Trusted Research Chemical Vendors * USA

Last updated July 11, 2020

Browse through the continents:

This list was compiled to save you from scammers, and definitely not to endorse you trying synthetic drugs!

If you should experience trouble with any of the shops listed, please do let us know, thank you!

USA – Verified Vendors

While even in the Netherlands, Research Chemicals are considered a grey-area-market and even vendors who registered companies (or actually mostly fronts) for their web shops try to stay anonymous because they are afraid of angry mothers whose kids they have poisoned with synthetic designer drugs, in the US, to my best knowledge, only criminals sell Research Chemicals and they ship domestic only.

They would advertise on forums or use Social Media like Wickr and Discord. They do direct deals there, just like a drug dealer at the street corner, and the line between schedule I drugs and Research Chemicals, between Clearnet and Darknet, is surprisingly thin.

We will still try to have US Shop Reviews here, and might add these vendors to the Trusted Shops List, we are working on it.

USA – Shops that are said to be okay

USA – Shops of unknown status

USA – Shops to better avoid

USA: Shops which are said to be okay

These shops would sometimes receive good reviews but since two thirds of shop reviews are fake and we do not know anyone personally having ordered with these, we decided to list them but cannot vouch for any of them.

Currently stocks Benzodiazepines, Dissociatives, Uppers, Phenidates and O-DSMT, sometimes also carries Psychedelics.
+ Uses a remarkably unfriendly tone on his Pastebin
+ Also runs a web shop:
+ Will communicate with you only if you send self-destructing messages.
+ Please mind that he recently changed his email address
+ Prices seem otherworldly
+ Sells benzo pellets
+ Take care: They obviously had a change in ownership lately, and the new team seems to be unable to cope with the orders coming in.
+ If they ship the correct products, everything seems to be fine. But if they make a mistake with your error, they would often make an mistake with sending you the missing goods with your next order as well, that is really lame.
+ Communication has become far worse than it used to be.
+ Sometimes, they process your order so slowly, you already start calling them scammers on forums.
+ Still, he is not a scammer and many are happy with their orders as well.

+ Benzodiazepines, Uppers, Opiates, Opiates, Dissos, Psychedelics
+ Research Chemicals (Benzodiazepine powders and solutions, 4F-MPH) and Herbals & Botanicals (Kratom)
+ New vendor
+ Dissos, Opiates, Benzodiazepine solutions
+ Sometimes seems unresponsive for weeks…
+ Benzodiazepine solutions and powders
+ We cannot vouch for this vendor, sorry. One day, his website is completely empty, then he restricts registration, …
+ A review, however, testified him to be okay.
+ Carries Dissos like 2-FDCK, Cannabinoids like 5-cl-adb-a, Uppers like a-PCYP and more.
+ His current stock is listed in his now password-protected Pastebin. To get the password, simply drop him a line:
+ And yet another Benzos dealer. No solidarity, no public health insurance, everyone on Benzos => Stable douche-bag orange President… It couldn’t be more obvious, actually.
+ Benzos Solutions made with FDA approved PG (a kind of alcohol).
+ What looks like an online Weed dealer, is actually selling CBD, a non-psychoactive version of Marihuana that us said to increase your mood and to help you relax.
+ CBD-growers use a loophole in legislation: Since Marihuana is also used in the industry, there is a passage in legislation that allows something like a rope or a pullover made out of weed to contain an maximum of 0.3% Δ9THC. THC is the psychoactive element in Marihuana, that may lead to panic attacks, drug induced psychoses or long-term effects like constant anxiety and make your brain work only with the handbrake on anymore. 0.3% of THC shouldn’t do any harm, although it might make you addicted as well.
10,000 5-Star-Ratings on
+ Vialis (something like Viagra), 1P-LSD, 2 methyl ap 237 (a Piperazine that is said to act like an opiate), Psychoactive plants and last, not least: Benzodiazepine blotters, tabs and powders.
+ Seriously is asking his customers for tips while at the same time selling a gram of Etizolam for 100 USD. What a douche…

USA: Shops of unknown status

These either are too new to have received reviews yet, some might be gone for good already. We really don’t know. Better play safe!

Would you happen to know any of these? If so, please contact us.
Thank you!


+ Two days ago, this shop was still online.
+ Offers Benzodiazepine Pellets, no powders
+ There are a couple of positive shop reviews including photos available on e.g. Reddit

+ Shop is currently closed for registration
+ Since they are Americans, they probably stock Benzos 😉

The shop is currently flooded with orders, unable to process them timely and therefore does not answer to emails, is unresponsive.

Kino has already hired more team members, and yet, it is not clear how long it will take them to fulfill all open orders.

Maybe wait a bit before placing an order with them.

+ Could become your new favourite shop since he stocks quite a lot of different products and is even expecting more products to be available within the next weeks:
+ Amphetamines, Phenidates, and this is interesting: African & Ayurvedic Herbs, Benzodiazepines (powders and solutions), Cathinones / Pyrovalerones including the newly emerged MF-PVP, Dissociatives, Kratom, Opiates, Tryptamines, Psychedelics;
+ And no, this is no European shop, they ship from within the US and within the US only.
+ Claims to possess more than 1,500 kilos of 2F-DCK and that zero of the ~1,000 packs he ships during a year ever got seized.
+ Has experience and training on GC/MS machines, infrared spectrometers, and knowledge in the fields of chromatography and melting point apparatus.
+ Take care: Better check twice if the email address and the shop URl are identical. Name cloners tend to scam his customers, if you don’t take care.

+ His web shop is password protected, ask for it via or
MDX Research USA

+ Too new for school. A vendor for which I found only a single positive review.
+ Would be cool if he was legit, stocks interesting products.
Neevs Labs

+ Benzos, Dissos, Phenidates, Uppers, Psychedelics
+ Some forums list this shop as trustworthy others as blacklisted.
+ Some say the shop would take up to 30 days for processing your order, and avoid any communication, others claim they receive their parcels in time.
+ A reliable source told me that he used to send out out O-DSMT (an Opioide) in place of 3-HO-PCP (a Dissociative) in the past.
+ When trying to verify this information, I stumbled across fresh accusations of selective scamming. Again. Already last year, people were complaining about them, that time they said the issues would have been caused because of a change in ownership.
+ Unfortunately, I lack sufficient reliable sources to correctly categorize this shop, but they do seem to have a tendency towards blundering along.

Could be fine shops, could be not. We don’t know. If you knew, please contact us, thank you!

USA: Shops to better avoid

These shops are known for offering poor quality or or for selling strong drugs in candy form, or for selling mislabeled substances, or for being obviously sketchy.

+ Benzodiazepine powders and solutions.
+ 399 USD for a gram of a Benzodiazepine? Don’t waste your money on such crooks. They source a gram for maybe 20 USD, even if it was the purest powder on the planet, and then want you to pay 400 for it? I don’t think so.
+ The only affordable products they stock are Benzodiazepine solutions (~35 USD for 4 mg)
+ They seem to have been dodgy in the past but recent reviews testify them to be a reliable source.
+ Dissos, Phenidates, Opiates, illicit schedule I drugs like Eutylone, 1P-LSD, and of course Benzodiazepine solutions.
+ Don’t be stupid and order with drug dealers who offer schedule I drugs!!!
– Claims to be RC Leon’s domestic US vendor.
– RC Leon is a Chinese vendor who smuggles schedule I controlled substances to a warehouse in the US and sells these in bulk amounts.
– Not all of their substances might be scheduled yet, but e.g. Eutylone, one of the products they stock, is according to the DEA “a positional isomer of pentylone, [and thus] eutylone is controlled in schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act.”
+ Better stick with vendors who play safe. You definitely do not want to have a schedule I drug order confiscated by Law Enforcement.
– Sells strong Benzodiazepines in form of PEZ candy bars (a European thing, yet you might remember PEZ candy from a Seinfeld episode – it’s also available in the US.)
+ Please stay away from shops that sell strong drugs as if they were candy.
– Benzodiazepine withdrawal effects are harder on the body than heroine withdrawal effects and may be life-threatening for persons already suffering from a disease.

US Vendors come and go. Take care when ordering. Any tips or experiences shared are highly appreciated, thank you!

39 thoughts on “Trusted Research Chemical Vendors * USA

  1. Same here, my order should have been shipped a week ago, it is mark as completed but no tracking or confirmation from informed delivery. Seems like a good guy, but I was hoping my order would be out already. My first order went really well, but this has been very slow, I hope it gets sort out soon!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. So as for kino. My order is now listed from processing to completed. I still haven’t received a tracking link yet but I know they only ship on certain days so I guess time will tell. I got the feeling from taking to this guy personally over wire that he is extremely overwhelmed, but he is doing the best he can to take care of his customers. I’ll keep you guys updated but I wouldn’t give up on ol kino just yet. I think some of his workers may have bit off more than they could chew and weren’t expecting this influx of business. But the vibe I got from talking to him. He seems like a straight up dude. Just overwhelmed. And I cant blame him. I’ll keep you posted

    Liked by 1 person

  3. As far as kino is concerned. I tried to do the right thing and email him, Dino, and dank. Got no response. I finally got ahold of him on wire Thursday. He told me he has gone from handling 10 orders a day to 250. But he said “I promised you your order willi go out on Friday and it will whats your order number “ so I gave it to him. He said “ I cant guarantee this will ship by Friday but I’m going to pack it right now “ well my order is still in processing. I’m thinking of trying albion while I wait on kino but I know as soon as I do my order will ship. Anybody else have recent luck with kino?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Shane,

      Thank you for sharing your experience with Kino.

      In fact, you are by far not the only one waiting for his package and not receiving answers to emails after an order with Kino. Some already started with rumors about a possible exit scam… Well, good to hear he is still there 🙂

      I hope you will receive your order very soon,

      Kind regards!


  4. Hi. first i want to say that i am in no way speaking negatively of kinochems. i just want to hear if anyone has had a similiar expierence, or if i should be concerned. so i placed my order on a friday, july 3. made btc payment and payment was accepted at 11:45pm friday night. i check back to my account and my order is listed as cancelled (i assure you i did not cancel my order, as i was very careful to read everything and take screenshots of everything) so i promptly emailed them and got no response. now it was saturday at this point so i figured they were prolly just off for the weekend. well i checked my account again and it says that no order was every made. so i emailed them again. this was sunday. today as a matter of fact. im assuming they close for the weekend and are overloaded thats why i havent got a response yet. can someone please give me some hope, or maybe had a similar expierence. ive heard nothing but good things about these guys, can someone please reassure me and tell me its gonna be ok. i stupidy spent an insane amount of money (more than i normally would have from a vendor i havent tried before. but i literally could find no bad review. im like seriously beggibg you guys, please tell me this is some kind of fluke and they will rectify this. because if so, this is gonna be my new go to guy. thanks guys

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi, collect everything you could save about your order (payment receipts, Bitcoin transactions, emails, whatever) and send them both proof and an explanation on the problem on Monday. They will sure respond, he seems to be a friendly and sensible person.


      1. Thanks for sharing. Are you maybe familiar with DREAD forum and the “/d/rcsources/” sub? They took kino already out of the Trusted Vendors list, and so did I, I should have reacted more quickly, sorry for that.
        However, that DREAD forum has many readers, if you are familiar with the TOR browser, please share your experience there as well. If you want to avoid TOR browser, or DREAD, I could add another negative Kino review for you.


        1. Mr BMU is great to order from if they have any rcs you are interested in. However unrelated to kino does KiLos research shop have any reviews on dread? He has been stalling out my order for nearly a week and a half after throwing him a decent amount of extra BTC to have it shipped last week. He printed he shipping label and basically stopped there and failed to drop off the package.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Regarding KILO

            About a week ago newbie posted this:

            I just communicated with /u/kilo and this is a direct quote in regards to this situation

            “Currently sitting at 50+ unread emails; getting to them one at a time and processing orders one at a time. I am going to make changes to my shipping policy to say ONCE a week at most instead of shipping 2-3 days a week, because we are receiving more orders than we can handle at the moment.”

            “wire is quickest way to get in touch
            @comadose and @comatoast”

            So they Kilo are doing their job, but also have an enormous backlog, might not answer to your mails and be unresponsive for weeks.

            That neither Kino nor Kilo could calculate how many team members they would need to handle the incoming requests, I find pretty strange and another example for RC dealers just wanting to make big money without having to think or work…


        2. That’s interesting about Kilo, as he has been keeping in contact with me after I
          Email him within minutes. I have to keep reminding him that the tracking provided shows the package was never dropped off and he will always say “just dropped it off 🙂 please leave a good review” and then the tracking remains at shipping label created for the past week. Not calling the dude a scammer yet but the whole process seems odd. Wish he woulda told me he was super “backed up” with orders.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. THIS IS TO EVERYONE:

            Please never ever leave a review for an order that has not even landed at your doorstep yet. Of course, the vendor asks for it. But you destroy the whole community with your fake reviews. If I cannot trust the community’s reviews, I am prone to falling for crooks and scammers.

            @ElMono, thank you for this posting! Much appreciated!


          2. Absolutely and I’m right in the same boat as you! I told him I would leave a review once it is in my hands and I can confirm that everything checks out. Even then, it’s pretty hard to leave a positive review for someone who has lied and is taking their time with everything, especially after a generous tip was given to get my package out early… which he confirmed he would do.

            Liked by 1 person

          3. In such a case I would never leave a positive review!

            I sometimes leave reviews on Trustpilot, mostly to warn against scammers, but also about shopping experiences and 50% of my reviews are being flagged by the store owners and then deleted by Trustpilot, although I did everything according to their rules.

            It took two weeks and ten emails, but finally, cryptochems – who by the way pay 10 Euros for positive reviews – have a negative review counting for having sent me a mislabeled substance.

            I also rated Trustpilot with one star because they did not follow their own rules, they are not supposed to delete reviews but to ask for proof first. When they answered and said sorry, I showed myself generous and added a second star 😉

            99% of reviews transport no information at all.

            Either I am too dumb to read or people are stupid. If it wasn’t for all these Reddit-like reviews that anybody could fake and post in a hundred forums, scammers wouldn’t be the plague that they unfortunately are today…


          4. I agree 100% and yeah the review I am going to leave is not going to go well for him. What I’m hoping I can do is get a few people to help me out on Dread since he is persistent in getting me to review him positively on that forum.

            I even told him I would work with him because he was “short on stock” and he said don’t worry you already have the package on the way.. and when I looked at the tracking, nothing had changed days later. At this point I want to say he should be bumped down from the trusted vendor list.

            Not sure if anyone else on here has an experience different than mine but he doesn’t deserve that spot.

            Liked by 1 person

        3. Would you me a huge favor and leave a negative review for KILO on dread forums? I don’t have the Tor browser all configured. But he went from being super friendly and has completely stopped responding.

          He was supposed to ship my package last Tuesday, in which I gave a $20 tip because I knew he was backed up with orders. He said that he would send it out that day, however a week went by and I’ve got no response whatsoever. Completely unreliable and I hope he gets called out on it.

          If you could leave a negative review for me about the situation it would be so helpful. Sometimes you get burned but I just want to save other people from going through what I went through. Thanks !!!


  5. TIS Again here to vouche for Kinochems. Guy is very legit and checks in with me often to collaborate on USA laws and athough we are seperate entitities, we are not enemies. Kino is one of the VERY FEW usa vendors i personally interact with and buy from myself. Kinochems deserves to be in the trusted USA section along with albion, in my opinion. USA laws are very tricky when it comes to chems. Myself and Kino are usually two that are right on top of the federal schedulings, but also keep in mind our legislations vary state by state too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for checking by. I am glad to hear you removed that schedule I substance Eutylone from your stock!
      The entry for This Is Science was moved to the top block of shop listings.

      Cheers :))


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