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The Netherlands have a special police unit dedicated to mail orders of Drugs and Research Chemicals

(December 2020, Permalink)

An interesting detail for all those of you who believe European vendors were selective scammers: In 2017, Finland had contacted the Netherlands for assistance since they had seized 90 packets containing synthetic designer drugs coming from the Netherlands. A specialized Post / Parcel Intervention Team (P2it), a kind of Special Unit of the Dutch Police that works closely with PostNL, and basically was installed only to stop mail containing drugs within the Netherlands already, had started investigating and arrested the drug & research chemical vendors.

So in case, your order did not arrive,
your package could already have been confiscated in the Netherlands!

Source: (Dutch)

USA: RC Vendor faces up to 5 years prison time for selling RC Benzos.

(December 2020, Permalink)

Already in January, a US Research Chemical Vendor selling the Research Chemical Benzodiazepines Clonazolam, Diclazepam, Flubromazolam & Etizolam form was convicted for Online Sale & Distribution of Unapproved Drugs Obtained from Overseas.

As part of a written plea agreement, Mr Ash acknowledged causing a loss of more than $550,000 but not more than $1,500,000. He further agreed to forfeit approximately $230,000 in currency seized from his home and a bank account under his control. Mr Ash also agreed to the entry of an additional forfeiture money judgment in the amount of $550,000.

The defendant faces a maximum sentence of up to five years in prison, and in addition, a fine of up to 250,000 USD. All of his illicit income was confiscated.

Please find further details on the case in a press release by the department of Justice – U.S. Attorney’s Office, Western District of Pennsylvania from 01/21/2020


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  1. According to a European vendor, Eutylone was banned in China.

    They now sell: N-ethylpentylone.
    IUPAC: 1- (1,3-benzodioxol-5-yl) -2- (ethylamino) -1-pentanone
    CAS Number: 17763-02-9

    Please note that Pentylone and all its analogues are a schedule I in the USA.

    The DEA have N-Ethylpentylone even explicitly listed as schedule I 7543 together with Ephylone! #AVOID (p. 13)

    In Europe, I assume Germany, Switzerland, the UK and the Scandinavian countries (Sweden…) to have it definitely scheduled, most other countries have it covered as an analogue of Pentedrone and those who haven’t yet, will soon ban it – the United Nations agreed on a worldwide ban in November 2019. Indeed, it is Ephylone that will be banned, but the DEA has N-ethylpentylone and Ephylone both scheduled as synonyms, they must me closely related or even the same substance.

    Another thing: Psychonaut Wiki warns against N-ethylpentylone / Ephylone. Quote: “Ephylone has been linked to numerous overdoses and deaths. It is strongly discouraged to use this substance in high doses, multiple times in a row, or in combination with other substances known to increase the risk of psychosis or serotonin syndrome.”

    Chinese mobsters don’t care, all they want is your money in exchange for their worthless poison.

    As long as there are legal Research Chemicals, please stay away from Heroin, Fentanyl, Eutylone, Ephylone, and all other schedule ones and twos. You have it in your hands if you want to kill the little rest of the scene or if you would like Research Chemicals to survive.

    If your order from cynic douches like RC Leon, you put RCs and heavy drugs in one and the same bowl and this will be the end.


  2. Stats are in: RC SCENE compared +30 % better in September than in the month before. 🌈

  3. Legit RzC’s are lookin figure emolyees . We need a coder, security , someone elk know in table coins and just to stay anonymous . If anything is interested an lives by zNY Message me

  4. Good news! Chemical Collective Joke will no longer ship his mislabeled substances and caustic, corrosive shit to the USA anymore. He tries to make you order a last time and would send you just shit chemicals. #AVOID !

  5. RC1. Domestic Vendor (drug dealer from the US) is now offering his own fashion line. Tier5 customers receive a free T-shirt with their order if they mention “Mr Shittypants” in the subject line of their email. 100% cotton!

  6. WARNING: Chemical Collective Joke admits selling mislabeled substances

    Jacob (JRG) aka Chemical Collective Joke is selling mislabeled substances. If it would not have been for a user sharing his weird experience that fuckface vendor (Alphachain BV) would not even have noticed…

    AVOID !

  7. To bypass laws controlling / banning opiates, the NPS industry started offering replacements that allegedly would feel like they were opioids. These are no Piperazines, as I falsely claimed once, but NITAZENES, which does not make them any healthier, by the way.

    Nitazenes were discovered in the 1950ies by the Pharma industry but never ever was such a substance approved for human use !

    The Nitazenes Etonitazene, Metonitazene, and Isotonitazene emerged on illicit markets and in chat forums around October 2018.

    In June 2020, the DEA made Isotonitazene a nationwide Schedule I; This means that all its analogues are illegal to possess as well ! There is no such thing as a tolerated or even legal Nitazene. Do not order them, they not only hurt your body but might cause serious trouble when being caught with such.

    Metonitazene was the most recently discovered Nitazene drug discovered in illicit web shops.

    Doing such stuff makes you nothing better than a heroin junkie.

    As of September 2020, Cayman can already provide samples for 14 different Nitazenes, so you can be sure that criminals like The Real RC or Rechemco or Longflourish will be selling that poison for a couple years before it gets finally banned worldwide.

    There is so little known about Nitazenes, that it is not even clear if some of these substances would mimic any effects you would expect from an opioid, or might not have any effects at all.

  8. Today is / yesterday was World Suicide Prevention Day.

    Every 40 seconds, someone, somewhere in the world, dies by suicide. For people with severe depression, it is not uncommon to think about suicide.

    It is a myth that suicides would happen suddenly without a warning.
    In fact, people committing suicide usually show clear signs of being suicidal.

    The links below describes how to recognize such signs.

  9. SCAM ALERT: Rapid Research’s rentry page seems to have been hacked and displays a false, a scam email address.

    To our best knowledge, their real email address is rapidresearch@protonmail com.

    They should be back from their summer holidays soon.

  10. Warning:Chem-Collective sent out mislabeled substances. Bags labeled 4-HO-MiPT (a psychedelic) did actually contain 3-MEO-PCP (a dissociative). It took them 2 weeks to find out about the mistake…

    The shop is already listed under AVOID and that for good reasons.

    Stick with serious quality vendors, don’t put your health at risk with a shady fortune hunter!