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Ruthless scammers are a growing problem

Especially in the US, but also in Europe, Asia and Australia scam sites (non-delivery fraud) are a growing problem. Ruthless criminals will act friendly until you sent them money but will never ship any goods and ignore your emails.

This is called non-delivery fraud and a serious crime.

Unfortunately, ruthless criminals stealing your money have become a plague. There are tens of thousands of them. Some try to trick you into sending money by contacting you via WhatsApp or Wickr, others are organized crime and operate countless scam sites.

The US government estimates that alone in 2022, Americans lost 10.3 billion USD to scammers. Nearly 900,000 complainst had been reported to either the FTC or IC3. That is just the tip of the iceberg, the vast majority of fraud victims feel ashamed and do not even report the criminals and their losses.

I understand that many of you seem hesitant especially to report drugs scams, but I urge you you to trust your government. The Feds will not investigate screwed victims, they are busy fighting organized crime! Also, it is not a shame to have fallen for a scammer. Many criminals are experts in social engineering (tricking you into finding them trustworthy) and professionaly operate their fraud schemes just like actual companies. They are well organized and hire professional IT- and communication experts.


RC SCENE was designed to prevent you losing money to scammers.

In the first two years, especially US vendors would consider selective scamming and exit scamming to be okay. RC SCENE was the first site ever to enforce a zero-tolerance policy on scamming. Scammers and part-time scammer would not accept my idea to provide an honest service. They teamed up, hired hackers, made me look like a liar in endlessly seeming defamation campaigns for which vendors had hired patehtic idiots that would accept any dirty job for money. We fought long arguments. Three years later, some of them committed suicide, some went back to selling drugs on the streets, some got beaten up and even stabbed by their scam victims. Berg’s identity was unveiled by a colleague active on Discord. I published scammer Sellkies crime record and photo and managed to have Proximo close his shop. These two had gotten unbearable and I could not think of a better idea to put an end to their aggressions.

RC SCENE is neither operating a shop nor affiliated with any. I do not lie to you, every single review is real and to help you make believe me I add photos and sometimes even videos to the reviews. If I have a vendor as reliable shipper than not because they would have sent me money, no way. I only add vendors of which I know for sure that they are for real.

Still we had three vendors exit scamming in the past two years and the community lost a bunch of money to these crooks.
This will not happen again.


New vendors will be exclusively discussed in the private section of the forum exclusively accessible by subscribers.

You may ask about new vendors or recommend some or introduce yourself. 

By discussing new vendors only among subscribers (a small group of enthusiasts usually experienced and aware of red flags that help recognize a scammer) we minimize the risk of falling for scammers. I expect subscribers also to better estimate if a vendor seems trustworthy or could be likely to plan an exit scam.

We will collect information and discuss new vendors in the forum before we decide whether to add them for everyone to see in the lists.

This is the best idea I came up with so far. For the initially planned mailing list I could not find anyone accepting me as a customer. All those self-acclaimed freedom-of-speech groups and privacy-focused email providers accept drug dealers (and their money) but would not even ignore me. Not in the US, not in Italy, not in the Netherlands.

A forum is not as fancy and interactive as Messengers or a Mailing List, but is better for organizing content.

I hope you like the idea and I am happy inviting you the only forum since chems-forum in which you may discuss any vendor. We have no sponsors, so nobody can tell us what to do.



Simply click “New Topic” to open a new thread.




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