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Teaser image: Memories - The RC SHOPS Museum. A collage showing banners and logos and product pictures dating back ten years, are from 2012
Memories – RC Shops Museum

Last year, when surprisingly shut down, not even two days had passed before Google search results were flooded with fake scam shop imposters using this (former) vendor’s name.

Thank you for sharing such news, btw.

That incidient is one reason for providing (more) screen photos (screenshots) of vendors mentioned here.

The other reason is that Online Archives (at least the ones publicly accessible) are not quite archiving the internet as they claim.

I believe it could be a nice idea to compile a collection of screenshots documenting changes in webshops, and also sample photos, and collect the very few NPS-related publications worth reading, as well as media coverage.

Unfortunately, all of these have a tendency to disappear after a while. If not us, who else could care? Drug dealers give a shit about their often times beautiful website designs…

If you like the idea, maybe you would like to help with content

If you could like to provide screenshots or videos or pdf files or (html) copies of webpages of either webshops, forums, iconic discussions, memes, or whatever publications paid for by the taxpayers of the world, that would be super cool.

If you happened to have screenshots or photos from years ago, that would be great. It seems impossible to aquire copies of websites that got shut down ten years ago.

Also, nobody could remember all those hundreds of often times beautifully designed webshops from back in the days. You will sure remember shops that others had never heard of before.

If you already shared such on your blog, please get in touch with me, I will happily put a link to your blog!


WENDY RENE – After Laughter Comes Tears (1964)

Memories collected so far

  • (2018 – 2021) (2018 – 2021)

    Wiki > Memories: RC-Shop museum > Benzoland BenzoLand used to be a vendor claiming to be in Spain shipping Benzo blotters (Etizolam, Clonazolam, Diclazepam, and Flualprazolam) worldwide. Was active from 2018 – 2021. He re-designed their webshop in 2019 and started focussing on the highly profitable US market. When the webshop disappeared in 2021, dozens…

    Gimme Nostalgia!

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