They say...
What others say about RC-SCENE.com

this is a superb site and you really pay attention to the reviews to help people out/keeping everyone up to date. Haters are going to hate. Keep up the good work! I’m certainly glad I found your site! Rock on.

monopaisa on July 26, 2020

Thanks for taking the time to make this website by the way!
Much appreciated.

ElMono on July 7, 2020

please stop

I hate the idea of this entire website but at least change the language. Discord servers are highly regulated if you get into the right community so there is no real need to talk down on vendor names like “They would advertise on forums or use Social Media like Wickr and Discord. They do direct deals there, just like a drug dealer at the street corner, and the line between schedule I drugs and Research Chemicals, between Clearnet and Darknet, is surprisingly thin.”

Blindmin on July 6, 2020

Take down your fucking site!

You’re gonna get innocent users and vendors alike arrested you idiot. Take your fucking site down people can get in serious trouble. For what, clout? Take it fucking down.

Dan Kay on July 6, 2020

thank you for this great service to the “community” and serious piece of work you must have had!

it seems you legit have not compromised your operation and i wanted to word my respect in an open way. man this is needed more than ever it seems and at the same time so fragile – i wholeheartedly hope you stay true to being independent as well as resourceful. all the best to you and stay safe everyone

ghbaron on June 30, 2020

Thanks for utilising your inner turmoil
for the benefit of the RC community.

Roxy from RealChems on June 26, 2020

Thanks for the collaboration.
[For compiling a price list, editor’s annotation]

Dennis from Rechemco.to on June 24, 2020

Me and everyone I know that’s found your site
are absolutely loving.

Well designed, organized intuitively, and provides exactly the important type of info that helps when dealing with a scene that unfortunately is often associated with dishonesty, lack of transparency, and of course scams upon scams. Your efforts is very much appreciated I hope you know

Sam Jackson on June 6, 2020


Predator-RC on May 7, 2020

Things like these make me lose
my faith in humanity.

RareChems on April 6, 2020

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