We’re oldschool. FX CHEM LABS [ Trusted Shop Review ]

A new vendor contacted me. Time went by. They have no clue that we did a test order and would publish a review.

Screenshot of FX Chem Labs website, March 2021
Click the Play button, this video took a lot of work and you will never have seen anything similar before. Promised!

Solid vendor.

  • FX’s A-PiHP was a pleasant surprise. Really good.
  • FX’s A-PHP feels mild. The Real RCC‘s current A-PHP batch is by far better.
  • FX’s 4F-MPH powder is okay. Then again, if you were to order 4F-MPH from anywhere else than Rechemco, then you are a fool. Their reinvention of 4F-MPH is unmatched.
  • FX’s Flubromazolam blotters seem a bit mild. That’s okay because this substance is too extreme anyway.

They have more products, but you stopped donating and I have no money, do the maths.

If it wasn’t for Alex, I could never afford to host RC SCENE. There would not be a video. RC SCENE – the only unbiased and reliable site of its kind would standstill.

Don’t believe a word coming from any US scammer motherfucker’s mouth who claims European vendors would be selective scammers and RC SCENE would be a marketing platform or whatever. Everybody works for free, and, in case you didn’t notice: This is fucking art.


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Find FX Chem Labs’s shop description and address here.

More sightseeing, a journey through Spain, and more detailed substance information

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45 responses to “We’re oldschool. FX CHEM LABS [ Trusted Shop Review ]”

  1. Boofgod666 (@boofgod666) Avatar

    What is the status with this shop? I get a lot of mixed responses and reviews. Is it still active and OK to order from? Thanks a bunch

    1. Trusted RC Shops Avatar

      Would not be aware of any complaints.

      Just the other day, I found out their blotters are not too mild at all. If you kick three benzos a day, they won’t flash you but they do work.

      Then again, not too many understand that the lists here can be up to date and reliable only when we as a community work on it meaning everyone please share experiences you consider worth mentioning.

      Maybe US shipping is not a safe bet right now, maybe way too many idiots have internet access, and as usual: If I would not know for absofucklutely sure that reviews and forums are all distorting reality by spamming fake reviews.

      Had not been in touch with them lately, didn’t ask now. Still, not a single complaint so far.

      1. Boofgod666 (@boofgod666) Avatar

        thank you. I have tried to place an order with them but it seems like they don’t ship domestically within Spain? WIll update if I manage to place an order in the end.

  2. kimberlyreneea30d8d97c2 Avatar

    Unless I am missing something, it appears this vendor only accepts Bitcoin payments :/ Adds too much costs and hassle to deal with IMO.

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