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55 responses

  1. Mariama Youme Diallo Avatar
    Mariama Youme Diallo

    Crypto Chems are out of businesss it seems. Over 30 days ago i payed for my order in FULL. No success in contact either. Their email is just bouncing back. 90 euros lost.

    1. This could be your ad. ;-) Avatar

      Hi Mariama,

      Thanks for sharing!

      The email issue is because they didn’t pay the bill and this happens to have been the very reason why the RC SCENE mailbox was unavailable lately and I still hope this is only a temporary issue because who would quit with the shop payment interface still working? Let’s hope nobody I know from writing emails.

      I will also start taking screenshots and a clip of how the shop used to work for the museum tomorrow. Also, their 4-MPD will be missed.

      I updated the shop description

      and asked their domain registrar if possible to contact them via another email address just a minute ago. These privacy shields for anonymous domains make things more complicated but when Dashlane last year screwed me and locked me out of my password manager – while I was logged in asking them for support to reset my password that I lost to the previous one which they told me could be done of course – I hate those people you wouldn’t believe – Anyway, when Dashlane scammed me big time out of my passwords saved in my paid-for premium account I found out that folks like njala offer anonymity but do not so much care about their own anonymity because you might have heard about them in your favorite primetime news show anyways.

      While in real life, Austrias Nazi Party is leading in the polls again and openly supporting the war Putin started against Europe and openly supporting fascism and I am not making this up, people in RC SCENE land happen to be, thank god, less corrupt. 🙂 AIso, I switched to KeePass and couldn’t be happier.

      Let’s hope everything is alright and this is just a temporary issue. There is something like a sister site of theirs, I forgot the name, but will try there as well.


    2. This could be your ad. ;-) Avatar

      Hi Mariama,

      Please consider the following:


      We are unable to provide you any personal details of our client, such information can only be disclosed if ordered by the police or the authorities.

      We can only do a suspension to stop the scammers.

      If you believe that you are a victim of scamming activities, I encourage you to escalate this to your local law enforcement agency such as the police or present a court order so we can proceed.

      Hostinger Abuse Department“

      We need ONE screwed customer to report the scam to local police so the not operational any longer shop can be suspended.

      THANK YOU!

  2. RC-Pulpo Avatar

    Hi there,
    As first thank you for your service (website)

    I have experience with the following 3 vendors. = 10/10! NDD top products, prices and support.

    AimimIchem PHP website = ~/10 ordered 2.5g sample with bitcoin. Now after 1 week still no package arrived for shipment.
    Contacted support 2 days ago with them saying it could take another week.
    Hopefully it’s not a scam. I will report back if so.
    If it still on time and quality i will also review obviously!

    Any news around aimimichem atm?

    TheRealRc (old website) = 6/10 NDD, pricy products with diffirent quality. Once had a diffirent substance almost sure.

    1. This could be your ad. ;-) Avatar

      Thanks for sharing!

      Their PHP is like you will say something like like they cook a strong bird with that whitish material 😉

      PS: Please consider not to post off-topic. The EU vendors page would make a better fit:

  3. Arthur Guyette Avatar
    Arthur Guyette

    Yes very pleased with chem Casino product is awesome delivery 9 days service is one satisfactory

  4. cicos02 Avatar

    Hei ,ive been scammed by chemcloud…i was given instead of 4f adb somerhing strange without smell or any active substance…and now they are not answerinf emails …wich is strange cuz i always saw them kinda proffesional

    1. Trusted RC Shops Avatar


      Told ya. Please see for yourself:

      [[[ There is probably no other shop in the world that would just keep stretching and stretching its depleted supplies instead of changing a product status to “out of stock.” So happened with their 4F-MPH: the product became weaker and weaker unless they finally sold >97% pure cutting agent. I angrily changed to another vendor. ]]]]

      (December 2020)

      I am sorry to hear that they screw customers again. After a few of their millions in cash were seized, they started campaigning like there was no tomorrow. In summer, they already started telling you that many substances will soon be banned. In August, TRC had more visits than RC SCENE and seems still growing. Chemcloud had always been big. Have a look at the TRC website: He almost emptied it and refers to a – which I consider Darknet/Darkweb – site hosted in Bulgaria advertising an illegal payment interface. Allegedly based in the same former Sowjet country that TRC’s fraudulent payment interface comes from, btw…

      China declared ALL CANNABINOIDS controlled substances in May. I still see new ones popping up but I think sand is what they sell you these days. Some vendors have limited Noids to a max of 1 gram per order.

      I don’t know how to handle this. If you send the substance for testing and they confirm it is sand, I would put them to the scammers. Quality issues had not been considered yet. With NPS, you never know what you get.

      1. cicos02 Avatar

        I would never imagine that a big one like chemcloud could do that….now i lost my trust with everyone….the only one that seems 100%, reliable is gr8/smokey….about trc…they sometimes sold weaker substances or cutted …but never inactive ones or total garbage…so now we are out of noids? All the new ones i heard they are garbage….so now besides chemcloud ,trc is gone…it seems that the market is slowly dissapearing

        1. leo Avatar

          What do they mainly sell

  5. Miss Missery is Myx'd Up and Using Without You Around :( Avatar
    Miss Missery is Myx'd Up and Using Without You Around 🙁

    Hey René,
    have you ever been told you remind someone of a person …maybe multiple persons. I’m not 100% sure.. with similiar views on some of yours, but more focus on overhauling markets, and vendors to sensing out packs with Magerial Safety Data sheets, lab results, offering atleast cheap equipment on requst… and provide more of a focus on harm reduction, proper handling and use of equipment, donating proper equipment to researchers without any at all, a public, blockchain “escrow” that would be saved and used to trst random samples from vendors. Being an immutable ledger, it can ve viewed on a block explorer by anyone with wallet address so skeptical people could see bunk police, or dance safe-like wallet transactions were the only ones being made. This person Or persons… There were a couple “Persona’s” whenever you’d catch them online; you never knew which one it was, lol Maybe I’m a nutter. They were very consistent about this idea, though. And I thouht it waa great! We talkes for weeks about it and recovery. Maybe months… they had some great ideas that seem to cross in a Vinn Diagram with yours.

    I don’t know what happened the one I’m speaking of. He’s always help me out with positivitey and support while I was tapering, or kicking col turkey. Also, basic stuff like how to use PGP, how to be more secure, how to stay safe basically.

    Because they/them disappeared after so long

    I’ve wondered if you might, in fact, be the same Persona….
    but this sites seems a little to “radical” and a bit extreme. It’s great work,by all means… I’m jut pretty sure these folks were generally to the point that they’d never want to go this public.
    Or public period! That was it! The Safety Net!! Completely Anonymous by some logic that’s way beyond me, but they figured it out, and I just listened and adored everything.

    Hopefully that’s what they’re doing currenty.. as long as they’re not runninfa stunted version o their pltaorm as a website =P 😉

    I’m hoping to signal them/one of them. They REALLY need to meet you!!

    1. Trusted RC Shops Avatar

      Dear early Melissa Arnette,

      (early, meaning, before you started to become greedy and forgot about your talent, and, like a rat, focused on the US shit RNB chart royalties, which is all you are good for today. Does your money hug you, is it nice to talk to? Depression, Xanax, (..) not all the chemistry in the world will on your last day help you from realizing you fucked up, and fucked up big time).

      RC SCENE is not the real life, and just because I write two concepts and design a brand on a Tuesday afternoon to later build an online-app based on it, does not mean my concepts weren’t good.

      I am not, I sometimes forget, but the Danish admin here and her wooden shoes is a character longing for a lot of concentration. Did I invent myself? No. I have no opinions, no soul, no thirst, no delusion of possibly wimning the next World War – whatever I type here is someone’s else’a opinion (which I might happily agree to).

      The trick is, I rephrase, e.g., diplomatic blah-blah to the max. Should Fentanyl dealers rotten in a deep wet dark whole so deep that the sun does not reach the ground? I read, I study, I talk to the police, to addicts, to specialized social workers; I add lyrics, I do not only quote the DOJ or Health or Angela Merkel (Chancellor of Germany); Pop stars, philosophers and Comedians like Trevor, some few actors even – they all know what those greedy fuck drug dealers have done to them, to society, to YOU (!) – but they can’t say:

      Psychopaths like the human trash operating Longflourish, The Real RC, Rechemco, Paracelsus, Proximo Research, Foche, and whoever else tries to make a fortune out of poisoning you with substances like 2-Methyl-AP-237 or AP-238 will hopefully soon be held responsible for the crimes they committed against society and be locked away forever.


      We can. And we do.

      Sometimes, we fall out of role, it’s a thin line between crying and hoping there was a god and at the same time entertain you without letting show what burns inside us.

      I never changed the concept. Either it stands, or it fails. If it fails, I would think of something better.
      I do things that have never been done before.

      If anyone else could, would, dared, mastered, understood such a task – then why bother, reach further out to the stars, René.

      Of course, I do have opinions, that old dinosaur Courtney Taylor-Taylor, or feeling the burn — That’s me. I think this is clear.
      Whatever else could maybe? Read, think and guess. If you are bored, why not. Or enjoy a beer in a gast garden. It does not matter in the end, ideas are everywhere.

      That you read here about things you do not agree with – should I bore you with the same ol’ same ol’, should I deliver content that you want to hear, to allow you collecting endorsement? Näh!

      Better hate me today and find out tomorrow, that bitching with was right all the time.
      That moment, you won’t forget.

      Where I come from, there is no individual. You belong to a village and to your parents and you are said to look like you came from the UK, Spain, Austria, Turkey, Hungary – silly people. Especially important are your parents’ jobs. If you father is a teacher, you will later work for some government body. That is what I experienced in a rural area.

      Today, psychopaths “study” judging and manipulating people. Doctors, LE, Economists (!), Sales Agents, etc – and all do it for the money. To me, this feels like such a disappointment, such an attack on everything I ever believed and hoped in — helpful people die in their mid-twenties. Suicide has many colors.

      I heard about those plans, but you and I never talked to each other. I tried to find out if this could be legal. It is not. Organized crime, Dark Web. I can’t make money with the topic, so the stakes would be damn high: No income, no time, hard word, expensive lawyer, I’d kill myself before going to prison.

      While the idea is good, I like it, I can help build it, but not manage it.

      From what I have learnt, EVERYBODY US expects becoming rich. They have an argument, split up, project dead.
      Happened to me, when I told them there is no money in RC SCENE.

      If you trust your friends (money and power/being in control must not be an intention, untouchable folks (!), not the slightest sign of corruption, same rules for everyone, no favors for nobody; Also: Must know his/her way around the scene and be technically skilled), please introduce me to him/her/them. Last week of August or before October.

      Oh, lest I forget: They need to talk to me. They need to be able to understand legislation. They should considering joining the FBI.

      THANK YOU!

      Have a happy day!

      Kind regards,


      Don’t waste me!

      PPS: kompromat @ rc-scene . com

    2. Trusted RC Shops Avatar

      I could and cannot answer this problem: How do I assholes like domestic terrorist Scammer Sellkies and life-threatening bunk batch sender Proximo prevent from bribing their most pathetic addicts to leave fake reviews for a hit of some opiate?


      That was me, by the way:

      Learning English or German at the age of 8 or 9 later helps you with logic, languages, and solution-orientated thinking. I received hundreds of fake complaints last year by asshole Proximo alone.

      I have met a lot more clever people than I am. They don’t care about drugs, and they don’t care about producing addicts. They think it was dumb to blog about a subculture that the Bourgeois Boheme consider a burn-the-with-crime (while they are on coke 24/7). So, they lack the understanding and motivation necessary.

      Suppose one of your friends solved that problem, might please text me by the end of August. Thank you again!

      THX 🎈👨‍🚀👩‍🚀👨‍💻👩‍💻👩‍🔬👨‍🔬🦸‍♀️🦸‍♂️🦄

    3. leomental Avatar

      Hi brother, I also placed an order from the predator for 7 days and I haven’t received any message yet, no one answers me, I can help myself, sorry for the trouble, Thank you!

    4. Trusted RC Shops Avatar

      Hi again,

      Vendor responsibility (they all claim to be legal and honest businesses, I will show them legal) is a super interesting topic also for me.

      If you find time, please get in touch with me.

      I learned a lot since last year and would like to give you a heads-up regarding certain indicators that want to make you think the vendor was responsible or even a professional, while they are not at all, unfortunately.

      Together with maybe Jacob from the chemical collective, we could exchange ideas and findings. He cleverly uses his quality offensive and the H-NMR tests (which in his case all are signed by a professional chemist) for marketing. He also cares about NPS, trashes substances of poor quality he might have sourced from, e.g., The Real RC, and looks for and seems to find proper quality elsewhere. He is also familiar and up to date regarding drug precursors becoming controlled. That’s an aspect I learned from him.

      The most recent thing I heard is that H-NMR lab tests would indicate up to a hundred percent purity although an HCL cannot be pure. This is a chemistry thing that breaks with common logic. If this info is correct and a GCMS test works as I imagine, then a GCMS test would indicate 67% purity instead of 99%. Dutch chemists and vendors – without exception – refused to provide an answer to my respective questions so far, which says a lot. A 67% pure compound might not sell as well as one that states 99% purity. The industry works with lies a lot, and our chemist here seems impossible to get ahold of.

      If you knew such things, I would love to hear from you. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

      Kind regards,

  6. Trusted RC Shops Avatar

    Hi Nick,

    Nice to hearing from you!

    (PS: I have not forgotten. I need to double-check if their mushrooms would really be considered legal, and also, I’d love to see such myself for once, will try to get back at them in late summer, I promise!)

    Hej, even if Marika and her husband ship from your neighborhood and/or China and should still offer steroids – please leave it. Trust me, these are no NPS. Bodybuilders all take some shit here, this is a downward spiral you cannot imagine.

    First, your life will start spinning around that shit all day (some special breakfast, some steroids, extra-long training sessions, something to be able to sleep after the pumped-up workout), etc.

    Okay, it’s your life.

    But there is something that you cannot know and that you definitely will not want: Steroids are making you a freaking retard; Stupid, aggressive, lazy, hate-filled, constant issues with LE and, finally, you will join some Nazi-Party like, e.g., those lowlife motherfuckers from the _den_i___e _e_e__ng.

    You will wear an old Nazi helmet and salute _eil __le_ ib front of your computer and the webcam to become accepted in the Nazi movement.

    DON’T, please. Thank you.

  7. Trusted RC Shops Avatar

    Since asked how it could be possible to offer a 30-days-money-back-guarantee in the unlikely event you were not happy with the photos published on RC SCENE, without being affiliated to vendors and making millions with the project.

    Well, it’s simple maths:

    How much did you pay to visit RC SCENE?

    Maybe, think for a second.


    That’s why I can guarantee a 30-days-money-back-guarantee.


  8. joseajduarte Avatar


    Glad everything’s ok about RealChems! They’re my current suppliers, and the quality of their products is very good. I know them because of your site, I started buying RC’s in Eurochems …(!) . Rc-scene is a true life(-health)- saver. So much mumbo-jumbo about harm reduction… cut the crap and support initiatives like yours. People being unnecessarily poisoned? Cui bono?

  9. joseajduarte Avatar


    Do you know anything about Real Chems? The site is off, and TrustPilot doesn’t have any reviews (.nl) because the site ‘don’t exist anymore. It would be a pity if (…)

    Keep the good work!


    1. Trusted RC Shops Avatar are, of course, in business and share the crown of best RC shop together with Rechemco. Same ol’, same ol’ – but on a high level.

      PS: A funny article about Realchems will be published this week. I hope it will make you smile but even more so reflect on you your reservations/expectations/scepticism regarding EU companies that pay taxes and – unlike many others – a) know what they are doing and b) constantly try to provide top quality.

      I will also publish an article about the European Union consumer protection agency and that there is no such thing as a reliable vendor scamming you. You will be surprised. A few years ago, consumer protection laws had been aligned within the EU. (Denmark did not join that treaty). I was not a fan of lowering standards in certain member states either, but now that I found out how easy I can fuck a scammer in the arse (trust me, just mentioning that you plan to involve the consumer protection agency will make particular crooks ship immediately.)

      Stay tuned.


      And again, the shops here are no sponsors; 99% of them even refuse to donate a small amount anonymously; although I am running out of money, many do not even know that I added them to the lists. This is a non-profit project, and although I work thousands of hours for FREE, I make a loss with RC SCENE.

      The shops have been monitored for many years. Only three (maybe four) people are allowed to propose a vendor for being categorised RELIABLE.

      I am 1,600 emails behind. We missed few phone calls in the past two weeks – I will call you back. Whatever. Realchems, Smokeys, Rechemco and a few more established trust and set standards (together with the busted SI (which was more than just an RC vendor) for ten or more years.

      Why should they all of a sudden vanish?

      Maybe they moved to a new web server, updating DNS servers (~the internet’s phone book) may take up to two days in which a webshop could be offline.


      THANK YOU.

      Regarding Trustpilot: Rarechems, Chemical Collective and Realchems and many more seem to have hired public relations agencies to improve their rating and got kicked from the platform. They are on Twitter now:

      PS: Don’t tell anyone, but I understand that Realchems still the ONLY SERIOUS RC vendor in the Netherlands. They are the only ones who pay for professional labs to have their substances tested.

      Chemical Collective spent 20,000 USD on advertising that they also do independent H NMR tests now. They showed me one of those tests claiming their 2-FDCK to be> 99% pure (sic!). They sourced it from RealChems, who hired a real professional lab and state purity of 97%.

      Nuff said?

      Let’s make this a topic for next year; I am more than happy that few vendors started investing in independent tests for now. I already found out how to easily fake such a lab test result and that in the Netherlands, any idiot may perform such a test and even sign it. Because the Dutch don’t care.

      The Real RC provides eve fake/manipulated H NM% R test results. More on that soon. And the only reason TRC did not get banned from Trustpilot is that so many angry customers constantly leave devastating reviews.

      One more thing:

      Let me share a secret: My headphones cables are not copper or whatever metal is used these days. They use fibreglass (the same thing that is used for T1 dedicated lines for high-speed internet. They look like they were thin cotton threads.

      Why would Sennheiser research and improve headphone cables? Because there is no such thing as purity higher than 98% in metal or in anything. Every manufacturer will tell you he tries and tries and, in the end, creates a 98% pure compound if lucky.

      There is water and air even inside copper. It’s everywhere.

      If Jacob and the team believe they would offer a >99% pure NPS, they should contact the Nobel committee, ESA, NASA and sell that wonder product to CERN.

      The Real RC TRC does not care, as always. He first sold me an inactive, fake 2-FDCK replacement and then offered me a reship, a better 2-FDCK. It’s 50% pure: same shit, new colour. Don’t blame him; Alex probably has no clue at all. All he knows is how to make money by bribing and hiring liars, always being visible everywhere, and making a fortune by covering the internet with lies about his overpriced shit substances.

      Yes, you heard it right: Alex always wanted to be everywhere and paid forums (Reddit, Headspace, DBG, etc.) to repeat his lies over and over and over again and to spread lies about, e.g. Smokeys and Rechmco.
      I would be ashamed of being such a jerk, but people are people, and what do I care…

      That he would prefer to not be featured so intensely on RC SCENE – isn’t it ironic?

      You heard right: The TRC shop review marathon will, of course, go on. I started three years ago. It has already cost me 900 Euros, which does not even include professional testing; unfortunately, I will try to figure something out.

      If you want to support RC SCENE, please help me out with a donation of as little as 10 USD. Thank you!

      If you donate 450 Euros, we could talk about a Thank You banner. Maybe you would like to see a banner for Greenpeace or your favourite band.


  10. Trusted RC Shops Avatar


    I will prepare to hand over to team 3 and assist you. You are not alone, you do not need to invest any money, and even once I am gone, there is no need to worry: The US section won’t make a loss.

    Also, you will later join forces with a group of idealists that will equip you with a tool that will become popular, and they will program it for you for free.

    You must not be a vendor. You can only join the team for starters if you live in Europe or are a friend. I do not trust just anybody contacting me from the US at this point. That will change. I am so excited to hopefully soon find out that the high-level contacts from the US are integer people who honestly offered to help because they care; Today’s uncertainty is killing me; you have no idea.

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