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Last updated September 26, 2020

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This list was compiled to save you from scammers, and definitely not to endorse you trying synthetic drugs!

If you should experience trouble with any of the shops mentioned, please do let us know, thank you!

Europe: Verified Vendors

Verified means that these shops DO ship. Not all of them might match your taste, your expectations in quality and price, some might be slow with shipping or wouldn’t offer good communication. Some of them might carry only a single product that could be worthwhile, but they will deliver.

📌 Photos & Mini-Shop-Review

. . .
Super friendly and helpful support team.
Their live chat is available still late in the night.
. . .
Offer 3-MMC in 3 different variations (crystals, small crystals, powder), none of them feels caustic. They stock 3-MMC only.
. . .
Free sample available!
. . .
Payment via Bank account
. . .
Swiftly order processing!
👍 💯 🎁 🌐 🟢
Started 2009 in the UK before they moved to the Netherlands.

Okay quality, tiny amounts of some products available.

Their support guy is a dummy.

Every year they celebrate a Black Friday Weekend Sale

Neither ship to the UK nor to the US, but to Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

A small gift with every order.
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📌 Trusted Shop Review
with photos:
crypto chems
Shop Review 02/2020

New shop but ran by an experienced team

Finally, some products again that would kick in (but also make you slightly nervous), fun!

So far, they have only received five stars reviews on Trustpilot

Test sample available: Try five products of your choice for 50 Euros, shipping already included

Their Benzos are overpriced

Nice smelling A-PHP. UPDATE: They are now selling white A-PHP powder rocks which are not as pleasant as the former batch, unfortunately.

Overall decent quality, altough some of the newer products were lacking a worthwhile action profile

Do not rely on their live chat, it is hardly ever operated. Emails will be answered quickly anyway.

Decent shop paying taxes and staying away at least the wort criminals drugbyersguide forum).

Fair prices and a 15 Percent discount on all orders paid with Bitcoin.


Free exoress shipping for orders of a 100 Euros and above.

Same day shipping does not work everyday, orders arrive quickly though.

We will never know, if the crystalline 4D-MPH indeed was MPHP crystals, but it made you awake and felt less caustic then the powder.

In 2019, merged with

Mediocre quality powders, but their Benzo Blotters are okay

They also offer Cannabinoids, C-Liquids & CBD products (a non-psychoactive version of Cannabis)

Very high prices for Benzodiazepine-Powders.

Not the best record when it comes to delivery success, many long faces after not having received their orders.
👍 🟢🟡
📌 Review coming soon


Ships to EU-countries only

24/7 Live Chat Support!

Sticks to the law

Decent quality

20% Discount on all orders paid via Bitcoin or other Cryptocurrencies!

Given this discount, especially their Benzodiazepine Blotters, Pellets and Powers are of really good value.

They also stock Cannabinoids, C-Liquids, Cannabis Seeds, Blends (substances mixed together as powders, pellets and in capsules) and CBD-products (a non-psychoactive version of Cannabis).

While they offer a wide variety of products, they do not offer “harder stuff” like likely to lead to psychotic episodes Pyrovalerone.

Some of their products are not as good as others. They buy a lot from Lizard Labs (a manufacturer and wholesaler in the Netherlands) but those, for reasons unknown, seem to not be able to constantly provide provide them with quality products? Some powders (not the Benzos, though) feel definitely weak.

GR8 is an affiliate of Smokeyschemsite, They share one office and are one team but for legal reasons, they needed create a separate shop for worldwide shipping. This one would be Smokey’s, which does not carry all products GR8 can offer.
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📌 Review coming soon

A heavily discussed shop that would often be referred to as “selective scammer”. Get-RC is kind of a Rechemco affiliate optimized for the German market and to me there is no doubt about that and the criminals running forum put a lot of effort in spreading rumors about GET-RC.

To be fair, the shop cannot compete with the regularity of a Swiss clockwork. Sometimes, their website is not up to date and they won’t tell you, they would just send some replacement that could be anything.

Some of their products were the best I have ever received.

Depending on the product, they either ship form an unsuspicious country in Europe or from China.

They keep notes about mistakes they had made with orders. They try to compensate for mistakes made their way: One day, they sent me a Christmas present (that was fantastic), and once I had difficulties getting out the parcel of the mailbox, because they had sent me 50 or 100 grams of huge crystals that hardly fit into my small mailbox. Well, that’s their way of thinking. Accept it or don’t, but do not call them scammers.

Tipp: Contact Laura from Support before ordering to make sure the products you want to order are available. Use the ticket system, she checks it daily.

With the laws becoming stricter in Germany, and then again after Operation Dryer, for a while there it seemed like Get-RC would have given up. They would constantly announce new products but never offer them and their prices for e.g. 4F-MPH and Troparil had skyrocketed without offering them in especially good quality.

Since March 2020, however, they are back in business again with new products and a re-branded web shop that looks a lot more trustworthy and serious than their former one. They will, however, focus on medicine and nootropics and only keep little stock of Research Chemicals.

Cannabinoids, Viagra, Cialis,Hair Loss, Sexual Health, ADHD Medication, Tramadol, Nootropics, SARMS etc.

Their prices are still too high: 70 Euros for a gram of their boring Troparil salt, or 145 Euros for a gram of Diclazepam is just too much.

Just recently Laura and I agreed on a solution for a two year long dispute about an item missing in my last order. For two years, neither of us moved a millimeter…. Then again, they would sometimes offer outstanding products exclusively that would make up for it all.
Currently, they seem to offer products sourced from Rechemco only, which are of good quality, and yet, I hope that they will someday surprise their customers with a unique top RC again.

If you place an order for 100 Euros or above you can additionally purchase a sample pack now (up to three products for 10 Euros each).
📌 Review coming soon

Netherlands only, will not ship to foreign countries. They even use a firewall for their website to prevent people from outside the Netherlands to visit and ask them for exceptions.

Same day shipping and quick communication via WhatsApp possible from 09:00 to 21:00 on workdays.

They offer no sample packs but you can order tiny amounts of substances.

They offer Research Chemicals quite like any other shops do, but their specialty are powder blends and what they call “room odourizers” the latter being sold in bottles.
To give you an example of what to expect from these: Their room odourizer “Ocean Blue Magic” contains 3-mmc, 4-cmc, 2bc-fly, 2-fa and 6-apb mixed together with vitamins, grapefruit juice, citron essence, sugar, magnesium, etc… Just like shops all over Europe would have done 10 years ago.

757 = 82% excellent reviews on Trustpilot may speak for themselves.

Please note: Their web shop is There is also a scam website using their logo and name going by These two are in no way affiliated! The .com-domain will only steal your money.

They use the word “shizzle” 😉
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A Rechemco affiliate based in the EU. Ships from an unsuspicious country and EU to EU only.

Started into the RC business in 2015 in Amsterdam.

Outstanding quality

Many unique product ideas you won’t find anywhere else.

C-Liquids and Opiates
Small samples available, as well as various sample packs.

Good support.

99% percent delivery success rate.

Some of their prices are just too high.

Some of their opiates are not worthwhile
👍👌 🎁 💯 🟢
Ships from an unsuspicious country, probably good record with delivery success

Does not ship to the USA, Australia, New Zealand and Russia

Some prices seem higher than with other shops but every letter arrives and no one ever complained about quality.

Are said to act very friendly and professional

Source their products from Dutch wholesaler Lizard Labs

Carry Uppers, Dissos, Benzos, Tryptamines, Lysergide, Pellets and Powders.

Low shipping costs with reship-guarantee in case the packet gets lost on its journey.

Insured airmail is only 10 Euros.

They offer payment via Bitcoin and via Bank transfer

Receive almost only 5-Stars-reviews on
👍👌 💯 🟢🟢🟡
📌 Trusted Shop Review
with Photos: Review 05/2020


Originally coming from Poland, part of the “Polish Scene” which means very affordable prices starting from 5 Euros a gram, but also volatile quality and sometimes unpleasantly smelling products.

The Polish scene really is a true original: Predator’s main source does not seem to be a Chinese lab but rather a lab in Slovakia.

They offer products that are different from what you might be used to from e.g. shops located in the Netherlands. They carry mostly Cathinones.

Communication is a disaster
Sometimes, they would answer immediately, sometimes, you would not receive an answer at all. On the web they even mention that if you haven’t received an answer within 48 hours, just send the email again….

Their website is in Polish. Use a web browser like Google Chrome or the new Microsoft Edge Chromium, they will automatically translate foreign websites for you.

From time to time, they would only work half-time, and only stock like 15 products, while customers would start complaining about the slow processing of their orders. So far, they have always made a comeback, fulfilling open orders and stocking around 40 products again with quick delivery as usual.

Please note that they recently had to change their web address to !

Predator is part of the community, he even is the most active user there. If you are uncertain and do not want to order in times when they would be partly closed, check out forum for reviews and complaints.

They celebrate a special almost every day: On Mondays, you receive free 3-CMC, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, you can chose products of your choice for free, respectively not for free but for matching the amount you pay for shipping, Wednesday is free 4-CMC, and every weekend, they will surprise you with a special like up to 6 grams of Hexen added to your order.

Important: You need to mention the free samples in the comment field during checkout, otherwise you will not receive anything for free!
Tipp: Use an app like Microsoft Bing translator and your mobile phone to take a picture of the weekend specials written in Polish only. This app will translate text from photos as well.

Cannabinoids and Nootropics

Here’s a fucked up thing: Even if they had forgotten about an item of your order, or would not have shipped your order for weeks, you will never hear a sign of being sorry from them.
This vendor sometimes offers impressive chems, sometimes disappointing ones.

Predator is popular especially with fans of uppers, his products are usually good. But since there is a minimum order amount and you never know what a new batch will be like, it sometimes feels like a gamble to order with them.
🆗 💯 🌐 💲 🟢
📌 Trusted Shop Review
with Photos:
Rarechems and their fake Saftey Data Sheets 04/2020


The shop was founded in June 2019, but from the first day on claimed to have been “more than ten years at your service”.

Another one of the retail shops run by Synex Holdings B.V. in Maastricht, which also owns the Dutch chemical wholesaler Synex Syntethics, better known under its Trade name Lizard Labs.

According to the Dutch Chamber of Commerce, RareChems has no employees. Finally, someone assembled a Perpetuum mobile!

They charge tidy prices because they try to present themselves as professionals.

The upcoming Shop Review will you show that you never should judge a book by its cover.

Their products are not what you would expect from a shop that is affiliated with a wholesaler.

Some of their products are ridiculously weak even. On the other hand, web shops should not tempt their customers into buying opioides anyway.
Their A-PHP was the best on the market

They do not stick to laws. They ship scheduled substances to e.g. the USA, Germany and the UK, which is definitely a crime. And not only committed by them; If such a packet becomes confiscated by police, you’re in trouble!

They claim to have been partners with a former shop from Spain who got busted by Europol in June 2018.

If they want to be acknowledged as premium vendor, they better start working hard soon. Because as of now they are just very expensive…
RCN – Research Chemicals Kopen
📌 Shop Review coming soon

Ships only within the Netherlands

RCN used to be an outstanding shop. While a shop from Spain would deliver the best uppers, RCN would serve the by far strongest Empathogens (entactogens) available.

When SI expanded to the Netherlands, they would sometimes share stock from the same warehouse with them, e.g. Tryptamines.

Things have changed since. Not only in Spain, but as far as I could tell RCN ownership had changed two times, the current personnel would not even remember that they once used to ship EU-wide.

Nonetheless, they still ship pure and whenever possible shining white powders.
Also, fast order processing and same-day shipping have not changed.

They say they already have a plan for the times after the Dutch NPS ban will come, but already as of today, many of their products are alternatives to alternatives that used to be great chemistry.

They still offer a broad selection from Nootropics to Amphetamines, all the classics and many of them in various forms like Pellets, Fluids, Blotters, Powders, Crystals and Microdots (micro dosed Blotters), nothing to complain, actually;
but browsing through their alternative products for the recently banned Ethylphenidate, gives me headaches. It’s almost like politicians wanted me to order illicit stuff from the Darknet instead of Research Chemicals….
📌 Trusted Shop Review
with Photos:
in: Amphetamine Days 08/2020

Tim, Roxy and the packing department moved from Canada to the Netherlands to expand their business.

They are by far the friendliest RC vendors I have met so far.

Unlike Rarechems or The Real RC and many others they respect the law and neither ship to the US nor to the UK.

They enjoy writing and sending email newsletters. The one on Friday is sent on a regular basis, but from time to time, they also advertise discounts or introduce new products during the week.

They are said to act professionally and that they a generous with adding free goodies to your order.

They offer a wide range of chemicals, amphetamines, Tryptamines, uppers, Psychedelics, Dissociatives and CBD products (which is basically weed without THC and won’t make you high but help you relax.

They also offer sample packs, like e.g. a Tryptamine sample pack.

This is original: They offer merchandise articles, T-Shirts, Anti-Stress-Balls, bottle openers, pens and many more 🙂

Their products are said to be of good quality, we hope to manage a shop review soon to verify that.
👍👌 🎁 💯 🟡
📌 Trusted Shop Review with Photos: EU-Retail
July, 2020

Are back and want to know it again

Ship from an unsuspicious country

Lowered some of their prices

Various sample packs and new products have been added

Delivery guarantee

They ship within the EU only
👍👌 🎁 💯🟢


Ships worldwide including to the USA

Decent Quality

“Matt” founded the shop already in 2010 in the UK before due to the UK NPS ban he had to re-locate to the Netherlands.

Live Support Chat available 24/7

This shop was built for the US / international market, GR8 CHEMICALS-EU for European customers.

The same team as GR8 CHEMICALS-EU, sharing one office, but with SMOKEYS shipping worldwide and offering a slightly different product range.

They are a bit more expensive than GR8 CHEMICALS-EU and do not offer a 20$ discount when paid via Bitcoin.

Besides from the usual Research Chemicals, they also stock Cannabinoids, Cannabis seeds, C-Liquids, CBD-products (a non-psychoactive version of Cannabis), Blends, Health Supplements, Herbal blends mixed with synthetic Cannabinoids and SARMS (anabolic drugs).

Both in German and American sourcing forums, SMOKEYS is said to have little success with delivering to the US. I actually counted the forum members who were complaining and those that said their order arrived as expected, and on both (Germany) and on dbg (USA), there were by far more satisfied customers than disappointed ones.

SMOKEYS seems to not be willing to pay to these forums, so these forums create fake accounts spreading lies…
👍👌 💯🌐 🟢🟢🟡
Spain City Sales
📌 Trusted Shop Review
with photos:
Spain City Sales Shop Review 02/2020


Payment only via Bank Transfer

Order processing seems a bit slow, it takes patience for the parcel to arrive

High delivery success rate.

They stock mostly uppers, and carry products like A-PHP or 3-FMC which you won’t find with too many vendors.

They offer a permanent 20% discount on all orders during the whole year. Don’t forget to apply the coupon code mentioned on the welcome page during checkout!

All in all decent quality, their 4F-MPH is even remarkable nice. Given their discount makes this newcomer an option worth considering.
👍👌 💯 🌐 💲 🆕 🟢

Europe: Shops which are said to be okay

These shops would sometimes receive good reviews but since two thirds of shop reviews are fake and we do not know anyone personally having ordered with these, we decided to list them but cannot vouch for any of them.

+ Bash Designer Labs Int. shipping from Germany
+ Offer 1P-LSD and similar Lysergamides in blotter form
+ Beware of website clones, always stick with the .to-domain
+ Former Polish shop, which means volatile quality, cheap prices, sometimes funny smell, synth residues that are not even tried to be washed out, … etc.
+ However, the next couple of shops being introduced even seem unusual for the Polish scene:
+ They offer Blends (Powders like Cocaine- or rocks like MDMA-Analogues, some Pills that seem to be thought an alternative to XTC, and Fake Hash mixed with Cannabinoids. Beware! They refuse to disclose what substances these mixes actually contain.
+ Not really an RC Shop but similar: They offer plant-based psychedelics (e.g. mushrooms), Kratom leaves (an Opiate), CBD-products (a non psychoactive version of weed), Nootropics and Herbal extracts.
+ They also offer weed seeds as well a great variety of variety of accessories like bongs, vaporizers and grinders.
+ Netherlands
+ Ship from an unsuspicious country
+ Ships to the USA and to Europe
+ Most vendors that dare shipping to the USA (which have an analogue act that technically makes legal NPS impossible) would charge extra high prices, but prices here are okay.
+ Benzodiazepine-Blotters only, unperforated 1cm x 1cm

+ BASH Designer labs shipping from Germany
+ A new shop established in March 2020
+ Offer Dissociatives sources from Lizard Labs.
+ Netherlands
+ Ship only to few countries and stick to the law
+ Are said to carry quality products but would from time to time have phases were they would not answer to emails and have slow shipping.
+ Mixed reviews on
+ Wide range of products
+ Stick to the law, offer lists of chemicals still legal to send to Germany and France
+ Health Supplements, Nootropics, Cannabis Seeds, Cannabinoids, Smoking Blends, CBD products, Powder Blends
+ Sample pack available
+ Claim to be Europe’s biggest RC seller, offer wholesale quantities as well.
+ Orange Chems is and was in never affiliated with the sometimes sketchy acting web shop (= which got busted in June 2019.
+ Seems to be very popular, minimum orders are between 5 and 20 grams per substance, though.
+ Their shop is just a front, the only way to order with them is emailing them a link to a self-destructing message to leave no traces at all.

Europe: Shops of unknown status

These either are too new to have received reviews yet, some might be gone for good already. We really don’t know. Better play safe!

Would you happen to know any of these? If so, please contact us.
Thank you!


– Wholesaler from Bulgaria, starts selling products from 100 grams on at 4 Euros per gram.

+ Ships within the Netherlands only

+ Under new management since January 2020
+ Netherlands
+ According to Trustpilot they tend to have difficulties with French customers from time to time, however, most reviews are positive.
+ Cathinones, Hexen, Psychedelics.

+ Netherlands only
+ Carry mostly Cathinones
+ Are already clearing their stock

+ Looks abandoned (small stock, last news post dating back to 2018) but there is a sign of hope: They changed their bank account only two months ago.
+ They pretend to provide you with free samples, you just needed to submit them your address!
+ Stock seems low at the moment, C-Liquids and Smoking blends are sold out
+ Offer Powder blends but do not always disclose their ingredients…
+ Receive mixed review on Trustpilot

+ Netherlands
+ Sister site of crypto chems, carry the same stock and share the same layout. Also they seem to use the same marketing strategy with paying for 5-Star-Reviews on Trustpilot
+ Pretty expensive

+ Netherlands
+ SALE: Everything minus 20%
+ Had a quick chat with he owner, he would already had convinced me that he was legit, but at the checkout page they add 20% VAT, so it didn’t feel like ordering from them was especially good value
+ They receive mixed reviews on


. . .
+ Okay quality, nothing special
. . .
+ Stick to the law
+ Cannabinoids, C-Liquids, CBD, Smoking Blends
. . .
According to users living in different countries, they seem to have a remarkably bad delivery success rate lately.
Since they play dead, we will not place a test order with them.

+ Netherlands
+ Prices seem fair

+ A new store offering, amongst others, an analogue of A-PVP (which is a a worldwide scheduled substance) but refuses to tell what you would actually receive when ordering it.

+ Netherlands
+ Many years of experience but still receiving mixed reviews on Trustpilot. There are some five stars reviews and some one star reviews, nothing in between, which looks sketchy to me.

+ Order from 10 grams to 5.000 grams possible.
+ Only few products available
+ Does not ship to most countries in Europe and neither worldwide
+ Free courier shipping

+ Another new retail shop founded by Dutch wholesaler Lizard Labs in March 2020.
+ Ships from the Netherlands
+ Offers so-called “Smart Drugs” (Nootropics / Neuro Enhancers) which they offer in pill and in capsules form. Ingredients are Mushrooms, Ginkgo and, this is interesting, micro-dosed 1P-LSD, an LSD analogue, intended for everyday use….

+ Not a single review on
+ Blatant amateurs who categorize the Benzodiazepine Etizolam as Dissociative
+ Ship worldwide

+ Under the term “Bargain Basement” they provide an almost daily sent newsletter with offers of left-over stock chems for decent prices.
+ The rest of their stock is idiotically expensive.
+ They don’t care about the law: They ship worldwide, including to the USA, not caring about if their products are scheduled I drugs there…
+ Ship worldwide from the Netherlands

Are out of stock and said to soon be gone for good.

+ Have been around for a long time already
+ Few products
+ Minimum order is 100 grams
+ Prices are really cheap then, starting around 3 to 4 Euros per gram.
+ Do neither ship to the USA nor Australia, but do not serve several EU-countries either

+ Imprint says Netherlands
+ Cathinones, Powder Blends, Sleeping Pills
+ Spooky Layout cannot divert from the fact that The Joker and The Batman are just split personalities of the one and only Bruce Wayne

+ The Dutch manufacturer and retail shop who would only accept customers which would fill and in and sign a form that stated that they had a valid certificate for handling research chemicals is closed for registration and said to soon to be gone for good.

Could be fine shops, could be not. We don’t know. If you knew, please contact uns, thank you.

If you decided to order with vendors that are not being listed HERE,

please DO check them against with our little list of known scammers AND always use BOTH AND, especially with Asian vendors!

An example:

If they advertise any chemicals that are banned in China or were obviously illegal to order, like Crystal Meth or prescription meds, stay away from them! China would arrest and torture Meth dealers!

Also, please understand that some scammers post up to a hundred positive reviews for themselves – each and every day! Scamming has become a multi-million-dollars business, these ill-minded guys would sometimes act professional, may have studied marketing or might be trained sales agents who understand the psychology involved in how to make you buy with them!

Europe: Shops to better avoid

These shops are known for offering extremely poor quality or completely inactive substances. Some won’t always ship (“selective scamming”), some sell highly toxic substances, others are insanely expensive, or even have caused their customers hospitalizations due to selling mislabeled substances, some do not only seem sketchy but obviously are run by lying criminals.

PS: Some of these might also be listed in the categories above. This might seem like it made no sense at all, but we just could not decide on how to handle these yet. Please avoid them.

chemical-collective com



Fits the picture:
In August 2020, Chemical Collective was caught selling mislabeled substances! Instead of 4-Ho-MiPT, Joke had put 3-MEO-PCP in the bags, two completely different substances. If not a betrayed customer had shared his experience in a forum, Joke would still be selling that mislabeled shit.

📌 Trusted Shop Review
with photos:
Chemical Collective Shop Review 07/2020

In early 2020, Jacob, a former Bitcoin gambler, who used to work with the Dutch RC vendor Chemical Theory, took all his employer’s stock and opened his own business.

He claims to have paid for the stock, which doesn’t make it a less unusual story. Many hold him this move against, since it seems to have planned for months already (his new web shop was already ready) and the only reason he destroyed Chemtheory was that he wanted to make more money.

Together with his friends from Lizard labs he stocked up an started advertising on any US forum, even doing business with the criminal ones, to squeeze as much money out of US customers as long as this remains possible.

Offers Dissociatives sample pack. Also Benzodiazepines, Uppers, Tryptamines, Lysergamides and Opiates.

Ships from the Netherlands, and to the US, but only substances he thinks that would not be scheduled nationwide.

Always is “on message”, he even shared a photo of a hospital stay on his blog. Has some nice ideas like painting contests.

Some forums recommend not to order with him until the truth about this adventure with Chemical Theory has come to light.
coolchems com

+ Ship from Spain and the Netherlands.
+ Crazily expensive, please do not support such vendors. They openly admit that they will raise prices as long as enough people are willing to pay such amounts. Americans tend to like mail sent from Spain because of less hassle with customs and tend to pay three times of which they would be charged with at other shops…
EU Synth
eusynth org

+ Used to be a reliable address until January 2019, when they must have switched to a new supplier and since are selling ridiculously crappy substances.
+ Maybe they found a reliable source again, and everything is back to normal, I don’t know. Like with most vendors, they would only allow positive reviews, these reviews on their web shop mean nothing.
+ Cannabinoids
+ Let them create herbal blends according to your personal taste
+ Ship from an unsuspicious country.
+ Cheap prices
+ Ship only within the EU
+ Sample packs available both for Research Chemicals and for Cannabinoids
+Maybe their Cannabinoids are still okay, I could not imagine why else people would still order from there.
fucke ch

+ Used to be a pricey but solid shop while they were still be operated from Switzerland.
+ Carries extreme toxic substances like BTCP and even advertises it as the best thing to get at the moment…
+ They are too cheap to invest in professional lab equipment, so they just use kitchen tools. They would put a highly active substance in a pot together with the cutting agent mannitol, put some coins in it, close the lid and then shake it. These guys are out of their freaking minds!
+ To bypass the strict regulations on they order exotic substances, that could either be deadly or inactive. They let their customers test these things.
+ Germany already updated their NPS laws because of those greedy fucks and customs confiscated highly toxic substances they wanted to sell.
+ They used their news section on the web shop to describe how to dissolve the damn caustic U-4770, so you could put it into a syringe and inject it.
+ Alone in in 2016 & 2017 173 young Germans lost their lives because to Research Chemicals. Since Foche operates from Germany, they are the to go shop for many Germans. These guys have blood on their hands!
grandkg com

Shop collected the money and disappeared.
Avoid if he should ever come back!

+ Quality offered was always said not to be the best, so they reacted with advertising a change in ownership. Since their prices are close bulk prices an e.g. Bulgarian lab would charge, it seems almost unlikely that they would sell products of high purity, though. Other vendors calculate with win spans up to 90%. Will try to get in contact with this vendor for small samples, his prices make me curious.
Serious Molecule
seriousmolecule com

+ A new affiliate by Lizard Labs.

+ Like any new shop popping up recently they of course claim to have years of experience in the field, or in this case even “extreme knowledge”… Is this supposed to be a running joke?

+ A guy from the UK creates the most ugly web shop ever, will only ship once a week, uses – this is not a joke – as contact address and claims to not ship to the UK, while listing all his prices in British currency and of course allowing shipping to the UK…

+ Obviously a crook. Ordering with such criminal businesses could get you into trouble!
+ They offer Lysergamide blotters (1P-LSD and the likes) only, you will sure find more trustworthy source for such.

+ Better do not order with obvious criminals like the latest Lizard Labs affiliates / shop. If a shop should get busted, usually police won’t go after their customers, but if you order an illegal substance from an obviously shady shop, things might turn out worse than usual.

+ No matter how often Lizard Labs repeat their lies: 1P-LSD and 1cP-LSD are DEFINITELY NOT LEGAL WORLDWIDE. Switzerland and the UK have them scheduled, end of discussion.
silkmixtures com

Busted or exit scammed. Avoid even if he should return someday.

Imprint says Czech Republic, an unsuspicious country

Part of the former Polish Scene which means products of volatile quality with a sometimes unpleasant smell – but at super cheap prices.

The test samples received were not of good quality.
skookums net

+ Used to be a reliable vendor offering a wide range of chemicals with mediocre to decent quality.
+ Now but receives tons of disappointed reviews on Trustpilot for quite a while already while. Possible exit scam.
therealrc om

Some US customers report having received empty letters from TRRC with fake seizure labels. That is one level weirder than my imagination can go, neither do I understand the idea of selective scamming, since RC vendors make enormous profits with loyal customers; Still, this issue is being discussed in US forums and shall just in case also be mentioned here.

One of very few shops on this planet to sell the highly toxic substance BTCP therefore please avoid.

Looking for a TRC referral / invite code? You’re welcome.


The web shop was created in early 2019, but until their arrest, Alex, his brother and a girl had already been selling drugs under the name “RGN Research Group Netherland”.

They ran shops both on the clear- and on the Darknet and got arrested after they had started selling the highly addictive Opiate Fentanyl to teenagers.

To avoid going imprisoned again, you need an invite code to register with their web shop now. However, they post dozens of such codes in forums and will also provide you with an invite if you simply ask them per email.

They offer same day shipping and remarkably swift support.

Even though they aggressively spend money and time on marketing (fake reviews, paying to sourcing forums, etc.), more and more people start openly complaining about the extremely poor quality this shop delivers.

EUSynth and TheRealRC sell mislabeled and inactive all the time.

They sometimes would send you the cheapest and most worthless shit
you could think of.

In March 2020, The Real RC’s web site was hacked and thousands of customers found their personal data on forums in the internet.

They don’t care about any law, they
will send illegal schedule I substances to your home. In case such a parcel gets intercepted by customs, you are in trouble!

Sourcing forums like and take money from them to seduce their users to breaking the law this way.

They discovered the USA as a very profitable market lately. Since parcels sent from the Netherlands would often times be confiscated by US customs, they offer to ship from a warehouse in Spain to bypass US customs more easily.

Huge selection including Cannabinoids and Opiates
Even though their preferred mail courier DPD already took notice and has a closer look at all these letters containing drugs, the parcels still arrive. Not as fast as they used to, but they still do.

63 thoughts on “Trusted Research Chemical Vendors * EUROPE

  1. You could add Small selection but everything is good quality. Sells to NL only. is a very serious one. They do send abroad, though unfortunately not the USA as the exception. They have a fixed postage and handling fee, but every weekend it’s free, so just order then. They send quickly and the stuff I tried is good quality.


  2. Hi, Thanks for the information, this page is a great help!

    Can anyone talk about [some douche shop going by the name of -edit, K.]? Someone knows who can send me an invitation. I would be extremely grateful.



    1. Hola Gustavo,

      I never had heard of them before. They seem to stock Nootropics, micro-1P-lSD and Armodafinil etc. Check Realchems and Rechemco EU, no way this super vain invite only shop could be any better. Since I assume you to be from Spain, all doors are open for you, order with the best shops available, maybe have a look at our list first.



      1. Okay, I’ll check them now.

        Thanks! for the info 🙂

        PS, I am looking for a supplier of 4-FMH or similar molecules who is honest with product quality and shipping.

        What little I have seen on the net, some are very expensive and others do not inspire confidence. If you know I thank you.



      1. Sir, I’m sorry you’re upset. I don’t mean to.

        I’m just looking for information.
        A few months ago I met a person who had a small glass vial with 4F-cocaine and I had the opportunity to do a test research. This person mentioned this (unmentionable) site where he buy them, and also told me that an invitation is needed. He told me that he would give me an invitation by email but I haven’t heard from this person since. I only have the pleasant memory of the trial with his RC carrier in that nice glass vial.

        I found your site that has so much useful information that I thought I could get some light on this site.

        It’s just that…

        Thanks anyway.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Dear Gustavo,

          Sorry for that tone, that was uncalled for. I check the comments in between doing other stuff usually, and If something I was working on was buggy, I would already be mad without even having read your comment yet.

          Afaik no serious vendor ever offered 4-flouoro-cocaine, I estimate this substance to be 99% sure to be inactive. Only sketchy German vendors used to advertise this compound, if I remember correctly.

          The only thing that is anywhere close to Cocaine is Dimethocaine / DMC / Larocaine.
          The DMC being sold in Europe, however, is no real DMC, it is usually a pointless blend of inactive substances mixed with a local anesthetic. Vendors like chemicalplanet even mention this in their product description!!!

          As far as I can tell you, this is thing is a lot harder to get than one would imagine. I may or may not have ordered research chemicals in the past, but out of all these things being sold as DMC, I ONE TIME ONLY may have received the actual product.

          In general, there is no such thing as a cocaine analogue that would mimic its parent compound’s effects. Wikipedia lists like a hundred of such analogues, if they were in any way psychoactive, they for sure would be offered anywhere and Colombian cartels wouldn’t ship their White to Rotterdam, but instead synth that thing locally.

          RTI-111 is a lie. Rechemco and Scientific Innovation used to claim to offer proper RTI-111, it turned out, though, that these are RTI-126 and some other compounds since this thing seems to be impossible to synth for shady RC labs, you would need to be a chemist and having access to professionally manufactured samples (which cost a fortune!) to offer it. No RC vendor on this planet works with pharma grade labs, they use shady labs, often times amateurs, who simply lack the know-how on how to produce these things. Forget RTI, Troparil, 4F-C, these all are marketing gags playing with customers’ hopes.

          If I can’t even get ahold of real DMC, no sketchy shop with an invite-only marketing will be able to provide proper substances at all.

          In fact, the real and scheduled compound is a lot cheaper than all those useless Research Chemicals being marketed as replacement. The industry puts them on the market because they know they will make an enormous profit even if never ever any disappointed customer would return and buy a second time. They buy a gram for 1 USD and sell it for 70 USD or even more. Rechemco likes to claim their whatever (this year they say it would be their 4F-MPH…) would be similar to a scheduled substance, in fact these chems are useless and often times remarkably worse than average Cathinones like 3-MMC.

          Don’t fall for those marketing lies.

          A link to the list

          Personally, I think rechemco’s 2-FDCK and 4-F-Pentedrone are the best substances available on the market. A-PHP is dead (Predator’s last trick is sold out already, I am almost certain that this was the last worthwhile compound being sold as A-PHP ever and they might not be able to ever restock again, NEP is dead, Hexen is dead, NEH is dead, they are all gone. The industry still uses their names, but would sell you just any analogue of an analogue of an analogue….

          Regarding 4F-MPH, Spaincitysales and Rarechems. Rechemco China have a new compound that is a strong stimulant and might find fans, too. Rechemco EU took it out of stock to make you buy more of it, they must have sourced a ton of it.

          Sorry again, for thinking you were a spammer.

          Kind regards,


          1. PS: Rechemco China is on the avoid list. And they will remain there, because they offer that highly toxic BTCP compound. I begged them to take it off the list but he answered me, I should not worry, it would not sell well anyway. I can’t cope with such cynicism. They are outstanding often times, and reliable as well. Just in case you were thinking about their new 4F-MPH, which is no powder but looks like salt rather and is A LOT LESS CAUSTIC than any other 4F-MPH. It is a rather strong stimulant and less of an ADHD medicine, their formula for that compound was remarkably improved – in case you can handle strong stimulants like caffeine or black tea it would be THE option tbh.


            1. I am most grateful to you.

              With your information and what I had I have enough to start my research study project. When I make some purchases I will let you know to send you some samples and personal notes.

              I insist… I am very grateful for your help. 🙂


          2. OK, thank you very much for the info. Now I’m less confused.

            I will try the new Rechemco 4F-MPH salts to see how they fit into my research work.

            I have been told that the best substitute for cocaine studies is Hexen, which offers “Yuklis” site

            I have been watching, and the pictures show a kind of white flakes that looks very similar to 4F-cocaine that I was shown to try. …I think maybe it was this Hexen molecule sold as 4F-cocaine,

            What do you think about this?

            I also discovered a certain “dr enigma” site and it looks quite attractive. That also offers Hexen of several different formats and NEP that you mentioned before. Do you know about this particular vendor? Would the whole range of Hexen and NEP that he offers be interesting? What is the difference between them? Only the format? …or is there also a difference in terms of effects?

            Thank sooo for your time and knowledge.



            1. Dear Gustavo,

              Jukis went down a minimum order amount of ten grams, could be worth a try.

              There indeed was remarkably Hexen coming from from Eastern Europe, but that thing is gone since Summer 2018. They still sell Hexen everywhere, but it is far from what it used to be. White flakes are not unusual, neither a glass shardes, and yet, they do not mimic Meth 😉

              So I would keep a little lower with expectations. If it turns out to be great, please keep us updated, I’d pay you double the price for 1 gram sample then.

              Drenigma indeed loke tempting like ice cream in the summer, however, they do not disclose many of their ingredients as I lack the money to order their minimum amounts of a 100 grams per product. Even 200 was too much for a single product to test for me right now, If you ordered a bunch I could chip in for 50 – 70 USD. They would be number three on my list, I would try them to provide me with small samples of each. Unfortunately, some other other shop who provided samples already asked me if I had scammed them, I need to work on and finish their article before asking other shops.

              One thing: Drenigma really have superb photos on their welcome page. Being part of the Polish scene could still mean their Hexen and NEP to feel unpleasantly caustic. I am not saying their products were not good, just out of experience I learnt that Eastern European labs and vendors might sometimes be to lazy to add cutting agent and sell a pure product straight out of the lab, but even more so, some of them leave toxic synth residues in their chems. If the photos are for real, they however would show clean chems. I am sorry, I could not tell, have not tried this vendor yet.

              Trust me, real DMC is the only thing being close a little. There are methamphetamine batches that are a lot of fun, but we will stick to Research Chemicals only. This project is not about scheduled substances or illicit pharmaceutics.

              I am aware of A-PHP being a schedule I in the USA, but not so in Spain, and this website provides information for everyone without praising any substances or vendors. So don’t get me wrong, we may talk about any Research Chemical, but to compare them to well-known drugs might be fine on Reddit, but is pointless (If I knew an answer, I would of course share it with you, but I don’t) and also might put the comments section on stake.

              I don’t get why Reddit dares doing that, while they ban subs for calling vendors by their name, but I would prefer us to keep that comparison thing low. Research Chemicals are around 4% of the total drugs market, if they were so good, they sure were more popular.


  3. Update: Dutch vendor “3-MMC King” added to Verified Vendors.

    For this shop we do not plan a regular shop review, instead there is a link provided to photos of samples of all the three products they stock for proof that they belong in this category.

    Unless this messes with Google (we’ll see, but I don’t think so), this could be a future option to show that our lists are reliable by simply adding a short review and only few photos. That way we could feature more shops to be proven verified in less time with less money.

    I am not sure yet if I want to add the photo pages to the Shop Reviews menu, we’ll se.


  4. Danke für die ausgezeichnete und lange Liste! Mich würde interessieren, inwiefern ivolabs vertrauenswürdig ist, da die Seite mehr oder weniger kaputt ist und man dort nicht viele Informationen bekommt. Da Ivolabs zu Rechemco gehört (oder gehören soll?) und letztere sehr gute Bewertungen hat, nehme ich an, dass Ivolabs mindestens genauso vertrauenswürdig ist. Ich habe vor kurzem dort bestellt und warte jetzt auf meine Lieferung. Hat jemand Erfahrungen mit denen gemacht? Und wie gut verpackt sind deren Pakete/Briefe?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey, habe dort auch gestern geordert nachdem die Seite anscheinend repariert wurde und die Sample Angebote teilweise wirklich gut sind. Habe gute Erfahrungen mit Rechemco gemacht und hoffe das Ivolabs (als meines Wissens Tochterfirma/Eu-Partner) genau so vertrauensvoll ist.
      Bisher wird die Order allerdings noch nicht unter “My Orders” angezeigt.
      Kannst ja mal Bescheid geben ob bei dir alles klappt.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Die ivos sind eine Gangart entspannter unterwegs als die Kollegen, kann gut sein, dass du drei Werktage warten musst, ehe sie sich bewegen 😉

        Wenn du bereits bezahlt hast und die Bestellung nicht unter “My Orders” aufscheint, dann würde ich allerdings sagen, dass ihre Zahlungsschnittstelle für Bitcoins wieder mal bockt. Am besten ein Support Ticket öffne und nachfragen, vielleicht noch die txid (Transaktionsnummer der BTC-Überweisung und Bestellnummer (E-Mails sind angekommen?) anfügen.

        Rechemco arbeitet mit einer anderen Schnittstelle, und diese weigert sich auch oft, Rückmeldung an den Shop zu liefern, dann ebenfalls ein Support-Ticket öffnen.


        1. Habe auch bereits ein Support Ticket erstellt. Dort konnte ich komischer Weise auch die Bestellung auswählen. Scheint also einfach ein Anzeigefehler zu sein das diese unter My Orders nicht erscheint.
          Kann ja mal weiter Berichten ob sich was tut falls Interesse besteht.

          Liked by 1 person

            1. So kurzes Update:
              Nachdem das Ticket an das SaleTeam unbeantwortet geblieben ist habe ich heute ein weiteres Ticket an das SupportTeam von Ivolabs gestellt. Dieses wurde in weniger als 2 Stunden bearbeitet und mir wurde mitgeteilet das meine Sendung innerhalb der nächsten 24 Stunden Versand wird und die übliche Lieferzeit um die 3-4 Tage beträgt.
              Werde wieder Berichten wenn die Sendung ankommt.

              Liked by 1 person

      2. Kann beim letzten Kommentar leider nicht mehr antworten, also das Endreview hier :
        + 4 Tage Versandzeit
        + Qualität ok
        + Menge ok
        – Es wurde nur 1 von 2 Artikeln verschickt (Natürlich der billigere)
        – Versand erfolgte erst nach zweimaliger kontaktierung des Supports
        – Shop weiterhin voller Bugs

        Habe den Support noch einmal angeschrieben und hoffe der fehlende Artikel nachgeliefert wird. Glaube leider nicht dran, falls doch werde ich es editieten.

        Würde den Shop nicht empfehlen und ehr raten auf einen anderen auszuweichen.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Hallo Jones,

          danke für das Update!

          Ja, schreib ihn bitte an, dass er beim Packen auf etwas vergessen hat. Ich weiß nicht ob er selbst verpackt oder Kollegen hat, aber das sollte wirklich nicht passieren. Aus dem EU Lager kann er leicht ein Sample rausnehmen, ich gehe doch stark davon aus dass er entsprechend reagieren wird.

          Er ist mir schon vor ein paar Wochen ein bisschen high vorgekommen, beim Lesen seiner E-Mails, aber ivolabs ist kein Scammer, das hat er entweder verbockt oder du bekommst zwei Lieferungen.

          Das mit den Bugs macht an sich nichts, er kann eh auch manuell Bestellungen eingeben per Support Ticket. Dass es ärgerlich ist, sehe ich schon auch, aber im Zweifel kannst du ihm auch per Support Ticket schreiben, was du möchtest.

          Halte uns bitte am Laufenden.

          Und ja, ich habe die Kommentarebenen gekürzt, weil auf meinem Handy war die letzte Spalte schon nur noch ein Buchstabe pro Zeile. Ich verstehe nicht ganz, wieso wir uns in den Kommentarebenen verlaufen, muss ich gestehen. Weil ich glaube es sind 4 oder 5 Ebenen eingestellt, in jedem anderen Forum der Welt komme ich mit 3 aus, irgendwo ist das der Hund drin 😉

          LG !


    2. Hallo, ivolabs ist seit 2016 Teil der Rechemco-Gruppe, bietet dieselbe Qualität und Zuverlässigkeit wie Rechemco EU Retail, das Sortiment ist allerdings nicht ident.

      Bei ivolabs erhältst nicht alle Pulver von Rechenco, dafür eigenständige, oftmals verspielte Produkte wie Synthacaine, Blotter, Kapseln und eLiquids, die aus Rechemco-Produkten gemacht sind, dort wiederum aber nicht verfügbar sind.

      Der Shop ist zuverlässig, elaboriert aber nach wie vor am verlangsamten Postverkehr. Der “Ivo” 😉 meinte zuletzt, es könne immer noch bis zu drei Wochen dauern, bis die Post bei dir ankommt.

      Über Verpackungen und Versand möchte ich hier nicht diskutieren, aber die Produkte sind luftdicht versiegelt und liebevoll verpackt.

      PS: Die Websites haben mit DDOS-Attacken zu kämpfen, soll heißen, sie erscheinen manchmal offline weil irgendwelche Gruppen versuchen, den Webserver kaputt zu machen.

      Zusätzlich bastelt die Grafikerin annähernd kontinuierlich an neuen Designs und sie macht das Stück für Stück am Live-System, derweil funktionieren nicht alle Links.

      Sollten sie Probleme mit eine neuen Zahlungsschnittstelle haben, und diese sich verrechnen, dann einfach ein Support-Ticket erstellen, sie können Zahlungen auch manuell abwickeln.
      Notfalls kannst du auch auf Deutsch schreiben.

      Ein Hinweis in eigener Sache; Die Gruppe der Verified Vendors sind nicht unbedingt Schweizer Uhrwerke, aber von uns getestet, manche häufiger, manche nur einmal, und von uns als zuverlässig bewertet. Die Shops mit den grünen Balken sind ausgewählt nach unseren persönlichen Erfahrungen. Dies über Jahre hinweg. Wir können nicht kontinuierlich bei allen bestellen, bloß um zu testen, ob eh noch alles in Ordnung ist, bin aber guten Mutes, sonst hätten wir die Liste anders erstellt. Auch die anderen Shops sollten zuverlässig sein, ich wollte aber keine Empfehlung abgeben für Shops die ich nur von Erzählungen kenne. Letztlich liefert sogar die Gruppe der Shops-to-Avoid, hier sind keine Scammer gelistet, ich habe versucht, in den Shop-Beschreibungen zu erläutern warum ich von einzelnen Shops abrate.

      Liebe Grüße!


  5. Anyone have any luck with smokeys? I’m thinking about ordering from them as they say they have two different shipping sites. Might be better than wasting my time with the USA scammers.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. looking for the same. i hear of a lot of packs getting seized and i’m really hoping to hear more positive results. keep me posted here


    2. I’ve had shitting opsec with them in the past but they always delivered. I think if you order below 5g it somehow makes it… but there are people ordering 25g or more at a time and i think that is what is raising flags. Not sure though.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. They have no interest in hiding. They act according to the most important thing there is in this business, the United Nations Drug convention from the 60ies or 70ies. Some countries will still have any RCs being confiscated, but Matt is no criminal like Lizard Labs / Rarechems or the Chinese mafia clan that currently floods the US market with as cheap as intoxicating Cannabinoids. Those mafia dudes do not just simply send orders, they pay specialists with good connections (I assume with bribery you might make friends sometimes) and even though their packets’ camouflage is nothing special at all, they found a trick to establish safe shipping routes.

        That does not apply to all Chinese vendors, not at all! This very company that is to my best knowledge already an illegal construction within China (remember Ano Nyms findings about the alway same names used for the managers of four companies? Two of these companies I can directly point to being a front for illegal activities).

        These criminals have been erased from here, one is still mentioned only because he has a tendency to steal money from his customers.


    3. I’m thinking smokeys might not be the best time right now to order. I spoke with them and they said the smaller order you place the better. But from previous experience anything from the NL to the USA really doesn’t look that good. I might try out like a super small order to see if it makes it.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Trump’s team decided on strict border controls even with mail coming from Canada, I learnt from emails (thank you all for sharing your experiences, btw !).

        Europe and Canada would be the left flank, Mexico and China the right flank and both they want to close.

        I browsed through a DEA paper yesterday, and they say that measured in tons, a lot more Fent is coming from Mexico than from China, but the Chinese Fent is of higher purity, so they officially denounce both these countries to flood the country with Opiates.

        I don’t know if this was of any interest for average orders, since, as far as I understand, the right flank is being explicitly scanned (they really use scanners that can discover Fent without even have to open the parcel) for Opiates, see page 12 here:

        Another thing: I was not aware that pretty much all heroin and a lot of cocaine and methamphetamine was smuggled into the country via Mexico. Neither did I know that high purity heroin is cultivated in Mexico.

        I think the wall looks terrible and not allowing refugees to seek shelter in the US is a damn shame. Then again, if your southern neighbor tries to poison you, maybe locking the door at night is not the dumbest of all ideas, at least seen from a reactionary party. A moderate party might have found a solution that would America not let look like idiots imitating one of the seven ancient wonders of the world…

        Don’t forget to register to vote!


  6. Has anyone tried [ sketchy site, K. ]? It is only 5-MMPA, 3 different formulations of it. If that’s the right term, but it’s like 7 weeks later and no word from them or pack. Doesn’t constitute a scam by any means, but seeing as I haven’t seen it listed anywherw but, I would hold off or check dopek and at least make sure they are getting sent products to ,some of them. I’ll email them and let our hero!! here, know if fuckery or bad luck are the culprits,


    1. The website just shows a blank page with two digits. If have a look into their source code, you will find multiple scripts to spy on your computer (canvas fingerprinting, etc). Please do neither visit nor mention this site here ever again.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Dopek has become a pretty shady forum, a single Chinese company pays for four of their shops. 2 of their sponsors are still listed, although either in prison or exit scammed. These Chinese criminals want a fucking war to take over the US and EU market. Lately, hey have hacked and blackmailed a popular shop, now are blackmailing their customers.

      Companies that sell substances for 1 USD per gram… Believe me, I am not sure if these underground labs indeed use slaves as working labour, but videos and photos I have seen are from anything you would image a lab look like. It’s dirty there and looks like the underground was hidden in an old barn. The machines look like they were 30 years old. Disturbing images, really. Such cheap products have a price higher than you would have dreamt off in your worst nightmares.

      Their lab test results are faked. And that in a way that I can recognize that it is a fake without having to compare them to real MSDS.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Placed an order with TRRC. I’ve ordered form the past with success so i
    m hoping it stays that way! I’ll let yall kno the deal.


    1. Would you like to try a review together with me? I am almost ashamed to tell you, but the volunteers again only stole my time and now play dead as usual.
      We would need three products, an SLR, I will talk to Alex, and finally we merge our texts into an article? We received a donation of 5 USD, those could be yours. (Either those OR a Christmas present.) ?


        1. Great, thank you!

          In case you can borrow an SLR camera (please do ask for an external flashlight as well): I am not good at taking photos at all, I try on different days, in the morning and in the evening, always with the external flesh light on, I use foils and try various modi the cam has to offer and have no clue why photos look better than others. I usually take 60 to 100 photos which don’t look anything like they finally do on the website, to be honest.

          So either, you could upload the photos to mega or tresorit and I will do post-processing, or you take perfect pictures anyway, or you would like to play with Photoshop or Lightroom (could look arty, do not have to be 100% realistic pics) by yourself and upload the ready to go ones for me.

          I think it is important to first take the pictures, everything else is rather playful !

          PS: We celebrate the 20,000th or even 21,000th visitor this month, and should have 60 USD donations budget, which means – fasten your seatbelt – up to 7 USD of allowance could be yours ! If you like to gamble, you could as well decide to go with the Christmas present, which, however, still is a question mark, even though I think that the smallest Amazon vouchers are 10 USD, I haven’t checked yet.




    chemical collective has been moved to the AVOID section. Not only I intoxicated myself with his caustic and tainted substances, another user recently described to have received the same shit.

    That dude must have went nuts!


  9. Einfach toll dass Sie sich die Mühe gemacht haben und die verschiedenen rc shops vorgestellt haben,sehr gut gemacht und große Hilfe für die suchenden!

    Die Zusammenstellung in der Form hat so noch niemand gemacht. Professionell und informativ.
    Danke dafür!!!

    Liked by 1 person


    I could not find the contact complaining, please post your comments in the right section:

    Merci !

    order number # 7326 still waiting
    Recipient: KØMPRØMÆT


    We are still operational but our office was infected with COVID 19 Virus so all connection with the oustide was silenced.

    received 08/11/2020


  11. Moved silkmixture and grandkg to AVOID, both seem to have exit-scammed, which shows that dopek forum is no reliable source either.

    Thank you for the updates, RN212, your help is very much appreciated!


  12. Are there ANY EU vendors that have a decent success rate of reaching the USA? I’ve tried Smokey’s one time (back in 2017) and it actually came through but I’m not sure if any others have better stealth these days?


    1. I don’t believe in stealth. A drug dog won’t recognize an RC. My best guess is that these mental patients that call themselves EU vendors ship not a hundred but a thousand letters to the USA every day. I think it’s the pure mass that uncovers them.

      Predator say they can’t ship to the US at the moment, and I assume that they are speaking for pretty much all of their colleagues here, however, Rarechems have completely lost their mind and smuggle their US orders once a week to Germany (where, by the way all their products are illegal) and ship them untracked from Germany. The Real Douche meanwhile ships from Spain using Correos. These two methods should work for a while. Also ships from Germany, they carry 3 dissos.


  13. Hey there,

    Me and everyone I know that’s found your site are absolutely loving. Well designed, organized intuitively, and provides exactly the important type of info that helps when dealing with a scene that unfortunately is often associated with dishonesty, lack of transparency, and of course scams upon scams. Your efforts is very much appreciated I hope you know

    On a different note; I’m wondering if you already know if or could do some digging into the remergence of an rc.supplier that is considered “legendary” and ‘OG’- words used in a vague subreddit post on

    Since most RC shops close in an unfortunate whirlwind that often leave people feeling bitter/angry; it just seems odd to see people joyfulness about some vendors return. Or maybe they’re talking about a vendor deciding to reopen US shipping options.

    Sorry if this is the wrong place to post but with such accumaluted knowledge, youd be the One to have some ideas. Scientific innovation came to mind but of course google doesn’t help too much with such broad words. And entered the scene just as they close so a URL to check is out my league. A deleted comment postet “syn”. Which only made me think of syntharise but that is still operational….
    Anyway, sorry for the word vomit. Just wanted to really say thank you and express gratitude on behalf of those of us who have learned more than we thought we already knew 👍👍👍👍🤗

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I was trying to find out who as well but I have no idea . Been out of the rc scene for a bit now. I might know who but I would have to be reminded lol. Interested in knowing this as well


    2. Hi Sam,

      Thank you very much for these kind words! I sometimes ask myself if this blog made sense, or if I should rather spend my time with more serious topics but encouragement like yours shows me that the blog is considered helpful and keeps me motivated 🙂

      About that mysterious shop: I am sorry, I haven’t spent much time in forums lately, I know I should try to keep the lists up to date (especially the US list is pain in the ass when it comes to updates), but since the website is still under construction, I feel a little exhausted lately.

      If SI would plan a comeback, they would probably use a different domain, some domain broker registered Personally, I would wonder if a reputable EU shop would come back right now, not only the Dutch blanket ban is going to come but also the EU is said to soon to ban additional drug precursors (the raw material needed to synth drugs).
      I haven’t checked too many forums, but so far, I noticed no one celebrating any comeback.

      If it was a US vendor, it could be a Darknet vendor. In the states, Research Chemicals are sold under the table and hardly any real shops exist, they would do DD (direct deals) via WhatsApp or Wickr, email, and also on the TOR Darknet.

      Albion re-opened this week after a month-long break, but I doubt that they would be called “legendary”, to be honest.

      I am sorry, I couldn’t find the shop. I will keep my eyes open and update the list and – if you left your email address – will hopefully be able to solve the puzzle and let you know 😉

      Tipp:, and usually have well informed users sharing news. They allow sourcing and you could ask questions. With Chemforum, there is a three-day waiting time before you can see the whole form, with the other two you just need to register, although drugbuyersguide charge you at least 15 USD before they let you access the shops sections and the illicit pharmaceutics section.

      PS: Don’t worry about a more elaborate comment, I am always happy to receive feedback!

      PPS: If you happen to find that shop, please let me know, I am curious myself, thank you 🙂

      Have a happy day!


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