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Last updated July 27, 2022

This is the updated EU Vendors list for 2022.
Please note that archived pages will remain online but not receive further updates.

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JUST IN CASE: These are no sponsors (sometimes advertised as “verified” or “trusted” vendors in scam forums.) This is not yet another corrupt forum. If there was an ad here it will always be clearly highlighted as such.

If you should experience issues with a vendor, please don’t be shy. Since nobody pays rent here, vendors may only be mentioned if reliable shippers.

PLEASE NOTE: Research Chemicals (NPS) cannot be any good because if they were then everybody would do NPS (RC) drugs instead instead of well-established problems like XTC and Cocaine. NPS drugs nonetheless cause fatalities (drug deaths). Such tragedies might occur because shitty RC drugs don’t work as expected, so users re-dose, and re-dose, and re-dose, not realizing that no fun does not mean not poisenous. About 50% of deaths associated with RC Stimulants and Psychedelics involve a gun or a rope – many cannot handle the disappointment over so much money wasted on pointless powders. Seriously, especially drugs with little or no histoy of human (ab)use bear an immense risk not only but especially to our mental health.

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Souls lost to NPS / research chemicals / drugs

RC Vendors / Research Chemical Shops (and Wholesale Suppliers) in Europe I

Vendors that seem reliable shippers. These ship & deliver.

While not making statements about friendly communication practices or whatever product quality, these vendors could happen to be among the more exciting ones. Certain other vendors of which some even offer money might not be in the list not necessarily because nobody had heard of them.

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Aimimi Alpha

  • A popup-store offering exactly one product which is an A-PHP analogue (max. 10 grams)
  • Rumors of discounted prizes (-25%) if variables time = “weekend” and payment method = “BTC” both return “true”. (Maybe, all payments made with BTC automatically receive the discount from Monday to Sunday; Today is Sunday, we will find out…)
  • (Aimimi)
  • Shop Review, Product Photos, Vendor Discussion

Chem Cloud

Chemical Collective

  • Used to be “Chemical Theory” and awkwardly close with organized crime (in the USA). You wouldn’t guess if you saw their beautiful new website. Seems to spend the money he used to waste on corrupt truth-bending forum admins for graphic artists, customer service colleagues, an actual imprint provided, and on offices in Germny and the Czech Repubic these days.
  • Big in Japan.
  • (Lizard-OCG)
  • Archived: About Chemical Collective (NL)
  • Updates: Shop Review, Product Photos, Vendor Discussion

Chemistry King

  • Formerly “3-MMC King”.
  • It is more than unlikely for anyone to openly advertise and ship explicitely scheduled (banned) substances like 3-MMC. Especially when a compound had not been available anymore long before it even got banned. Things sold as “3-MMC” or even “4-MMC” showed to actually contain 3-CMC and 4-CMC (which are even more concerning substances) when tested by drug monitoring organizations in 2022.
  • (Aimimi)
  • Archived: About 3-MMC King (NL)
  • Updates: Shop Review, Product Photos, Vendor Discussion,

Crypto Chems

Report to help fight fraud!

  • Protect your community by reporting fraud, scams, and bad business practices.
  • US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) collects thousands of complaints over illegal business practices and scams every year.
  • They follow the money trail and go after annoying scammers no matter where in the world.
  • They surprise the thieves where it hurts them the most: In the cold that makes bank accounts freeze.

FX Chem Labs

  • A few products available in a quality you won’t find in the Netherlands.
  • Used to shine with nerves made out of steel and handled US customers without letting show any signs of maybe heading towards a nervous breakdown. Last week, however, they returned from a break, and with irritating statements about who to blame if they fuck up delivery.
  • Needs to be evaluated. It is not clear yet if and how many customers they could have scammed. The promised reships could still be underway, we will find out.
  • Archived: About FX Chems Labs (EU)
  • Updates: Shop Review, Product Photos, Vendor Discussion

Your Europe: Consumer Dispute Resolution


  • Been around since the early Paleozoic Era and still got it. I told you they are reliable and that forums are corrupted by money and full of bullshit lies. This vendor has not let anybody down. That some of you complained about them providing photos of ugly trash substance samples you can have received only from smurf & friends, I consider entainment.
  • Das Team antwortet auf Deutsch und Englisch via e-Mail and Telegram.
  • Please note that different products come from different warehouses.
  • (Rechemco)
  • Archived: About Get-RC (EU, CN)
  • Updates: Shop Review, Product Photos, Vendor Discussion

gr8 Research Chemicals EU

  • Smokeys sister site gr8-EU ships within Europe only, might offer slightly different products and a discount for all orders paid with Bitcoin.
  • Vendors in Europe are legally obliged to deliver. If you live in Europe and order with a European online shop they either deliver or refund you, there is nothing to discuss.
  • Do not feel intimidated by whatever silly attempts of Terms of Service they might ask you to accept. Such are legally not binding and actually an illegal business practice because crazy shop operators can, of course, never overrule EU legislation which is about consumer rights and vendor responsibilities and the very framework for their business.
  • These are no scammers. If tracked and insured is an option, maybe consider it. It could help our cause: If somebody should steal and silently destroy your property all the time (making webshops seem scammers), we gotta go find that nutcase. We should never have accepted anyone stealing our mail in the first place!
  • (Lizard-OCG)
  • Archived: About Gr8 Research Chemicals EU (NL)
  • Updates: Shop Review, Product Photos, Vendor Discussion

Home Chemistry

  • An original vendor with exclusive products. Could be the only Dutch vendor that is popular within the Netherlands. Unfortunately, they are so popular they do not ship outside the Netherlands.
  • Kindly note: These friendly people are available via WhatsApp and on the phone until night. They provide their phone number on their website. They got flooded with calls from the US after someone Dutch started telling the world about them on Reddit. Their website maybe cannot be accessed from outside the Netherlands all the time. Please do not fall for fake scam shops claiming to be them. Such impersonators are Reddit scammers and will only steal your money.
  • Updates: Shop Review, Product Photos, Vendor Discussion

Predator RC

  • Used to be one of us, but maybe changed a little over all that success in recent years. Supports Macron’s centre-right bloc now because the left’s coalition would all of a sudden have become be an unpredictable gamble “with noone knowing how serious they are about lifting minimum wages.”
  • might be at your service Wednesdays to Thursdays; and sometimes on Sunday.
  • Updates: Shop Review, Product Photos, Vendor Discussion
  • Archived: About Predator-RC (NL, EU)

Estimated 400,000 parents, stressed out because dealing with mental health and addiction issues, please consider to seek help for the sake of your children.

  • The Dutch Trimbos Institute and their partners offer email support to make contacting an expert even easier. It’s anonymous.
  • There are self-help courses, and online group-courses. Information for parents, and partners of stressed out parents.
  • Talking to yoour doctor you feell comfortable with could be a good start as well.
  • In a country of 18 million, 400,000 parents maybe struggling with giving their children the attention they deserve is a widespread problem. The slogan on the information website is “You are not alone.”

Professor NL

  • Claims to run a serious shop caring about consumers’ rights (which includes the obvious, namely delivery in time, and, of course, accepting returns with no questions asked.)
  • Well, when I picked up my order in his grandparents’ garage, he handed me a box and looked me in the eyes. I should have opened the box because one of the samples looked nothing like on the photos on his website.
  • Updates: Shop Review, Product Photos, Vendor Discussion

Our shop descriptions and [ Trusted Shop Reviews ] try to tell the story of an unusual subculture with its seemingly unusual vendors.

These are no toys!

We put a lot of time and thought into creating such worldwide exclusive content, with all its colorful daydreams, sad memories, ideas, harsh criticism, emotional warnings, bitterness, and, of course, escapistic nonsense that does not grow on trees, either.

Reality cannot be described from the outside. We are part of it and that time thing does not stand still. Photos and words are snapshots of a short period in time at best. Vendors and drugs are unpredictable. Quality, service, communication, and reliability change all the time.

NPS / Research Chemicals worsen mental health issues, often lead to hospitalizations, and, worst of all, produce lost souls.

Report Non-Delivery Scam in Europe

RCN Winkel – Research Chemicals Kopen

Realchems NL

  • Who would stupidly disable their dot-com internet domain and switch to a dot-net domain in times of Global Warming, Climate Change, and Fridays for Future with the whole world trying to save the planet and so not liking the idea of recklessly trashing merchandise that still shows the original domain?
  • Do not order with them if you live in Australia. Your order will never arrive and they will keep the money and ghost you.
  • Would usually not ship to the USA but recommend a workaround involving additional countries like Ireland, Canada, or Mexico.
  • (Lizard-OCG) but maybe offer a few products in proper quality.
  • Please note that hackers attacking a website until offline and tricking customers into visiting a fraudulent clone site was observed a scam scheme in PL and the NL before – with the very Lizard-OCG invovled. However, this is not necessarily the DarkNet, these are companies, and I hear some vendors know each other in person. I guess the Lizard clique either upgraded their IT because many vendors and forums deal with hacking attempts occasionally; Or they might have disabled the original domain and lie to their customers, because they happen to be drug dealers and a fancy crime story could help them draw attention. So far, nobody complained.
  • Archived: About Realchems (NL)
  • Updates: Shop Review, Product Photos, Vendor Discussion,,,

EU Consumer Protection Centres


Smokeys Chem Site

  • Smokeys ships also to the USA, maybe even worldwide.
  • When Smokeys does not offer Synthetic Cannabinoids any longer, then I believe this valuable information: US customs might have made clear that they don’t want Synthetic Noids since Cannabis and Delta-8 THC are widely available and seem less concerning than Synthetic Noids which also in Europe are associated with having caused too many hospitalizations and worse.
  • (Lizard-OCG)
  • Archived: About Smokeys Chem Site (NL)
  • Updates: Shop Review, Product Photos, Vendor Discussion

Report Cybercrime in Europe

The Real RCC

3mmc4cmc (money down the drain wholesale)

  • Dutch Wholesale Supplier, who, similar to maybe JUKI, is popular with drug dealers in Germany, Southern- and Eastern Europe. Maybe, a household name on other continents even.
  • They ship from various places, it’s almost as every parcel was sent from another city.
  • Friendy communication. If you were not happy with a product, don’t use aggressive language. He offers smaller samples for testing before ordering large amounts anyway: You could ask to try 10 grams before ordering from the menu (which offfers units of between 100 grams and 25 kilos.)
  • Archived: About 3mmc4cmc (NL)
  • Updates: Shop Review, Product Photos, Vendor Discussion

RC Vendors / Research Chemical Shops (and Wholesale Suppliers) in Europe II

Vendors that could have whatever it takes to dispatch a letter. Ever heard of them? Anyone?

These vendors have not caused feedback in the form of replicable complaints so far, and some might have been around for ten or more days; Still, nobody ever shared about having successfully placed an order with them, either.

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RC Vendors / Research Chemical Shops (and Wholesale Suppliers) in Europe III

Avoid. These vendors are recklessly taking advantage of, and/or (sometimes) endangering customers.

Please consider a healthy lifestyle at least to the extent of at very least not ending up hospitalized or damaged because of Dutch legislation allowing very retarded people poisoning you with very toxic waste trash substances. The other vendors not explicitely warned against already pose more than enough risk of unpredictable threat to your health. These few unbearably reckless even by sketchy drug dealer standards are mentioned here only to save you from harm.

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Avoid / (NL)

  • Been selling mislabeled and inactive trash for years. Spent a fortune on cheating his way up to prominently appear in Google search results and trick random customers into losing money over products he pretends would be substances as everywhere else but are not.
  • Poor delivery success rate could be because the Dutch police has a habit of trying to seize poisonous trash. Not even the experts at court were able to identify what the heck he had put in bags.
  • Please remember to dispose of toxic waste properly. Such is no average garbage! Dead raccoons in your garden could lead to skeptical neighbours.
  • (Lizard-OCG)
  • Archived: About (NL)

Avoid (NL)

  • Got kicked by UPS. The well-respected express-mail carrier has a reputation to lose and gladly waives on such reckless vendors’ money.
  • Spams the internet using fake accounts claiming his bunk substances were “better than Crystal Meth”. His newsletters seem to describe his drugs with superlatives only, the best, the greatest, etc.
  • Recently started to offer hormones therapy products that cause, among other things, impotence, sterility (!) and testicals shrinking. He advertises these bodily injury products as if these were harmless products and as if these would soon become FDA approved to be used on humans. In fact, countries like the US, Japan and Australia already updated legislation to prevent homicidal nutcases from slipping us hormones therapy causing sterility and testicals shrinkage. A madhouse, too dangerous.
  • (Lizard-OCG)
  • Archived: About Chemical Planet (NL)

Avoid (EU)

  • You thought you wouldn’t mind over wasting 12 Euros on a sample of “4-H-CMC” even if that thing turned out not to be worth a Penny, but when you opened the bag you coulnd’t believe what ugly shit they had sold you, because you had never seen anything that gross before, and you are still angry, ain’t ya?
  • Archived: About (EU)


Avoid / (NL)

  • They say their .NL-internet-domain got blocked in Belgium and this would be the reason for the additional new .COM-internet-domain. It is the same site after all.
  • They add dozens of products to their catalogue that are and will always be “not available” or “sold out” and never become available. That’s just annoying. Some of their products receive devastating reviews, which is not unusual with vendors who offer so many products.
  • Archived: About (NL)


  • There is so much wrong with this shop. Is selling mislabeled and/or inactive substances blunt fraud or a gamble between life and death?
  • Archived: About (EU)

Avoid (EU)

  • Recently added a hormones therapy substance to the Nootropics section without providing any details on what that thing actually is. Heavily disturbing to see how some over-the-hill drug dealers try to keep up their ridicolous cashflows by any means and not hesitant at all about causing you bodily injury.
  • (Rechemco)
  • Archived: About (EU)

Avoid (NL)

  • This webshop screams (part-time) scammer in capital letters! His weirdly complicated ordering instructions together with repeatedly mentioning that you and you alone are to blame if he maybe scams you are meant to create an aura offear and leave you anxious hoping you keep still and will not complain if he should maybe take your money but forget to ship.
  • This is not how things work. No matter if in the Netherlands, or anywhere in Europe, or in the USA: A vendor delivers or refunds. Unless customs should indeed have seized your order, which means they were going after letter scontaining a piece of cardboard now, there is no way to accept that he maybe has never shipped your order at all. Not a store credit, not a partly refund, but an actual refund is what you deserve.
  • This shop wants to attract customers in the UK and the US which makes sense because especially the US community often forgets to report fraud.
  • Since a business partner of a well-known Dutch company, I wonder how he could so openly advertise illegal business practice. I am not sure if this is an actual vendor or just a website made for fun with nobody responding. Doesn’t matter, because this shop imitates a scam scheme and so helps the community to become more educated customers; Serious Gangsta is teaching media-literacy. There might be more friendly vendors shipping cardboard worldwide anyways.
  • (Lizard-OCG)
  • Archived: About Serious Gangsta (NL)

RC Vendors / Research Chemical Shops (and Wholesale Suppliers) in Europe IV

Vendors that declared insolvency (and either gone for good or likely to soon scam you, or already are known scammers)

Some of these vendors have officially filed insolvency. I am not kidding.

Dutch drug dealers pretending their businesses would make them only poor is an actual thing and happens all the time.

Insolvency warnings are not kept a secret at all, they actually get published immediately. You can always check if a company has announced to soon be out of money. The problem is, that no vendor ever mentioned something about having filed insolvency on their websites. You would need to know their company names and check back against a database provided by the Dutch government.

Not every drug dealer who officially filed insolvency might actually also screw customers.

If you happen to be concerned about any drug dealers possibly planning to commit non-delivery fraud because they have already officially filed insolvency, please kindly warn the community. Thank you!

Avoid these known scammers and disbanded shops.

If you needed assistance with how to best report a scam, or you happened to be a vendor back from holiday and in business again, please say hello.

  • Out of business: Allucin (NL)

  • Out of business: Designer-Chemicals Scam (EU). Could not yet verify if and how many of you and why did not receive their orders. Some claimed they had gotten scammed, but nobody seemed to care and report them. “Cathinone Nazi” had been available via,, and, and offered payment via bank account of which they had one in Germany and two in Spain. The internet sites are gone, and the bank accounts are closed, but if you got scammed, please report them (ideally within 12 months after someone screwed you. Companies like online shops leave traces and their data remain stored for many years. The EU consumers’ network is not the police and will gladly accept your reports even if months had passed since the incidient.)

  • Out of business: Funkylab Scam (EU). Exit-scammed like so many affiliates of a certain forum before. As long as a scammer pays the Dopek admins, meaning he is a sponsor of that forum, they will not allow anyone complaining about that scammer. Especially since the Dopek forum might be a franchise with the same few vendors and scammers rebranding over and over again. Archived: About Scam (EU)

  • Out of business: (EU). Sold their best products to other vendors. Their new Kathy’s shop looks nice but does not seem to offer exciting or unique products as seen before. Archived: About Mefisto RC (EU)

  • Out of business: Rare Chems (NL). Our very entertaining but also time-demanding friends with the Lizard-OCG already seem back with a new webshop boutique that will be introduced soon. Curious myself. Archived: About (NL)

  • WHY IS IT IMPORTANT TO KNOW THAT A SHOP IS GONE FOR GOOD? Because scammers would sometimes try buy their former internet addresses or build similar-looking internet sites. These impersonators are scammers and will always steal your money.

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RC Vendors / Research Chemical Shops (and Wholesale Suppliers) in Europe V


These could be out of business, actually. Or scammers. These are not new! It juts happened that nobody seems to care about them.

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RC Vendors / Research Chemical Shops (and Wholesale Suppliers) in Europe VI

New vendors but maybe questionable and so are their products?

More shops are constantly added in the lists above and the links are always up to date.
Thank you so much for your feedback & trust!

We need more opinions, though; And photos of sample packs! I am curious myself.

If you like photos and could describe a sample pack (your choice) in a few words, please say hello.
We will see what we can do. 😎

Agitprop (/ˈædʒɪtprɒp/) from Russian: агитпроп, “agitation” “propaganda” [maybe also “pop”] refers to intentional promulgation of ideas as seen with the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. (Wikipedia)

Oh, if you are a vendor, feel free to say hello. This is no corrupt forum so we do not discuss sponsors but try to portray the scene and the most exciting vendors. There is nothing like RC SCENE, so we are are open for everyone. We are the community, and we we do not serve lies.

Everyone is more than welcome so share their experiences! Thank you for sticking with RC SCENE!

If you need assistance over an argumetns with some random vendors, please be so kind to leave a tip/small donation at least. It could take hours if not days trying to resolve your issue.

Your are #1.

Harm Reduction Forums, but even more so professional and reliable information about and help with drugs and addiction patterns.

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