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    profile description

    We started to portray the NPS subculture ignored by mainstream media and therefore taken over by criminals, psychopaths, and, especially in the US, scammers and blackmailers, in March 2020.

    We make this part of reality visible because it is real, no matter how hard you try to hide it.

    NPS are so-called New Psychoactive Substances, often shitty and insanely toxic synthetic designer drugs that happen(ed) to not be scheduled. By slightly modifying banned substances and offering trash that the pharma industry found unsuitable for human consumption, a new industry, using a loophole in the drug legislation, rose. Few psychopaths became millionaires and are responsible for thousands of fatalities and caused countless (mental) health issues. Money laundering and tax evasion usually are drug dealers’ favorite hobbies.

    RC SCENE stands for Research Chemical Scene. Call them what you want; they are shitty drugs offered at unbelievable prices. The profit margin here is a lot higher than with typical drugs. A kilo of 4-MMC (Mephedrone) could be sourced for less than one USD and was sold for about 60 USD per gram.

    By flooding the planet with highly addictive Fentanyl analogs, the psychopaths finally dug their own graves. The industry had always been working with lies and trying to produce addicts. Lying about the toxicity of substances and even claiming them to be safe alternatives to established drugs used to be “tolerated” the longest time. Causing a worldwide opiate pandemic was then a tad too much.

    RC SCENE is perfectly legal; non-profit; Nothing is hidden—nothing to sell. Of course, we discuss human consumption and vendors. If Google is allowed to, everyone is.

    We are definitely the only harm reduction website ever discussed on Reddit and TrustPilot and probably the only one you have visited twice.

    Visitors come from all over the planet: America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa.

    Without wanting to disappoint: RC SCENE is not the beginning of anything; it’s a burial and the last shot possible for a group photo before the party will be over.

    After only four months, RC SCENE had become the #1 site discussing NPS, vendors, scammers, and harmful substances in North America. In January 2021, according to, lonely on the top.

    That came as a surprise. There had been an annoying issue with CSS adaptions that the WordPress preview would not render correctly, so we switched to live. Until today, I have no idea how you find us.

    Until 12/2020, I took down countless scammers legally. It at first seemed impossible. Backed up by the Swiss Police and the Swiss Ministry of Health and an email mentioning something about reporting somebody to police, ProtonMail finally decided to not ignore my reports anymore.

    In 2021, the FBI joined RC SCENE in fighting scammers (non-delivery fraud). If you don’t report criminals, no one will know, and no one will hunt them down!

    The FBI has a budget of 21 billion USD available for 2021 and offices all over the planet. If you got scammed by a Chinese company, the FBI can and will end that shitshow.

    We rely on donations. Tips. Complaints. Contributions. Death Threats and Friends. Any support is more than welcome. Thank you.


  2. Alexander von Hohnhorst Avatar
    Alexander von Hohnhorst

    Hello i wanted to know what you think of the stores from that work with them like You have one about and but is it the same for the others?

    1. Avoid silkmixtures/sandheavens.
      I’ll just grab a snack, but already consider yourself banned for having posted on the contact page.

    2. Hi,

      First of all: Mr. Predator offers to assist you with creating an account. Shipping to the UK is fine; please ask him and let us know for an update on the US. I need to publish some super professional investment shop review today, and the fun part for me is: He will not be able to see; he is color-blind and defining his fake products photos like he had shot them himself ;-D

      This is the very funny Mr Predator; he posts here

      If the very funny Mr. Predator tells me in two weeks or a month from now that you showed interest, I think I will ask for that 50 Euros promotion that ends today, to be prolonged for another month, for the RC SCENE community. If he tells me that no one contacted him, then I won’t spend time on this.

      This is for you folks, not for me.

      Doped is a forum that is illegal actually and collects even more illicit money than the tax evades over there at drugbuyersguide do. They will make about 200,000 USD per year which a lot here, but it is an insane amount in Poland, where people receive a monthly wage of maybe 300 USD. It’s crazy.

      You need to understand that it is an advertising thing, not discussing or even criticizing their sponsors, only praising them.

      Although their Terms of Use clearly state that a non-profit project like RC SCENE may put links there and upload artwork; They cannot imagine that I do this all for free and even make a loss, which is okay if you understand their perspective. They are the ONLY sourcing forum that has not banned me (unlike all US forums, Discords, and even Reddit subs, b/c American forums are all criminal scam schemes, and they know I will warn you against them. That stupid motherfucker from plants4food / RCVP on Reddit and their secret Discord chatroom banned after I warned against a scammer who turns out to be friends with Platzmodo and the other idiot. Those creeps invite scammers to steal from their own community and, of course, get their share of the money they stole from you. I am done with fucked up US forums.

      DOPEK even welcomes me in a friendly way; they talk to and discuss things. They are not pissed if I mess with them for not allowing me to upload photos; Polish people are cool.

      You should know that their “Trusted Shops” pay thousands of od dollars per year and that they are a bit dumb sometimes. They would not even allow you to complain about a scammer as long as he pays for his banner ad thread. That does not mean that scammers would be a thing there. It happened, but it even happened to RC SCENE; it’s challenging to find out if a vendor is lying to you or not. Also, some of you seem to be ashamed of having gotten scammed and never let me know (there is no fucking way that Proximo would not scam you from time to time, once a scammer, always a scammer. That you are afraid of creeps like Sellkies who would first scam you and then blackmail you.

      I try my best to make you report at least to me, hopefully soon the FBI (#PLEASE! Than you.). I understand that it is difficult, but I told you that Sellkies published photos of like ten love letters he received in the past years and now even imports a schedule I from a cheap Polish vendor, I think 5 or 10 kilos at a time, then you might get an idea that times have changed.

      To their current sponsors:

      Predator is okay.

      Those I hear would sometimes scam you, but I don’t know for sure.

      JokerRC, I thought, got busted, but he turned out to be an exit scammer, and some Polish friends will probably kill him. No further on that. You don’t want to see his website, which got hacked and contains personal details and a weird photo; He was kicked from Dopek, I just noticed. I need to add him to the scammers later. I need to show some professionalism first since I would be an “investment,” as the not too clever TRC Alex told me yesterday. I noted it down. Wait for the very funny shop review; you can’t order with Joker anyway.

      Another wholesaler, I am not a drug dealer, so why would I want to order a hundred (!) grams of anything? Their photos look good, the Hexen Needles, I assume to even be (Predator had them as well, he just happens to be sold after two or three weeks with certain products). Maybe they offer small samples; I am curious myself.

      These either smell terrible or are very toxic. 4-CMC is an analog of 4-CA, a thing that is neurotoxic as hell. Also, in the US, Cathinone is a schedule I (!). France and Switzerland, and Poland are tough soil for Cathinones (3-MMC, A-PHP, A-PiHP, etc. all are Cathinones, take care!) If you report, e.g., Sellkies to the DEA, he can try to blackmail you from a prison cell at best. He imported 5 kilos of a schedule I and sells it to teenagers.

      3mmc4cmc – another wholesaler. I was not involved in the review, but 21 people were. He actually is a friendly guy who tries his best and finally admitted that the 3-MMC we reviewed was not perfect but that he works with a partner lab to find out about the mistake since he wants to provide 98% pure substances. The recent batches indeed look better. No idea about smells, I never order with wholesalers, and he does not seem to understand that I will not edit a review if he did not sell me 100mg samples.
      Mixed reviews, no idea how these products are.

      ATOM chemicals sells stuff that you wouldn’t want sometimes. He does not care about smells or purity. His stuff is usually pretty strong uppers.

      Chem Centrum
      No idea. They do not offer a single product I would touch atm.

      Chem Casino
      I believe to be a re-seller of Predator-RC. Ask Sellkies; I think he tried them. For the US market, they might okay. Europeans would instead order with Predator, I think. Usually, a re-seller who does not charge Zloty (PLN) but Euros (€) would offer watered-down stuff at higher prices. Why? B/c many cannot deal with Polish websites, obviously. Suppose Mr. Predator tells me you seem interested. In that case, I will show you how to a) use the Dopek forum (it can be translated into English automatically, you need to click a button) and b) how to fill in the order page with Predator, everything I believe to be easy to understand.

      Hebei Paihang RC
      Scammers from China. Don’t order; they will scam you relatively soon than later. I know this for sure. #AVOID
      A detail that might be of interest: They cannot even manufacture simple products like Eutylone (beware, a schedule I in the US) and failed big time when trying to manufacture 2-FDCK last year. They are owned by the Chinese Party/Government and nonetheless would sell drugs even within (!) China and scam Americans and Europeans. If a really corrupt politician wants to make money, he can get away with it for a while but will sooner or later be beheaded. Again, #AVOID.
      Quality is a mess anyway; you would want to order with such a shady lab.

      At first glance, you might think it’s 3mmc4cmc
      However, I believe this site to be a clone and to be owned by some Chinese. I would not order from there, and if though, then only their MDPEP, but only if they offered a tiny sample to order. Out of curiosity, b/c what Dutch vendors offer for MDPEP now is a different, disappointing thing. At the same time, according to the product photos, the original- which they would still have in stock – was oaky. I don’t trust them, though. Some of their products do not look healthy. Better #AVOID.

      Mefisto RC
      They constantly try new products; the one I describe in the shop review (worth reading, I spent forever finding images showing the “good old” Neorganics days) do not seem to be available anymore. I think their product was good if you ordered the capsules/caps. It was no Mephedrone, of course; it was similar in a way, though. Not bad, actually. Not kicking in like the original, but that socializing part that Neorganics caps, usually based on ETH-CAT and 4-MMC, would shine with was there.
      Right now, I need to act as a “professional investment,” the TRC show is not going to stop, of course- I ordered so many samples. He does not understand that he admits crimes in the interview and that I can’t test samples all the time. So, May will still be a TRC show here. I need to fix some things then and find that guy who desperately screamed for help; there are just too many emails; I can’t find it right now. Later this year, there might be time for another shop review with Mefis. If they want to talk, they will receive a portrait. If they don’t want to, I don’t want to promise anything that might not happen; we’ll see.
      Their products are all new; I have not seen any of them; Their current stock is not my thing. Their new 4-MMC replacement might clog your nose. I don’t understand why they stopped offering capsules. Their unique products could be a positive surprise, but I don’t know.

      Escobar Warsaw
      Looks interesting. Will ask somebody to place an order if we have some money left.

      Silkmixture / Silkmixtures / Sandheavens
      #AVOID that motherfucker. He claims to even have Ephedra (!) in stock. In the end, you will send him money, and he will tell you he was sorry, he does not have what you paid for. While Sellkies and Berg would stop here (or try to blackmail you if you dared to complain to the future prison shower heroes,) that Silk/Sand dude is not a scammer. His replacement would be like 20 times the amount you had ordered and be terrible beyond imagination. #AVOID him.

      Crypto Signals
      Dopek’s latest addition of paying insane amounts for advertising looks like a criminal project that I strongly advise against.

      Again, if Mr. Predator tells me you are interested, we can sure make something happen. Not only with Predator-RC but two or three more of them. I am not sure if they can deal with fair reviews. Predator definitely can, so do Mefis. Not sure about the others, though. I don’t know most of them at all. Avoid those that I recommend avoiding.

      Predator is okay. Mefis might be. Escobar looks tempting. 3mmc4cmc will get his updated review. Maybe someone might want to test Drenigma. For now, the very funny Mr. Predator is our man. He offers various products; he is not like the average Dopek sponsor. Contact him if you are interested. If you are not interested, I will finally go on holiday soon, it’s just a couple more days before I can leave here, I hope.

      Kind regards,

    3. Did you stupid motherfuck spam MY contact page?


      If you don’t post again, I will delete your comment, ban you, ask your question myself and post my own answer below, as pathetic as it might sound, b/c it was quite some work to click through all those sites. I didn’t notice that had posted off-topic.

      48 hours, it’s on you whether you want to get banned or not.

      Thank you for your understanding.

  3. I think we already know about kitkat or whatever. Im I hadn’t thought he was perry’s business associate I wouldnt have sent him 90 $ but that my fault. I chalk up as loss then out of no where a week ago he starts email me asking me what I want. Back and forth we go then nothing but a email from perry saying something about it’s done a katkat is dead or something.idk. but I will send what proof I have to ig trusted rc shops. I wish I could have gotten to do business with the real man. I thought they was partners. That was my bad. Best to you perry

    1. The worst thing is, Perry would update me and share his thoughts about, e.g., working with Kat vs. being friends with Kat. I should have listened closer; it does not happen every day that a vendor would share his thoughts about an internal decision. I should have done a quick backup check because when I finally did, I understood why Perry was concerned: Kat would film himself playing with a gun and upload that clip to YouTube. Or one day, send an email how sorry he was, to only a week later provoke me.

      That they had not teamed up but would run two separate businesses, I only realized when I read it after they had split up. In my defense: Perry was indeed not easy to reach during the day, and that I pick up the phone at 3 am does not necessarily mean I would be awake.

      Just one thing: Why, why, why, would you post your comment off-topic on the contact page? You know I am going to delete off-topic posts sooner or later…

      PS: Without being given details, I was informed that “they” were negotiating with Kat and that he was worried about his “reputation” and would like to refund everyone. I assume he would need a loan to do so, but I wouldn’t write my 90 USD off yet.

  4. Dear White Trash Junkie Crowd,



    Above the comments field, there is one simple rule explained: You must not post any fake lie complaint about any vendor here unless you contacted me with proof that you even placed an order with that vendor and that this one is still outstanding. I will then contact the vendor.

    This is no fucked up shit forum, here is no place for lies, opiates, idiots.


    If a vendor has a shop review/portrait mentioned in his shop description you discuss that vendor on that page and nowhere else.

    Thank you for your attention.

    1. I’d like my site to be added to the unknown list in the U.S. category I’ll even send free samples to you so you know my product is legit and I’m only selling etizolam solutions like Encern but they aren’t accepting people that can come to me to get etizolam solutions cheaper and I’ll even make it whatever concentration you otherwise it will be 10mg per ml

      1. Gimme a month, please. Once team 3 is ready and we found a way to not allow fake complaints or shilling, you are more than welcome to join the forum.

  5. Due to a minor accident, we currently cannot check (neither read nor answer) a few contact options. Thank you for your understanding.

  6. Please calm down. I already told you he needed to take a break but is back again and that there are only two outstanding orders which will be processed asap.

    There is no such thing as a “Trusted/Reliable” category for the US Only for every other continent on this planet. “OK” is the best you can achieve in the US and he is back there because he works responsibly and never scammed anyone and got in touch with me.

    That you leave like 40 comments here within 5 days does not make a difference. He is honest and professional.

  7. Is anybody else experiencing an issue with the site today? If I click on a comment on the welcome page, I would see the commentary for two seconds, but then the site jumps up and down and stops at a random comment?

    Thank you for your answers.

    1. Fixed. WordPress added font sets offering options just like a TrueType-Font do to the gallery that do not seem to be web-safe. These fonts’ options are rendered long after the browser has rendered the DOM.

      So, if one should go with a font option like “Large,” then the page is first rendered with default (Medium) font size, and only after the DOM is complete would switch to “Large,” which had caused that jumping.

  8. RC SCENE is not even a year old, and we cannot afford another report soon. Still, according to a website displaying ranks, we have not only continuously become more and more popular (without even advertising);

    We not only attract more visitors than all North American RC sites/forums discussing vendors combined (!),

    RC SCENE even seem to be the undoubted number on the planet.




  9. Word on the street is, I would hate Americans. That made me laugh. 😃

    US Discord Scammers nicknamed me “the fascist.” That made me worry. 🙁

    Here is to you, América:

    Jimmy Eat World – BLEED AMERICAN


    I’m not alone ’cause the TV’s on, yeah.
    I’m not crazy ’cause I take the right pills every day.
    And rest, clean your conscience, clear your thoughts with Speyside with your grain.
    Clean your conscience, clear your thoughts with Speyside

    Salt, sweat, sugar on the asphalt
    Our hearts littering the topsoil
    Tune in, and we can get the last call.
    Our lives, our coal
    Salt, sweat, sugar on the asphalt
    Our hearts littering the topsoil
    Sign up; it’s the picket line or the parade.
    Our lives

    (I bled the) greed from my arm
    Won’t they give it a rest now?
    (Give it a rest now)
    Now, now, now

    Salt, sweat, sugar on the asphalt
    Our hearts littering the topsoil
    Tune in, and we can get the last call.
    Our lives, our coal
    Salt, sweat, sugar on the asphalt
    Our hearts littering the topsoil
    Sign up; it’s the picket line or the parade.
    Our lives, our coal

    PS: Truth is, I HATE EVERYONE SAYING ANYTHING LIKE “BOB’S YOUR UNCLE”. I cannot resist hating those peeps 😉

  10. Contact page updated. Thank you for noticing.