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Peace! A friend in need is a friend, indeed. A friend with weed is better. (Placebo); 5 Lego Star Wars Storm Troopers standing next to each other, one of them holding a picket sign with the symbol for piece.
Agitprop (/ˈædʒɪtprɒp/) from Russian: агитпроп, “agitation” “propaganda” [maybe also “pop”] refers to intentional promulgation of ideas as seen with the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. (Wikipedia)

Friends with active subscriptions please make sure to “Log in” to access your bonus content:

Salute the Solution! Finally, you can support RC SCENE also with money. How great is that? 🙂

How does it work?

  • You can subscribe for Premium+ Content now.
  • Please note that I do not insinuate there would ever be Premium+, or Bonus-, or any new Content whatsoever added.

    Here is why:

    If one out of fifty or only one out of ten thosand of you find out they like and want to support the project makes an immense difference.

    Allow me to remind you that RC SCENE is not-for-profit.
    You can rest assured you make help an idea happen but you could not by accident make anybody rich here.

    We all donated our time and skills for free hoping to create something of value that also happens to be unique.

    We cannot afford to cover the costs and, in addition, all work for free any longer.

    THANK YOU for sticking with RC SCENE! 🙂


  • What is the Login button for?
    Pages/Articles that show (slightly) different content to visitors and subscribers always contain a Login/Logout link. You need to be logged in to see the bonus content for subscribers only.

    An example: If you subscribed on your desktop computer you are not automatically logged in on your mobile. The Login link asks for your credentials and makes sure you see the content for subscribers also on your mobile.
  • I have no money.
    Feel free to share a login/subscription with a friend.
  • I want to donate more and/or time.
    Please contact me, thank you.
  • I do not have a Credit Card.
    Feel free to share a login/subscription with a friend.

Your choice. Thank you! 🙂


One thought on “Donate to help make RC SCENE stay around. Thank you! Subscribe to Premium+ Bonus Content.

  1. Ad Donations/Supporting us:

    Friends who like the idea and want to help RC SCNE keep alive find 2 subscription plans now:

    3 USD for a month or 36 USD for a year.

    Those of you who sent 5 USD for a month will find a 2 USD refund on their credit card statements no later than in ten days.

    I believe the 3 USD to be more than fair also for everyone is new here.
    Those of you who know what we do here, ideally go with the 36 for a year, thank you!

    Kind regards,


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