Research Chemical (NPS) Vendors/Shops in * ASIA

Last updated November 11, 2023

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This list was compiled to save you from scammers and definitely not to endorse you trying synthetic drugs! Whatever you do, please make sure to be familiar with your local legislation first! A product legal in the Netherlands could be a schedule I (yes, considered a hard drug just like heroin) already in their neighbouring country Belgium!

If you should experience issues with any of the shops listed, please click here, thank you!

+ + +

It’s a portrait of a subculture.

This makes us unique.

The idea is to produce one shop portrait/review/whatever with every vendor mentioned here and, hopefully, a story to tell and produce multimedia content as never seen before in the scene, quality photos, or even videos.

* * *

This list of vendors does not rely on fake reviews as seen on Forums, Reddit, Trustpilot, etc.

This list does not mention random vendors or sponsors.

(Well, actually, a few interesting vendors are being added ongoing.)

This list was compiled by a handful of friends.
You cannot buy being mentioned here.
You can always say hello, of course.

* * *

We cannot place test orders with all the shops all the time, unfortunately.
Sharing your experiences and providing updates means a lot to us.

Your photos and reviews are more than welcome!


Whatever you do please make sure to be familiar with the harm that drugs cause.

The scene is defined by people with severe mental health issues.

René, Sellkies, that dude dealing with autism losing thousands of dollars to scammers every year and impossible to talk to because his emails do not make any sense, are just three of us.

Besides Auti, Sellki, and René, this is NOT a hen or egg problem! Recreational drugs definitely cause harm that cannot be undone. There is no undo button for your brains. If you are prone to psychoses, and experience drug-induced psychoses – good night & good luck.

If you struggle with depression, anxiety, problems falling asleep, etc., please FUCKING SEEK A PROFESSIONAL! Talk to your doctor before it gets worse!

Don’t even think of doing stuff like Benzodiazepines on a daily basis. Stop them after 14 days the latest.

Don’t try Dissoziatives, they are poisoning your brain.


* * *

NPS are considered trash.

The content below is about recreational drugs and greedy peeps wanting to get richer and richer.

Serious drug testing services warn you if your, e.g., MDMA pill contained unknown/probably toxic as hell trash substances aka NPS/Research chemicals. We do not know what they sell us. I can tell you for sure that many do not care at all. Many do not even know.

The profit margin is A LOT higher than with common drugs. For many, that’s the only reason they offer you trash substances.

The average NPS had never been allowed to be tested on living creatures. And you still think of ordering?

Maybe talk to a doctor. Thank you!


The Strokes – You Only Live Once
2006, live @ Oxegen Festival. Ireland

Please note:
While the [ Trusted Shop Reviews ] usually tell the history of a vendor of which some seem to have been around forever and show photos of products usually from at least two separate orders, they are still snapshots of a short period in time.

Vendors and their products are unpredictable
Quality, service, communication, and reliability change all the time. All vendors have their ups and downs. NPS / Research Chemicals always bear an immense risk to your health and have caused thousands of tragedies and even fatalities in recent years.

CHINA – RC Vendors (NPS) that are said to be reliable shippers

ASIA – Shops that are said to maybe ship according to anonymous forum postings

ASIA – Shops of unknown status

  • RC Leon (Some claim this shop was still active only to scam you.)

CHINA – Shops to #Avoid

  • DE Dragon Eric (Wanted by US government, do not order with him, #AVOID)

CHINA- Shops that started scamming and/or are gone for good (Shops Cemetery)

China: RC Vendors that are said to ship

📌 Sample Photos, Mini Shop Review & Discussion

Not the most affordable prices for an Asian vendor; Especially popular with Americans.
LongFlourish RC / The Research Chems Club
📌 Sample Photos, Mini Shop Review & Discussion

LS Research Chems discontinued operations in October, 2021. LongflourishRC and The Research Chems Club remain available.

Scammers have created websites going by similar names only to steal your money.
– – –

Substance Warning with details on the toxicity of these compounds

– – –

These shops have three warehouse locations to ship from: EU (Europe), CN (China), and IN (India). If you order products from different warehouses, shipping fees might increase.

China: Shops which are said to ship (according to anonymous forum posts)

These shops would sometimes receive good reviews but since two thirds of shop reviews are fake and we do not know anyone personally having ordered with these, we decided to list them but cannot vouch for any of them.



This vendor is openly advertising Meclonazepam which is on the UN list of banned substances and definitely not legal in any industrialized country! Also, be careful, some of his substances like Eutylone, are Schedule I substances banned by the USA’s DEA! Since he is shipping from outside the US, I will not list him under avoid. Still, take care and avoid ordering illegal substances!


. . .

China: Shops of unknown status

These either are too new to have received reviews yet, some might be gone for good already. No one knows. Don’t order! Would you happen to know any of these? If so, please contact us. Thank you!

Liu Leon, RC LEON
pastebin com / 28bCwgiA
godchems com
Wickr: rcleon


This guy is part of a network that pretends to smuggle schedule I substances to a warehouse in California, to move it further to a house nearby and to distributes street dealers with this banned drugs.

He is known for notoriously publishing names and real tracking numbers, even of bulk customers, in internet forums.

Does not seem utterly clever => Must be with the DEA.

Claimed to have been hacked in early 2020
and that somebody else would scam people in his name since…

+ + +

In April, 2020 he smuggled 60 kg of Eutylone, a schedule I substance, to the USA to sell it in bulk (1,000 grams minimum per order). He used to pay forums to advertise this operation, so everyone knew/knows. He does not seem to speak Chinese, some say. None of the three most common dialects at least.

A honeypot is when the police pretends to be criminals only to talk you into buying something illegal so they can arrest you.
Hmm… A tough one, huh. ;-D

If you decided to Go With Unknown Vendors, please DO check them against with our little list of known scammers (including the comments) AND always use BOTH AND, to get a picture of if that vendor is a scam or not. PS: Never trust a drug dealer. PPS: Don’t believe anything you read on the internet.

How do I recognize scam shops? An example:

If a shop offers obviously illegal to order substances, like Crystal Meth or prescription meds, stay away from them!

Also, please understand that scammers post up to a hundred positive reviews for themselves – every single day! Scamming has become a multi-million-dollars business, these ill-minded guys would sometimes act professional, may have studied marketing or might be trained sales agents who understand the psychology involved in how to make you buy with them. Also, a single scam might already mean a a fortune profit for criminals living in poor countries. So they won’t stop flooding the web with their fake reviews, it pays off for them, they do not feel sorry, since they imagine the Western World to with an endless stream of money.

China: Shops to better #Avoid

These shops are known for offering extremely poor quality or completely inactive substances. Some sell highly toxic substances, others are insanely expensive, or even have caused their customers hospitalizations due to selling mislabeled substances, some do not only seem sketchy but obviously are run by lying criminals.




RC email vendor from Hong Kong who suddenly disappeared without leaving a note and so paved the way for scammers who would advertise with his name and use similar email addresses and so steal thousands of Dollars from users.
A single post in any forum would have been sufficient to help hundreds of people not lose their money, but that idiot did not care at all.
. . .

China: Shops that started to scam & Shops Cemetery

These shops will just take your money and never ship. Some of them could be so-called “Selective Scammers” which means that someone else might claim in forums to have received an order while you never will. Don’t even think of placing an order with any of them: A scammer is a scammer, is a scammer.


Others have exit-scammed, got busted or whatever… They are not any longer and if their domains (internet addresses) run out, criminals might buy them to scam you. So avoid these shops, they are gone for good!

Such will only steal your money!

Shenzhen Chemicals
shenzhenchemicals com
– – –
Zero positive feedback but a warning from a professional who tried to visit this “company” to no avail.

shengjiaolabresearchchemical.en.ecplaza net
WickR: SJAJennifer /
Wickr: jesseechem890 /
Wickr: judy965 /
Wickr: yilia23 /
rcchemsupply com

Hebei Shengji’ao Biotechnology Trading Co., Ltd. is a scam. They would offer “free” samples worth 10 USD but charge you 90 USD for shipping!

They promise delivery guarantee and a free reship, but if they make a mistake and the parcel is delivered to the wrong address or gets lost, they will refuse to do a reship.

They would constantly lie about their stock and advertise products they do not even plan to offer.

They claim to manufacture worldwide banned substances like Fentanyl and U-48880, which they, of course, cannot.

– – –

They also go by the name Deepiont Biotechnology.
Known Scammer
tgc-rc ru

Shops has always been sketchy, wants to make everybody believe that he would stock any product at any time, even when it was sold out on the whole planet…


Two guys from the Ukraine moved to Moscow to be safe from LE. Their website, however, and their domains (internet addresses) are not safe from prosecution and get taken down permanently. This sketchy shop needs to switch to new domains and servers all the time so they operate multiple scam websites under different names.
Known Scammer

XianChong (XC)
📌 Trusted Shop Review with photos:
XianChong, February 2020

+ + +

Gone for good.

This vendor went out of business in April, 2021.
Outstanding orders were not processed, so this was an exit scam.
People lost their money.

+ + +

See for yourself:

+ + +

A long established vendor who ships from Shanghai.

Uses glorifying reviews as marketing strategy, as many other shops do as well. Some of their products are worthwhile, though.

Make sure to always ask for the current price list and stock before placing an order.

Also, always double-check if the price in Bitcoins he sends you is correct. See details about his business ethics in the shop review (see link above).

Some products are surprisingly good, others seem somewhat boring or are extremely caustic. Benzodiazepines are usually of high quality.

His prices seem to constantly rise, in addition he charges 40 USD for shipping although they use a cheap and slow mail carrier.

Please keep in mind that they do not offer a reship guarantee.


STAY AWAY FROM EVERYONE listed SCAMMER / SHOP CEMETERY – you will only lose money.

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  1. DE is solid as fuck, been here longer than any vendor I can think of. Maybe the “forums” you speak of where shitfuck domestic vampire vendors claimed his name and stole money from the idiots who don’t understand the importance of being part of a forum with MODERATION i.e. CF and RR. vendors and newbie members shy away from legitimate forums because they arent used to consequences for rule breaking. Things like MENTIONING HC in a vendor’s thread hmmm??

    These are the same kids who had no problem with exposing the best kept secret to the front page of the average 14 year old’s internet feed.

    DE is not a fuck. He is a no-bullshit vendor risking his ass for at least 8 years now. He is not responsible for pyrromaniacs and bartards who gave their money to the OTHER cancer that has been manifesting in the form of grey market domestic terrorists. Join a real RC site with moderators who actually moderate. Get with the fucking program because the video game sites and whatever other shit hubs that spawned from the reddit bust are now eating the scene from the inside. They are doing LE’s job for them.

    “please understand it”

    1. That dude is responsible for hundreds of people who have lost tens of thousands of dollars. An impersonator was spamming that former 3mmc-com/chemprate/SCAMMER forum. That dude scammed people all over the world, and this shitface fuck chinaman DE did not do anything. He was just absent. If I was aware of someone scamming people in my name (a criminal organization based in India actually tried that last year), I would at least have updated my paste to make clear that this impersonator’s email was a fake.

      I believe that DE was impersonating himself……………….

      The problem is that before someone registered RC SCENE, only full metal jackass retarded criminal dumbasses from the US (= ALL REDDIT DISCORD & OTHER FORUMS) and Dopek (who are not to blame, why should they care about a vendor outside their franchise) were available for trying to find out who is a scammer and who is a real man.

      If it weren’t for that idiotic guy from Moscow, who had registered that forum for two shady vendors, thousands of people would not have been scammed. Then again, I also visited that forum from time to time and learned to know a guy from France who explained to me he had no idea how to tell if a shop was safe or scam. That abyss that forum had caused made me think and realize that my thought to be utterly useless nonsense knowledge about the research chemical scene could actually turn out to help people from getting scammed.

      I, unfortunately, lost contact with him, but if there would not have been a guy from France telling me he had no clue how to recognize a safe or scam shop, I would – this is real – today be provoking our interior minister in a way that will force him to sue me. He – this is real – tries to sue one of us, and if any state attorney should follow our dumbass interior minister’s instructions, RC SCENE will be on break.

      I happen to share a group of acquaintances with that retard, and I think if he sues me, I would have evidence enough to prove that he indeed is corrupt. That was on the news lately; I really thought of switching accounts,

      Well, whatever.

      DE is a douche.

      1. DE is wanted by the US government also. I sent you a link in an email awhile back a few months ago showing you who dragon eric really was. (funny how his name is Eric)

    2. PS: I don’t care about other forums. A legit vendor may always contact me and become mentioned if he is trustworthy, reliable, responsible/knows what he is doing. The new promising vendors in the US section here are the most honest guys you will find in the scene.

      They contacted me because they believed me. When I say I do not charge fees and neither could be bribed and all I want us portraying the scene, then fat fuck losers like scammer Sellkies would not believe me. Pathetic scammers cannot imagine that someone would be doing something out of sheer interest. The US promising new vendors all think like me. While Sellkies & Co. cannot understand that someone would not try to scam, we cannot understand why someone would want to steal from others.

      LegitRC, Perry, and Brian are just cool people. I don’t really know Vyren and Moon, but none of them has or will ever scam anybody,

      RC SCENE was the #1 RC site in North America after 3 or so months. Now, we are 11 months old and #1 worldwide. Although not being a forum, RC SCENE creates more traffic than all three US forums together.

      Vendors on dread, Discord, Wickr, etc. will always scam you.

      Once RC SCENE will be two years old, our Google ranking will skyrocket. I think I will cooperate with another platform to drive scammers out of business big time. If politicians don’t go mental and we find one or two permanent team members (I am looking for people with outstanding skills AND some spare time, the personal question is the only thing that could RC SCENE slow down from makuíng the world a better place. 11 months and more than 200,000 man-hours did pay off. Finding competent team members is something I was never good at in. When I used to check applications I would always call back people of which I thought to be nice to talk to. I think I should start a separate blog for my diary 😁


        Yes every site you mentioned are corrupt cowshit from the start. Every DNM, discord, wickerbasket, or other “r/rcsources” refugee site were built to scam idiots who think there are legal drugs available online and big bad reddit poop head moderators ruined all the fun. Any idiot who joined any site you or I just mentioned is a FUCKING SIMPLETON who has no business buying drugs on shady ass sites created by exit scammers.

        Reddit should never have done what they did. They introduced tens of thousands of kids to a little internet secret that was getting along just fine where it belonged: UNDERGROUND. There were always scammers here and there, but before reddit fucked it all up and aired out everyones dirty laundry, there used to be actual quality control.

        Look I appreciate your site and I think you have good intentions. But there used to be a site that had a database dating back before 2010 with hundreds of vendors who all had a rating from 1-100. And the members who submitted reviews were TRUSTED because most of them were involved in the scene when vendors like gay perry was in middle school. That site got hacked because the internet is a fucked place plain and simple. But at least there was a time when you could trust that every new member and every new vendor had to be invited in by someone who vouched for them, and that person also had to be invited in. Its not sees candy its supposed to be willy wonka and the golden invite only ticket or else anybody could just walk in and snatch the candy out of the little babies mouths because no one was fucking moderating.

        The dumb fucks who got scammed on those shithole drug den crack house websites you mentioned, they learned the hard way. Why do you give a fuck about any idiot that thinks a drug website with no rules is safe? There were forums (right up until a few days ago actually) that had admins, mods, members and vendors that actually gave a fuck about the scene. You have to earn the right to vend, put in the work and at least try to represent yourself as a business, then the community might actually consider letting you in the club.

        This is pointless you clearly dont know anything about the history of the scene. Why do you think there are no more trustworthy US based vendors anymore, when there were hundreds just 5 years ago? You think anyone was buying retail packs from the NL with their fingers crossed hoping the government dkesnt sent them a big fat red “HAY GOT UR DRUGS LOL WELCOME TO THE SHIT LIST”.

        do you know why most of these drugs are legal in the US, but illegal everywhere else? Except of course the one country the US has no consumer trade relationship with?

        Dragon eric lol you are a fucking fool. If you find yourself in a situation where you think “hmm, I’m not positive this guy isn’t going to scam me”, then you are probably already in the jack pot. Please understand it.

        1. DE is listed under avoid because it’s his fault that so many people got scammed in his name. He could just have updated his paste or sent an email to some forum mod. If not explicitly listed, all vendors here are reliable shippers. Even Rechemco is under “avoid” for offering BTCP, and Rechemco is great.

          There are shop descriptions, I don’t get why nobody reads them.

          I remember safe or scam. It was not unbiased/authentic at all. Some shops had more negative reviews that they probably receive orders in ten years. I do not like the idea of a forum at all.

          Especially in the US, people would give 10/10 stars because they are happy the parcel arrived. Those pre-formatted reviews are just stupid. Once every vendor has his own site, you could theoretically discuss vendors like you are used to in forums. However, I am not interested in any made-up lies. People like Proximo and Sellkies offer free drugs for leaving negative reviews about their competitors (and about RC SCENE,) how dumb is that?

          RC SCENE is neither a shopping guide nor will it ever become a rating platform. What we think we could do is creating a forum to report scammers that will be connected with similar sites’ databases, so that a scammer will immediately be listed on various websites. But this is something for Autumn.

          It’s the same problem again: Someone would need to check if the complaint is authentic? That’s just empty meters, I still think a positive list is ideal. Scammers change their identities so often, I am not sure if we could keep up with them.

          PS: While I had no clue about the many scammers, I used to browse US forums back in the days, because, in US forums, vendors would often give away free products. Guess from where my free product was shipped? From the Netherlands 😉

        2. PS: If drugs were legal in the US, why would vendors hide? Of course, it’s illegal to sell opiates to children.

        3. Hi again,

          Would you like to co-author an article about how the US scene has changed over the years?
          Unless you are a collector like me, I will gladly support you in finding screenshots, etc.

          Also, I think at least one person already offered to explain the US scene’s history as soon as he finds time.

          I can’t pay as Jacob does, and I understand that a small XMAS present is more of a gesture than a fair salary; If you think you could do an interesting article, please email me. Briefly describe the “chapters,” estimate how long it would take you and what you would want for it.

          If it is a good read, I could imagine translating it for RC SCENE DE (Germany), and also Jacob (Netherlands) might add your article to his blog.

          So far, everyone here has contributed for free. If a text is engaging, I would love to compensate the authors. April should be the last month this year costing a fortune; there should be a tiny budget available from then on.

          If interested, please drop me a line.
          PS: Don’t worry, I will answer, but not before April.

          (We are dealing with a problem as stupid as it gets: The search index can’t handle the many emails anymore, so I could not even find the person who offered such an article earlier this year.)

          I would be super happy to hear from you!


          1. I know you won’t post this because it’s negative, but honestly, you are not helping this scene. As a matter of fact, you are hurting it by bringing unnecessary traffic to the scene. Just because a vendor carries something that you don’t agree with doesn’t mean they are a bad vendor. And DE had someone impersonating him and created a fake website. Oh, and yes I’m from the US and proud of it.

            1. About three (maybe even five) years ago, mass media decided to no mention NPS anymore. Since things went downhill: Scammers everywhere, prices rising, mislabeled substances, absurdly toxic substances leading to more and more hospitalizations, no quality control, etc.

              Independent testing substances by a third-party lab before offering them for sale last year has had some impact. LegitRC and Perry work professionals, and in the Netherlands, they even founded an association of NPS distributors that will define quality standards. Shops that stick to those will be allowed to add a quality seal to their websites.

              RC SCENE is the only site that took the time to investigate methyl piperazine derivatives and managed to quote from the original scientific study. Besides the fact that only greedy assholes would offer new opiates in the middle of an opiate crisis, those substances have led to many many hospitalizations; they are toxic as hell.

              RC SCENE brought you reliable, responsible, professional, and honest vendors that will never scam anybody. Kinochems was my mistake, I should have taken him off the site instead of watching him collapsing, but he had stopped communicating with me; I had no clue what was going on. I offered him help, would have covered the costs for a diagnosis by a good psychiatrist. He did not take that well, and we since do not exchange emails anymore. Mr. Sellkies tricked me; sorry for that.

              That Perry & team yesterday decided upon a customer cap is insane. Compared to Perry, Joel Paracelsus is a bloody amateur running a small business. That I introduced him in a text that left open if he was for real or a scammer and people started ordering with him and were so happy about his service that he became a word to mouth hype is nothing but proof that RC SCENE is the most trusted source. We are completely unbiased.

              Any honest vendor may contact me. 99% of US vendors want to scam their customers selectively; they are nuts.

              Go back to your anonymous Wickr scammers, hide in the Discord kindergarten, and get scammed there as well. RC SCENE is not telling you what to do. It is a present to the community – take it or leave it.

              We are about one year online now. Not a single vendor mentioned on RC SCENE got in trouble. Many vendors even found ways to pay taxes. Yeah, Joel was arrested. I took down the updated article since he contacted me again and provided so much information – that is not 100% consistent with the first version describing the incident. The incident was, however, a personal issue and had nothing to do with NPS. The updated, the corrected article will be re-published soon.

              When RC SCENE went online, hundreds of Death threats flooded the mailbox, all concerned about openly discussing the scene.

              After a year, we now know:
              – 0 vendors mentioned on RC SCENE busted.
              – 3,000 Darknet vendors busted.

              Not discussing things is a problem; it opens the doors for criminals. I study communications, social sciences, and trust me. I have legendary idols that made the invisible public improve the former invisible community’s environment.

              I started this project as a present, to help you from falling for scammers, and to achieve collecting so many portraits and publishing articles about how the scene evolved and changed to, in the end, be able to provide a group photo of us.

            2. I ordered from perry paste bin from neatworkkat whom I was understanding was perry’s partner. And with the good reviews I ordered, spent 90$ but haven’t received nothing going on 2 weeks. I finally got ah hold of perry who said I broke the rules when it came to the questions I asked which is why he didn’t deal with me. I didn’t know about asking questions was breaking rules. I wish I had known. Then I ordered from [ (..) | Never heard of them, sorry. | edit, K. ]. They said my order was shipped march 30 but I have a feeling they got me too.

            3. Did you happen to ask something about Human Consumption?
              Perry is not your man anyways, contact Kat if you ordered with Kat.

            4. I don’t approve comments written by idiots. Criticism is no problem at all, ideas are welcome as well.. Since I work precisely and professionally and check every article before publishing them, you would need to be really really good to find a critique I could not counter, answer and explain. 😉

  2. I almost forgot about a kind of substance warning:

    LS lsresearchchems
    LF longflourish
    Panda theresearchchemsclub

    …are currently sending a bunk Clonazolam batch. Quote: “cut shit,” “horrible.”

  3. TG and all affiliates seem to have vanished


        A really, really sketchy shop, not only known for scamming and mislabeled substances but for some reason, do they always lose their domains and servers. You need a judge to rule such. Two wealthy Russians own the shop, I couldn’t even tell what exactly they do (I assume selling highly toxic and mislabeled substances), but they lose their domains all the time.

        1. oh the grateful. I have always thought of them to be a bit sketchy and seemingly non trustworthy so I never even thought twice about them. They seemed fake to me in my ‘first glance’ of their site so I never considered them as a resource. I think there are reports all over the net about them being bad business.

  4. poopooslanga123 Avatar

    Giving longflourish a shot. A-pihp sounds good. Too many issues with NL. Atm

    1. longflourish is okay but I use their sister site lsresearchchems only. Alan is a good guy from lsrc. Many years of emails between him and I formed a friendship.

      1. poopooslanga123 Avatar

        The @ pee eye h Pea is kinda weird. If you like @ pee h Pea and the same from other vendors then I dont recommend theirs. It was highly underwhelming under a certain r.o.a. (cloudy) then the sea or red it changed it was like a psychedelic. Complete 180 from what I’m used to and I’ve researched a fair bit of pee h pea from a bunch of vendors. I’m new to pee eye h pea but it is way different from what I’ve read in articles. In fact I got rid of a ton of it because it scared the shit out of me

  5. Have good experiences with ***** [ edit, K. ] and with Leon. I don’t think you list is very accurate.

    1. The first shop charges a fortune and even scams his bulk vendors from time to time. They are really sketchy, not too many RC vendors constantly lose their domain and server and have to relocate all the time…

      Leon is providing US street dealers with a schedule I substances big time. This RC thing is just a shop front.

      Also, he / his company (they have sales agents sharing these accounts, you would sometimes talk to just anybody) I have seen two times scamming a customer. The first two orders went fine, as soon as bigger amounts were ordered, they would either not ship at all or somehow arrange that the parcel gets redirected to Hong Kong without that the customer would have had a chance to ever receive his order. Also, when Leon fucks up, e.g. forgets to mention the ZIP code and the package cannot be delivered of course, and although promising delivery guarantee with a free reship he would simply ignore you, play dead and never reship.

      These cases happened with people I know, we have collected the evidence somewhere, but no one found time or motivation to publish the two articles yet..

      chem-vendor, tinaprochems, goodchemshop, and like 40 more are with this criminal organization by the way.

    2. I don’t believe RC Leon targets everybody for scamming or selective scamming until the big bucks if this happens at all. And we don’t know if his legit encounters are even real except for one or two. But thats not enough to convince me to shop with any of the three of them.
      **********************Please correct me if I am wrong************************
      And his two partners which may actually be him running three different fishing poles for clientele, such as the police. Since they don’t give a fuck.

       However I wasn't able to get him to answer a simple question, and he just ghosted wont email or anything. seems like a shoddy service whipped up in a bath tub one could assume (not knowing makes this a possibility).

      He claims too have stock stateside or did claim that, but when he was asked in 3 dialects English as well as Mandarin and Cantonese (spelling?). He quit talking after I asked him if it was here stateside as he self proclaimed at the time, and if it was ready to be shipped for lab research, on combustible point and melting point, and various other weird experiments. I Had no ill intention, and didn’t feel I stepped out of bounds being friendly. He just quit talking to me after a few days. And I really wanted to try the etiz, since it’s a lot weaker than that shit that got me in trouble.

      So that tells me a couple things:
      * He may selectively scam, after getting you hooked when you spend the big order. (un verified that this has occurred)
      * He may send wrong shit? If it’s banned he may be selling you an analog of an analog but sayin its the parent just for your money dawg.
      * He has a hit and miss anecdotal stories about himself and his way of business.
      Some bad bad some decent. So I personally can’t ever seeing fucking with him.

      I wanted to place an order with him for a dime for a note like he says but after ghosting communication I don’t feel he may be very trustworthy. But this was three months ago, and he may have changed. I’ve been living under a rock I guess you could say.

      Seems like an invite only inner circle should have knowledge of how and where to obtain various legal compounds for scientific study and documentation. 🙁 Scientific Innovation will be missed. A true invite only and only if you deserved it.

      But back on topic, I personally wouldn’t spend my money on any of the three companies that work with RCLEON its just a fishing operation to catch and dummy after they send you the real deal once or twice til you get comfortable from what I heard. However I may be wrong and it may be the meds talking. anyhow I’ve never dealt with him but I did really want to try his etiz, Since it was rumored to be good. and if he had it stateside in his warehouse I probably would have fucked with him to see if scam or legit even after these scam calls towards his name. I think he picks and chooses IF he does it.

      Flap had me out there bro its good from my vendor and if he has it i need to make an order today. I lost my last one to unfortunate circumstances. However the flap was amazing, and apparently it takes a fuck ton to OD on, because I just felt in lala land an hour after I snorted a fat rail of it due to upcoming actions to occur. Although I could feel a tiny salt grain worth of the shit. I went all out since I knew where I was going for no reason of my own fault.

      I was great, I couldn’t understand words though they blended in to each other in blobs of sounds. But the anxiolytic effect was there heavy, but it didnt make me want to sleep. It made me want to party. However sleep was not imminent, you can stay awake on that substance. Even though I insufflated the equivalent of around 1000 xanax bars I was okay. I withdrew like hell for nearly half a month but it was a fun few day ride. I slept alot day 2 and 3 however.

      1. Take care with Flualprazolam, it has an immensely strong memory suppressing effect.

        From what I observed, RCLeon and Co. will send you 3 times a kilo and then scam you and scam you again. However, they are based in HongKong (at least most of their sales agents are) and if you send them a link like knowing that the Feds have offices all over the planet, they ship pretty fast considered that these criminals that had been ghosting you for a month already after your payment arrived…

        1. FLUALP
          However with that substance a grain of salt speck is plenty enough for a dose just be patient and it’ll creep up on you, do not chop a rail out and insufflate it, you very well may die – I at that time did not care, I was ready to see my maker instead of what was coming. However I did around 1000 doses and survived, with mild benzo cross-tolerance. So it seems to have a wide safety margin.

          The overall trip was around 2 days maybe well into the third. 2nd and 3rd days you sleep very well. However I noticed withdrawal effects well into the near month period from only rarely using it, but I did superman a dose since one quarter of one milligram is all you need, 250(-+25) milligrams is overkill and dangerous. I am sure anyone would be fine taking 0.001 of a gram, however 0.25 is a bit way overkill. It was fun as fuck while it lasted, until the shit that went down and had me tied up since. I assume an active metabolite may hang around well after the initial compound is gone and done for, which causes extended sedation and euphoria. But one more time I advise no one do this and learn from my mistake. I could have very well fallen out dead with a seizure and been no more.

          I do however regret I never got to experiment on the other more potent compound of the same class I had. I lost that bag during the “goings on” which made me loose the rest of my flualp.
          I did not notice much amnesia, some however. As I did not realize I had gotten my ass kicked and handed to me. I couldn’t feel anything. Any emotion nor any pain. Nor did I have a care in the world. I was inebriated enough that I would have welcomed the president of America with a slap to the face instead of a handshake and not understand what was wrong with my greeting.

          In low doses of around 100 MICROGRAMS to 250 MICROGRAMS this substance is very much active and recreational. Not as much “fun” as xanax- however it still has some of those qualities and is a more functional high than being totally gone on xanax without being able to properly function talk or think. Only until high doses of FLUALP do really what I would call negative side effects kick in.

          I would advise no one to drink if ingesting (not suggesting to ingest) flualp stay off ALL OTHER COMPOUNDS I bet there is plenty of potential ones to lower a seizure threshold or lead to respiratory failure. So use care and learn what the fuck you are doing if you decide to fuck up your lives kids.

          1. Just to give an impression, how much 250mg of Flualprazolam is: Smokeys have their pellets dosed 1mg each. So you took like 250 pellets at once.

            Side effects of that substance might include Dizziness, blackouts, irritability and end in a bad hangover and an addiction problem. Also: 1mg is already considered a heavy dose!

            The LD50 of Flualprazolam (taken orally) is said to be 5,600 mg/kg in rats(*). Just because something doesn’t immediately kill you, such an overdose could still cause long-term side effects, hurt your CNS forever, etc.

            The sun will sure shine again 🔆🌻🍀🎈

            Take care!

            ( (*) source:

            1. on Flualp again.
              I agree long term effects can happen. Because about the fifteenth day I noticed a lot of stomach issues such as upset in general and I had the feelings of withdrawal creeping in on me And I wondered why they took so long to hit *they were not severe but not mild^ and seriously delayed…. It may not have been that long after the heroic dose. But I do recall wondering why the withdrawal took so long nearly ten to fifteen days maybe to kick in. I had chills also, and restless legs as well as a few other small unlisted negativities I didn’t really like such as foggy thinking racing thoughts, wondering about suicide, and a whole slew of other negative side effects coming from the withdrawal from this substance. It was calmed -all the withdrawal symptoms- by taking a weak barbiturate which nearly instantly ended the slight agony I was feeling and returned me almost to my pre-week OR two long binge and “disappearance for 3 months”. I will say flualp will make you tell someone exactly what you think of them, and have you talking to all kinds of people all crazy without a single fuck: of what you are saying, or if you are making sense or not. I swear on that approximate quarter gram rail I heard people talking in the charlie brown adult voice a little over an hour later, which resulted in my ass getting kicked and I rode the lightning because apparently I was disobeying a direct order. Never the less I felt nothing I just noticed the matted blood in my hair and my red eyeball 2 or possibly 3 days later when I woke from the stupor and was only in a daze to mild thought fog state of mind.

              There is some actual medicinal potential for this compound, and I hope large double blind placebo controlled studies may be done on it to find it’s very specific properties. This stuff felt really different, it felt like a benzo but not a benzo at the same time. I know it did not induce sleep as most benzos I have encountered. And it even had a paradoxical effect, as I was cleaning and rewiring the fuck out of my house for two solid days and worked around a 30 hour straight period, all only on caffeine kratom and flualp in mild doses only slightly increasing as I went. I think I got up to a whole 2 or 3 salt grains sized dosage eyeballed (I figured the ld50 was safe enough to eyeball it. if not maybe I needed to go take a dirt nap anyhow) I am really disappointed in the way it destroys logic, if you have any sense of logic it is far beyond out the window when on just about any active (not so pronounced at thresh-hold) dose of this stuff. Do not take it and have shit to do because you will find new things to do as if you had some serious adhd shit wrong with you. I rewired the electrical on the back part of the house, without even really knowing I did or was, until at the end of my 30 hour spring cleaning project that I couldn’t seem to pull myself from. Not for any reason besides the rare occasional piss or bite to eat did i really seem to grasp reality from the seemingly eternal happy I had found within a lovely orange powder that didn’t come from a tang container.
              I hadn’t felt that great in awhile-since mainlining relatively high purity carfentanyl bi hourly (we all have a past I choose to acknowledge my mistakes and learn not to do them again) . The euphoria I experienced hours before my :1unwanted,2unwasted,3intentionally,4unintentional,5circumstancial heroic dose. Because who the hell would want to waste dope right? I just may if I encounter such circumstances in the future, however I doubt such as the problems of that long night are not within my life anymore and have been cut out like a bad cancer. My worst moment on the substance was the very harsh let down back into reality days later. It was excruciating. Waking up fucking sober after using all my happy chemicals up… reminiscent of a fucking awful ecstasy comedown. I wanted to cry but I don’t know if my body knew how to make tears at that point. Because it had me out for a long period of time at that heroic dose. I slept pretty damned well even AFTER coming back to reality.
              If anyone has any information of the possible or probable metabolic pathway flualp takes and if any metabolites may be active please feel free to comment. I definitely noticed something that was not really normal, but then again I don’t know if I understood or could even have defined normal at the point of time in which I fell from the second most euphoric peak I have hit in my lifetime, only super-ceded by a complete and full saturation of my bodies opiate receptors for a very prolonged period of time.
              This is a feel good drug I bet it works wonders for ptsd and social anxiety if the dosages were tweaked to perfection for the individual seeking relief from such disorders. I wish I could have given a better writeup of the experience, but it happened months ago, so you can kind of put two and two together and get where I was and what likely landed me there. Use care if you use at own risk. Enjoy life and dont strive for more than there is inside of what we call life. It is what it is and will never change. And with this I complete my writeup on the substance flualprazolam. It definitely has potential for medicine in a few aspects.
              Would I do it again? With more discipline and self control with the stash hidden so I wouldnt have to do it or lose it in certain circumstances where losing it included other serious consequences.

              And wouldnt you know it because of that night I lost my whole pack of flubromazolam, which I was really wanting to experience with a passion of a twelve year old waiting to lose their virginity.
              Drugs are bad mmmkay?
              Ill do your drugs so you can experience them vicariously through me. I do not condone nor advise any action I have spoken of. Please be careful and responsible. Otherwise you could very well not “be” anymore. Bet your death would be labeled as coronavirus though.

            2. Flualprazolam is a fluoro-derivative of Alprazolam. It heavily affects your GABA-receptors. If you fuck with that, you should not wonder if even months later, like a flashback should occur, meaning that you would, e.g., lose consciousness while waiting for the bus, without warning. It has no therapeutic use since it causes blackouts, no matter how low you would dose it. 1mg is said to be an OD already. These blotters that are available are way too strong. This thing has not ever been tested on Humans, afaik, the medicine with therapeutical use is already available and a lot more safe: Alprazolam…

              Please don’t kill yourself. I need your mathematical mind to solve a riddle. I don’t have the brains for that.

            3. This was released today, it feels like an answer to your posting in a way…

              [ Orono ]

              Hey, I’m sorry I left so suddenly
              I just wanted you to know I’m okay here

              It’s really hard being like, you know
              Like so far apart and all this distance

              And the silence, you know?

              Um, anyways, so, I’m gone
              But you know, I’ll still be here
              I’ll be with you

              And I’ll always love you, um

              [ Outro ]


              [ Orono ]



              ( The Avalanches – Ghost Story (ft. Orono) )


      1. Does he offer scheduled substances on the clearnet?

      This shop offers Carfentanyl, Crystal Meth, U4-7700, Amphetamine, Mephedrone, JHW-018, Ketamine, PCP, A-PVP, … #AVOID

      2. Have a look at the product pictures. Do they all look alike? Do they seem familiar, might they have been stolen from other web shops?

      Some product images are obviously stolen from I don’t remember where. Sometimes, they show powder, sometimes they show these bags. …#AVOID

      3. Are there any logical errors on the site or unusual things?

      They offer a Money-Back-Guarantee. Have you ever seen a shop selling drugs that would offer such?

      They claim they would accept payments via credit card. When checking out, however, no there is no credit card option available.

      …. #AVOID, SCAMMERS!

  6. I’m ready to place first time order with in a few days. Are they still the cream of the crop?

    1. Yes, but they started stocking toxic substances lately. Avoid their 2-Methyl-AP-237. Some substances are so toxic it does not matter if they are 99% pure, it’s 99% pure poison in the end.

      The hospitalizations mentioned here refer to their product:

      Take care!

  7. i have had an order stuck in ems china for over a month. XianChong is not responding to me and i just want a reship. i’d even be willing to split it with him. any ideas

    1. The order was delivered at 11:36 am on November 13, 2020 – one month and three days after it had been shipped. Mail is still slower than usual due to COVID. Would be nice if you posted an update 😉

  8. Avatar

    I am a silly cunt. [edited, K.]

    1. Dear, I know. I just found out 5 minutes ago when I had to edit your post since it contained a death threat and downplaying of a serious crime, namely smuggling schedule I drugs to the USA as committed by a criminal organization from China that is considered a criminal organization in China as well.

      The DEA is clear on what they categorize a crime: Dealing with Schedule I and II substances and all their analogues.

      Greetings to Kansas!

  9. It’s possible that the prices from grateful chemical are in Hong Kong Dollar?
    If not why should anyone pay so much.

    1. 😅

      Those two Russians want to make millions and there are obviously people who think that more expensive means safer, better, faster…

      In fact, the shop is pretty sketchy.

      I would never order with them, but they heavily invest into marketing and they do that exceptional well. They reach people who are completely new to the scene and still believe that reviews on Reddit or any other forum were real. And they reach opioid junkies who do not care about prices.

      Hong Kong Dollar 😀