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Avoid that amateur, unless you like hospitals!
Chemical Collective Joke being caught selling mislabelled substances

(September 2020, Permalink)

WARNING: Chemical Collective Joke being caught selling mislabeled substances !

Jacob R.G. Davies-Walter with his company Alphachain BV, better known as the drugs webshop owner Chemical Collective Joke was being caught selling mislabeled substances.

If it would not have been for a user sharing his unpleasant experience that fuckface’s vendor, he would not even have noticed…

Here, he posted his officially excuse: Those two chemicals which are completely different things also in terms of dosage, would look so alike, and poor Jacob cannot read….

AVOID ! Stick with serious vendors! Take care.

Screenshot from a Forum taken in early September, 2020

Newly emerging NPS:

(September 2020, Permalink)

Nitazines are one of several types of novel analgesics developed in the 20th century as potential alternatives
to traditional opiates.

To bypass laws controlling / banning opiates, the Research Chemical industry started offering replacements that allegedly would feel like they were opioids. These are no Piperazines, as I falsely claimed once, but NITAZENES, which does not make them any healthier.

Nitazenes were discovered in the 1950ies by the Pharma industry but never ever was such a substance approved for human use !

The Nitazenes Etonitazene, Metonitazene, and Isotonitazene emerged on illicit markets and in chats and forums around October 2018.

In June 2020, the DEA made Isotonitazene a nationwide Schedule I; This means that all its analogues are illegal to possess as well ! There is no such thing as a tolerated or even legal Nitazene. Do not order them, they not only hurt your body but might cause serious trouble when being caught with such.

Metonitazene was the most recently Nitazene drug discovered in illicit web shops.

Doing such stuff makes you nothing better than a heroin junkie. It’s your decision, but living in the US and being a heroin addict does not sound like a life worth living, I you asked me. Today is World Suicide Prevention Day, by the way. Every 40 seconds, someone, somewhere in the world, dies by suicide. If you wanted to start with Metonitazene, make sure to first get a gun with a bullet, because once addicted, you will lack the money for buying a gun and you will not want to keep on living, either. I mean, there is no public health insurance for all in the USA, like it was a emerging country down in Africa. If you start with that shit you are fucked, no one will help you.

Back to the Niazines: As of September 2020, Cayman can already provide samples for 14 different Nitazenes, so you can be sure that criminals like The Real RC or Rechemco or Longflourish will be selling that poison for a couple of years before it will finally get banned worldwide.

There is so little known about Nitazenes, that it is not even clear if some of these substances would mimic any effects you would expect from an opioid, or might have any effects at all.

The only thing that is for sure is that they all will be sold for a fortune, no matter if they offer any effects or not.

China does not only export tons of drugs to Europe and the USA, they are also dealing with a drug epidemic inside their country. Methamphetamine currently is the most popular drug being abused by Chinese people.

In 2019, Chinese police confiscated 65 tons of drugs!

Fight like with an iron fist. Chinese Artwork for an Anti-Drug campaign

Drug pandemic in China
These are the hotspots:

(August 2020, Permalink)


r/Researchchemicals on Reddit updated their FAQ & Linklist

(August 2020, Permalink)

(Source: /r/researchchemicals/comments/ifvcda/faq_resources_new)

RC SCENE relies on you:

Please donate as little as 2 USD if you can.
Thank you!

(August 2020, Permalink)

  • If you find RC SCENE to be helpful or interesting:
  • Our BTC wallet for anonymous donations is: 1NwEHYnysfaSAYXn7xS47CGA9fktyMfrEP
  • Donations between 2 USD and 20 USD are welcome.
    Please do not go over your limit!
  • If only 1 out of 100 visitors would support our effort with a gesture as little as 2 USD, almost 50% of monthly expenses would already be covered!
  • We work for free but still have expenses that I can hardly cover.
  • A donor will not receive any privileges or whatsoever.
  • No, you cannot buy advertorials or any form of advertising, the donations are anonymous anyway.

US vendor Albion going underground
on September 1, 2020

(August 2020, Permalink)

  • ALBION is going to go “private underground” in September.
    This means he will not accept new customers anymore from next month on.
  • Some customers complain about him not sending out orders – he might steal your money if you are a new customer trying to order!


Etizolam, Flualprazolam, Hexen, DOC and 4-CMC said to finally become worldwide banned on November 3, 2020 – also in China!

(August 2020, Permalink)

  • The contract forcing all UN member states to do so is the “Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs of 1961”, last updated in 1972.


Illegal Polish drug forum Dopek is not a safe bet anymore.

(August 2020, Permalink)

  • Two of their sponsors ( is a lying advertising platform just like drugbuyersguide et al…) either exit-scammed or got busted: silkmixture and grandkg.
  • Beware: Criticising sponsors, even after they turned out to be scammers, is not welcomed!
  • Take care! Many whacky Chinese vendors are paying there for threads and ads now. These all work for one and the same Chinese criminal organization!

Illegal German drug forum headspace was relaunched and is open for registration again

(August, 2020, Permalink)

  • Yes, they speak mostly German there
  • They would usually discuss on how to illegally import drugs to Germany and how great their sponsors are.
  • Registration is free, their sponsoring shops pay for everything
  • First register, then introduce yourself. The admin crooks will then decide whether to make you a member or not.
  • You may only praise their sponsors, talking about other shops is allowed, but only in a critical way…

In October 2020, WHO will propose worldwide scheduling of 13 more substances

(August, 2020 – Permalink)

These include:

  • Flubromazolam, Clonazolam, Diclazepam
  • 5-MeO-DALT
  • Diphenidine, 2-MeO-diphenidine
  • 3-Meo-PCP
  • 3-FPM
  • some Cannabinoids
  • Isotonitazene


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  1. Good news! Chemical Collective Joke will no longer ship his mislabeled substances and caustic, corrosive shit to the USA anymore. He tries to make you order a last time and would send you just shit chemicals. #AVOID !


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