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The Netherlands have a special police unit dedicated to mail orders of Drugs and Research Chemicals

(December 2020, Permalink)

An interesting detail for all those of you who believe European vendors were selective scammers: In 2017, Finland had contacted the Netherlands for assistance since they had seized 90 packets containing synthetic designer drugs coming from the Netherlands. A specialized Post / Parcel Intervention Team (P2it), a kind of Special Unit of the Dutch Police that works closely with PostNL, and basically was installed only to stop mail containing drugs within the Netherlands already, had started investigating and arrested the drug & research chemical vendors.

So in case, your order did not arrive,
your package could already have been confiscated in the Netherlands!

Source: (Dutch)

USA: RC Vendor faces up to 5 years prison time for selling RC Benzos.

(December 2020, Permalink)

Already in January, a US Research Chemical Vendor selling the Research Chemical Benzodiazepines Clonazolam, Diclazepam, Flubromazolam & Etizolam form was convicted for Online Sale & Distribution of Unapproved Drugs Obtained from Overseas.

As part of a written plea agreement, Mr Ash acknowledged causing a loss of more than $550,000 but not more than $1,500,000. He further agreed to forfeit approximately $230,000 in currency seized from his home and a bank account under his control. Mr Ash also agreed to the entry of an additional forfeiture money judgment in the amount of $550,000.

The defendant faces a maximum sentence of up to five years in prison, and in addition, a fine of up to 250,000 USD. All of his illicit income was confiscated.

Please find further details on the case in a press release by the department of Justice – U.S. Attorney’s Office, Western District of Pennsylvania from 01/21/2020



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40 thoughts on “News & Gossip

  1. Is the new 2-fa and 3-fa being brought out by vendors selling in 100s of grams,legit?2-fa and 3-fa had gone off screen long ago,how this sudden resurgence.They are even selling pellets in 60mg and 50mg sizes.Smells like bunk.


    1. Hi, shops in Europe also offer them. The Real RC offers 2-FA pellets á 60mg and 3-FA á 50 mg. Smokeys also offers the 2-FA pellets. So, they are real.

      However, since Amphetamine is a schedule II (please see for yourself: page 5, #1100 – and I have not seen anyone offering them in the US so far, I’d be cautious.

      Would you mind sharing these sources with us, please? Scammers would often unmask themselves by their sheer dumbness and for missing any knowledge in chemistry at all. Please do not post any links here, instead send them via email or submit them via the contact form, thank you.


  2. A PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT brought to you by KINOCHEMS (02/01/2021)

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    Hi Renault,

    Only read a few sentences. You know nothing about Kino. I don’t want you to. I choose to be civil. Would you like for me or him not to be?

    How do you even know Kino is one person? You’re a fool and a lackluster one at that. I hope you only find pain and misery in your future. And lol @ you being [ edit, K. ]. No wonder you hate Americans. I too get emails saying what a mentally ill lunatic you are, but do you see me; a. caring, and b. letting you know?

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    J.K. (My initials)

    P.S. Looks like Kino beat you to the punch over 100 days ago, dumb fool. You just are too blindsided by your silly tabloid to see it. You know he’s declaring bankruptcy due to the thousands (if not 10s of thousands) he spent refunding people he easily could have scammed. And he paid no taxes this year because he was not charged a single penny of one. I have him bcc’d. He back away from this a long, long time ago (July if I do recall). But seriously, the person writing this text, and I guarantee you the man you think you are speaking to, have never read a single sentence, let alone a paragraph that your clammy pale hands clack out.


    [ Proof-read; grammar and spelling mistakes corrected, edited out misleading hints; K. ]


    1. This severe issue is ongoing for too long already.

      In case anybody reading this was close to Kino, or at least as close one might manage to get with him, please ask him to seek professional help.

      He will die in his late 20ies if he moves on like that.

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      Realizing such news may break one’s heart. That is not a metaphor. Doctors use this phrase.


    1. Thank you. I didn’t want to have chempirate on the site since I despise them for what they tried/did on, which was registered by a guy from Moscow, by the way. I expect them to ship bunk quality, but I am looking forward to read about your findings!
      chemfrog is offline, on chemicalfrog I couldn’t find any similar patterns, tbh.

      Merry XMAS to you as well, thank you! ✌ ❄ 🎅


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