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This websites uses Cookies by Automattic ( and Google (Google Analytics), both US companies.

These two record logs about website traffic to provide statistics helping me to understand how you use and what should be improved in terms of usability. The statistics are recorded anonymously, I do not get to see any personal data.

Please make sure to also read and agree upon on our Terms of Use.

Online tracking: Try to stay anonymous!

A cookie is a small file sent to your browser by a website you visit. This file is being stored on your computer an allows the website to recognize you when you visit it again – even if you have not logged in again. Because the website can read and edit this cookie file stored on your computer. Even if it is less convenient: Log out each time you leave a website and log in to a website only when necessary. This does apply to as well, since Google Analytics are integrated into the website code.

Companies like Google use cookies to follow you through the internet. Since countless websites use Google Analytics, Google can track your ways and knows which internet pages you visit. They collect tons of data about you and also share these data with third party companies like insuring and advertising companies unless you take five minutes of your precious time you opt out of that default setting. Also, please do not allow Google to provide you with personalized / targeted ads.

Google can not know who you are, the statistics they collect cannot be linked to you – unless you are registered and logged in with any Google services (like e.g. Gmail, YouTube, Google Search, Google Docs etc.).

Therefore, always log out of all Google services, if you are not currently using one of their services like Gmail, which obviously requires a login. If you stay logged in with Google, the data they collect are not anonymous anymore. While logged in with Google, they log ALL your search requests, the videos you visited or commented on YouTube and the websites you visit. and are able to link the data collected to your personal data as name, phone and email address. They create user profiles which they also sell to third parties.

Why is this important?

Imagine you use Google for searching for drugs or Research Chemicals while being logged in with Google.

How do I know If I am currently signed in with Google: When you see your profile pic or name on the top right of the browser window. There you can log out, by the way.

Now imagine you are logged in with Google, then it could happen that Google will sell your internet behavior to insurance companies or possible future employers. How does that make you feel?

Please find details on how Automattic and Google are processing your data here:

Fighting SPAM with Askimet

This website uses Akismet to reduce spam. This means that your comments will be sent to an Askimet server and there be analyzed by a computer. Askimet is owned by Automattic ( and located in the USA. They will not actually read your comment, but a computer will compare your comment to comments made on 3 million other websites and identify it as spam if it was posted like a hundred times within a single day.

This only applies to comments made below pages and blog posts, but not to messages sent through the contact form or your contributions to the forum.

So should I avoid visiting

Don’t be silly 😉

I use no additional trackers besides from Automattic and Google Analytics. I am opted out of any monetizing possibilities, so there will be no advertisements on, meaning no additional trackers or other services that could record your visits on

This is a non-commercial journalistic project. There are no ads or affiliate links on, neither am I affiliated with anyone I write about or share links to. Regarding statistics and traffic logs, I only receive anonymized data. So rest assured that I will not have access to your personal data and even more so that I will not even share anonymous statistics with anyone.

If you publish a comment, your comment will be stored in a database (this is how websites work, the information must be stored somewhere) but I will never ever analyze that data or even share it with third parties. I don’t care about your personal data, all I want is to improve website usability by the means of statistics offered by Google Analytics and traffic logs provided by Automattic. I collect as little data as possible but I still decided to go with Google Analytics because I want to become better. is hosted by Automattic ( in the USA, which might be interesting to some visitors from the European Union.

Please note: As this website is still under construction, adding new features might go along with updating both the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy. Please regularly review these policies to be informed on how is protecting your personal data.

So much for my Privacy Disclaimer.

Before you leave, there are a few more recommendations I would like to share with you:

Use an Ad-Blocker and maybe even more advanced web browser extensions (as well as a VPN-service if you are from the US)

  • uBlock Origin – available for MS Edge, the new MS Edge Chromium, Safari, Opera and Chrome. Is also available for mobile phones. It uses regularly updated blocking lists. Do have a look into the extension’s settings, you can manage what you want to block and what to allow.
  • EFF Privacy Badger – available for MS Edge, the new MS Edge Chromium, Opera, Chrome and Firefox mobile on Android devices. Use it together with uBlock Origin. While uBlock depends on lists, Privacy Badger counts the trackers that follow you through the web: If a tracker is recognized on three or more websites you visited, that tracker will be blocked automatically. uBlock Origin and Privacy Badger are a perfect match!

For more advanced users, if not so say: nerds

  • NoScript – available for almost all web browsers, just click the “INSTALL” button on their website. NoScript will deactivate JavaScript by default and allow you to decide which scripts should be executed on a website and which not. To give an example: You might want to allow the script on the website, but not Google or marketing scripts. It takes a while to configure it, because settings need to be set for every website individually, and sometimes it’s trial and error game, because disabling certain scripts might break websites to function proper, but I personally use it and like it a lot.
  • Make yourself familiar with HTML5 (Canvas) Fingerprinting. This website is a good start to understand what it does and that it is very effective and thus a real threat to your online privacy. This website also provides various tests to find out if your computer’s fingerprint is unique and also if the browser extensions you might want to install to fake your unique fingerprint actually work.

    There are already a couple of browser extensions available faking your (Canvas) fingerprint, but so far I have not found that one extension that would cover all fingerprinting methods, unfortunately.

    Personally, in Firefox, I have installed and enabled a couple of fingerprinting extensions of which each blocks a certain fingerprinting method, while in Chrome and in Edge I only use two fingerprinting extensions of which one covers many fingerprinting methods.

    Please make sure to not use fingerprinting extensions that perform the same defending tasks at the same time because this will immensely slow down your web browser.

    As far as I understand, a browser extension that fakes your fingerprint makes a lot more sense than one that blocks fingerprinting completely. Maybe have a look at these two:

    Browser Plugs Fingerprint Privacy Firewall

    Canvas Blocker (Fingerprint Protect)

To test if your VPN works as it should, you could use a service like

Last updated: April 4, 2020

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