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Since the list of Trusted Vendors turned out to become rather complex, packed full with information, being long and not ideal for quickly checking a certain shop on your smartphone, tonight we launched a new and more mobile friendly version…

Let me finish reading!

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2 thoughts on “NEWS

  1. Drug mail ordering from overseas

    By 2021, all international mail coming into the U.S. must include advance electronic data (AED), which contains the identifying information, or it will be blocked.

    This law is called the STOP act and part of fighting the opiate crisis.
    STOP is an abbreviation for Synthetics Trafficking and Overdose Prevention.

    USPS announced that they might block or destroy up to 20% of int. mail for non-compliance with this law. That could be as many as 150,000 parcels each day!

    Couriers services like FedEx etc. are already in compliance with this law for many years. Only standard mail would be affected.

    So, the punchline is: Mail coming from China usually complies with that law although they work with fake information/declarations ;-D


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