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Peace! A friend in need is a friend, indeed. A friend with weed is better. (Placebo); 5 Lego Star Wars Storm Troopers standing next to each other, one of them holding a picket sign with the symbol for piece.
Agitprop (/ˈædʒɪtprɒp/) from Russian: агитпроп, “agitation” “propaganda” [maybe also “pop”] refers to intentional promulgation of ideas as seen with the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. (Wikipedia)

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  • Please note that I do not insinuate there would ever be Premium+, or Bonus-, or any new Content whatsoever added.

    Here is why:

    If one out of fifty or only one out of ten thosand of you find out they like and want to support the project makes an immense difference.

    Allow me to remind you that RC SCENE is not-for-profit.
    You can rest assured you make help an idea happen but you could not by accident make anybody rich here.

    We all donated our time and skills for free hoping to create something of value that also happens to be unique.

    We cannot afford to cover the costs and, in addition, all work for free any longer.

    THANK YOU for sticking with RC SCENE! 🙂


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10 responses

  1. Trusted RC Shops Avatar

    Monthly subscriptions are 5 USD now. Don’t get me wrong: I do not want you to send me 60 USD a year. The yearly subscription plan is still 36 USD.

    My problem is that WordPress does not offer an opion to address all and any subscribers. This means I have to create bonus content pages two or even three times – every time – so all of you can access them.

    That sucks big time and I told them but it won’t be consdered an issue within the next two years.

    While I do not want to hide anything anyway, but also learnt that you prefer to buy something over donating for something, and that not too have an idea of how expensive this thing here is, I’d like to direct you into yearly subscription plans, please. Would make things a lot easier on my side.

    You can always demand a refund. Your partner is Automattic but their partner is Stripe and Stripe has a contract with me meanining I can send you a (partly) refund eight days a week.

    Happy days!

  2. aus10talon Avatar

    I’m rx’ed and would like to know where I should be looking for any new news on the frontier. Of any kind. Not pressing for a source mote like a community or info

    1. Trusted RC Shops Avatar

      Reddit is usually a good place to discuss prescription meds, tobacco, headphons, headlines, countries, wars, and whatever. I recommend to avoid Discord chat rooms. is less obsessed by promoting substance abuse and prostitution, but a more mature and more entertaining community.

      If by frontier you mean NPS-related news, the newsletter could be interesting. Also, I find Twitter a good resource. Maybe pick a few accounts from this list Once you follow three or four accounts Twitter will recommend similar accounts to follow.

      I am sorry that no news was published lately. I worked quite a while on a newsletter prototype, but couldn’t send it yet, and didn’t feel like posting something I had planned for the newsletter here. That is hard to explain, but to me these news feel like they did not belong here… 😉

  3. ccrofts68 Avatar

    How would you suggest gettng in contact with the cathinone nazi.
    placed an order a week ago and havent even had te paid status change. Worried since I saw the latest comments. Any other nee reliale vendor with Alpha PHP? I subscribed for the year as wel 🙂

    1. Trusted RC Shops Avatar


      Do not post your comments off-topic. Thank you.

      Thank you for your generous support!

      Please mind that the vendor has a page dedicated to discussing any issues with them. I believe the email address to get in touch with them is mentioned in the comments section and on the vendor’s site ( = the web shop).

      Make sure not to delete your correspondence with the vendor, and to have your payment receipts, etc. at hands.

      In general, I consider this vendor still a vendor, and not a scammer.

      A scammer needs to be reported to the police.
      Some payment interfaces allow claiming a refund. Could be a BTC payment interface, maybe your bank; Credit Cards are usually insured against fraud.

      With a vendor, we wait for 30 days, then send them a reminder and contact these folks which will try to reach the vendor for you:

      I recommend talking to them before providing them with details.

      You either provide them details about your complaint via email or can use this form:

      If they can’t reach the vendor, we have a scam which we report to the police.

      Please note: This is all theory. If the payment interface says you can demand a refund for 14 days the longest, then you won’t wait for 30 days, of course!

      The payment interface would definitely be my first choice if a vendor ignored my emails.

      With a subscription, you will receive an email as soon as the article describing my findings is ready.

      Again, thank you for your generous support, much appreciated! 🙂

  4. aus10talon Avatar

    Great idea! It should help.

    1. Trusted RC Shops Avatar

      If all 250,000 of you should send 3 USD this year, then we will be fine for quite a while 😉

      That is not likely to happen, though.

      While those 36 per year I hope to find appealing to friends who value that we are independent, honest and fair (I know, many have still not realized) so to cover the costs for a team of three,

      Vendors who want something will have to cover the costs for producing articles, etc.

      I hope we can register an NPO which could help with fundraising for side-projects.

      Finally, I hope to win one or two media partners every year.

      IT licenses and three or four workers a quite big production actually.

      The alernative would be selling you to scammers like other forums do – so there is no alternative.


      I prefer the subscription model over one-time donations because the costs are recurring. I hope this helps you understand what we do here.

      PS: The 36 USD yearly would be very helpful because I started with less than nothing into this year, meaning I need money upfront, that’s my mistake, I am sorry.

      Don’t worry about the subscription model:

      If you get billed 36 USD next year but have found a better hobby or maybe have no money => Just contact me, you will of course be refunded! This is RC SCENE. I would never try to trick you into something.

      Kind regards,

  5. Trusted RC Shops Avatar

    Ad Donations/Supporting us:

    Friends who like the idea and want to help RC SCNE keep alive find 2 subscription plans now:

    3 USD for a month or 36 USD for a year.

    Those of you who sent 5 USD for a month will find a 2 USD refund on their credit card statements no later than in ten days.

    I believe the 3 USD to be more than fair also for everyone is new here.
    Those of you who know what we do here, ideally go with the 36 for a year, thank you!

    Kind regards,

    1. sazreloaded (@SAZTHETAZ) Avatar

      yo, you guys need to add Euro currency for a donation option. You guys saved my ass twice so I wanna help for at least a couple of months. I can’t more cuz I am dirt poor but everybody’s gotta start somehow

      1. Trusted RC Shops Avatar


        Thank you. 🙂

        It does not matter if your card says CHF, USD, EUR, or Pound of Antonio’s Flesh (only in Denmark… Someone please get me out of here!) – you get billed exactly what it says here.

        There are little fees for currency conversion, but only on my side. 😉

        If you have no money for food, please do not send what is not there to posh websites like this one.

        Have you heard about Ukraine?

        While Unicef is a good option, the city of Austria doubles all donations made to Nachbar in Not (the sky is the limit; they are bound to neutrality and must not send weapons, so they send more money). You donate 36 to Nachbar in Not, the city of Austria doubles up your donation, and these 72 are distributed among the Red Cross, Unicef, etc.

        Have a happy day!

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