Cocaine, Crack and Methamphetamine. Europe Drug Markets Report 2022

00:00 Welcome
01:10 Alexis Goosdel, EMCDDA
02:30 Cocaine, a very established problem
06:10 Methamphetamine, a small market rapidly expanding
07:20 Cooks from Mexico come to Europe, Crime As A Service
09:20 Drugs are everywhere and everything can be used as a drug
10:49 Catherine De Bolle, Europol
12:10 Following the money trail, going after the criminal companies behind
13:30 EU has become a region of origin for synthetic drugs exporting especially Crystal Meth to everywhere in the world
16:20 Record seizures of Cocaine but corruption is an worrying problem. So is violence.
17:35 The Waterboard Effect
18:25 Ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp import huge amounts of drugs from Southern America
19:25 Going after the CEOs and to confiscate their money
19:40 Europol had already resigned but plans to tackle drug trafficking again
20:40 USA, Colombia and Brazil help Europol and send investigators to work in the Europol headquarters. EMCDDA is a big help to them.
22:35 Questions and Answers Session
23:10 Journalist from Mexico asks about what Europol is about to do about Fentanyl and if worried about Mexican drug cartels making it to Europe
26:40 A journalist from Belgium asks what exactly if anything at all Europol is doing, what is there job, how are they funded, and who they cooperate with
29:40 FBI EncroChat and SkyECC have unveiled how corrupt European companies and individuals are. Profits are huge, many in the legal economy knowingly take money from criminals
31:10 Needle junkies do not make the majority of drug addicts, that is an outdated idea
32:30 Money laundering often done in UAE and similar where the criminals are safe from EU legislation
33:25 An answer about the remarkably high purity of Cocaine these days. When and why did that happen?

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