Everybody Happy!

#everybodyhappy is an idea to not only contact RC SCENE, but, and this rather unique: to even ask qeuestions again, and to democratize knowledge by bringing people together.

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If you were wondering why nobody replied to your questions, ignored the tasks you usually want me to solve for you, and why eve your offers to donate were ignored: BECAUSE YOU ARE TOO MANY.

You live in either of the following countries and expect us to dedicate our spare time and to invest our money to create something for you for free:

United States, Germany, Canada, France, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Poland, Australia, Czech Republic, Sweden, Romania, Austria, Belgium, Finland, Ireland, Switzerland, Denmark, Hungary, Greece, Portugal, Slovakia, Japan, European Union (official EU offices), Lithuana, New Zealand, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Norway, India, Israel, Hong Kong, Turkey, Brazil, Serbia, Luxembourg, Mexico, Singapore, Indonesia, China, Russia, South Africa, Taiwan, Costa Rica, South Korea, Estonia, Ukraine, Iceland, Malta, Puerto Rico, Cameroon, Argentina, Nigeria, Cyprus, Morocco, Egypt, Colombia, Saudi Arabia, Philipines, Latvia, Malaysia, Réunion, Thailand, Moldova, United Arab Emirates, Georgia, Peru, Brunei, Chile, Lebanon, Vietnam, Mauritius, French Polynesia, Albania, Maldives, Sudan, Sierra Leone, Monaco, Cambodia, Martinique, Panama, Seychelles, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Ecuador, Kenya, Pakistan, Guadeloupe, Uruguay, Macedonia, Bahamas, Curacao, Algeria, Somalia, Trinidad & Tobago, Belarus, Jordan, Guam, Isle of Man, Andorra, St. Kitts & Nevis, Faroe Islands, Jersey, Bahrain, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Qatar, Mongolia, Jamaica, Ghana, Botswana, Barbados, Oman, Belize, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Palestinian Territories, Sri Lanka, Namibia, Kuwait, Tunisia, Myanmar (Burma), Bangladesh, Senegal, Tanzania, Liechtenstein, Afghanistan, New Caledonia, Gibraltar, San Marino, Honduras, Suriname, El Salvador, Bolivia, Cayman Islands, Northern Marina Islands, St. Barthélemy, Mayotte, Bermuda, Montenegro, Mozambique, Åland Islands, American Samoa, Nepal, Iraq, Paraguay, Nicaragua, Uzbekistan, U.S. Virgin Islands, St. Martin, Eritrea, Uganda, Sint Maarten, Greenland [ YES! 🙂 ], Azerbaijan, Zimbabwe, Guernsey, Turks & Caicos Islands, Ethiopia, St. Lucia, Benin, St. Pierre & Miquelon;

So, now you know.
This is cannot be done like it used to.
Still, I have ideas, we are a network, and I would like to try new things.

This is a quite expensive production, and nobody will work for absolutely free any longer. Two years are enough, I ran out of money.


  • Submit Tipps
  • Report issues with vendors
  • Report Scammers
  • Ideas, Feeback or you need help with the sites
  • If you want to donate, join, help or become a media partner, etc.

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Questions, Consulting, Hire the workers

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