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Updated on June 8, 2021

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This list was compiled to save you from scammers and definitely not to endorse you trying synthetic drugs!

We cannot place test orders with all the shops all the time, unfortunately, but we do our best to keep the list up to date and reliable.

Sharing your experiences and updates would be of great help!
We will happily publish your reviews and photos!


If you should experience trouble with any of the shops mentioned, please do let us know, thank you!

Canada – Verified Vendors

We are looking for volunteers who would like to take pictures and submit a short review. The reviewed shops might become listed verified. There is no money involved, but we will for sure find something to express our appreciation. If you are interested, please kindly contact us, thank you.

Canada – Shops that are said to be okay

Canada – Shops of unknown status

Canada – Shops to better avoid

Canada: Verified Vendors

Verified means that these shops DO ship. Not all of them might match your taste, your expectations in quality and price, some might be slow with shipping or wouldn’t offer good communication. Some might offer volatile quality etc.

📌 Photos, Mini Review & Shop Discussion

Ships to the US and to Canada only

Psychedelics, Lysergamides, 3-FPM Upper and Etizolam;
Blotters and Pellets
– – –
Reports of inactive 1P-LSD blotters as of October 2020

Canada: Shops which are said to be okay

These shops would sometimes receive good reviews but since two thirds of shop reviews are fake and we do not know anyone personally having ordered with these, we decided to list them but cannot vouch for any of them.

Make a big fuss about their registration process. They want you to upload a research description form (ask a chemistry student for support) and a copy of your ID including photo…

They Only ship to very few (14) countries, including Poland the and Germany, which seems odd given their local legislation on Research Chemicals…

Currently, their web shop is not working correctly, but they mostly carry Psychedelics like 4-AcO-, 4-HO- and 5-MeO-analogies as well as Tryptamines and Lysergamides
Lysergamides, Natural Products (alkaloids that naturally occur in plants), Nootropics, Dimethocaine, as well as a bunch of Tryptamines.

Please note: This shop also offers “Organic intermediates”. These are drug precursors for use by professional organic chemists. These are NO PRO-DRUGS and might be extremely harmful if ingested!
(Thanks to visitor GBJ for this important hint!)

They ship worldwide
They do not offer same day shipping.
Seem to ship worldwide, some products also to the USA
Same day shipping for orders placed before 2pm

To register with them you need to provide a copy of your ID including photo. They ask for a document in which you explain what research will be performed with the products that you want to order.

Also, they ask for either a previously published research article which credits you, a business license, or a letter or contact information from a notable organization outlining the requirement for our chemical products as well as their affiliation to you. These are not always required, but will assist in verifying your account much quicker.

You could ask a chemistry student for help here, but the person responsible for research and the person ordering the goods must be identical, they check your birth date and street address.

If you want to order substances which are controlled in your country, you need to provide a license to prove that you are allowed to handle the substance

They carry quite interesting chemicals, many Psychedelics and Tryptamines, but also Troparil (WIN 35,065), Etizolam, Methylmethaqualone, Baclofen, Pregabalin, DXM.

Registered and logged-in users get to see more products than which are listed for guests visiting the shop

Canada: Shops of unknown status

These either are too new to have received reviews yet, some might be gone for good already. We really don’t know.

Would you happen to know any of these? If so, please contact us.
Thank you!


IMDRC is some douche that does not reply to emails.

He opens registration and every now and then but he does not even tell you why or if you will not receive an account. By this way, the customers, who think of themselves special for having fallen for a greedy drug dealer’s marketing gag, spend more money. That douche is not the first one using this marketing trick: SI and TRC did the same (Si are dead and TRC stopped that silly game).

The thing is: This equips the douche with some level authority – although never done anything good or even moved a little finger. Also, the devote junkies entering this stupid game, will hardly dare to complain about bunk substances, because they would be afraid of being banned.
Yes, that’s the level…
– – –
You can contact them via or, etc.

An new shop, an affiliate of The long-established The Indole Shop
Currently only carries two products of which one is sold out.

Lysergamides and Tryptamines

Ships within Canada only

Could be fine shops, could be not. We don’t know. If you knew, please contact us, thank you.

If you decided to order with vendors that are not listed HERE, please DO check them against with our little list of known scammers AND always use BOTH AND, especially with Asian vendors!

An example:

If they advertise any chemicals that are banned in China or were obviously illegal to order, like Crystal Meth or prescription meds, stay away from them! China would arrest and torture Meth dealers!

Also, please understand that some scammers post up to a hundred positive reviews for themselves – each and every day! Scamming has become a multi-million-dollars business, these ill-minded guys would sometimes act professional, may have studied marketing or might be trained sales agents who understand the psychology involved in how to make you buy with them.
Also, a single scam might already mean a a fortune profit for criminals living in poor countries. So they won’t stop flooding the web with their fake reviews, it pays off for them, they do not feel sorry, since they imagine the Western World to with an endless stream of money.

Canada: Shops to better avoid


These shops are either known for offering poor quality, for selective scamming, for selling highly toxic substances, for being insanely expensive, or, worst of all, for being those retards that run and almost killed a couple of their customers recently. Last not least, some shops might not only seem sketchy but really be run by criminals.

Also, vendors currently neither replying to emails not processing orders (temporarily) land here.
Better play safe!




+ + +

Tryptamines, Etizolam, 3-FPM

They accept any country on the planet the world during registration process but claim to ship within Canada only?

This shop is currently experiencing some issues
that lead to long order processing and delays!

+ + +

Benzodiazepine Solutions
Sample Packs at good prices available

In case their Pastebin gets taken down you can reach them at

Exemplary: They have a Harm Reduction section including links and tips on how to taper off Benzos in their Pastebin
syntharise com
– – –


Substance Warning with details on the toxicity of these compounds

– – –
Offer Research Chemicals and fake meds. Worldwide shipping.
– – –

Almost killed some of their customers in December 2019, because they were selling a dangerous Benzodiazepine blend labeled 3-FMC.

Again, that Michel Lastoria [* the name of that asshole was not verified, yet. It will matter when it comes to fatalities caused by, and then be double-checked also by us, but not today ] and will sooner or later kill you.


I am sure you will find vendors less likely to kill you.
– – –

126 thoughts on “Trusted Research Chemical Vendors * CANADA

    1. That is correct, but not even is email working already. I will not today but within this find out if they are the same team as ever. I am paranoid maybe, but better play safe than sorry, I think. I cannot with linking to scammers, I did three that was three times too often 😦

      The Canadians are friendly folks and will know and confirm, I positive.

      In the Netherlands or the US, they hate each other, thinking competition would cost them money and start would start campaigning lies about honest shops…

      Canada is better 🙂

      thx for the info, appreciated!


  1. ‘Selling Cardboard’

    For real guys? Time to grow up and take it up with whomever you bought them from – WITH SOME TANGIBLE EVIDENCE. Not anecdotal, not your 2 year old erlich reagent, real analytical third party evidence.

    Some people’s kids still need to be spanked.

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    1. I gave this guy the info he needs to have blotters analyzed and quantified in an earlier post. I highly doubt he is going to take it seriously. Anybody who wants to do the testing themselves can find ways to do it, given they know what harm reduction labs to use and are willing to spend the money.

      Just to reiterate. Energycontrol international can do both qualitative and quantitative analysis (meaning yes, they can give purity as well as amounts on the blotter if im not mistaken).


    2. If it looks like cardboard, tastes like cardboard, and is inactive, then it probably is plain cardboard.


      I am not the only one complaining about inactive Lysergamide blotters. Jacob even did some research on that matter. The thing is: I have had active cardboard before, so I doubt that it is me. For Canada, the NL and the Polish scene, I remember complaints.

      Just like with complaints about benzos, I more or less ignore complaints about Lysergamides anyway.

      Someone coined the term “end user” here before. That makes sense. People are micro-dosing that stuff; these are probably fine with a placebo effect. I want to break on through to the other side. I wouldn’t do drugs in the office. I wait for Friday, but then I expect fireworks.

      KAT showed me something funny recently: Globuli. That stuff is proven to be completely useless. Yet, there is money in it, so a manufacturer tries to silence critics (scientists and doctors) by suing them, and there are corrupt doctors who prescribe that stuff because it’s an additional income. German doctors are known for accepting to be bribed for as little as 10 Euroos.

      Germany, for reasons unknown, covers the costs for that useless stuff. Since it has no effect, there are no negative side effects to expect either. It’s sugar balls. They put them into a bottle, shake the bottle three times, and claim it to be medicine.

      They offer it in three different “strengths”. There is no possibility to measure a difference between those allegedly different sugar balls.

      Still, you could lose at court for saying that sugar had no effect. A court ruled that this would not be accurate. You need to say that it has no effect other than a placebo effect. It does not matter if you believe in wearing a green socks on in useless sugar balls; a placebo effect, according to a German court, is an effect. If you truly believe in empyt cardboard you are likely to get excited. If you truly believe in the power of your green socks, you are likely to get excited. I call BS, but we also host the German site in the US for good reasons. 😉

      My guess is that they produce underwhelming blotters because Lysergamides are pretty dangerous. If you took a proper dose better be prepared for a horror trip, post-traumatic stress, anxiety, and keep in mind that Lysergamides may cause flashbacks. You could start tripping again, days or weeks after you had tried a blotter.

      I forgot to ask around how to make labs perform more elaborate tests that measure the amount of a psychedelic. I think I would need to send the in for testing for real LSD. Problem here: They know what NPS blotters look like. I am still hoping for the state attorney to allow me three real tests. If I had the money, I’d pay for the testing but 800 Euros are too much. If they provide me with a test result stating “unknown substance” like they did last time, I think I would cry like a baby.


    3. If the state attorney allows me to have two or three substances tested without charging me but because I sense fraud and think this will interest him as well, I will try to add a 1P-LSD blotter that is kept in airtight Tupperware or whatever stuff, was damn expensive but keeps the moisture out, in my fridge and prove to you that it is useless cardboard sold for 20 USD a piece.


  2. did canadachems just go down? the URL now cannot be reached. and I was just able to visit their site less than a week ago. any ideas? did it get shut down or is there a new URL? thanks for any help


    1. [ edited, K. ]

      Canadachems_com got kicked by both their web host and email provider for scamming, I assume. The email provided is blocked or fake. #AVOID

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      1. Thank you for pointing that out.

        PS: Spreading lies about vendors that got raided and might never return is not the best idea to do here. Not so much, b/c next time you will be banned, but because those greedy tax evasion virtuosos will not like to face prison even under new management, either.

        Those raids in China, the sudden change in EU money laundering laws, … that is not about NPS. It’s the USA enforcing anti-money-laundering laws around the globe.

        Not possible? Maybe remember these headlines?

        A few years ago, the US forced the pope to admit and say sorry that the Catholic Church is a hub for and offering criminals help with money laundering (and tax evasion).

        It until today is warlord’s, the mafia’s and Colombian cartels’ favourite choice. Just like with an XMR Monero wallet, no honest people would even think of using that bank. Being a customer of the Vatican bank is a tad too obviously suspicious. The Catholic Church, rich beyond imagination, is similar to an illegal coin mixing service on the Darknet, but for fiat money.

        Since they store billions, they can simulate inputs and outputs. They do not transfer your money, but theirs.

        The Vatican is so corrupt, for many years, they were not allwed to join the international bank systems.

        If you visited Italy/The Vatican and wanted to buy a “holy” candle hecho en China and offered for as little as 45 USD, you could not pay with VISA, Mastercard, Diner’s or your debit/bank card (be it a Chinese, American or European one). They could only accept cash.

        Funny detail: If cash was the only possibility, then warlords could only deposit money to the “holy” bank if they brought the money in sacks since money transcations were not an option.

        That made headlines years ago. Last year, however, they got caught again. HAHAHA

        I assume Canadian spammers might not familiar with the Catholic church (or maybe you are?), so for those not familiar with the Catholic Church: The pope is like the CEO of this child-molesting-cult that paved the way for the Nazis to rise, BTW, since Hitler had promised them money, but he is not considered Human. He is advertised as god’s direct representative, a chosen one to update Catholics with what God had told him. Since his boss is God, Catholics consider the pope to be infallible. (No, this is not a joke!)

        Well, that infallible dude who talks to God was forced by the US to admit being a criminal. Can it get any funnier?


  3. Canada Chems is no longer responsive. They failed to send 4 orders dating back to early March. They used to respond rather quickly to inquiries. They won’t answer anymore. I’m out about $700. Avoid!!


  4. Chemagora lysergamides are legitter than fuck. I can attest witn my personal eyeballs and reaction are rather multiplicitive throughout my extremities, staring from my stomach out. Quite beautiful but I must go.


    1. I had this discussed with few friendly European vendors recently:

      Americans do not care about quality at all. They would indeed celebrate empty cardboard like it was their birthday.

      Europeans are not likely to accept trash.

      Still, none of us (including me) would ever start with North America, especially avoid the violent US again. We all think that dealing with the US shortens one’s life expectancy dramatically and is just not worth it.

      Why? Not a single day goes by without some delirious US douche surprising with making up a problem, or to be more precise: a conspiracy theory that has nothing to do with reality but will find an army of idiots spamming forums with it and/or send emails, that cannot be ignored, but neither seriously answered because they are plain nonsense.

      So, you work long hours all the time for nothing. No money in the world is worth dealing with idiots all the time.

      Sure, some ship to the US, the market is huge, and so are the orders usually. Sellkies ordering PHP for 500 Euros to his mother’s address? How much do I get for 500 Euros, a hundred grams? Ordering 50 kilos of Etizolam, not accepting that the order did not arrive within two days and then reporting the vendor, who even arranged to drop-shipping from China to save time, to be a scammer? By adding screenshots that won’t make mail services faster, many Reddit users consider them proof, b/c Americans do not read. Many here think Europe, the biggest consumer market on the planet and the centre of the modern world, would be corrupt, thieves, and hillbilly living in treehouses, and let it show. Sellkies once sent me an email explaining the undoubted superiority of Americans. I set the record straight, and he never ever mentioned anything to me that could be great about the US ever again. I will ask him if I may quote his email in December. It’s a fun read.

      RC SCENE will, as long ago announced already, not further maintain an US section, but support a team that would like to by helping in setting up their US site.

      Because I earlier today read that at least 60% of Americans year for year get scammed, the US will remain a topic, but RC SCENE had never been a shopping guide and will never. I want to learn why so many do not seem able to identify obvious scam shops and discuss with people dealing with autism (If my nerves allow me such a stunt) and will explain obvious patterns without telling the scam industry too many details. This one of the reasons I gave up reporting scammers on TrustPilot, because those suckers show my reviews to their webdesigners and meanwhile, I may still recognize the Exdechem Scam group’s scam shops immediately, but if I publish why, I would us all shoot in the knee. Becuase their designer changed everything I mentioned in the reviews.

      The US will also remain a topic, because those approximately 2 billion you lose each year (maybe even four, it’s hard to tell if no one reports cybercrime to make usually US companies rich. Scammers use corrupt services like GoDaddy. If US IT firms could be made responsible for not getting rich by enabling crimes, things would be a lot easier. I think such companies desve to be remembered. I am about to ask a friend for help with phone calls but foremost emails. We should become quicker soon.

      My friend won’t spend his weekends for free to read your emails. As always, donations are badly needed and highly appreciated. I prepared BTC, Litecoin, PayPal and I will once again try a credit card processor. Etherum transactions turned out to always cost 40 USD in transaction fees, not an option, unfortunately.


  5. We will have to agree to disagree on this. Watch the sunshine makers. Those guys were hippies and ran one of the biggest lsd distribution operations in the u.s. in the 70s. I can promise you, they were not laying blotters one drop at a time. Those were the group responsible for the fabled windowpane geltabs and the very same group who claimed to be selling ALD-52 when they were busted with LSD.

    Man i have seen fear and loathing and ill echo my statement again. The guys in that movie had vials of liquid because they were end users. Not the ones typically laying blotters.

    Also, while drugsdata does not quanitfy or give purity, i believe some of the harm reduction organizations in other countries do. Not sure if they are only allowed to take samples from within their country or they can allow international. You can see that some samples on drugsdata had an amount in micrograms- that is because they were tested by other labs and the data relayed via drugsdata. Check the link on the far right for samples with milligram listed and it shows where the substance was tested.

    I hope none of this comes off as abrasive. Im not trying to challange you here. Just presenting a differing opinion. IF the labs that can quantify allow international samples, maybe some people here can send samples of lysergamide blotters to be quantified. Then we will know for sure whether or not the blotters going around are acurately dosed.

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  6. heads up, indolesinternational has stocked up with a bunch of different compounds, including 1p-LSD, Methallylescaline and a few others. Everything available there is also available on theindoleshop as well, but it seems to be a few dolars cheaper than indoleshop. But honestly, I’d rather stick with indoleshop because I trust them with my stuff


  7. The lysergamide analogs are not all blank cardboard. I do not partake often but i did have some 125 mic 1p-LSD blotters in 2016-17 that were considerably better than the lsd blotters i have had in the past. I believe those came second hand from scientific innovation via a u.s. supplier.

    There are public lab results confirming 1p-lsd and ald-52 on
    Might be some more confirming others if you know where to look.


  8. Anyone have recent experience with 1cp-LSD or AL-LAD from chemagora? I received an order about a month ago (~10 days to US) but have not tested either product yet. Any comments or thoughts much appreciated.


    1. The only active Lysergamide blotter I have ever received came from Sweden.
      That was four years ago.

      Today, I think they sell you painted cardboard. It’s like with their tomatoes: Whole Europe buys Dutch tomatoes in Winter. These sure look like tomatoes, but they have no taste. If you were blind, you could not tell what the heck you have on your plate.

      But, hey, that’s me and few other real people.
      The many fake accounts on Reddit seem to enjoy cardboard.


      1. I’ve used chemagora a few times. Tho I haven’t tried the products uve mentioned I have researched their etizolam(when they still sold it) 3-fpm and 4 ho met. All quality products.

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      2. I’ve orders 1plsd from chemlogix about 2 years ago and it definitely wasn’t fake cardboard. Research couldn’t find any differences from it and researching lsd. Can’t vouch for them now as this was 2 years ago.


        1. If you recall that day you tried real LSD, then you might remember a detail that is too obvious not to see:

          That dude who sold you LSD carried around empty cardboard and a bottle.
          He would ask you how many drops you wanted and then prepare a fresh blotter right in front of you, right?

          Why would he do that?
          Because LSD interacts with oxygen.

          1P-LSD and oxygen, according to a Europol press release, would indeed become LSD. But that is not the end of the story. The chemical reaction does not stop at LSD; the LSD becomes air, it disappears.

          I cannot order from Canada, mail takes forever to arrive, so I don’t know how vendors in Canada work (I just recently learned that there are many more that will be added to the list); European vendors, however, press thousands of blotters at a time and sell you, probably without knowing – plain cardboard.

          Roxy from Realchems worked with liquid 1P-LSD in Canada long before moving to the Netherlands. I do not doubt AL-LAD or 1P-LSD to resemble LSD. The question remains: How many RC vendors do you know that would know or care about that interacting with oxygen thing? I can only speak for Europe and the answer there is: Not too many 😉


          1. Im not sure what you mean about dropping LSD onto blotters. Professionally laid blotter is not dropped from an eye dropper one hit at a time onto paper by some cracked out hippy in a back alley. I will explain the issues there.

            Eye droppers do not dispense the same sized drop every time. You need a micropipette or something similar to get uniform drops.

            Blotter paper absorbs very small amounts of liquid, a drop from a dropper is far too large for a 0.25″ x 0.25″ square and will spread into the paper surrounding that hit via capillary action once it is fully saturated, spreading your dose out across multiple squares and effectively producing much weaker blotter than you want.

            Professionally done blotter is usually done in large batches, thousands of hits at a time. Because someone moving ounces of lysergamides does not have time to sit there and put hundreds or thousands of single drops onto paper for large orders, the absobancy of the paper used is worked out, i would guess in microliters. Lets say 1 hit holds 0.75 microliters of solvent at saturation point. Any further solvent will run off and drip rather than absorb into the paper. The chemist would then mix a solution of lysergamide (usually in 95%ethanol) at the desired concentration, lets say 100 micrograms per 0.75 microliters for a standard dose. Using that ratio they then scale up to mix say a full 10 grams into solution. That solution is then used to soak blotter pages (900doses) in stacks to full saturation by submerging them in the solution. Once the paper is fully saturated it is pulled from the solution and the excess is allowed to run off. This way the dosage will never be less than what the paper can absorb at maximum, but can be over because some excess can be deposited on the surface from evaporation while the sheet dries. The crystal is effectively trapped between the fibers of the paper. Hot spots can be checked for with blacklight.

            Also, i do not think lysergamide analogues break down as easily as you believe. If you look at the samples of LSD submitted to, you can see degredation products in some samples, namely iso-LSD and Lumi-LSD from exposure to the elements. Notice that you do not see any degredation products in the samples of lysergamide analogues analyzed. Those did not leave the lab hermetically sealed in a preotective argon atmosphere and magically appear at the lab where they are analyzed. They were laid. Sold multiple times. Probably repackaged. Mailed repeatedly and likely exposed to the heat on the mail truck and oxygen and light between bags. Yet…no degredation products.

            I am not claiming to be the authority on lysergamides. Just that it seems many of them are not as fragile as sometimes thought. I have had blotter stored terribly for months that stayed potent.

            And i do not believe for one second any lysergamide reacts with oxygen and suddenly dissappears from the blotter. Again, on reaction with oxygen lysergamides will degrade but not just float away. The science explaining oxidation of lysergamides is there if you look.


              1. I am sorry, locked myself out of the computer, have no access to my bookmarks, etc. right now.
                I believe it was a single dealer, not the big vendor, maybe one from Germany or Switzerland.
                That Dutch vendors all stopped selling 1P-LSD after the SI bust only shows that these dudes have no clue at all. I think the press release was about a single guy.


              2. On that point, I rather think that the police are not being entirely truthful here […police officers?…dishonest?…surely not!…]. Hydrolysis of 1P-LSD to LSD is unlikely to occur by exposure to plain oxygen – it’s much more likely to preferentially form other oxidation/degradation products.

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              3. I could not remember a scene in which they would take blotters, but they had some with them, you are right, thank you.

                ” We had two bags of grass, seventy-five pellets of mescaline, five sheets of high-powered blotter acid, a salt shaker half full of cocaine, and a whole galaxy of multi-colored uppers, downers, screamers, laughers … and also a quart of tequila, a quart of rum, a case of Budweiser, a pint of raw either and two dozen amyls … The only thing that really worried me was the ether. ” #Serious #Drugs #Collection
                ( )

                see minute ~01:30 >>>


              1. Hippies are no drug dealers. They share them.
              2. That dude was a pro. It’s been a while, I can’t tell for sure, but I think his blotters were sponge-like, that stuff you would get in hospitals sometimes.
              3. Watch the movie Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas. Count the cardboard they eat. Spoiler alert: ZERO. What do they do? Liquids.


              1. Wow, never really seen the movie eh?

                In fear and loathing in las vegas (1998) del toro hands depp a ‘hit of this sunshine acid’ and it was a 4 square blotter paper with the ubiquitous sunshine logo.

                Orange Sunshine was not known as a blotter during the summer of love and beyond. They were 300mcg orange plain tablets.

                LSD ampoules are just that, an ampoule. Headspace purged with nitrogen, perfect for sealing a fragile compound in liquid form. The stuff never free flowed out of ANY liquid botles in that movie. The ‘adrenochrome’ a.k.a bollcks was in a dropper bottle in the second hotel room.

                I’m guessing your fairly young and havent seen the movie… no biggie. But don’t act like an enlightened individual on the subject when you haven’t even read the book.

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          2. That’s certainly not how I was first acquainted with LSD in my younger years, I bought pre-laid blotter (and a few microdots). If you keep it cool/cold, out of strong light, and in a sealed container (cling film will do) it lasts for at least a couple of years in my experience, and I’ve had (believable) friends claim longer than that.

            It’s not the most stable molecule, I’ll agree, but it’s not that fragile – with a bit of care and attention it can soldier on for quite a while.


      3. My sympathies on your bad luck with purchasing lysergamides, you’ve been very unfortunate it seems. I guess I must have had exceptionally good luck, as I haven’t received anything from an RC vendor that wasn’t active and properly dosed (I even had blotter that was clearly in excess of its stated dosage – I suspect just a localized ‘hotspot’, although I realise this still qualifies as a quality control issue).

        However, with respect to your comments about Dutch tomatoes, I wholeheartedly agree (there have been rare exceptions, but as a rule of thumb, they’re… disappointing is the kindest I can say).

        [N.B. I have a real account on Reddit, and can’t say I have strong feelings about cardboard one way or the other.]


    1. yeah. You spam. I am neither familiar with ZEE nor ROW and do not allow links to possible scammers here. Even if they are real, stupid scammer will already will have set up fake pastes and fool people.

      Need to check this first. Not my top priority, though, sorry.

      You have been moved from spam 1 to pending approval. To do so, I need to approve and then disapprove comments. This column should not be deleted ever, spam, however, would disappears after some time.

      You comments are still there, just not published yet- Patience, young Padawan, thank you for your understanting.


    1. Hi,

      Had not yet the to find out if those shops you spam the forum with are scammers or real, or for whatever else reason the spam filter does not like you. Just a hint: Canada is considered a so-called “hot” country, just like the Netherlands or India. If you live in Europe or the US, maybe there something happening, just like China these days. Not sure, but press releases by LE make me think so.

      Israeli customs, for example, even open small letters coming from Canada. There seems to be a 95% percent chance that mail coming from Canada would contain scheduled drugs. Interesting, cannot you provide the links right now, but is how Canada is seen around the world. Was news to me, tbh.


      1. I live in canada and I’ve used canadachems multiple times. Just recently my orders won’t process don’t know if its on my end or theirs or if its happening to other people.


    2. Did you know that Canada is considered a so-called “hot” country like, e.g., the Netherlands or India?
      Me neither, I had to look it up.

      Looks like they are cracking down on the scene, will ask around, some vendors might know.

      In case that should be an issue and also, because Proximo and Sellkies are blackmailers, I might shut down the US and CAN for a while. Need to ask what they think. I don’t know if there was anything to fear if they intercepted a parcel from Canada, I am not fit, but will update no later than Sunday.

      PS: CHANGE YOUT VPN OR WHATEVER YOU USE. OR YOUR EMAIL. The Spam filter makes no mistakes. Something is wrong with your account or (maybe free b/c we are so clever and cheap idiots?) proxy or VPN.

      Just a heads-up. You don’t bother me at all.
      I do even get to see your comments if being trashed automatically.

      It’s you who should think about your setup – please do! THX


  9. I’ve been out of the RC scene for a few years now, used to be a devout ReChem customer but they no longer accept orders from me without providing research examples (even though when they first introduced this rule they let me be an exception due to my history with them). I am currently getting one of my buddies with a chemistry degree to write me up something to get an account going on CanadaChems as their selection seems nice but seeing as the registration confirmation seems to take quite awhile I decided to just throw an order in with IMDRC while I wait. I’ve heard sketchy things about them in the past on Reddit and such and see that you obviously have not had great experiences with them but I got onto my old account and see I ordered from IMDRC 4 separate times way back in 2017 and always received quality product in a timely manner, I guess I’ll just see if my newest order shows up and keep you posted.


    1. I’ve ordered from RR TWICE. both successful orders. Canada post is a shot show so don’t expect ur parcel for 3weeks+ my last order took over 2months after a reship. Tbh I think they never shipped it bit my Diclazepam was perfect. I got flualprazolam too, for free with my first order and it was great. During my first order I looked up a tracking number for them and they gave me a free sample of flualprazolam on my next order but I don’t think it was flualp. It was only active above 3mgs while the first sample was active in .25mgs and it had been 5months since I lastused flualp so it wasn’t tolerance. I emailed them about it and they blamed it on delusions of sobriety and tolerance bit it wasn’t.

      Also with my first order I received 100mg flualp and 150mg etozilam for free. And for my late parcel they added and extra 250mg diclazepam for free.

      They are definitely legit but be prepared to wait a while for ur parcel while having the only option to pay 25$ for expresspost they have no other shipping option. My last order they took forever to respond to emails I thought I got scammed, bc first order everything went perfectlythen second order I was ghosted and took over 2months to receive my parcel but it finally came thru after a reship. So..


  10. RARE RESEARCH CANADA’S pastebin is down, I was hoping to use their services, anyone order from them before? Are they reliable?


      1. Didn’t receive my initial order, nor the reship.
        There is an explanation on their pastebin as to why.
        I will let you know if anything changes.

        Liked by 1 person

  11. Imdrc has been flawless in my opinion. They carry such variety of rare dissos, and shit thats now hard to find domestically NEH.
    Never had bunk product. Fast shipping and great prices.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Slatko,

      Thank you for sharing that experience. If you ever ordered with that shop again and would like to provide two or three photos and a short paragraph for a mini-shop-review, your effort will not be forgotten. In December, everyone who contributed throughout the year will receive a thank you.

      I try to minimize costs on all ends, and if we are lucky, it could be, e.g., a 20 USD Amazon coupon.

      Time is not an issue; it could also be next year. The photos must look good. That’s all.

      Thank you.


  12. Preface: I do not know what kind of proof you want

    Syntharise has made efforts to improve through my feedback.
    They no longer label their packages with their company name, rather use a P.O Box with the first name of the owner.
    They provide pharmaceutical quality of certain prescriptions that isn’t accessible anywhere at the same price(specifically Pregabalin).
    They also provide high quality nootropics that are slightly overpriced but still fair(Bromantane, Adrafinil, Noopept)
    And lastly they offer Russian peptides of high quality at fair prices(Semax and Selank).

    With that being said they also offer a lot of toxic research chemicals and novel analogs with no studies on them.


      1. Could be true, could be a lie, don’t know them.

        One thing I know for sure, though, is: They are also into la grande cash game. Syntharise sells poison to teenagers.

        Also, Syntharise is the only Canadian vendor I was aware of who is too cheap to have his products tested and sold some weird blend (!) for 3-FPM.

        Maybe these are two different companies of a holding?

        Lizard Labs, so I was told, would provide professional samples to schools. Then again, they a) crooks, b) unable to provide two good batches of a compound in a row, and c) what they sometimes offer at their Rarechems shop is more than evil. I cannot even imagine how they could get ahold of a substance that contains 30% highly toxic synth residues. I asked around, and Chinese manufacturers (even the cheapest one I have discovered) provided me with short videos and images of how they – of course! – heathen the compound for a couple of days to get rid of that toxicity. Still, LL would import a half-done chemical, offer it at an insanely high price, and – this is not a joke – would ask their customers to bake the substance for a couple of hours not to make it kill you.

        LL is not in the lists since they claim to do b2b (or at least wholesale) business only, btw.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Found the article on the Syntharise Amateurs:

        Selling a mislabelled substance is quite a thing, could end deadly, has happened too often, unfortunately.

        But what the greedy freaks at Syntharise do is stupid beyond imagination:

        1. They obviously do not sell pure powders but source the cheapest possible substances to mix a blend which they sell mislabeled.

        2. They are too cheap to spend 100 USD on having their substances tested??? A simple reagent testing kit would have been sufficient to show that this thing was mislabeled!

        3. Now tell me again, these nuts were professionals. Maybe, the retards at Syntharise should not be on the list since it is extremely dangerous to order with them. Then again, if no one mentions it, no one knows.


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