Trusted Research Chemical Vendors * CANADA

Updated on June 8, 2021

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This list was compiled to save you from scammers and definitely not to endorse you trying synthetic drugs!

We cannot place test orders with all the shops all the time, unfortunately, but we do our best to keep the list up to date and reliable.

Sharing your experiences and updates would be of great help!
We will happily publish your reviews and photos!


If you should experience trouble with any of the shops mentioned, please do let us know, thank you!

Canada – Verified Vendors

We are looking for volunteers who would like to take pictures and submit a short review. The reviewed shops might become listed verified. There is no money involved, but we will for sure find something to express our appreciation. If you are interested, please kindly contact us, thank you.

Canada – Shops that are said to be okay

Canada – Shops of unknown status

Canada – Shops to better avoid

Canada: Verified Vendors

Verified means that these shops DO ship. Not all of them might match your taste, your expectations in quality and price, some might be slow with shipping or wouldn’t offer good communication. Some might offer volatile quality etc.

📌 Photos, Mini Review & Shop Discussion

Ships to the US and to Canada only

Psychedelics, Lysergamides, 3-FPM Upper and Etizolam;
Blotters and Pellets
– – –
Reports of inactive 1P-LSD blotters as of October 2020

Canada: Shops which are said to be okay

These shops would sometimes receive good reviews but since two thirds of shop reviews are fake and we do not know anyone personally having ordered with these, we decided to list them but cannot vouch for any of them.

Make a big fuss about their registration process. They want you to upload a research description form (ask a chemistry student for support) and a copy of your ID including photo…

They Only ship to very few (14) countries, including Poland the and Germany, which seems odd given their local legislation on Research Chemicals…

Currently, their web shop is not working correctly, but they mostly carry Psychedelics like 4-AcO-, 4-HO- and 5-MeO-analogies as well as Tryptamines and Lysergamides
Lysergamides, Natural Products (alkaloids that naturally occur in plants), Nootropics, Dimethocaine, as well as a bunch of Tryptamines.

Please note: This shop also offers “Organic intermediates”. These are drug precursors for use by professional organic chemists. These are NO PRO-DRUGS and might be extremely harmful if ingested!
(Thanks to visitor GBJ for this important hint!)

They ship worldwide
They do not offer same day shipping.
Seem to ship worldwide, some products also to the USA
Same day shipping for orders placed before 2pm

To register with them you need to provide a copy of your ID including photo. They ask for a document in which you explain what research will be performed with the products that you want to order.

Also, they ask for either a previously published research article which credits you, a business license, or a letter or contact information from a notable organization outlining the requirement for our chemical products as well as their affiliation to you. These are not always required, but will assist in verifying your account much quicker.

You could ask a chemistry student for help here, but the person responsible for research and the person ordering the goods must be identical, they check your birth date and street address.

If you want to order substances which are controlled in your country, you need to provide a license to prove that you are allowed to handle the substance

They carry quite interesting chemicals, many Psychedelics and Tryptamines, but also Troparil (WIN 35,065), Etizolam, Methylmethaqualone, Baclofen, Pregabalin, DXM.

Registered and logged-in users get to see more products than which are listed for guests visiting the shop

Canada: Shops of unknown status

These either are too new to have received reviews yet, some might be gone for good already. We really don’t know.

Would you happen to know any of these? If so, please contact us.
Thank you!


IMDRC is some douche that does not reply to emails.

He opens registration and every now and then but he does not even tell you why or if you will not receive an account. By this way, the customers, who think of themselves special for having fallen for a greedy drug dealer’s marketing gag, spend more money. That douche is not the first one using this marketing trick: SI and TRC did the same (Si are dead and TRC stopped that silly game).

The thing is: This equips the douche with some level authority – although never done anything good or even moved a little finger. Also, the devote junkies entering this stupid game, will hardly dare to complain about bunk substances, because they would be afraid of being banned.
Yes, that’s the level…
– – –
You can contact them via or, etc.

An new shop, an affiliate of The long-established The Indole Shop
Currently only carries two products of which one is sold out.

Lysergamides and Tryptamines

Ships within Canada only

Could be fine shops, could be not. We don’t know. If you knew, please contact us, thank you.

If you decided to order with vendors that are not listed HERE, please DO check them against with our little list of known scammers AND always use BOTH AND, especially with Asian vendors!

An example:

If they advertise any chemicals that are banned in China or were obviously illegal to order, like Crystal Meth or prescription meds, stay away from them! China would arrest and torture Meth dealers!

Also, please understand that some scammers post up to a hundred positive reviews for themselves – each and every day! Scamming has become a multi-million-dollars business, these ill-minded guys would sometimes act professional, may have studied marketing or might be trained sales agents who understand the psychology involved in how to make you buy with them.
Also, a single scam might already mean a a fortune profit for criminals living in poor countries. So they won’t stop flooding the web with their fake reviews, it pays off for them, they do not feel sorry, since they imagine the Western World to with an endless stream of money.

Canada: Shops to better avoid


These shops are either known for offering poor quality, for selective scamming, for selling highly toxic substances, for being insanely expensive, or, worst of all, for being those retards that run and almost killed a couple of their customers recently. Last not least, some shops might not only seem sketchy but really be run by criminals.

Also, vendors currently neither replying to emails not processing orders (temporarily) land here.
Better play safe!




+ + +

Tryptamines, Etizolam, 3-FPM

They accept any country on the planet the world during registration process but claim to ship within Canada only?

This shop is currently experiencing some issues
that lead to long order processing and delays!

+ + +

Benzodiazepine Solutions
Sample Packs at good prices available

In case their Pastebin gets taken down you can reach them at

Exemplary: They have a Harm Reduction section including links and tips on how to taper off Benzos in their Pastebin
syntharise com
– – –


Substance Warning with details on the toxicity of these compounds

– – –
Offer Research Chemicals and fake meds. Worldwide shipping.
– – –

Almost killed some of their customers in December 2019, because they were selling a dangerous Benzodiazepine blend labeled 3-FMC.

Again, that Michel Lastoria [* the name of that asshole was not verified, yet. It will matter when it comes to fatalities caused by, and then be double-checked also by us, but not today ] and will sooner or later kill you.


I am sure you will find vendors less likely to kill you.
– – –

126 thoughts on “Trusted Research Chemical Vendors * CANADA

  1. I have absolute proof that Syntharise doesn’t test their substances and that all their HNMR results are completely fake or copied from actual positive HNMR Third Party Analysis and take that picture and claim it as their own! The shop obviously didn’t even test the chemical before selling it.

    They almost killed some of their customers in December 2019, because they were selling a dangerous Benzodiazepine blend labeled 3-FMC.

    The product sold as 3-FPM contained:
    60% Flubromazolam
    25% Midazolam
    15% Pyrazolam

    Any cheap 5 Euro testing kit would have indicated that this mix was not an Amphetamine but Benzodiazepines, They can’t afford 5 Euro testing but they can afford to have 3rd Party HNMR Analysis lol….get the fuck out of here!

    That wasn’t the only error Syntharise (Michel Lastoria) has made that a 3rd Part HNMR Analysis would have more than clarified what the substance was!
    Just to show you that Syntharise (Michael Lastoria) doesn’t test any of his product, he used to sell U-47700, After several months, people were told it wasn’t U-47700 at all, but rather U-57700 or U-58800 (you can find out yourself on their facebook page). This again and of course, was blamed it on a labeling mistake! BULLSHIT!!

    The Canadian vendor Syntharise has recently started selling phenprobamate – an extremely dirty version of carisoprodol instead of actual carisoprodol, expecting that we wouldn’t notice?

    When I confronted the Syntharise vendor, Michael Lastoria, that the batch of carisoprodol was unlike any of the previous batches, he must either think he’s that smart or I’m that much of an idiot! To offer me ‘proof’ that he did send me carisoprodol, he sent me a picture of the 3rd Party Analysis: HNMR of Carisoprodol!

    I replied to him that while the picture of the HNMR results of carisoprodol isn’t what I was debating. I was debating that in my batch of carisoprodol there was a different carbamate (what else does he have besides phenbrobamate?).
    Literally anyone can take the 3rd Party Analysis HNMR of whatever chemical on their menu from a reputable page that does HNMR testing and put it on their page claiming it as if their own! As if it were proof written in stone! The picture could have been taken from anywhere (any of thousands of legitimate chemical vendors and laboratories that conduct actual professional HNMR tests on chemicals, only for assholes like Michael Lastoria to post those results of HNMR product tests on Syntharise and claim it as his own! If you take a look, the HNMR for their many chemicals on his list including, carisoprodol were from an ‘HNMR test’ from MARCH 2018….wtf?

    Like other have said, I would like to re-enforce what has been said Please avoid (Canada) at any cost. They are amateurs who don’t give a shit about your health!.

    Not to mention there are plenty of other, much better and much safer sites!

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