Research Chemical (NPS) Vendors/Shops * in EUROPE

Last updated September 11, 2021

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This list was compiled to save you from scammers and definitely not to endorse you trying synthetic drugs! Whatever you do, please make sure to be familiar with your local legislation first! A product legal in the Netherlands could be a schedule I (yes, considered a hard drug just like heroin) already in their neighbouring country Belgium!

If you should experience issues with any of the shops listed, please click here, thank you!

+ + +

It’s a portrait of a subculture.

This makes us unique.

The idea is to produce one shop portrait/review/whatever with every vendor mentioned here and, hopefully, a story to tell and produce multimedia content as never seen before in the scene, quality photos or even videos.

* * *

This list of vendors does not rely on fake reviews as seen on Forums, Reddit, Trustpilot etc.

This list does not mention random vendors or even sponsors.

(Well, actually, few interesting vendors are being added ongoing.)

This list was compiled was compiled a handful of friends.
You cannot buy being mentioned here.
You can always say hello, though.

* * *

We cannot place test orders with all the shops all the time, unfortunately.
Sharing your experiences and providing updates means a lot to us.

Your photos and reviews are more than welcome!


Whatever you do please make sure to be familiar with the harm that drugs cause.

The scene is defined by people with severe mental health issues.

René, Sellkies, that dude dealing with autism losing thousands of dollars to scammers ever year and impossible to talk to because his emails do not make any sense, are just threee of us.

Besides from Auti, Sellki, and René, this is NOT a hen or egg problem! Recreational drugs definitely cause harm that cannot be undone. There is no undo button for your brains. If you are prone to psychoses, and experience a drug-induced psychoses – good night & good luck.

If you struggle with depression, anxiety, problems falling asleep, etc., please FUCKING SEEK A PROFESSIONAL! Talk to your doctor before it gets worse!

Don’t even think of doing stuff like Benzodiazepins on a daily basis. Stop them after 14 days the latest.

Don’t try Dissoziatives, they are poisoning your brain.


* * *

NPS are considered trash.

The content below is about recreational drugs and greedy peeps wanting to get richer and richer.

Serious drug testing services warn you if your, e.g., MDMA pill contained unknown/probably toxic as hell trash substances aka NPS/Research chemicals. We do not know what they sell us. I can tell you for sure that many do not care at all. Many do not even know.

The profit margin is A LOT higher than with common drugs. For many, that’s the only reason they offer you trash substances.

The average NPS had never been allowed to be tested on living creatures. And you still think of ordering?

Maybe talk to a doctor. Thank you!


The Strokes – You Only Live Once
2006, live @ Oxegen Festival. Ireland

An info icon

Listen! Shop reviews and portraits mean immense work. While the [ Trusted Shop Reviews ] usually tell the history of a vendor of which some seem to have been around forever, and show photos of products usually from at least two separate orders placed within maybe half a year, ideally by different persons, they are still a snapshots of a short period in time. Nothing more, nothing less. This is unbiased worldwide exclusive original content. Still, vendors and their products are volatile: Quality, service, communication and reliability change all the time. All vendors have their ups and downs, are unpredictable. So are their products. NPS have caused thousands of tragedies and even fatalities all over the planet already.

EUROPE – RC Vendors (NPS) that are said to ship

EUROPE – Shops that are said to ship according to anonymous forum postings

EUROPE – The Swedes (of unknown status) 🌟🧪🩹🤴👸✍👩‍🔬👨‍🔬

EUROPE – Shops of unknown status

EUROPE – Shops to #Avoid


EUROPE – Shops that started to scam


EUROPE – Shops Cemetery

Such will only steal your money!

  • Chemtheory
  • GRandKG
  • Joker RC
  • Lisergia Wave
  • New Forms
  • silkmixture/s
  • Synthetics pro
A megaphone and a text: "Listen! This vendor/shop is gone for good. Do NOT contact them. Do NOT google them. Why? Because scammers (copycats) have already created email accounts and shops going by similar names only to steal your money. Do NOT react to such if contacted!
This vendor/shop is gone for good. Do not contact him and do not fall for copycats/impersonators contacting you. They will all scam you.

Shop List Europe: RC Vendors that are said to ship

+ Not really an RC Shop but similar: They offer plant-based psychedelics (e.g. mushrooms), Kratom leaves (an Opiate), CBD-products (a non psychoactive version of weed), Nootropics and Herbal extracts.
+ They also offer weed seeds as well a great variety of variety of accessories like bongs, vaporizers and grinders.
+ Netherlands
📌 Trusted Shop Review with Photos:
PREDATOR-RC Review 05/2020.

First of all, you need to be registered with the shop.
Please directly contact the very funny Mr. Predator.

– – –

Option 1: Clearnet
Payment interface and emails do not work.
So, after placing your order, send an email with your order number to pr21@TUTANOTA.COM They will provide you with payment instructions. This is the only email that is available at the moment, also for complaints, etc.

– – –

Option 2: Darknet (TOR network)
Here, the payment interface works. The shop requires JavaScript and Ad-Blockers to be disabled to work proper. pr21@TUTANOTA.COM is the contact address also here. A description on how to access the TOR-Network will follow soon.

* * *


Originating from Poland, part of the “Polish Scene” which means affordable prices starting from 5 Euros a gram, but also sometimes volatile quality. That said, recently added products (since 05/2020) seem all clean and better than ever.

– – –

Their website is in Polish.

Use a web browser like Google Chrome or the new Microsoft Edge Chromium, these will automatically translate foreign websites for you.

From time to time, they would only work half-time, and only stock like 15 products, while customers would start complaining about the slow processing of their orders. So far, they have always made a comeback, fulfilling open orders and stocking around 40 products again with quick delivery as usual. Predator is a sponsor of forum, he even is the most active user there. If you are uncertain and do not want to order in times when they would be partly closed, check out for reviews and updates. They speak English, don’t be irritated by the fact that the forum and most postings are Polish.

– – –

They celebrate a special almost every day: On Mondays, you receive free 3-CMC, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, you can chose products of your choice for free, respectively not for free but for matching the amount you pay for shipping, Wednesday is free 4-CMC, and every weekend, they will surprise you with a special like up to 6 grams of Hexen added to your order.

Important: You need to mention the free samples in the comment field during checkout, otherwise you will not receive anything for free!

Use an app like Microsoft Bing translator and your mobile phone to take a picture of the weekend specials written in Polish only. This app can translate text from photos!

Cathinones, Psychedelics, Dissociativa, Benzodiazepines, Cannabinoids, Nootropics, etc.

📌 Trusted Shop Review with Photos: in: Amphetamine Days 08/2020.


+ + +

+ + +

Tim, Roxy and the packing department moved from Canada to the Netherlands to expand their business.

They are by far the friendliest RC vendors I have met so far.

Unlike Rarechems or The Real RC and many others they respect the law and neither ship to the US nor to the UK.

They enjoy writing and sending email newsletters. The one on Friday is sent on a regular basis, but from time to time, they also advertise discounts or introduce new products during the week.

They are said to act professionally and that they a generous with adding free goodies to your order.

They offer a wide range of chemicals, amphetamines, Tryptamines, uppers, Psychedelics, Dissociatives and CBD products (which is basically weed without THC and won’t make you high but help you relax.

They also offer sample packs, like e.g. a Tryptamine sample pack.

This is original: They offer merchandise articles, T-Shirts, Anti-Stress-Balls, bottle openers, pens and many more 🙂
📌 Trusted Shop Review with Photos: EU-Retail, July, 2020.


Are back and want to know it again

Ship from an unsuspicious country

Lowered some of their prices

Various sample packs and new products have been added

Delivery guarantee

They ship within the EU only

– – –
Their order processing seems to be super slow in 2020.
Also, their Payment Interface would not always work, so your order might neither appear on the website nor will you receive a confirmation email. Please be patient. Open a support ticket, they will ship, it might just take them longer to than one would expect. PS: Shipping within Europe currently takes up to three weeks.

RCN – Research Chemicals Kopen
📌 Review coming soon

Ships only within the Netherlands

RCN used to be an outstanding shop. While a shop from Spain would deliver the best uppers, RCN would serve the by far strongest Empathogens (entactogens) available.

When SI expanded to the Netherlands, they would sometimes share stock from the same warehouse with them, e.g. Tryptamines.

Things have changed since. Not only in Spain, but as far as I could tell RCN ownership had changed two times, the current personnel would not even remember that they once used to ship EU-wide.

Nonetheless, they still ship pure and whenever possible shining white powders.
Also, fast order processing and same-day shipping have not changed.

They say they already have a plan for the times after the Dutch NPS ban will come, but already as of today, many of their products are alternatives to alternatives that used to be great chemistry.

They still offer a broad selection from Nootropics to Amphetamines, all the classics and many of them in various forms like Pellets, Fluids, Blotters, Powders, Crystals and Microdots (micro dosed Blotters), nothing to complain, actually;
but browsing through their alternative products for the recently banned Ethylphenidate, gives me headaches. It’s almost like politicians wanted me to order illicit stuff from the Darknet instead of Research Chemicals….


Smokey’s chem site and GR8 Research Chemical EU are one and the same company, share office, stock, staff etc. // Smokey’s ships worldwide, GR8 only within the EU // GR8 EU tend to have more products in stock and offer a 20% discount for payments done via Bitcoin. So, if you live in Europe, you would want to order with GR8, if you live outside the European Union you would order with Smokey’s who also ships to the US. // There are rumors in some forums, claiming GR8 were scammers. Bullshit.

Smokey’s Chem Site
📌 Review coming soon


Ships worldwide including to the USA

Decent Quality

“Matt” founded the shop already in 2010 in the UK before due to the UK NPS ban he had to re-locate to the Netherlands.

Live Support Chat available 24/7

This shop was built for the US / international market, GR8 CHEMICALS-EU for European customers.

The same team as GR8 CHEMICALS-EU, sharing one office, but with SMOKEYS shipping worldwide and offering a slightly different product range.

They are a bit more expensive than GR8 CHEMICALS-EU and do not offer a 20$ discount when paid via Bitcoin.

Besides from the usual Research Chemicals, they also stock Cannabinoids, Cannabis seeds, C-Liquids, CBD-products (a non-psychoactive version of Cannabis), Blends, Health Supplements, Herbal blends mixed with synthetic Cannabinoids and SARMS (anabolic drugs).

Both in German and American sourcing forums, SMOKEYS is said to have little success with delivering to the US. I actually counted the forum members who were complaining and those that said their order arrived as expected, and on both (Germany) and on dbg (USA), there were by far more satisfied customers than disappointed ones.

SMOKEYS seems to not be willing to pay to these forums, so these forums create fake accounts spreading lies…

GR8 Research Chemicals EU

📌 Review coming soon


Ships to EU-countries only

24/7 Live Chat Support!

Sticks to the law

Decent quality

20% Discount on all orders paid via Bitcoin or other Cryptocurrencies!

Given this discount, especially their Benzodiazepine Blotters, Pellets and Powers are of really good value.

They also stock Cannabinoids, C-Liquids, Cannabis Seeds, Blends (substances mixed together as powders, pellets and in capsules) and CBD-products (a non-psychoactive version of Cannabis).

While they offer a wide variety of products, they do not offer “harder stuff” like likely to lead to psychotic episodes Pyrovalerone.

Some of their products are not as good as others. They buy a lot from Lizard Labs (a manufacturer and wholesaler in the Netherlands) but those, for reasons unknown, seem to not be able to constantly provide provide them with quality products? Some powders (not the Benzos, though) feel definitely weak.

GR8 is an affiliate of Smokeyschemsite, They share one office and are one team but for legal reasons, they needed create a separate shop for worldwide shipping. This one would be Smokey’s, which does not carry all products GR8 can offer.
📌 Photos. Mini-Shop-Review & Discussion

Please note: We received multiple reports of their 3-MMC to be disappointing, that does not mean that every batch will be the same and feedback on their other products is good.

B2B & B2C wholesaler shipping from the Netherlands.

Minimum order amount are 100 grams for 4 Euros each.
📌 Trusted Shop Review with Photos: Chem Cloud 12/2020 & Discussion


High delivery success rate,
for orders outside the European Union, you may contact them via email.

When they started they seemed to be an affiliate of Predator-RC, but more professionally acting. Meanwhile, they offer a broader mix of substances mostly sourced from Alex Cheap.

Low prices starting from 10 to 15 Euros a gram.
Volatile quality, some products are extremely good, others have such low purity that they are not even worth 10 Euros a gram.


Free shipping on orders placed during the weekend!

Quick customer support, fun guys

📌 Trusted Shop Review with photos:
Chemical Collective Shop Review 07/2020.

Shop Discussion.

+ + +
This shop description is not up to date.
The shop invested in quality assurance and has all his substances independently tested now before they are offered for sale.

+ + +

📌 Open Letter by Chemical Collective to be published on RC SCENE, 12/2020

Although the shop review linked to above is in no way exaggerating, the shop is no longer categorized “to avoid” since they, among others, stopped selling this extremely caustic 3-FPM that I heavily criticized them for.

Also, they will have tested all their compounds independently before offering them for sale.

They will add an imprint.

They stopped selling Opioids.

They finally invested in a freezer to keep their products fresh.

Their new customer support, Jessica, is lovely to write to.
(Yes, that is how we rank shops 😉 )

+ + +

In August 2020, Chemical Collective was caught selling mislabeled substances. Instead of 4-Ho-MiPT, Joke had put 3-MEO-PCP in the bags, two completely different substances. If not a customer had shared his experience in a forum, the shop would not even have noticed.

In early 2020, Jacob (he prefers Jack, but where I come from, Jack is the name of the worst mass murderer ever, so please forgive my ignorance) who used to work with the Dutch RC vendor Chemical Theory started his own business, also in the Netherlands, this time going by the name Chemical Collective.

Soon, in January 2021, they will relaunch the web shop.
He already stopped offering opioids (used to have O-DSMT in stock, if I remember correctly) and also waives on making money out of selling Cannabinoids, which due to constant banning, unfortunately have become more and more poisonous.

Still offers quite a variety of products, e.g. a Dissociatives sample pack, Stimulants, Tryptamines, Lysergamides and Nootropics.

Is always “on message”, he even shared a photo of a hospital stay on his blog.
Has some nice ideas like painting contests.

+ + +

This is cool:
Jacob’s website contains a blog section with updates on changes in legislation but also he tries what RC SCENE was and is intended to become: He publishes articles about the scene in, e.g., Japan, France, etc. These articles are written by people from those countries and super authentic.

(They seem to have a tendency to praise Lizard Labs, who are friends with Jacob, but who cares.
You know that they are crooks 😉

He pays for those articles, he asks the community in forums all over the world to find authors.
RC SCENE was allowed to re-publish them for free. THANK YOU, Sir!

I will gladly accept this offer, because the articles are interesting and – just like the ones on RC SCENE – originals, nowhere else to find.

I think it is super cool that he added an editorial section to his website and it would be a shame to miss the chance of also publishing this interesting reads. I have no clue how he even got in touch with the Japanese scene that is more of an underground movement than mainstream. You will find out once I managed to translate this article that was published in Japanese and made three professional translators already give up. Since I speak neither of these languages, this sounds like a job for me.

You know the articles on RC SCENE contain details that are not commonly known but that only the people involved would recognize and make them wonder. I want to rephrase/rewrite the articles. I had no idea, but people in Japan write in a way that I think is irritating for people living in Europe and the US. It’s a different culture.

It will take some time, but the most exciting reads will be published on RC SCENE.

There is not a single article here that was published as it was provided.

Japanese is really tough to translate, but we will provide an English version and it will read like all articles here. It will be restructured, rephrased, shortened and added information that the original may not point out in the straight-forward style you expect a text to. The original author of the Japanese text will assist me and give his okay if we suceed.

+ + +
This shop description is not up to date.
The shop invested in quality assurance and has all his substances independently tested now before they go on sale.


+ + +
Changed his stock, improved workflows and invests in quality assurance.
The shop is not the same as it used to be back in 07/2020 when the shop review was done.
Jacob & team worked hard to become better.
We will provide a new shop review soon.
is now


📌 Photos, Mini-Shop-Review & Discussion

+ + +

They used to offer 3-MMC only.

Now, that they have changed their name
from 3-MMC KING to CHEMISTRY KING (it’s the same king 😉
they added, among others, A-PHP and 2-FDCK.

+ + +

Their website was temporary down b/c of a technical issue when switching to the new domain and new shop design.
As of today, 04/23/2021 they are back in business.

+ + +


Payment via Bank account or Bitcoin

They offer a shipping method for which they guarantee delivery.

+ + +

It could take them up to a week or two to process your oder.
Email them if you are under the impression they forgot about your order.

📌 Photos, Mini-Shop-Review & Discussion

Started 2009 in the UK before they moved to the Netherlands.

Okay quality, tiny amounts of some products available.

Their support guy is a dummy.

Every year they celebrate a Black Friday Weekend Sale

Neither ship to the UK nor to the US, but to Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

A small gift with every order.

Not the best record when it comes to delivery success.

In 2019, merged with

Mediocre quality powders, but their Benzo Blotters are fine though.

They also offer Cannabinoids, C-Liquids & CBD products (a non-psychoactive version of Cannabis)

Very high prices for Benzodiazepine-Powders.

📌 Trusted Shop Review with Photos:
crypto chems 02/2020 & Discussion

Started strong, became worse quickly. Communication, anyone?
📌 Trusted Shop Review with Photos: FX Chem Labs 03/2021

Since 2021.

New brand, but no rookies.

Each sample comes with an MSDS.

fx chem labs paid 400.000 billion Złotys to be mentioned on RC SCENE.
Two trucks delivered the coins. It took me three weeks to count the money.

A heavily discussed shop that would often be referred to as “selective scammer”. Get-RC is kind of a Rechemco affiliate optimized for the German market and to me there is no doubt about that and the criminals running forum put a lot of effort in spreading rumors about GET-RC.

To be fair, the shop cannot compete with the regularity of a Swiss clockwork. Sometimes, their website is not up to date and they won’t tell you, they would just send some replacement that could be anything.

Some of their products were the best I have ever received.

Depending on the product, they either ship form an unsuspicious country in Europe or from China.

They keep notes about mistakes they had made with orders. They try to compensate for mistakes made their way: One day, they sent me a Christmas present (that was fantastic), and once I had difficulties getting out the parcel of the mailbox, because they had sent me 50 or 100 grams of huge crystals that hardly fit into my small mailbox. Well, that’s their way of thinking. Accept it or don’t, but do not call them scammers.

Tipp: Contact Laura from Support before ordering to make sure the products you want to order are available. Use the ticket system, she checks it daily.

With the laws becoming stricter in Germany, and then again after Operation Dryer, for a while there it seemed like Get-RC would have given up. They would constantly announce new products but never offer them and their prices for e.g. 4F-MPH and Troparil had skyrocketed without offering them in especially good quality.

Since March 2020, however, they are back in business again with new products and a re-branded web shop that looks a lot more trustworthy and serious than their former one. They will, however, focus on medicine and nootropics and only keep little stock of Research Chemicals.

Cannabinoids, Viagra, Cialis,Hair Loss, Sexual Health, ADHD Medication, Tramadol, Nootropics, SARMS etc.

Their prices are still too high: 70 Euros for a gram of their boring Troparil salt, or 145 Euros for a gram of Diclazepam is just too much.

Just recently Laura and I agreed on a solution for a two year long dispute about an item missing in my last order. For two years, neither of us moved a millimeter…. Then again, they would sometimes offer outstanding products exclusively that would make up for it all.
Currently, they seem to offer products sourced from Rechemco only, which are of good quality, and yet, I hope that they will someday surprise their customers with a unique top RC again.

If you place an order for 100 Euros or above you can additionally purchase a sample pack now (up to three products for 10 Euros each).

– – –
Please mind that their customer support in 2020 seems to be unusual slow.

📌 Review coming soon

Netherlands only, will not ship to foreign countries. They even use a firewall for their website to prevent people from outside the Netherlands to visit and ask them for exceptions.

Same day shipping and quick communication via WhatsApp possible from 09:00 to 21:00 on workdays.

They offer no sample packs but you can order tiny amounts of substances.

They offer Research Chemicals quite like any other shops do, but their specialty are powder blends and what they call “room odourizers” the latter being sold in bottles.
To give you an example of what to expect from these: Their room odourizer “Ocean Blue Magic” contains 3-mmc, 4-cmc, 2bc-fly, 2-fa and 6-apb mixed together with vitamins, grapefruit juice, citron essence, sugar, magnesium, etc… Just like shops all over Europe would have done 10 years ago.

757 = 82% excellent reviews on Trustpilot may speak for themselves.

Please note: Their web shop is There is also a scam website using their logo and name going by These two are in no way affiliated! The .com-domain will only steal your money.

They use the word “shizzle” 😉
📌 Review coming soon

– – –

*** I strongly advise against ordering smoking blends with this vendor. ***

A Rechemco affiliate based in the EU. Ships from a cool country and EU to EU only.

Started into the RC business in 2015 in Amsterdam.

Many unique product ideas you won’t find anywhere else.

Small samples available as well as sample packs.

Good delivery success rate.

Some of their prices are just too high.

Some of their products are not worthwhile, some are a positive surprise.
David might add free samples of products he is currently playing around with.

– – –

Order processing seems to be super slow in 2020.

Also, their Payment interface would not always work, so your order might neither appear on the website nor will you receive a confirmation email. Please be patient. Just in case, open a support ticket to let them know you paid for an order.

They will ship, it might just take them longer to process orders than one would expect.

PS: Shipping within Europe currently takes up to three weeks.
📌 Trusted Shop Review with Photos: Shop Review 11/2020

A new player in the Polish scene selling a 4-MMC (Mephedrone) analogue in powder form and in capsules. The actual substance remains a secret, though.

They are currently translating their website into English.

RC SCENE was asked for feedback on their products and is proud to provide a worldwide exclusive shop review for Mefis.
📌 Trusted Shop Review with Photos:
Rarechems and their fake Saftey Data Sheets 04/2020.



The shop was founded in June 2019, but from the first day on claimed to have been “more than ten years at your service” since they are a retail shop run by Synex Holdings B.V. in Maastricht, which also owns the Dutch chemical wholesaler Synex Syntethics, better known under its trade name Lizard Labs.

According to the Dutch Chamber of Commerce, RareChems has no employees.
Finally, someone assembled a Perpetuum mobile 😉

They charge tidy prices because they try to present themselves as a professional premium shop.
The upcoming Shop Review will show that you should never should judge a book by its cover.
– – –
Some of their products are of really good quality, they, e.g. used to offer the best A-PHP ever earlier this year, other products, however, do not reflect their claim of being a premium vendor. Feedback from customers would usually be good, though.
– – –

They claim to have been partners with a former shop from Spain who got busted by Europol in June 2018.
If they want to be acknowledged as the Dutch premium vendor, they better start working harder.

📌 Shop Review coming soon


A shop review/portrait is in the making.
Spoiler: Out of the five most recent orders, one was a crap show, four were okay.


I highly recommend against their Kratom and to not order products that have been in stock for ages.
Stick with their new products!

Don’t even think of ordering NEP or Etizolam, or any substance that every other vendor stopped offering already a year ago.


Outdstanding order processing and delivery speed.

– – –


Substance Warning with details on the toxicity of these compounds

– – –

TRC does not send empty letters to US customers,
do not believe silly rumors spread by a braindead US scammer.

They always ship.

– – –


The Real RC was the first and to date only shop to stop offering the highly toxic substance BTCP.

Also, they say they have learned their lesson and now have all substances tested before offering them for sale. They do this for about 7 months now (today is November 11).

Problems with volatile quality should therefore be history. We will soon evaluate this in a Shop Review and have a talk with them.

– – –
Please do check your local legislation before placing orders with shops from abroad. A product being legal in the Netherlands could be a schedule I in other countries!
– – –

In March 2020, The Real RC’s web site was hacked and customers found their personal data on forums in the internet. Since then they have invested in making their web shop more secure.
– – –

The Real RC is without a doubt one of the the shops with the greatest selection of Research Chemicals. They offer Cathinones, Cannabinoids, Phenidates, Opioids, Benzodiazepins, Lysergamides, Dissoziatives, Blotters, Pellets, etc. and recently added like a hundred different types of Kratom to their stock.
– – –

The Real RC decided to ship within Europe only as of April 2021.

– – –
Popcorn time

The web shop was created in early 2019, but until their arrest, Alex (TRC) and his team had already been selling Research Chemicals (including various analogues of Fentanyl, a legal, but dangerous opiate, as well as A-PVP aka “flakka”) under the name “RGN Research Group Netherland“.

They ran shops both on the Clear- and on the Darknet. Fun fact: Their warehouse was located near a police station. TRC was so successful that he gave up his Darknet identities and focused on Research Chemicals. Former friends of TRC’S, however, (they were found to have ~ 303 grams of cocaine and tens of thousands of Ecstasy pills hidden mostly at their grandmother’s, when they later that year got arrested) kept on selling on the Darknet and – this is where it gets complicated: They also sold the rests of the meanwhile banned A-PVP from TRC’s rest stock.

At court, all seven other suspects claimed to not having known that any of the substances they had sold would have been illegal. One of them even claimed to not having known about the 63,000 XTC pills hidden in his grandma’s shed. They say TRC would have been the mastermind behind both TRC on the Clearnet and with the Darknet operations the time. This is why TRC could face up to 7 years of prison. The court’s verdict was expected to be announced on November 30, 2020 – but due to the complexity of the case, it might take a while before the judge will rule in these cases.

Happy end:

The court decided that Alex (TRC) will not need to go to prison but instead was sentenced to 240 hours of community work. The judge also decided that Alex will be returned his Bitcoins that had been seized.

– – –

An interesting detail for all those who think European vendors were selective scammers: Finland had contacted the Netherlands for assistance since they had seized 90 packets containing synthetic designer drugs coming from the Netherlands. A specialized Post / Parcel Intervention Team (“P2it”), a kind of Special Unit of the Dutch Police that works closely with PostNL, that was basically installed only to stop mail containing drugs from leaving the country, had started investigating and uncovered both TRC and later the Darknet brothers.

Europe: Shops which are said to ship (according to anonymous forum posts)

These shops would sometimes receive good reviews but since two thirds of shop reviews are fake and we do not know anyone personally having ordered with these, we decided to list them but cannot vouch for any of them.

+ Former Polish shop, which means volatile quality, cheap prices, sometimes funny smell, synth residues that are not even tried to be washed out, … etc.
+ However, the next couple of shops being introduced even seem unusual for the Polish scene:
+ They offer Blends (Powders like Cocaine- or rocks like MDMA-Analogues, some Pills that seem to be thought an alternative to XTC, and Fake Hash mixed with Cannabinoids. Beware! They refuse to disclose what substances these mixes actually contain.
+ Ship from an unsuspicious country
+ Ships to the USA and to Europe
+ Most vendors that dare shipping to the USA would charge extra high prices, but prices here seem fair.
+ Benzodiazepine-Blotters only, unperforated 1cm x 1cm
Orders from 10 grams to 5 kg possible.

Inventors (but not manufacturers) of compounds like 3-MMC (?) and recently 5-MMPA or 3MMA.

Do not ship to most countries in Europe and neither worldwide
+ Netherlands
+ Ship only to few countries and stick to the law
+ Are said to carry quality products but would from time to time have phases were they would not answer to emails and have slow shipping.
+ Mixed reviews on
Wide range of products
Stick to the law, offer lists of chemicals still legal to send to Germany and France
Health Supplements, Nootropics, Cannabis Seeds, Cannabinoids, Smoking Blends, CBD products, Powder Blends

Sample pack available

Orange Chems is and was in never affiliated with the sometimes sketchy acting web shop (= which got busted in June 2019.

Europe: Shops of unknown status

These either are too new to have received reviews yet, some might be gone for good already. No one knows. Don’t order! Would you happen to know any of these? If so, please contact us. Thank you!


Ships within the Netherlands only

Under new management since January 2020

According to Trustpilot they tend to have difficulties with French customers from time to time, however, most reviews are positive.

Cathinones, Psychedelics.

Ships within the Netherlands only


Seems to be the expensive sister site of crypto chems, carries the same stock and shares the same layout. Also they seem to use the same marketing strategy with paying for 5-Star-Reviews on Trustpilot


Had a quick chat with he owner, he would already had convinced me that he was legit, but at the checkout page they add 20% VAT, so it didn’t feel like ordering from them was especially good value

They receive mixed reviews on


Many years of experience but still receiving mixed reviews on Trustpilot. There are some five stars reviews and some one star reviews, nothing in between, which looks sketchy to me.

A new shop idea, opened in March 2021
Ships from the Netherlands

Offers so-called “Smart Drugs” (Nootropics / Neuro Enhancers) which they offer in pill and in capsules form. Ingredients are Mushrooms, Ginkgo and – this is interesting: micro-dosed 1P-LSD – an LSD analogue, intended for everyday use although not approved for human consumption!

It is not clear if these new “Smart Drugs” even work.

Fun fact: Founder Ashley previously used to be in the CBD business.
He seems to constantly be working on creating new hypes 😉

Under the term “Bargain Basement” they provide an almost daily sent newsletter with offers of left-over stock chems for decent prices.
The rest of their stock is very expensive.

Have been around for a long time already

Bulk only: Minimum order is 100 grams
Prices are really cheap then, starting around 3 to 4 Euros per gram.

Do not ship to the USA or Australia, neither serve several EU-countries either

Used to be a reliable vendor offering a wide range of chemicals with mediocre to decent quality.

Now receives tons of disappointed reviews on Trustpilot for quite a while already while.

Update 02/2021:
Spain City Sales is gone for good and refers to We will take a closer look.

It looks like Skookums were that bad at shipping that it does not even matter if they shipped your order or not, it won’t arrive so or so. They offer shipping to most countries in regular untracked envelopes only. That is a) illegal and b) super stupid.

If you decided to order with vendors that are not listed ABOVE,

please DO check them against with our little list of known scammers (including the comments) AND always use BOTH AND, to get a picture of if that vendor is a scam or not. PS: Never trust a drug dealer. PPS: Don’t believe anything you read on the internet.

How do I recognize scam shops? An example:

If a shop offers obviously illegal to order substances, like Crystal Meth or prescription meds, stay away from them!

Also, please understand that scammers post up to a hundred positive reviews for themselves – every single day! Scamming has become a multi-million-dollars business, these ill-minded guys would sometimes act professional, may have studied marketing or might be trained sales agents who understand the psychology involved in how to make you buy with them. Also, a single scam might already mean a a fortune profit for criminals living in poor countries. So they won’t stop flooding the web with their fake reviews, it pays off for them, they do not feel sorry, since they imagine the Western World to with an endless stream of money.

Europe: Shops to better avoid

These shops are known for offering extremely poor quality or completely inactive substances. Some sell highly toxic substances, others are insanely expensive, or even have caused their customers hospitalizations due to selling mislabeled substances, some do not only seem sketchy but obviously are run by lying criminals.


coolchems com
Ship from Spain and the Netherlands.

Crazily expensive, please do not support such vendors.
They openly admit that they will raise prices as long as enough people are willing to pay such amounts.
eurochems net

EU Synth
eusynth org
Used to be a reliable address until January 2019, when they must have switched to a new supplier and since are selling ridiculously crappy substances.

Like with most vendors, they would only allow positive reviews, these reviews on their web shop mean nothing.

Ships only within the EU

Sample packs available

fucke to

Substance Warning with details on the toxicity of these compounds

Used to be a pricey but solid shop while they were still be operated from Switzerland.

Carries extreme toxic substances like BTCP and even advertises it as the best thing to get at the moment…

They are too cheap to invest in professional lab equipment, so they just use kitchen tools. They would put a highly active substance in a pot together with the cutting agent mannitol, put some coins in it, close the lid and then shake it. These guys are out of their freaking minds!

To bypass the strict regulations on they order exotic substances, that could either be deadly or inactive. They let their customers test these things.

They used their news section on the web shop to describe how to dissolve the damn caustic U-4770, so you could put it into a syringe and inject it.

Alone in in 2016 & 2017 173 young Germans lost their lives because to Research Chemicals.

Since Foche operates from Germany, they are the to go shop for many Germans.
These guys have blood on their hands!
promumchem com
Not a single review on

Categorize the Benzodiazepine Etizolam as Dissociative => #AVOID!
Serious Molecule
seriousmolecule com
A new affiliate by Lizard Labs.

Like any new shop popping up recently they of course claim to have years of experience in the field, or in this case even “extreme knowledge”… Is this supposed to be a running joke?

A guy from the UK creates the most ugly web shop ever, will only ship once a week, uses – this is not a joke – as contact address and claims to not ship to the UK, while listing all his prices in British currency and of course allowing shipping to the UK…

They offer Lysergamide blotters (1P-LSD and the likes) only, you will sure find more trustworthy source for such.

No matter how often Lizard Labs repeat their lies: 1P-LSD and 1cP-LSD are DEFINITELY NOT LEGAL WORLDWIDE. Switzerland and the UK have them scheduled, end of discussion.

Europe: Shops that started to scam

These shops will just take your money and never ship. Some of them could be so-called “Selective Scammers” which means that they would maybe ship your first order but from then on will only steal your money. Forget that. Don’t even think of placing an order with any of them: A scammer is a scammer, is a scammer, there is nothing left to say.


1plsd to

buychminaca com

That dude started off hiding his identity by hiring a Japanese lawyer long before it was possible to not to having to make a domain holder’s name public. A colleague of ours is trying to get ahold of his identity. He runs multiple scam shops / toxic waste shops like most probably chemfrog and chempirate. #AVOID

funkylab cc

This shop receives devastating reviews, please see

Devastating reports about both substances and selective scamming.

A new store offering, amongst others, an analogue of A-PVP (which is a a worldwide scheduled substance) but refuses to tell what you would actually receive when ordering it.
ketamine eu

BASH Designer labs shipping from Germany; shop established in March 2020

europelabrc com


Europa: Shops Cemetary

These shops have exit-scammed, got busted or whatever… They are not any longer and if their domains (internet adresses) run out, criminals might buy them to scam you. So avoid these shops, they are gone for good!

Such will only steal your money!

  • Chemtheory (chemtheory com, health issue)
  • GRandKG (grandkg com, busted or exit scammed)
  • Lisergiawave (lisergiawave com, probably busted)
  • silkmixture (silkmixtures com / silkmixture com, returned under a new name)
  • Spain City Sales (by the end of 01/2021 he announced to close and refers customers to skokuums)
  • Synthetics pro (synthetics pro, busted)
  • (was run by the guy from Europe Chemicals. This dude carried out a major exit scam in 2018 and again in early 2019.)
  • Joker-RC (, exit scammed in 2021)

274 thoughts on “Research Chemical (NPS) Vendors/Shops * in EUROPE

  1. Yould ur packing happen to have Chinese writing on it……im hoping it’s the two grams clon I ordered but it’s not it u reg packing and name on It…….is this from you…..looks like clon!


  2. I just want to leave a first post to ensure that these really are users leaving their experiences with various vendors, since I have lost so many shipments last year – not to fake vendors, but to ones that could not seem to get through US customs. I want to see who is the US has had success having their orders arrive!


      1. The US announced already a while ago to simply destroy 80% of mail coming from overseas because the corrupt DEA is even worsening the Fent pandemic, it’s getting worse each and every year, they already ran out of excuses and used the same lame lie two years in a row.

        That so many of you deal with Homeland seizing your mail is because you are from the US, hooked on opiates and benzos, drunk all day, stupid as fuck, and you do not seem to realize that ordering 50 grams of a schedule I might involve some risk maybe?

        I have positive feedback for orders arriving, but those people are healthy minds and not spending their whole wage on hookers within a single week and complaining to me about how expensive life has become lately.

        I told you to keep it low.

        I read newspapers for you guys and post links on Twitter and here in the comments sections, sometimes even news articles are compiled. I don’t care about the US. I don’t give a fuck about if they destroy 80 or 100% of mail. I don’t care if USPS goes bankrupt tomorrow. I didn’t elect Trump. So I don’t have to deal with BS like this, because where I live nobody will destroy mail just because a sticker is missing on the envelope. That the US government destroys mail from Europe, but not the Fent letters coming from China, for me would be a warning sign, to maybe seeking a place that is not run by retarded people.

        It’s difficult to mail to the US these days, no doubt about that.

        If Americans wouldn’t so fucking lazy, they maybe would ask how it even could be possible legal for Homeland to burn your mail for no reason.

        Just an idea: Get off the sofa, and call a politician, you MP, member of the senate —do something !!!!

        80% is so stupid. I can’t even send you an XMAS card if I forgot to declare it to be an XMAS card.


          1. Ironically, one of the greatest artists/philosophers/clowns ever is not only still rocking & alive but was born and raised in the US. He lives in CA.

            Marilyn Manson – The Fight Song (2000)

            Nothing suffocates you more than
            The passing of everyday human events
            And isolation is the oxygen mask
            You make your children breathe in to survive

            But I’m not a slave
            To a ghost that doesn’t exist
            And I’m not a slave to a world
            That doesn’t give a shit

            And when we were good
            You just closed your eyes
            So when we are bad
            You’ll scar our minds

            Fight, fight, fight, fight
            Fight, fight, fight, fight

            You’ll never grow up to be a big rock star
            Celebrated victim of your fame
            They’ll just cut our wrists like cheap coupons
            And say that death was on sale today

            And when we were good
            You just closed your eyes
            So when we are bad
            You’ll scar our minds

            But I’m not a slave
            To a ghost that doesn’t exist
            And I’m not a slave to a world
            That doesn’t give a shit

            The death of one is a tragedy
            The death of one is a tragedy
            The death of one is a tragedy
            The death of millions’ just a statistic

            But I’m not a slave
            To a ghost that doesn’t exist
            And I’m not a slave to a world
            That doesn’t give a shit

            Fight, fight, fight, fight
            Fight, fight, fight, fight

            According to Manson, the song is about a person who’s grown up all his life thinking that the grass is greener on the other side, but when he finally realizes that it’s worse than where he came from and that it’s truly exploitative. It is not necessarily about the Columbine massacre, but more the reason why it happened …the way America raises its kids to feel like they’re unwanted and made to feel like they’re dead already.

            I told you, I can’t do it for you.

            You need to report scammers.

            You need to get up and fight for your rights.

            I order A-PHP with Alex and he delivers it to my door in less than 20 hours. I am just messing with him, hoping he might read it and smile.

            You need to act.

            European vendors do not scam. Europe is a completely different culture.

            The European Union & Switzerland make RC SCENE possible, btw., and even offer to add features like a tool to complain and warn against scammers for free. I don’t like the idea, I want something different. But I can’t do it without you and if you don’t get up and move your asses before Autumn, it will be too late.

            Again, this René, the blackmailer, the Russian spy, the insolent dumb person, the fascist that Sellkies is going to end, the weirdo with the extreme views, the guy that hates Americans, that greedy douche that charges a 6 USD fee and is obviously too political and somehow making a fortune out of being.

            If I tell you that the DEA is protecting the scammers and blackmailers you deal with every day and that only the FBI can be trusted, you can think of me whatever you want. I couldn’t care less.

            If you only would get up and do something, you will find out for yourselves soon enough.

            But you would only complain to me and do shit. I receive so many emails demanding me to add scammers to the scammers’ page, you would not believe it. I ask them to instead post a comment to warn against the scammer themselves. I think in 15 months, a single person did so. I don’t know what is wrong with you.

            There is a Geman saying popular among the anti-fascist punk scene, that I will try to translate but not explain.
            You know me, I don’t write for idiots 😉



            Have a happy day!

            [ edited, K. ]


    1. Hi Victor,

      Dutch vendors already break the law while the package still being within the NL. => Almost impossible to arrive.

      Smokeys & Labsense seem the only one clever enough to declare the contents of their parcels. => Better chances.

      CN vendors (avoid XC!) also clever => Better chances.

      All in all, I would not discuss such things here.

      So stupid US drug addict recently mentioned we would work with “secret codes”, and that you would have to read between the lines. Well, that is actually true. Some articles here are published to communicate with a single person. I am not kidding.

      Also, Homeland seems to check by from time to time…


  3. Minor update / Announcement / Reading tip / Slim Shady Bonus / Oh baby, it’s educational!

    Jacob from Chemical Collective offered to help us out if in need – if only I could do something about that legendary shop review. Of course, this will not happen, and I doubt that he will ever propose such a deal again. He does not know and will not find out, but a new shop review is in the queue anyway 😉

    Since we share a hobby and interest, discussing the NPS scene, Jacob allowed RC SCENE to exclusively (re-)publish editorial content he offers on his website – for free. Thank you very much!

    That is cool b/c he can pay real money for authentic articles, and god knows how he even got in touch with, e.g., Japanese NPS fans. This is an underground movement over there, and – like the content on RC SCENE, Jacob’s blog features original, authentic, true, and nowhere else to find content portraying the scene and its history.

    Since meanwhile already four people gave up trying to translate the Japanese article into English, this sounds like a job for me ;-D
    A guy who speaks neither of either languages but considers himself to be gifted with a hint of a Slim Shady Bonus, a guarantee for things to make things happen 😁

    I do not plan to copy the articles; I want to re-write them (and only publish the new versions when given the okay to by the original authors, of course). Things like advertising drugs, trip reports, or any positive sentence about Lizard Labs will not happen here. RC SCENE is not selling anything; it’s educational!

    I think I know how to write, how to structure information, how to compose melodies, and make use of flat tones. Some sentences here are written to reach a single person. Some information published here needs to be hidden behind words. That a blackmailer and scammer from Texas calls RC SCENE a tabloid is so stupid, it’s obviously a gag, of course, don’t underestimate that sucker. He can write and be funny. It’s a sad story that he is a natural-born criminal, and that if I were him, I would really really speed up with my plans on relocating.

    Whatever. I will try my best to make the insights into different cultures that Jacob’s blog provides to reach as many people as possible. It’s a great opportunity and perfectly fits the idea of RC SCENE. It won’t happen too soon, unfortunately.

    Since I will not leave alone 300 million friends in the US, and handing over to team three is a serious dare and immense risk for both the brand RC SCENE and us all, the community who identifies with the ideals and hopes that make us KØMPRØMÆT; Since I will be away for a while, as soon as I can leave here; Since I have two special friends who I urgently need to talk to;

    I, meanwhile, recommend checking out Jacob’s blog. There are articles in Japanese, German and English so far; French ones are in the making:

    Have fun reading!



    • Chemistry King (former 3MMC-King, same king 😉
    • Chemical Collective (The shop review is less than a year old but already outdated)
    • Predator RC (contact option for registration updated)
    • The Real RC (Back from the sewers, stick with their fresh products)

    After handing over the US section to a new team in the summer, the EU shop list will receive major updates.


    1. Hi, not sure if I am asking in the right section but do you know anything about the SARMs some of these RC companies are offering? I think TRR and Gr8 had some in stock, the prices are lower than other specialised SARM sellers but then again so could be the QC.
      Also, I saw some comments about issues with packages in EU, what’s going on? I did order something from gr8 using untracked and it hasn’t arrived yet. ( 1 month or more waiting).


      1. Forget SARMS. I am sure illegal in many countries.
        Don’t order untracked.
        RC SCNE pays ~15 USD or month to provide a modern search interface. I think you find comments as well. Search for EU Postal ACT 2020.



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    1. Hi, I would not have wanted that shop mentioned at all. Still did, since they write their own reviews and have thus become popular.

      There are few things with that vendor, that make a picture clear:

      These guys are criminals.
      I don’t follow them but that rcvendors_eu forum should have operated by 3mmc_org and
      They sell trash
      We never received anything from that shop that’s probably why I put them in the scammer’s section.
      Another thing: A couple of years ago (maybe four, I didn’t pay attention) people received unbearable toxic substances.

      As long as they ignore my order, these scammers, for sure. A colleague is trying to find out who these folks are, but since they hide in Russia, and I already gave up this might be like finding the needle in the hay.


  6. I ordered from TRC on 2/23 (to the east coast of the U.S.) and have still yet to receive anything. I was in contact with them over recent weeks, and they always responded promptly. They offered me a re-ship at 45euros of the original 77 euro order, but I declined. I understand the risks associated with international orders and I probably just got unlucky. I have nothing bad to say about them, it’s unfortunate that I didn’t receive my package, but I’m 99% certain it was simply lost in delivery or held at customs. Such are the risks we take ordering internationally and we have to be aware of the consequences, I’m glad many here have had great experiences, and I’m certain I would have as well had an error in transit (again, not the fault of TRC at all) hadn’t come into play.


  7. I got my second one on monday. Chemcloud is no doubt my new fav. Vendor. I am however kinda mad at them. When got the first one it was light tan beige.
    I got powder a-peehpea and crystal.
    Anyways I decided to go bigger. I asked if it would be from the same powder batch. He told me it was the the same.
    It came on monday and it was a different batch. Pure white. I’m pretty sure it’s the same as the one that replaced the crystal version at trrc. The white stuff to me feels way more toxic to the body. I’ve never had kidney pain with any other version than that white bullshit.
    I jumped the gun and decided to get another order going doubling in size. My biggest to date. This time I got the crystal version it should be here soon. I asked if the are actually 2 different batches or is one just ground into powder for personal preference. He said they are different. I’m hoping that it’s the same crystal version from my first order. He said he ground it up just because it is better for shipping.
    I e-mailed him and asked about why I got the white version and he said his warehouse never told him about the new batch. I then asked about what the big order has and got no reply in over a week. I will definitely still order but I was so excited about the tan batch and got my Hope’s up

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  8. I made my first order with chemcloud and they’re shipping speed to the states was only 11 days. The only complaint I have is they shipped me MDPHP HCL instead of the freebase.

    The last several NL orders I’ve bought never arrived, the first from trrc in November, and supposedly a reship in January that has yet to come. The other order was from Smokey’s, though they are offering to reship it after 60 days lost in NL post.

    I also placed an order with fx chem labs recently, so I’ll be sure to update on that when it comes.


      1. Fxchemlabs order arrived. I ordered a-pihp and Diclazepam,both are great quality. Fx and chemcloud are my new goto vendors now, both have friendly communication and shipping times are quicker than any other eu to us vendor

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    1. The last MDPHP freebase was yellow and had an unbearable smell. Why? Because I think LL got it from ACE, a group busted after they started offering prescription meds on the clearnet. Also, having had a warehouse in Germany might not have helped them with popularity among LE. That was about four years ago.

      Many vendors might not know what a freebase is supposed to be. I bet you they called it MDPHP freebase because they thought that was that chemical’s vanity name.


    1. Hi @all,

      Please stop asking for sources. I do not want any scammers mentioned in the forum.

      THE ONLY REASON why I approve your comment and provide an answer is that such a shop should have been added to the list already, but I haven’t the time to talk to them yet (new shops in Europe will only be added if they provide their VAT and company details). (Or I happened to know them.) You are looking for all u ci n from the NL.

      I already did a backup check on them, it is a real company paying taxes. The owner might even be helpful for realizing the planned shop that will replace the unpopular BTC donation wallet, he runs three or so businessses.


      1. Hey, sorry for asking for sources, I didn’t know it’s against the policy. I really appreciate you being willing to help.
        As it turns out, allucin has all European countries listed on the checkout, except mine. I tried contacting them, but they don’t seem to respond. Now, in the meantime, I realized that those folks from FX Chem Labs, you did a great review on, have some 4-AcO-DMT, but their checkout process seems fishy – they say something about order number being included in the confirmation email, but they never send one and they don’t even bother to calculate the order value in crypto and always display the same crypto addresses. Login doesn’t seem to work properly, at least for me, and the contact form on their site doesn’t seem to work either.
        Did you, or someone else in here, order something from them recently?


        1. Consider that shop review a present, I doubt that any other site has even heard of them yet.

          Some things, like BTC checkout, will definitely change over time.

          You see your order number after checkout I think.

          Two confirmed orders with them from our side. I don’t spend forever on photos and a video for a “fishy” shop.

          RC SCENE has no adverts and is completely unbiased.

          If the shop would not look promising and be reliable they would not be mentioned here.


          1. Alright, I’m convinced. I decided to give them a shot and see what happens.

            However, after the checkout, they say I should send them an email with order number, exact amount of BTC and transaction ID, but there’s no email on their website. Only a contact form that doesn’t look like it’s submitted successfully.

            Do you happen to have any contact information of theirs? An email would do.

            Thanks in advance and sorry for bothering you this much.


              1. Nope, nothing in spam folder.
                Thanks for the contact and all the help, I’ll try reaching out to them and see what happens.

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  9. Hello all. Do you happen to know anything about chemsterdam_nl
    They seem to have a legit website and have trustpilot reviews. They say they ship next day, but it’s been about a week and nothing.
    It would be very helpful if anyone knew anything.


    1. Chemsterdam, vrsupplies, getchems, and home-chemistry_com are all scammers.

      This is the work of a group that gives Dutch vendors headaches atm because they first scam people and then provide email addresses of real vendors to leave complaints.

      I am sorry I have not yet added them to the scammers’ page. I think I will make an article about them, this group did something that is unprecedented, you wouldn’t believe: They set up a clone of TrustPilot with fake positive reviews for their own scam shops. This clone is really tricky, I would not have noticed that I was on a fake site, if it weren’t for Jacob to tell me.

      However, instead of listing scammers, I believe that listing reliable shops, a positive list is more efficient. There are tens of thousands of scam sites. try to do the impossible and list scammers. They already have about 20,000 scam websites in their database.

      Why don’t you even order with any European shop that is not listed as reliable on RC SCENE? The list of European vendors here is a masterpiece.

      No, the list will never be complete, but the most exciting shops are there. Few (new) shops will be added ongoing.

      Please report non-delivery fraud to the FTC and the FBI (IC3)! Thank you.

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    2. I just noticed, chemsterdam had already been in the list of scammers and I also link to their devastating TrustPilot review:

      Maybe, a group of volunteers fighting scam/non-delivery fraud will integrate us into their network and provide us with a database, soon. Then searching for scammers will become more easily.

      I still believe in providing a positive list to be the best idea, but since they would cover costs for programming, we could try it.

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  10. Hello has anyone heard of and have experience with chemicaleu/com? [ edit, K.] Their website seems well-put but that is no way a defining thing to claim legitimacy. They only have bitcoin as payment. Does not ship to ukraine, australia, lithuania. They do have comments on their product pages.

    Again and also they have another address that is called that redirects to the address above. Thanks!


    1. This is the 20ieth shop of theirs, I was asked about within a year. They create new ones every two weeks. The comments, their style, and the admin’s answers are always identical.

      Foremost, their product photos should already be recognized as a warning sign. Sometimes, they use photos of bags, some products look not at all what they would be supposed to look like, and I think their non-delivery fraud scheme is about telling you something like there were issues with customs and they needed you to pay more money for your order to move on.


  11. I hope it’s just NL. Post that’s messed up. All of my 5 orders from January still yet to arrive. From 2 different nl. Players. I have had other February orders show since then but I have been seeing reports of stuff showing up after 10-12 weeks. Its frustrating af.


    1. I placed an order with smokey’s chemsite at the beginning of March and got my order in 12 days from date of shipping. I placed an order with rarechems few days after placing the order with smokey’s and am still waiting for the order that one. The rarechems order has been about 12 days now and I am hoping it lands today or tomorrow. I have noticed that my regular mail has been moving faster than it was just a few months ago and my domestics and regular mail has been arriving in 3-4 days instead of 6-7 days. Honestly it sounds like any orders made from NL in January to mid Feb is either going to show up 45-90 days later or not at all. I’d say if you made an order at the end of Feb or start of March from the NL you should see it as in about 2-3 weeks now


      1. I’m on the same page. Ordered Jan 18 and order (about $100 euros worth) shipped Jan 20. Still haven’t received anything and it’s been about two months now. I’m assuming it’s either really delayed or I’ll just take it as a loss unfortunately. Didn’t see an option for tracked shipping but can’t do anything about it now.


        1. It’s not just you and not just smokeys. Tons of orders got screwed I’d say between dec15th- feb 5th or so. The nlpost had big time issues between covid holidays and storms. Could be late or could be lost. Every few days I hear something landing from that time period


  12. Benzoland not delivering orders been waiting 60 days. There’s no reason for unperforated blotter to be seized it’s literally the easiest thing to ship. I believe they are selectively scamming


      1. Received mine from Benzoland today, 3 weeks it took to get a country in North America with universal healthcare.
        Now on to step two >

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  13. Hope for us bastards:

    United States (US)

    Date of alert:

    Average delay:
    Reason for service alert:
    2nd of February, ongoing
    9 – 27 days

    United States
    Update 2 February: We are currently unable to fly our volumes towards JFK Airport in New York due to heavy snowfall. Volumes are kept at our carriers side in NL and will be transported as soon as flights are accepted again. Impact on processing at USPS is unknown, but we expect severe delays in delivery of items in the New York area as well.
    Due to the impact of peak volumes and limited availability or capacity of our United States Postal Service entry points (at US airports), we are experiencing heavy delays on our shipments. Transit data shows that USPS is experiencing major backlogs in these entry points, resulting for some volumes to experience delays of 6 weeks or more.

    We are aware of the issues USPS is facing and where. We are working closely with USPS every day to get our shipments to the right entry points with the best capacity. While we are working hard to resolve this as quickly as possible, we are dependent on our partners. Unfortunately these delays affects both mail and parcel volumes. In addition to that we have noticed missing scans in the US, resulting in items frequently missing updates until they are sorted in the domestic centers of USPS


  14. man keep up the good work, seems the world is changing at rapid rate, only because finding this online, seen that one of the good shops prob went busted, so much info to take in and appreciated that you do keep it up to of the best blogs/info ive found in ages.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. I just read on post NL website that kinda claims how incredibly behind they are. They claim up to a month but I also saw a post NL worker on some forum claimed up to 12 weeks behind and in some areas even more. Christmas and other holidays plus inclimate weather and covid on top of everything else is killing everything. It’s very possible all our stuff is sitting in a warehouse just waiting.
        Love you guys hold on a bit longer… we might just make it after all


      2. Mine are approaching 60. But trrc agreed to some reships. I’ve been ordering for a long time and rarely asked for reships. My last 5 have yet to come and 1 is actually a reship. Nl post is so backed up from holidays and snowstorms and covid so it’s still possible packs from early jan may show. Like I said I will 100% update when something shows. I havent hear of many packs landing lately


      3. It’s been over 60 days and has not arrived. The owner offered to reship even tho I didn’t ask him to and I do not meet their re ship requirements. I don’t think they ever sent anything


        1. Are you referring to Benzoland?

          Again, scamming is an American, African and Asian thing. EU vendors are not stupid. The profit margins with RCs are higher than with established drugs. If you order again, they make A LOT MORE MONEY by having you as a loyal customer as if they would scam you once. That is not a business model, and Europeans do not screw each other. They try to screw the taxman.

          In recent years and especially in the past 12 months, I noticed that scam shops claiming to be operating from the NL have become a thing. Also, email vendors from France, the Netherlands, and the UK joined the scam game.

          I am colorblind, but I happen to know that these scammers are immigrants, born in, e.g., Cameroon or South Africa, but with their scam game have stolen so much money that they emigrated to Europe, the most advanced and worth living place on earth.

          If I were a scammer from Cameroon with 2 million USD of stolen money in my bank account, I would also move to the UK, the Netherlands, or France. These countries, but even parts of Sweden, are dealing with the results of having imported organized crime by quickly granting asylum and ghettos resulted.

          I think Chirac had organized a military parade once a year, meaning tanks would drive up and down the streets in those ghettos to show the criminals that he had options and is not afraid of using them. He really did that, and it worked.

          PLEASE NOTE

          Besides that, sending chemicals/RCs/blotters/meds via regular mail is illegal. Both in Europe and in the US.
          USPS has announced to probably start destroying up to 30% of mail coming from overseas for missing explicit declarations of content.

          Please see for yourself:

          When ordering untracked, there is nothing one could do. Mail happens to get lost on its way all the time.


  15. Trrc 1/8 ?
    Trrc 1/12?
    Trrc 1/27?
    Trrc 12/16? 1/7 ?
    L.f. will be here by sat.
    I’m feeling like I’m burned with nl.. my fault for ordering to frequent though it’s still not over right?


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