Trusted Research Chemical Vendors * USA

Last updated October 29, 2020

Browse through the continents:

This list was compiled to save you from scammers, and definitely not to endorse you trying synthetic drugs!

If you should experience trouble with any of the shops listed,
please do let us know, thank you!

Please note: The “List of Verified Vendors” does not rely on any fake reviews as seen on Forums, Reddit, Trustpilot et al. These shops have been tested for years and ongoing by 3 friends of mine.

We cannot place test orders with all the shops all the time, unfortunately, but we do update the list as soon as possible in case a shop should e.g. have exit scammed.

RC SCENE is a present to the community and has also become a community supporting the community project. Everyone here works for free, still we rely on donations to cover costs for web hosting, software licenses, etc. An anonymous donation as little as 2 USD helps us keeping the project independent and alive. There is no other site on this planet even similar to RC SCENE.

If you cannot afford to donate, sharing experiences and updates is of great help as well. We will happily publish your reviews and photos!


USA – Verified Vendors

While even in the Netherlands, Research Chemicals are considered a grey-area-market and even vendors who registered companies (or actually mostly fronts) for their web shops try to stay anonymous because they are afraid of angry mothers whose kids they have poisoned with synthetic designer drugs, in the US, to my best knowledge, only criminals sell Research Chemicals.

Some run web shops, but more often they would meet in forums or use Social Media like Wickr and Discord where they would do direct deals, meaning they pay no taxes, just like street dealers around the corner.

With Chinese and Russian money conquering the States, also the line between Schedule I drugs and Research Chemicals, between Clearnet and Darknet, has become surprisingly thin. Chinese and Russian vendors would smuggle kilos of Schedule I substances to the USA and so are becoming a threat for the Research Chemical scene.

We will still try to have US Shop Reviews here, and might add these vendors to the Trusted Shops List, we are working on it.

USA – Shops that are said to be okay

USA – New promising shops

USA – Shops of unknown status

USA – Shops to better avoid

  • SSRCs (Deals with illegal Schedule I substances. Heroin is also a Schedule I)
  • Tranquil Treats Candy (Sells fent-laced Benzodiazepines as if they were candy drops, reports of selective scamming)

USA – Shops that started scamming

USA: Shops which are said to be okay

These shops would sometimes receive good reviews but since two thirds of shop reviews are fake and we do not know anyone personally having ordered with these, we decided to list them but cannot vouch for any of them.

ALBION ALKIMIYA is correct, was verified by user C.

(some forum has also listed which I did not check, tbh)

Since September 1, 2020 this Albion vendor does not accept orders from new customers anymore. If you had not ordered with them since March, they won’t serve you neither, even if you used to order with them before.

As long as the shop remains public (website, paste), it will stay listed here. I think the odds of them changing this policy again ain’t that litte.

Currently stocks Benzodiazepines, Dissociatives, Uppers, Phenidates and O-DSMT, sometimes also carries Psychedelics.

Uses a remarkably unfriendly tone on his Pastebin

Will communicate with you only if you send self-destructing messages.
Please mind that he often changes his email address

Prices seem otherworldly
Registration is open again since October 18th.
They currently stock Etizolam pellets and PG solutions only.

Same day priority shipping 9am Pacific cut off time.
( chems
In case your order seems to be forgotten about, please send him a friendly reminder after 5 or 7 days or so.

Could become your new favourite shop since he stocks quite a lot of different products, almost like a European shop:

Dissos like DCK, 3-MEO-PCP, 2-FDCK
Benzos like Diclazepam, Etizolam
Cathinones like MF-PVP, APCYP, 5-MMPA
Psychedelics like 4-HO-MET, 4-Aco-DMT, 5-Bromo-DMT
Phenidates like 4F-MPH

Claims to possess more than 1,500 kilos of 2F-DCK and that zero of the ~1,000 packs he ships during a year ever got seized.

For secure chatting:

His highness Kino would like you to write him from ProtonMail accounts only. ProtonMail is based in Switzerland where ALL Research Chemicals are illegal which is a problem for ProtonMail if you abuse them to break their local laws!
So, just stick with any PGP, it’s E2E encrypted and more than safe.
(Mailvelope, Mailfence, OpenPGP software with any email account)

If you insult or threaten him because your order is delayed, he might block you and your order could be shipped next year.
Reports of sending out poor quality as of Autumn 2020, nonetheless shipping orders out as usual.

Dissos, Opiates, Benzodiazepine solutions

Sometimes seems unresponsive for weeks…
Benzodiazepine, Dissos, Opioids
Top Reviews on Trustpilot
What looks like an online weed dealer, is actually selling CBD, a non-psychoactive version of Marihuana that us said to increase your mood and to help you relax.

CBD-growers use a loophole in legislation: Since Marijuana is also used in the industry, there is a passage in legislation that allows something like a rope or a pullover made out of weed to contain an maximum of 0.3% Δ9THC.

THC is the psychoactive element in Marijuana, that may lead to panic attacks, or drug induced psychoses. 0.3% of THC shouldn’t do any harm, although it could make you addicted as well.

10,000 5-Star-Ratings on

USA: New Promising Shops

These might be young enthusiasts, they might need some time to find the right balance, maybe expect short delays in order processing.
Since they can’t afford advertising on the big forums, there are not too many places that would mention them.

Wickr: cartishop
Started vending in summer 2020


Benzodiazepine solutions like Flualprazolam, Clonazolam, Etizolam and Diclazepam as well as ALP blotters

Does not offer same-day shipping
Wickr: Trailz25
📌 Photos & Mini-Shop-Review

Benzodiazepine solutions
Since PG solutions can grow bacteria, he uses everclear instead.
He still has a last batch of Flubromazolam PG solution in stock, but will switch to everclear with all solutions.

New in stock:

4F-MPH is already sold out but will,
together with other substances be restocked again.

Started vending in August 2020. Says, quote “I started up a month ago because I was tired of getting scammed.” 😉
Wickr: plasmamoon249
📌 Photos, Mini-Shop-Review & Discussion

US-based vendor offering 1P-LSD “Pink Sunshine” blotters
(100µg each)

1P-LSD is a psychedelic drug (a Lysergamide) closely related to LSD

Please make sure to read his Terms & Conditions and Refund Policy, etc. on his website before ordering! Prefers PGP-encrypted communication, do not mention the word “order” or similar in the subject line.
📌 Photos & Mini-Shop-Review & Discussion

Etizolam PG solutions in syringes & Etizolam powder

Started vending in Summer 2020

Receives stellar reviews

USA: Shops of unknown status

These either are too new to have received reviews yet, some might be gone for good already. We really don’t know. Better play safe! Would you happen to know any of these? If so, please contact us. Thank you!


Sells benzo pellets
Lame order processing, many mistakes
Wire: @comadose

Treat with caution, might be gone for good.

Benzodiazepines, Uppers, Opioids, Dissos, Psychedelics

Treat with caution: In October 2020, a visitor of this site reported
having been scammed by them.

Etizolam solutions

In case you can’t figure out how to place an order with them, like I wouldn’t have without help of our friend S., maybe join them on Discord and open a support ticket:


+ And yet another Benzos dealer.

Could not find a current paste, also, the email addresses are new to me, be cautious, better #avoid.

+ Vialis (something like Viagra), 1P-LSD, 2 methyl AP-237 (a Piperazine that is said to act like an opiate), Psychoactive plants and last, not least: Benzodiazepine blotters, tabs and powders.

+ Seriously is asking his customers for tips while at the same time selling a gram of Etizolam for 100 USD. What a douche…

Could be okay shops, could be scammers or out of business. We don’t know. If you do, please let us know, thank you!

If you decided to order with vendors that are not listed HERE, please DO check them against with our little list of known scammers AND always use BOTH AND, especially with Asian vendors!

An example:

If they advertise any chemicals that are banned in China or were obviously illegal to order, like Crystal Meth or prescription meds, stay away from them! China would arrest and torture Meth dealers!

Also, please understand that some scammers post up to a hundred positive reviews for themselves – each and every day! Scamming has become a multi-million-dollars business, these ill-minded guys would sometimes act professional, may have studied marketing or might be trained sales agents who understand the psychology involved in how to make you buy with them.
Also, a single scam might already mean a a fortune for criminals living in poor countries. So they won’t stop flooding the web with their fake reviews, it pays off for them, they do not feel sorry, they imagine the Western World to swim in money.

USA: Shops to better avoid

These shops are known for offering poor quality or or for selling strong drugs in candy form, or for selling mislabeled substances, or for being obviously sketchy.

absolutechems com
Bad quality, insane prices

Benzodiazepine powders and solutions.
399 USD for a gram of a Benzodiazepine? Don’t waste your money on such crooks.

The only affordable products they stock are Benzodiazepine solutions (~35 USD for 4 mg)

They seem to have been dodgy in the past
Open orders will be shipped soon, then he will need to take a break for a while due to a health issue.

Interesting selection:

Does not offer same day shipping.
pastebin TUQ0m9AZ
Claims to be RC Leon’s domestic US vendor. RC Leon is an allegedly Chinese vendor who smuggles schedule I substances to a warehouse in California and sells these in bulk amounts to street dealers.

Not all of his substances might be scheduled yet, but e.g. Eutylone, one of the products he stocks, is according to the DEA “a positional isomer of pentylone, [and thus] eutylone is controlled in schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act.”

Better stick with vendors who play safe. You definitely do not want to have a schedule I drug order confiscated by Law Enforcement.
rentry co / Tranquil_treats
TranquilTreats@pm me & SoothingSweets@protonmail ch
AVOID! Recently had Fentanyl added to his Benzos, stay away.

Sells strong Benzodiazepines in form of PEZ candy bars (a European thing, yet you might remember PEZ candy from a Seinfeld episode – it’s also available in the US.)

Please stay away from shops that sell strong drugs as if they were candy. Benzodiazepine withdrawal effects are harder on the body than heroin withdrawal effects and may be life-threatening for persons already suffering from a disease.

USA: Shops that started scamming

A country run by a stable genius, everyone seemingly on Benzodiazepines, Fent or Meth, and of course, for some criminals, someday their absurdly high profit is not enough anymore, and they start stealing from you…

JBerg (Berg)
ghostbin . co / paste/ gc5zg
ghost seeksanctuary net / mrberg19new
Seemingly he is referring new customers directly into the hands of a scammer, e.g. “Whitebear1, who is of course himself.

Confronted with a scam case in all its details, he would not even reject the accusations. Orders placed by regular customers, who used to send him money for years already, seem to be processed, though.

Wickr: Mrberg19new / Wickr: benzobear 
Bergyfresh19 @ protonmail com
MDX Research USA
pastebin 1wFeBBSn
mdxresearch safe-mail net
Some say he already used to play his scam game already years ago, he just changes names from time to time.
Neevs Labs
neev-labs com
(Some forums still list this shop, others have him blacklisted.)

A reliable source told me that he used to send out out O-DSMT (an opioide) instead of 3-HO-PCP (a dissociative) in the past. When trying to verify this information, I stumbled across fresh accusations of selective scamming. Again. Already last year, people were complaining about him scamming, that time he said the issues would have been caused because of a change in ownership…
purechems net
Users report having been scammed by this shop.
Purple Ghost Chemical
Users report having been scammed by this shop.
Rapid Research
rentry co / RapidResearch

Multiple reports of scamming since September 2020. That asshole told everyone his page would have been hacked and a hacker would have changed the email address and would now scam customers. In fact, Rapid Research himself changed the email and scammed his own loyal customers.
RC1 Domestic Supplier (“Private”)
pastebin com/1sLtbaFF
RC1 paste as of July 18, 2020 without spelling mistakes (PDF)
Search terms:
RC1. / RC1discord
He told me he would stop dealing with drugs, but I just came home from Google and and who do I see advertising on the clearnet again? Mr Shittypants RC1 ! So he is back on the list again.

Be careful: Mr Shittypants RC1 says he would not accept new customers and instead just steal your money if you placed an order, which is a poor performance even for a fucked up criminal who does neither work nor pay taxes.

So if you have already successfully ordered with Mr Shittypants RC1, then he might accept your order. But remember: Mr Shittypants RC1 is dumb as a dog: If he can’t find you in his database, which is a great idea to keep for a criminal to endanger his customers, he would just steal your money.

RC1 vendor paste from June 2020

Email him before ordering. and add
question in the subject line just like that:
researchchems1 @

Benzos available as of July 2020:
Etizolam, Clonazolam, Flualprazolam, Pyrazolam, Flubromazolam
Order minimum: 3 grams

In case Mr Shittypants RC1 should indeed steal your money, please do let us know, we will nuke that dumb motherfucker to the moon.

US Vendors come and go. Take care when ordering. Any tips or experiences shared are highly appreciated, thank you!

764 thoughts on “Trusted Research Chemical Vendors * USA

  1. I mailed kino last night. I’m not not sure what’s up with him I never felt with him but he is slow to reply. Also I asked about 2 chems that said nothing g about being out of stock and he emailed me 8 hrs later saying it clearly says I’m out of stock on my site. I checked it and he had changed the paste in. Idk what to think.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Kino is still around? Thought he was long gone? Wish I knew I only had 1 order both chems were bunk and neither was labeled. Was a couple months ago and right after the site was gone and multiple ppl on dread said they were scammed so I just took an L and left a review. Oh well hopefully they are at least labeling products now!


  3. I’ve ordered with neev 8 times over the course of 12 months, and I’ve always received my packs. The communication is nonexistent, and the shipping can be as soon as 3 days from ordering, or nearly a month, but most of my orders came in about a week. The stock is fine, but some of the best products listed, have been “out of stock” since I discovered them 12 months ago. I don’t think they’re scammers, just poor management and customer communication.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dear Billy,

      I was gonna write a short page with like a slang dictionary, but haven’t found the time yet.


      SCAMMER = A criminal who steals your money without sending you any goods, without having any stock probably.

      SELECTIVE SCAMMER: Like JBerg: Every 2dn customer gets scammed, he himself is the scammer, no matter what Wickr account he refers you to.

      Everyone else is not understood a scammer, they probably do what they can or feel like. Maybe they feel like 10a months holiday, drug dealers make enormous profits. That does not make them scammers.


  4. J.O.B. O.F.F.E.R


    • I’m looking to put together a team on the east coast.
    • I can’t keep up everything on my own,

    • I need someone for coding, need security and
    • I need help with shipping, labeling etc .

    • I want to to make the dream team of domestic vendors 😉

    If we find together in NY area, no one will ever get scammed again on the east coast if they trust us 🙂

    • We will make good money and everyone will make a fair share!

    Covid isolation? Unemployment rate rising?

    Our products are popular and will gain even more popularity in the future!

    Serious contacts only:


    1. When summer ends, and the uplifting sun rays in the mornings are being replaced by fog to be the first thing you will get to see in the mornings for a very long time, you tend to get depressed. People who deal with depression or are just more sensitive than average, tend to be even hit harder by seasons change.
      I also feel completely depressed since it seems to be dark all day. There is not a single hour left a day that would make the day shine.

      Thank you for sharing the info!


  5. Please for the love of God, do NOTT and i repeat NOTTTT order from Kino. He has been spamming me with emails and theres no telling what his address really is, if he is really around, and he asked me for a few chems that he said he orders from a well known chem manufacturer. I would not waste my time one min on ordering with him.

    He sent me some email “hey sorry bud what was your order again I missed it and just don’t know what it was.. did you order already?… etc” this happened over 5 separate emails.


    1. Yea I’ve ordered from him before and he seemed really cool. But this last order he keeps saying he’s going to overnight it because he keeps forgetting my order. Talked today and he said I want to say yes but give me your name and zip code so I can verify. Haven’t heard back and that was this morning. Rapid research already got me when they changed this past month and I’ve used them before. I hope I didn’t get scammed again.


      1. If an order is due for two weeks or longer, you might contact me with your order details and I will send him overlooked orders at once. You could of course ask yourself, don’t wonder ;-), stay friendly, he is nota a scammer.


        1. Yea that’s why I’ve been lenient about it. I’ve already asked twice and he’s said both times he would overnight my pack the next day. I just emailed him again, I guess I’ll give it another week and I’ll come to you.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. I am in the same situation with Kino. First order – exact and 3 business days after said shipped, 1 state in-between us. Second order – benzo replaced with dissociative – my Ketamine days were 20 years ago – 5 business days – third order? 7 business days and counting. Weird emails, like sharing his entire mailing list by accident. I am lenient and forgiving. I too believe he is legit – maybe that new dissoc/cathinone is partly to blame. I have had really good luck with first Asian order and second is close – might start using Asia exclusively. I like Kino – we have had some good exchanges and I have learned a few things. Hope he stays on track.

            Liked by 1 person

            1. I just got my pack from him I was missing, but it was missing a g of Pyrazolam. I’m in contact with him, I hope he will fix it because I want some of his new stims he got in.

              Liked by 1 person

    2. I’ve been dealing with the same issue. 8-10 emails now sending my shipping information, reminding him. Now he just sent an email stating that my package was one that the tracking information wasn’t recorded for in a period of 1-3 days. I find this all really hard to believe. I’m so tired of all these domestic vendors. Sellkies pulls this same shit. Dealt with him for 2 months before final just getting a refund. I highly advise anyone not to order from Sellkies. Thanks can name so many reasons. He also exit scammed under a different name on Discord months ago.

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Kino will neither scam nor exit scam. These are stupid lies being spread by small vendors. Take sellkies: He orders from TRRC and spreads rumors about TRRC scamming, because even though everyone knows that TRRC and quality do not together in one and the same sentence, sellkies is even worsing TRRC’s shit, by adding more water per million or simply adding cutting agent.

          I will not prove that. How often have I been wrong? Fuck Eurochems (EU), besides from that – even though I spending winters in South Africa – I think our list are fine, finer than anyone similar.

          Should Kino someday start scamming out of spite b/c others made him look like a scammer (that’s his thing, seriously), send me every single order. Half or more of his referrals come from us and if anything breaks the law I am not the guy not reporting it.

          As long as everything runs smoothly like jazz or at least smoothly like Brittany Spear’s lip sync shows, I am in now way giving up Research Chemicals. But I won’t accept what Mr Shittypants is doing.

          By the way, if the constant hacking attempts against RC SCENE won’t soon stop I’ll randomly pick ten of your US vendors and you they won’t soon make business again. I am so sick of these attacks and constant defamation.


          1. 100% truth – Kino got back to me right away, issued a new pack with a bonus and TN tracking right to my front door tomorrow. Kino is not a scammer. I have been scammed twice and I can tell from my communications with him he is overworked. Probably needs 4 FTEs to keep up with the demand. 6 months ago I jumped into this world with both feet and did some very stupid deals – first time I got scammed it was for $1500 (long story) – but found this site and love it – BTW – I feel obligated to send the site some $ for all of the trouble you have saved me.

            I had a good first time order with Asia and a another vendor (second trust) is on the way here.

            I have access to many C2 stims and there are some qualities in some of these RC stims that I think would make them better for ADD, and other conditions – like IPPH for instance, and 4F-MPH is very interesting. I have also noticed some things about the sub cathinones that might make them even more or less dangerous. Real research needs to happen – damn some of them are as caustic as battery acid. Lots to learn.

            Liked by 1 person

            1. Thank you!

              I will for sure not say NO to a donor who funds even scammers big time. 😉

              x-CMCs are all heavily neurotoxic. This is something you probably will not feel immediately, you would sure find out the next days, though. Neurotoxic means that you serotonin receptors are like erased, none survives, comparable to XTC. These receptors grow back, but in a different order, like random which could lead to personality disorders, depression, etc.

              Battery acid is actually used to produce certain compounds. If there are hints of battery acid left in a substance, I am pretty sure, you would immediately notice. When I tried a Chemical Joke substance, it didn’t take a second before I felt poisoned.


  6. Here to say that calm chems came through with samples and they are active. both .5mg/ml. I’m not going to go into opsec quite yet but they are nice. thanks alot! I would def trust him for another order and for others to order from him. thumbs up bud

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Vyren has excellent products, great opsec and stealth, and amazing prices. They sent me a sample for review, and I haven’t researched the powder but solution is potent and effective. I took a few pics for this sample review. I’d definitely order again. Good stuff

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Hey this is Nicholas wow clusterfuction production. Calm chems . I’m not running with your money just gimme a few weeks to get my chems in order my
    180 postal printer..broke . Usually print and go now I have to go to the post office ..blah.blah .whaaaaammbbbbuuullllaaannce. I’m finally caught up on ebay. Stitches come out tomorrow..I

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Link I posted I had to delete for security issues. I’ll be posting a pic of the research materials shortly once I figure out how to do so securely.


  10. This is a review for Legit RC. I received 2 samples. One, Clonazolam solution 5mg/ml and the other Flualprazolam solution 5mg/ml. Items were packaged securely in a Mylar foil bag zip locked. Research was conducted on the Clon solution first. Seems to be dosed correctly and all other properties match up from what past research has shown on this compound. Test subject dosed .2ml of the Clon solution. Effects were evident at the 20-25 minute mark. Slight reduction in anxiety, muscles loosened, racing thoughts become less. Quality would be ranked at a 8.5/10. Very impressed. Tomorrow, I’ll be conducting research on the Flualp solution to give a thorough and detailed review. Attached is a picture of the research materials.

    Liked by 2 people

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