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3-CMC & Eutylone banned

3-CMC and Eutylone got finally banned in the Netherlands The Netherlands have finally banned the probably very concerning substance 3-CMC. It was added to List 1 of the Opiate Act which makes it a schedule 1 together with established problems…

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Advice I was never given: When you see Fresh Prince of Orange-Nassau, a grown-up man, running towards you, with the weather in his eyes, and hollering “You need help,” then one will not look back. ALERTA-Meme Generator For a meme…

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THE SAD BALLAD OF 3-MMC SUBSTANCE ABUSE. ++ Why 3-MMC had to go! ++ Recent Changes in Dutch Drug Legislation ++ The Dutch List 1a amended to the Opiate Act: Whole Substance Classes to be banned in the Netherlands by Mid 2022 ++ Don’t fall for the now-or-never hype!

It had always been the elephant in the room: When we criticized Dutch vendors for using fake return addresses even for orders shipped within the Netherlands, some might not have realized, but they did it because they knowingly sell drugs…

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THE LAST SALE ON EARTH: Edition 10/2021. 3 Shops that lowered prices big time. Viva La Droga Electronica! 10 Euro discount coupon code for Rechemco. 40% off on Hexen at Labsense. Free 4F-MPH with Predator-RC – Download NOW!

Dutch motherfuckers want you to waste money on their shit substances. Had always been like this. Even the as fake as hysterically insinuated urgency and the dystopian crying LAST CHANCE EVER you will all have seen before. 😉 You see…

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Chance of Perspective: CHINA

Ermelinda, who had initially gotten blocked by the spam filter because her message was posted through a proxy service that is considered to bear high risk, since anonymous and recorded to often be abused for fraudulent activities, sent an interesting…

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Jacob aka “Jack” aka owner the of the Chemical-Collective NPS web shop (AlphaChain BV, NL) said to soon be investigated for funding organized crime and money laundering.

Background On 24 July 2019, the European Commission adopted a Communication entitled “Towards better implementation of the EU’s anti-money laundering and countering the financing of terrorism framework” accompanied by four reports. The European Commission adopted on 24 July 2019 a…

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Substance Warning: 2-Methyl-AP-237 & AP-238 ++ HeadSpacev2 German RC Forum ++ Netherlands: Sign the Petition against the upcoming Research Chemicals (NPS) Ban!

NETHERLANDS: FIGHT THE UPCOMING BAN ON RESEARCH CHEMICALS (NPS),SIGN THE PETITION NOW! (December 2020, Permalink) The Netherlands are the world’s hub for trading Research Chemicals, the planned ban on NPS (substance) classes (like e.g. all Cathinones and all Cannabinoids) would…

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  1. WARNING: Bromazolam powder from design*-ch* is a mixture of about 50/50 bromazolam + flubromazepam.

  2. Emailed Fresh Chems 3 days ago for an order as they suggest on their website but still got no reply.
    Anyone been replied so far since the site was taken down?

    Specifically looking for Flunitrazolam by the way

    1. TRC, Professor, Predator and many more also carry Flunitrazolam pellets.

      PS: Please stick with for discussing EU vendors, thank you.

  3. hi. On January 4, I sent you an email that might interest you ( yamaboywin@…. ). I have information on four vendors and would like you to sift through them rather than write them here.
    I’m waiting, thanks and bye!

    1. can’t find that email, sorry. please send it again, thank you 🙂

  4. is gone. they were supposed to resend an order. now the website and email is dead. gg.

  5. RealChems informing me today that they are suffering major, extreme problems with warehouse shipping and order processing. Conversation let slip the term “attack”, and much assurances that private customer info is protected.

    Also, trip to SF that I mentioned to you was super-fantastic, and I had the best time of my life with the wonderful person who made it all possible for me 🙂

  6. 6th of september I ordered 3 grams of mdphp and 4 grams of A-PiHP from – i have made several purchases from them and they have all arrived within 7 days. 2 weeks have now passed, and because they chose another shipping alternative than the one i myself picked, i have not received any tracking as I usually do, and the order says “Shipped” but no package is delivered. I have tried contacting their support through tickets and email but their email have been full for 2 weeks now so I cant send anything to them because they dont open their emails. Radio silence on tickets.

    What should I do?

    1. Hi,

      Unless you paid for express delivery, vendors have 30 days to deliver.
      Has your order meanwhile arrived?

      1. Hi. Are you alive..?

      2. Nope. Still havent arrived. Of chemsresearch is looking at this info, my order number to find me is #54320.

        Package stuck for 2 months soon and no response from chemsresearch.

        1. Hi, I am afraid both cryptochems and chemsresearch scooted. Please report foul-play vendors to the EU Consumer Network, thank you.

  7. hey, chemical-collective or want to order something

    1. Both vendors share a sad history of not wanting to be reviewed here well knowing about their overprized trash.

      If you find the products that CC stocks intriguing, I would maybe go with them.

      If you want something from TRC that longflourishrc or rechemco or realchems also offer then you want to go with the three latter.

      Unless, a-phip was what you were looking for. That thing, however, is even better with FX.

      If you cannot see in how these vendors stock slightly different products, you might end up disappointed but even more are likely to intoxicate yourself.

      All vendors mentioned seem to offer extremely interesting 2-FDCK (might be a new substance actually). 0,2 grams are sufficient and make listening to music a fucking delight. It’s like you were in the song. You need to take a break for a month or two or three to experience that again, but I swear it is worth it. Short-lived, no mania, no dissociation/memory loss, a really impressive with headphones and master-class productions like this one:

  8. kimberlyreneea30d8d97c2 Avatar

    Seems to be an exception for Canada; just put regular stamps on the envelope and drop it into the Post – where it progresses in the usual manner 🙂

    1. kimberlyreneea30d8d97c2 Avatar

      Crud – missed the correct button again :/ That is supposed to be commenting on the mail to the us information you provided way down at the bottom of the page. Sheesh.

    2. Well, Canada happens to be a “hot” country like the Netherlands and India itself. 😉
      Maybe your customs are less strict about declaring what is inside a parcel coming from overseas.

      I doubt that the US would really destroy all mail arriving just for lacking a proper declaration of contents. In Europe, some countries deal with absurdly nosy customs terror. Here, customs are basically regular postal workers opening random parcels because they assume that everyone would always and forever try to cheat on tariffs. The stupid thing is that I have to pay the fine if the sender didn’t pay adequate customs duty.

      I once ordered over-the-counter meds from the UK to save a fortune. Took them almost four moths to find out that my parcel contained over-the-counter meds only.

      These postal workers and police whatever sthat we refer to as customs deal with severe damage. Those folks do not see parcels that somebody will be happy to receive and open at home, no, these nuts see parcels and sense crime in their violently ill minds.

      The sad joke here is: If crazy customs bitch thinks that a random parcel would look suspicious to her meaning she assumes that someone sending this kind of cardboard will most probably cheat on custom duties, then she weighs it, looks at it, and fucking sticks her nose into someone else’s property.

      Now guess what: Crazy customs bitch is a fucking retard. Whatever the contents of a parcel, she cannot tell its worth and therefore not know if the taxes paid are sufficient or not.

      Crazy customs bitch is not shy at all doing this live on tape knowing it will be aired. She explains that since she has no clue, she will carry the evil parcel to a room which we are not allowed to film, but may rest assured that real customs (the police) with incredible expertise in estimating the worth of fabrics will make sure that the evil parcel will not arrive in a long long time.

      I swear, this was on TV.

      The joke, however, is: Three nuts violating my parcel for 20 minutes each and documenting the “case” cost a lot more than whatever the taxes for importing a dress could ever be.

      1. kimberlyreneea30d8d97c2 Avatar

        Ha-ha! That kind of crazy sounds like the police here and in Washington across the border when they were dealing with Marc Emery and his pot seed empire ;D And then just a few years later it was all legal because the people were so tired of the nonsense that they voted the police out of a job. Of course, the police refuse to be put down on this, so continue to try and make weed illegal again, and to frighten us will “gangs” and “Mexican mafia” horror stores – now they are saying it is about “human trafficking”, and on and on.

        But, I heard the US Postal system actually suffered a lot of cuts and rearranging of programs and equipment under Trump, so probably the new interdiction program is just not up and running as well as they may like to tell the press that it is 😉

  9. Can anyone comment on this RC website?
    http://glo***.com/ [edit, K.]
    Its super dodgy looking with wrong structures for compounds, an odd selection, misspellings, inconsistencies, etc.
    Can’t say with 100% confidence because I have not ordered, so please comment if anyone knows anything, thanks

    1. Hi Jose,

      This is either an old scam site or a disbanded shop that was never taken offline.
      They offer 4-EMC. That stuff is not available anymore. I think it used to be one of the first 4mmc replacements.
      Another thing: They obviously copied the old RealChems website. They offer “Real T-Shirts” and “Real Pens”. Click on one of these, they even stole the pictures. The t-shirt says “Realchems”.

      So, no, this is a scam site.

  10. Drug mail ordering from overseas

    By 2021, all international mail coming into the U.S. must include advance electronic data (AED), which contains the identifying information, or it will be blocked.

    This law is called the STOP act and part of fighting the opiate crisis.
    STOP is an abbreviation for Synthetics Trafficking and Overdose Prevention.

    USPS announced that they might block or destroy up to 20% of int. mail for non-compliance with this law. That could be as many as 150,000 parcels each day!

    Couriers services like FedEx etc. are already in compliance with this law for many years. Only standard mail would be affected.

    So, the punchline is: Mail coming from China usually complies with that law although they work with fake information/declarations ;-D