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I came across your site a while back (..) and I think it is a great resource. Too few people in the RC space are reputable and genuinely care about safety, be it vendors, users, or those “reviewing” vendors who are really just promoting them in a misleading or entirely dishonest way.


Best I can tell, you are offering a genuinely good resource. I do not know you and cannot validate everything you write, but it all looks more legitimate and helpful than most of what I have seen.

Seth is the founder of The Drug Classroom

Thank you for these kind words! 🙂

For The Drug Classroom, Seth produces videos, podcasts, and articles about drugs and drug policy.

218,000 subscribers on YouTube enjoy his matter-of-fact style and the distinctive, sonorous radio voice with which he describes the mechanisms of drugs. Pretty impressive: He explains and compares findings of scientific studies. His lessons feature “established” hard drugs like Methamphetamine, Research Chemicals (NPS), natural-occuring psychoactive substances (plants), prescription medicine, and also lesser-known substances like the psychedelics LSM-775 or DOB.

The Drug Classroom also discusses addiction treatment, dealing with withdrawal symptoms, drug checking, and the psychology behind losing to substance abuse.

Explaining things instead of demonizing them I believe a remarkably clever way of educating harm reduction. But see for yourselves:

Serotonin Syndrome: Overdosing on Serotonin: About Serotonin Toxicity