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A child looking at text "ALERTA 2022" seemingly terrified screaming like in panic; the text is coming (and coming closer maybe) seen from her perspective from sharp left and slightly higher than her eyes, her head does not move to the left it looks like on an average portrait photo but her eyes focus left and up. The photographer was in front of her, just like you would do an average portrait photo. You can see she is not really scared but acting which makes it look more funny even.


Advice I was never given: When you see Fresh Prince of Orange-Nassau, a grown-up man, running towards you, with the weather in his eyes, and hollering “You need help,” then one will not look back. ALERTA-Meme Generator For a meme…

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RC SCENE News Teaser Image The Sad Ballad of 3-MMC Substance Abuse

THE SAD BALLAD OF 3-MMC SUBSTANCE ABUSE. ++ Why 3-MMC had to go! ++ Recent Changes in Dutch Drug Legislation ++ The Dutch List 1a amended to the Opiate Act: Whole Substance Classes to be banned in the Netherlands by Mid 2022 ++ Don’t fall for the now-or-never hype!

It had always been the elephant in the room: When we criticized Dutch vendors for using fake return addresses even for orders shipped within the Netherlands, some might not have realized, but they did it because they knowingly sell drugs…

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Teaser image showing the 10 Euro discount code from and the price-drops at

THE LAST SALE ON EARTH: Edition 10/2021. 3 Shops that lowered prices big time. Viva La Droga Electronica! 10 Euro discount coupon code for Rechemco. 40% off on Hexen at Labsense. Free 4F-MPH with Predator-RC – Download NOW!

Dutch motherfuckers want you to waste money on their shit substances. Had always been like this. Even the as fake as hysterically insinuated urgency and the dystopian crying LAST CHANCE EVER you will all have seen before. 😉 You see…

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RC SCENE NEWS teaser image

Substance Warning: 2-Methyl-AP-237 & AP-238 ++ HeadSpacev2 German RC Forum ++ Netherlands: Sign the Petition against the upcoming Research Chemicals (NPS) Ban!

NETHERLANDS: FIGHT THE UPCOMING BAN ON RESEARCH CHEMICALS (NPS),SIGN THE PETITION NOW! (December 2020, Permalink) The Netherlands are the world’s hub for trading Research Chemicals, the planned ban on NPS (substance) classes (like e.g. all Cathinones and all Cannabinoids) would…

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RC SCENE NEWS teaser image

Opioid junkies are being sold Nitazenes now ++ Chemical Collective Joke caught selling mislabelled substances ++ Quality prevails: word-of-mouth propaganda is making RC SCENE grow by 30% this month

Stats for September are in: RC SCENE increased site views by 30% compared to last month. HOORAY ! (October 2020, Permalink) An anecdote: Chemical Collective Joke told me if I would less “lie” about his corrosive, caustic and mislabelled substances,…

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4 thoughts on “NEWS

  1. Can anyone comment on this RC website?
    http://glo***.com/ [edit, K.]
    Its super dodgy looking with wrong structures for compounds, an odd selection, misspellings, inconsistencies, etc.
    Can’t say with 100% confidence because I have not ordered, so please comment if anyone knows anything, thanks


    1. Hi Jose,

      This is either an old scam site or a disbanded shop that was never taken offline.
      They offer 4-EMC. That stuff is not available anymore. I think it used to be one of the first 4mmc replacements.
      Another thing: They obviously copied the old RealChems website. They offer “Real T-Shirts” and “Real Pens”. Click on one of these, they even stole the pictures. The t-shirt says “Realchems”.

      So, no, this is a scam site.


  2. Drug mail ordering from overseas

    By 2021, all international mail coming into the U.S. must include advance electronic data (AED), which contains the identifying information, or it will be blocked.

    This law is called the STOP act and part of fighting the opiate crisis.
    STOP is an abbreviation for Synthetics Trafficking and Overdose Prevention.

    USPS announced that they might block or destroy up to 20% of int. mail for non-compliance with this law. That could be as many as 150,000 parcels each day!

    Couriers services like FedEx etc. are already in compliance with this law for many years. Only standard mail would be affected.

    So, the punchline is: Mail coming from China usually complies with that law although they work with fake information/declarations ;-D


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