post here other than us – then your comment will be deleted. I cannot move comments like in a forum from one page to another. Post your comment again. Not here. You must not spread lies or insults; racism, etc., will be deleted every time.

  2. Today is 02/12/21.

    Those who might remember me from my days as an announcer in chief while still being with Hustler magazine might remember what we last time when our watches indicated 02/12/21 (don’t go for the cheapest Casio) did: Celebrate! 🍨

    *** The NEWS section will receive an overhaul. 🆗 🍻

    *** RC SCENE exclusive: Melissa A. will share with us how disappointed it felt to find out that the bunk batch that Poximo had sold her was extremely diluted. 🆕 👋🏻 🙆‍♂️

    *** AN RC SCENE premiere: Since not a single authentic negative complaint ever came in regarding this vendor, LegitRC will move one up to the Reliable vendors’ category. ⭐ 🎈 😎 🆙

    Labra Tech (still needs to be investigated) and Albion might find new places that fit them better next week; that still needs to be checked.

    👨‍🚀 👩‍🚀 🎱 ⏰ 🍓 🍒 🌼

    Because many are just too dumb: If you try to post negative feedback here without having provided evidence before your comment, your place is the trash can, and you are not permitted ever to visit RC SCENE again. The rules are to be found both on the contact page and above each and every comments field. I don’t write for idiots.

    FUCK OFF. ✔

  3. Since Christopher asked:


    René. Journalist, editor, graphics designer, project manager, photographer, support guy, website producer, idealist, sheriff, killer of vendors dealing scheduled substances.

    Scammers’ worst enemy. Untouchable. Creative.

    Leaving liars behind. Six weeks, and we are number one.

    A whistleblower, referee, music lover, consultant, fighter, survivor, nerd, artist, reliable, trustworthy, honest, independent, with strong opinions, unbiased, facts, sharing, caring.

    A child, concerned, ethically motivated, a friend, a foe, helpful, crazy, lazy, setting standards; Blowing your mind.

    In love with work, curious; You are a movement that forces change for the better. You play them a clown. You spend two months collecting evidence for the FBI. You don’t play the clown; you are the clown. You are an idea, a brand one can trust, and that will let you learn.

    A megalomaniac. A one out of ten million guys who will always deliver.

    A child, celebrating life. A brand that does not knock but enters. A bold move. A strong entry. A head filled with suicidal tendencies.

    You are that kid that hits the bad man, a boy who will never accept anything: a musician who unveils lies, a game you play smart.

    Change—high hopes—all those promises. Thank you for that. You are KØMPRØMÆT- you take it from here.

    You don’t lose to scammers. You don’t pay a hundred USD for a gram of anything. You want to die – but not as a drug junkie because of a mislabeled batch.

    No marketing lies, no intoxication, no addiction will impair you.

    You are welcome.
    We are ready when you are.

    Looking forward to hearing from you!

  4. Now that everything seems lost anyway, I might as well delete 425 unanswered e-mails that have no e-mail attachments.

    A Portuguese group of friends who collects and trades stamps as a hobby, which, as everyone knows, is highly profitable, will soon take over another highly profitable hobby: An artsy and unbiased Research Chemical Scene info page.

    The group is notorious for carefully removing stamps from postcards by using a technique that includes hot steam and tweezers. And they are quick:

    My new boss, João, has already given out the first instructions:

    1) RC SCENE will concentrate on its original agenda again, on news articles, substance warnings and the presentation of interesting shops and hopefully allowing to provide taking a glimpse behind the curtain of the industry. Pointless emails can no longer be considered at all.

    2) Anyone who discovers a scammer or diluter on an RC SCENE list must attach evidence of the order and tracking, or this cannot be considered. Also, a scam report must have been published on before sending me an email. Do not forget the link to your Trustpilot review!

    3) Whose e-mails were deleted, although their concern was important to you, please resend the email again in two weeks from now. Please do not forget to provide any evidence possibly needed to verify a case.

    4) Questions about shops or products end up in the trash. All relevant and honest shops from Europe and Asia can be found on the site. Just scroll through the lists, it’s not that difficult. Also, a section “promising new vendors” is available for the US.

    5) Shop recommendations, tips and all kinds of updates will, of course, continue to be read and taken into account!

    Thank you so much for supporting RC SCENE!


  5. DO NOT buy from! They are sending out wrong/mislabeled products that are dangerous. Plus, they aren’t sending all products ordered.


    Due to a health issue, your emails might remain unanswered for a couple of days. Thank you for your understanding.


    • TRRC and CoolChems are NOT selectively scamming you. It indeed is HOMELAND SECURITY assisting US customs. These dudes would tear open your letter, confiscate your order and send you an empty envelope with a note that might seem amateur-like and faked but is not. Please mind that these guys do not differentiate between scheduled and unscheduled substances and that seemingly “safe” mail routes seem to be their main target. Please do contact the vendor instead of posting BS on Discord et al.
    • No email will be forgotten, RC SCENE pages and vendor infos will be updated asap.

    • IN CASE YOU DEAL WITH SUICIDAL TENDENCIES, best talk to your family or friends. Hearing someone’s voice would usually ease a hurt soul.

    • IN CASE REALITY SEEMS TO HAVE BECOME A NIGHTMARE (like your smartphone was showing strange news headlines, etc.) please try to either sleep or do seek a doctor. Antipsychotics (Neuroleptics) is what you needed in case of experiencing a transient psychotic episode.

    • In case your Smartphone was indeed infected with malware or ransomware, personally, I would immediately turn it off and seek a store that offers repairs or the unlocking of smartphones. In case you sync your mobile with a cloud service, maybe try to login with that account from another device and change the password.

    • Please ignore anyone messaging you, claiming to be with RC SCENE other than myself. Emails sent from will always be signed and DKIM verified. Do not share your personal data with strangers.

    • Please stop sending me death threats. Any single death threat I traced back came from the US, by the way. Anyone sending me more than ten death threats on a single day will be surprised, I have thought of something really mean that I am not proud of but will not hesitate to use, either 😉

    • If you happen to live near a chemistry plant and enjoy a glass of tap water from time to time, maybe think twice before hitting that send button.

    Sorry for the delays and thank you for your understanding.



  7. Just seconds ago, President Trump tweeted that, if RC SCENE reaches 20,000 views this month (which would be three times the figure it used to be only three months ago), he would invite Ano Nym, monopaisa and zergblood101 to the White house, celebrating a party Trump-style: Burgers, there will be :))

    1. your sense of humor is insane, i like it…

    2. It should be obvious to everyone here that Mr. Trump is ON DRUGS. He does exactly the same sort of shit I used to do — sending paranoid and delusional missives to everyone at 3 AM — during my 18 month a-AVP / MXE ++ induced PSYCHOSIS.

      For the love of God and the sake of the free world, if anyone know who is supplying him, please ask them to STOP!

      Incredulous and ashamed in the US&A

      1. Trump’s medical exam indicated that he does 9 or so pills each and every day: (The Guardian is a highly reputable quality newspaper from the UK).

        Personally, I think he his go-to vendor is Mr Jon McAfee 😄

        McAfee is not insane, just a bored millionaire, heading towards his 70ies and he is fun, just have a look at these two clips:

        A look behind

        The original clip that went viral

  8. Embedding the orange booky by the DEA comes with a JavaScript that is hosted on which is a domain held by The United States Justice Ministry.

    It will not spy on anyone.
    It is being loaded once and can be found in the source code because of the embedded PDF.

    So if you see this domain in e.g. NoScript, don’t worry, I am just turning paranoid it seems….;

    Thanks to the WordPress Happy Engineer who could solve the riddle within less than 5 minutes !

  9. Yesterday, I claimed that RC SCENE even has visitors coming from Africa. Here is the proof. I myself am surprised. I heavily doubt WordPress / Google stats, since visitors using an ad-blocker could not be counted, but these are the only and therefore best stats I receive.

    PS: I’d soo much like to have a visitor coming from Greenland. If you got any polar bear’s Wickr, please send him the link. Thank you.

    1. One more thing: After having spoken with the wrong people for too long (I should have seen coming that people who “plug” opiates won’t be super reliable…) a young man from North America recently emailed and will hopefully write and edit articles and could definitely be a great help for keeping the USA and the CANADA lists up to date.

      He did not mention “plugging” opiates in any of his emails and I really do hope this will work out. His first task will be finding out how the fuck they “plug” powders into their asses. I do not see how this could work.
      In addition to that, six authors will contribute soon, 2 of them I hope to do really interesting articles on their own, the others might collaborate on a single article, we are not sure yet.

      PS: In August, RC SCENE is already 4 months old, and page views might increase from 12,800 up to 18,000 this month, if things keep running rock and roll.

      Also, although I refused to take money from students so far, I will gladly accept donations from users now: 2 USD in Bitcoins, just as a gesture. I won’t make the BTC address public, email me if you have too much money 😉

      Last, not least: Trustpilot still has not removed the insulting reviews (this is only one dude with a VPN doing this), he rewrote both reviews and now I am an insolent greedy fuck and well-known blackmailer financed by a mysterious group of shops that obviously all belong together…
      Well, even though the people working at Trustpilot’s are both fucking slow and obviously idiots, YOU added eight 5-Star-reviews and turned that thing within a week. Thank you very much!

      1. A dear friend of our website, Sir Bill from Texas, attentive and helpful, explained “plugging” to me!

        The powders are dissolved in a liquid (preferably water) and then injected via an enema. Quote: “[ The substances ] are absorbed readily through the anal cavity / possibly intestines as well, due to the many blood vessels in that area. Kind-a like a butt-nose.”

        In fact, rectal insertion is also a topic in medicine, thanks to Sir Bill’s explanation, I remembered having seen such rectal tubes filled with Diazepam.

        In case you wanted to go for a further read on this, mabe have a look at the

        Diazepam RecTubes® Rectal Tubes Patient Information

        Or at pictures of syringe- and tube-like insertion tools

        We do in no way endorse trying this with anything else but real prescription medicine! The anal cavity is so sensitive that you could easily hurt or even kill yourself !

        “Plugging” would also be referred to as “boofing” sometimes.

        Thank you Sir Bill, much appreciated !

  10. Who would do something like that? Does anyone have an idea, maybe?