Trusted Research Chemical Vendors * USA

Last updated January 10, 2020

Browse through the continents:

This list was compiled to save you from scammers, and definitely not to endorse you trying synthetic drugs!

We cannot place test orders with all the shops all the time, unfortunately, but we do our best to keep the list up to date and reliable.

Sharing your experiences and updates would be of great help!
We will happily publish your reviews and photos!


Info: The scientific design behind the list briefly explained.

If you should experience trouble with any of the shops mentioned, please do let us know, thank you!

USA – Verified Vendors

While even in the Netherlands, Research Chemicals are considered a grey-area-market and even vendors who registered companies (or actually mostly fronts) for their web shops try to stay anonymous because they are afraid of angry mothers whose kids they have poisoned with synthetic designer drugs, in the US, to my best knowledge, only criminals sell Research Chemicals.

Some run web shops, but more often they would meet in forums or use Social Media like Wickr and Discord where they would do Direct Deals, meaning they pay no taxes, just like street dealers around the corner.

In January 2020, an RC Benzodiazepine vendor dealing with Clonazolam, Diclazepam, Flubromazolam & Etizolam was convicted for Online Sale & Distribution of Unapproved Drugs. His illicit money was seized, he will have to pay a fine of up 250,00 USD and he could face up to 5 years in prison.

With Chinese and Russian money conquering the States, also the line between Schedule I drugs and Research Chemicals, between Clearnet and Darknet, has become surprisingly thin. Chinese and Russian vendors would smuggle kilos of Schedule I substances to the USA and so are becoming a threat for the Research Chemical scene…

USA – Shops that are said to be okay

These are okay.

USA – Promising New Vendors

These are okay.

  • Paradox Labs USA (new, not yet verified, will constantly add more products in the upcoming months)
  • VYREN (Verified, 4-AcO-DMT)

USA – Vendors for Adventurers

Diluters, bunk substance senders,
playing dead after payment was received artists / sleepwalkers,
Opiate Crisis “Patriots”, etc.

  • Kinochems (Seemed to look like a selective scammer, while in fact just takes months for processing certain orders. KINO IS CURRENTLY WORKING ON GETTING ALL OPEN ORDERS SHIPPED!)
  • Paracelsus Labs (Quality issues reported since Autumn 2020. Also, do stay off his very toxic 2-MAP-237 & AP-238 methyl piperazines!

USA – Shops of Unknown Status


If you happen to know these shops, please share your experience in the comments section. THANK YOU!

USA – Shops to better #Avoid


Scheduled substances, diluted trash, insane prices, “reverse shilling”

  • Absolute Chems (Insane prices, poor quality, selective scamming?)
  • ProximoResearch (Reports of selling watered down / trash / bunk benzodiazepines as of 11/2020. Dishonest communication. Also, stay off his very toxic 2-MAP-237 & AP-238 methyl piperazines!)
  • Sellkies Labs (Would swiftly send you payment instructions but then the waiting games starts. Will he ever deliver? Dishonest communication. Also, stay off his toxic AP-238 methyl piperazine!)
  • SSRCs (Deals with illegal Schedule I substances. Heroin is also a Schedule I)

USA – Shops that started scamming



  • RC1 / RC1. (Not accepting new customers; Known Scammer!)
  • Sunshine Labs (Scam!)
  • Syliscybin (Scam!)
  • Tranquil Treats (This scumbag even runs two scam shops under similar names. Sometimes, he would send you Fentanyl-laced Benzodiazepines…)

Find more scammers listed on our KNOWN SCAMMERS Scam page!

USA: Shops which are said to be okay

These shops would sometimes receive good reviews but since two thirds of shop reviews are fake and we do not know anyone personally having ordered with these, we decided to list them but cannot vouch for any of them.

ALBION ALKIMIYA is correct, was verified by user C.
(some forum has also listed which I did not check, tbh)

Since September 1, 2020 this Albion vendor does not accept orders from new customers anymore. If you had not ordered with them since March, they won’t serve you neither, even if you used to order with them before.

As long as the shop remains public (website, paste), it will stay listed here. I think the odds of them changing this policy again ain’t that litte.

Currently stocks Benzodiazepines, Dissociatives, Uppers, Phenidates and O-DSMT, sometimes also carries Psychedelics.

Uses a remarkably unfriendly tone on his Pastebin

Will communicate with you only if you send self-destructing messages.
Please mind that he often changes his email address

Prices seem otherworldly
📌 Photos & Mini-Shop-Review & Discussion.

Registration is temporarily closed.

– – –
They currently stock Etizolam pellets and PG solutions.
– – –

Same day priority shipping 9am Pacific cut off time.

In October 2020, a visitor of this site reported
having been scammed and then being ignored by them.

– – –
Etizolam solutions
– – –

In case you can’t figure out how to place an order with them, like I wouldn’t have without help of our friend S., maybe join them on Discord and open a support ticket:
What looks like an online weed dealer, is actually selling CBD, a non-psychoactive version of Marihuana that us said to increase your mood and to help you relax.

CBD-growers use a loophole in legislation: Since Marijuana is also used in the industry, there is a passage in legislation that allows something like a rope or a pullover made out of weed to contain an maximum of 0.3% Δ9THC.

THC is the psychoactive element in Marijuana, that may lead to panic attacks, or drug induced psychoses. 0.3% of THC shouldn’t do any harm, although it could make you addicted as well.

10,000 5-Star-Ratings on
Shop details (new options will be added ongoing)

While people behind the times always tried to divide people, this vendor has a couple of advantages over having to deal with certain US vendors:

Won’t scam you
No underweight samples
Ships either same day or no later than 48 hours after payment.

– – –

Please mind the time difference:

San Francisco = UTC – 8 hours, New York = UTC – 5 hours,
Amsterdam = UTC + 1 hour, Hong Kong = UTC + 8 hours.

An example:
When it is 8:00 in San Francisco, it already is 17:00 in Europe and already midnight in China.

Only few shops like Smokeys Chem Site offer 24/7 support via live chat. Shops like TRRCC or RareChems as well as most Asian vendors in the list work from 8 to 5 local time. So don’t be disappointed if they cannot answer you immediately because they go to bed at nights.

– – –
Unless you ordered a ton of a product, delivery success rate will be around 90%
– – –

Please mind: In case a letter should not arrive, and you do neither receive seizure information, then customs decided to not press charges against you. State attorneys have more important tasks to deal with than caring about a small amount of an unscheduled substance.
– – –
Before you order, always check back with the DEA’s Orange Book of Controlled Substances and ideally double-check with the DEA’s list of recently added schedules. Scheduled / controlled means banned / illegal.

Remember: Just because a product is legal in, e.g. Hong Kong or in the Netherlands it could still be a controlled substance in the US!

Also: The state you live in could have substances scheduled that are not banned nationwide and thus illegal in your area but not listed by the DEA. Check your local legislation and last, not least: Keep in mind that the US have an analogue act meaning there are more substances illegal than the DEA would list.
– – –
European and Asian Research Chemical Shops are real companies that pay taxes.

USA: Promising New Vendors

These are young enthusiasts, they might need some time to find the right balance, maybe expect short delays in order processing from time to time.

Since they can’t afford paying off the big forums, there are not too many places that would mention them.

📌 Photos & Mini-Shop-Review & Discussion.

– – –
Benzodiazepine solutions & more (e.g. 4F-MPH)
– – –

Since PG solutions can grow bacteria, he uses everclear instead.

Has all substances tested before offering them for sale!

Uses professionally printed labels, the photos in the shop review are outdated.
– – –

Started vending in August 2020. Says, quote, “I started up a month ago because I was tired of getting scammed.” 😉
Wickr: plasmamoon249
📌 Photos, Mini-Shop-Review & Discussion

– – –
Does accept new customers again
– – –

US-based vendor offering 1P-LSD “Pink Sunshine” blotters
(100µg each)

1P-LSD is a psychedelic drug (a Lysergamide) closely related to LSD

Please make sure to read his Terms & Conditions and Refund Policy, etc. on his website before ordering! Prefers PGP-encrypted communication, do not mention the word “order” or similar in the subject line.
📌 Photos & Mini-Shop-Review & Discussion

Is currently in hospital, will answer your emails and process your orders as soon as he is home again!
– – –

Shop is open for business with little stock now (Clonazolam and Bromazolam solutions only).
In January, February and March more and more products will become available.

– – –

Please mind: Right now, delivery can’t be done same day, expect a delay of two days in order processing.
📌 Photos & Mini-Shop-Review & Discussion


Started vending in Summer 2020
Receives stellar reviews

USA: Shops for Adventurers

These shops either have difficulties supplying constant quality (might sell watered down, bunk or stale substances). Some would stop communication once you have sent them money. And last, not least, some of them are REAL OPIATE CRISIS “PATRIOTS“…

( RBsNtYyk kino chems
TOR link: http://pcv2hp6fxa62c4dbb2cwyb2g2achdpx5t7ifyu7yxyo2ckntddhfy4id.onion/
📌 Insights into some kind of mind: Kinochems portrait. Discussion.

DO NOT SEND HIM MONEY UNTIL ALL OPEN ORDERS HAVE BEEN SHIPPED! There are customers waiting for their order to be processed since August (!) already. Today is January 7.
– – –

He says he would not taking new orders until all open orders have been shipped, anyways:

– – –

Claims to possess more than 1,500 kilos of 2F-DCK and that zero of the ~1,000 packs he ships during a year ever got seized. Also claimed to wanting to join the Navy. and starting an honest life..

For secure chatting:

Substance Warning with details on the toxicity of these compounds

– – –

Constant reports about quality issues since October 2020

Why is Paracelsus no longer in the “Shops said to be Okay” section?
Looking for alternatives for Paracelsus bunk quality
Do NOT order so-called 2fdck from Paracelsus Labs. Whatever it is, it isn’t that. Probably toxic. (verified)

– – –

Dissos, Opiates, Benzodiazepine solutions

USA: Shops of Unknown Status

These either are too new to have received reviews yet, some might be gone for good already. We really don’t know. Better play safe! Would you happen to know any of these? If so, please contact us. Thank you!

Wickr: cartishop

Started vending in summer 2020
Wire: @comadose



Could not find a current paste, also, the email addresses are new to me, be cautious, better #AVOID.

Could be okay shops, could be scammers or out of business. We don’t know. If you do, please let us know, thank you!

If you decided to order with vendors that are not listed HERE, please DO check them against with our little list of known scammers AND always use BOTH AND, especially with Asian vendors!

An example:

If they advertise any chemicals that are banned in China or were obviously illegal to order, like Crystal Meth or prescription meds, stay away from them! China would arrest and torture Meth dealers!

Also, please understand that some scammers post up to a hundred positive reviews for themselves – each and every day! Scamming has become a multi-million-dollars business, these ill-minded guys would sometimes act professional, may have studied marketing or might be trained sales agents who understand the psychology involved in how to make you buy with them.
Also, a single scam might already mean a a fortune for criminals living in poor countries. So they won’t stop flooding the web with their fake reviews, it pays off for them, they do not feel sorry, they imagine the Western World to swim in money.

USA: Shops to better avoid

These shops are known for offering poor quality or or for selling strong drugs in candy form, or for selling mislabeled substances, or for being obviously sketchy.

absolutechems(.) com
Bad quality, insane prices

Benzodiazepine powders and solutions.
399 USD for a gram of a Benzodiazepine? Don’t waste your money on such crooks.

Dodgy past

Substance Warning with details on the toxicity of these compounds

– – –
Customers complaining about receiving trash substances since November, 2020
Details on that trash substances

Proximo got scammed recently by his supplier. He shared the wholesaler with LegitRC. While LegitRC has all his products tested by an independent lab before offering them for sale, and so found out that these substances were trash, needed to change the supplier and had a loss of income for about a week, Proximo does not test his substances at all and is selling these bunk substances to you.

His loyal customers confirm that he sold them bunk:

– – –
Due to his dishonest communication, for selling highly toxic opioids, for selling bunk substances, and because he was caught posting lies about other vendors, this irresponsible douchebag should definitely be avoided.

With guys that do not care a little about their customers’ health, you never know what product you will receive. Will it be mislabeled? Is it toxic waste? Will it kill me? There is too much risk involved with ordering from such an irresponsible douchebag.
Sellkies / Sellkies Labs

Substance Warning with details on the toxicity of these compounds

Seems to constantly let his customers down and blaming it to USPS. Would ship or refund one order in a while (only after you complained in forums!) but the next order again will seem stuck again and never move forwards.

– – –

Was caught posting lies about other vendors.

– – –
Claims to be RC Leon’s domestic US vendor. RC Leon is an allegedly Chinese vendor who smuggles schedule I substances to a warehouse in California and sells these in bulk amounts to street dealers.

Not all of his substances might be scheduled yet, but e.g. Eutylone, one of the products he stocks, is according to the DEA “a positional isomer of pentylone, [and thus] eutylone is controlled in schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act.”

Better stick with vendors who play safe. You definitely do not want to have a schedule I drug order confiscated by Law Enforcement.

USA: Shops that started scamming

A country run by a stable genius, everyone seemingly on Benzodiazepines, Fent or Meth, and of course, for some criminals, someday their absurdly high profit is not enough anymore, and they start stealing from you…


bongochems com
#AVOID! This shops is notoriously known for (selective) scamming. They would send out like 50% of orders and scam the rest of their customers. It’s a pain in the ass to deal with them.

Checkout their Trustpilot reviews, these clearly show that their business ethics are more than questionable.

There are RC related forums where moderators would constantly defend scammers, especially on the Darknet. Without wanting to out the people involved, just a hint: These guys make more money out of moderating forums than with their actual jobs.

Lame order processing, many mistakes, not reliable at all.
JBerg (Berg /mrBerg19new)
ghostbin . co / paste/ gc5zg
ghost seeksanctuary net / mrberg19new

Seemingly he is referring new customers directly into the hands of a scammer, e.g. “Whitebear1, who is of course himself.

He is also messing with loyal customers: Reports of diluted / inactive solutions since Autumn 2020!

Confronted with a scam case in all its details, he would not even reject the accusations...

Wickr: Mrberg19new / Wickr: benzobear 
Bergyfresh19 @ protonmail com
MDX Research USA
pastebin 1wFeBBSn
mdxresearch safe-mail net
Some say he already used to play his scam game already years ago, he just changes names from time to time.
Neevs Labs
neev-labs com
– – –
Offline since 12/2020. Will probably return under new names, take care!
– –
A reliable source told me that he used to send out out O-DSMT (an opioid) instead of 3-HO-PCP (a dissociative) in the past. When trying to verify this information, I stumbled across fresh accusations of selective scamming. Again! Already last year, people were complaining about him scamming, that time he said the issues would have been caused because of a change in ownership. For the recent scamming events, the shop seem to have run out of excuses…
purechems net
Users report having been scammed by this shop.
Purple Ghost Chemical
Users report having been scammed by this shop.
Rapid Research
rapidresearch(.)net & &

Multiple reports of scamming since September 2020. That asshole told everyone his page would have been hacked and a hacker would have changed the email address and would now scam customers. In fact, Rapid Research himself changed the email and scammed his own loyal customers.
RC1 Domestic Supplier (“Private”)
RC1 paste as of July 18, 2020 without spelling mistakes (PDF)
Search terms:
RC1. / RC1discord
He told me he would stop dealing with drugs, but I just came home from Google and and who do I see advertising on the clearnet again? Mr Shittypants RC1 ! So he is back on the list again.

Be careful: Mr Shittypants RC1 says he would not accept new customers and instead just steal your money if you placed an order, which is a poor performance even for a fucked up criminal who does neither work nor pay taxes.

So if you have already successfully ordered with Mr Shittypants RC1, then he might accept your order. But remember: Mr Shittypants RC1 is dumb as a dog: If he can’t find you in his database, which is a great idea to keep for a criminal to endanger his customers, he would just steal your money. See for yourself what that weasel announed: RC1 vendor paste from June 2020

Email him before ordering. and add question in the subject line just like that:
researchchems1 @

In case Mr Shittypants RC1 should indeed steal your money, please do let us know, we will nuke that dumb motherfucker to the moon.
Sunshine Labs
Syliscybin Scam Report
rentry(.)co/tranquiltreatsshoppe & &

US Vendors come and go. Take care when ordering. Any tips or experiences shared are highly appreciated, thank you!

956 thoughts on “Trusted Research Chemical Vendors * USA

  1. Speedy chemicals is a scam. They try and get more money from a person by stating the buyer needs to buy insurance after they sent it. Threaten to turn me in to the DES for order legal chemicals to the the country on my residence. Awesome chemistry use to have AwesoMe quaulity of product. But I have been waiting for over a month now for an order. Emailed him several times. No reply. Recently used Sellkies. He cane through in 2 days. Good quality. But now I have been waiting for over a week. Sent emails. No response. So far Smokey’s has been reliable. (Just get the insurance)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. C. on Sellkies, Proximo and Paracelus

    Sellkies came through for me. He sent me 20ml of Flualp for $15 in shipping to prove he was legit. I trust to order from Him again. I still suspect that he might take a sec to get your order shipped, but his products are quality.

    Also, Proximo, I used to rely on him regularly. He pulled some petty shit to me this week. Now I hear he started selling diluted shit.

    Paracelsus is legit too. I don’t fuck with his opioids though. Who can I rely On for some Benzo’s now!?!?

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    1. pLease elaborate on proxi he did me great! I dont get it is it selective scamming? or did he know i would review and somehow pieced together who i was somehow? I got all my bottles and the quality seems on par as last time.


      1. Even one of his loyal customers (a pathetic junkie ordering Benzodiazepines for 1,000 USD a month) he had sent to a) defame LegitRC and b) mess with RC SCENE in the discussion area right here on our site and later on Trustpilot (who I will show that their fucking internal guidelines (= allowing to write about me I was involved in any criminal activities) are fucking breaking the law, well even his fans confirmed that he was selling mislabeled (his wholesaler provided him with fake substances) trash.

        That was three days ago.

        Since he would lie you in the face, it’s pointless asking him if he got a decent batch now or not.
        I doubt that he could have known who you are; no one can see your email.
        I also doubt that you could get out anything of these baby solutions that are so popular in the US when you did a gram of Flualprazolam for lunch yesterday ;-D


    1. I am going for the surprise effect there: USSR is a reminder that you might be off a lot better with high quality Asian and European vendors than having to deal with your so-la-la domestic scene.

      The Trustpilot link does not work for me either, still, searching for “KOMPROMAT” or “” will work.
      Thank you for your time and support, very much appreciated!


    2. Also, USSR has kick-ass 2018 edit lyrics video of a cool song in its shop description. Not everything needs to dead-serious as Catholic priests abusing little boys. I don’t take myself too seriously, enjoy the music 😉

      I for sure do 🙂


  3. I don’t blame you for spending your money on overpriced Benzo solutions rather than donating 2 USD.

    But what I will not accept is that none of the folks I answered questions yesterday left a review on Trustpilot, although I explicitly asked for support in this case.

    That’s the address:

    It takes 5 minutes.

    Don’t leave 1-star-reviews.

    For those who already left a review, there is no need to write a new one. It’s always your last one that counts.

    Thank you.


  4. A loyal customer of Proximo Trash Research recently found out that he indeed sells trash since November:


  5. Straight outta the mailbox #paracelsus


    I’m looking for a place to purchase dissos, particularly dck, 2fdck, or one of the newer non-pcp/pce ones that ship to the usa and have good success.

    I used to order from Paracelsus however it seems they are no longer high quality.

    Any help would be amazing!


  6. Do NOT order so-called 2fdck from Paracelcus Labs. Whatever it is, it isn’t that. Probably toxic.
    Kino finally sent one order, but finally stopped answering on second order. $130 down the drain.
    Legit RC was like communicating to a broken IA program. Don’t worry about them stealing your money. I couldn’t even get them to take any. And I really tried, believe me.
    I never had a problem with Proxima, but I haven’t ordered from them in months. So it all just looks like a vast wasteland to me.


    1. Legit RC currently needs to take medication that sometimes would make him answer in riddles. It’s a standard prescription medicine, but he seems to react strongly to it. I hope I am not giving away too many personal details. He is not impaired by that tablet all day long. When he sends me an email, these are always fine.

      Kino, as far as I know, does no communication but concentrates on packing. I am optimistic that you will receive your second order as well.


    2. Next year, two more “new promising” vendors will be in the list, and if Kino with his new webshop can handle three times more orders a day than before, he should be a safe bet.

      That Legit sometimes forgets to mention payment instructions reads hilarious, but that’s because of medication he takes. Since he tries to answer promptly, he would send out sentences that I do not even understand. Someone should tell him to wait for an hour or so for the meds to wear off, before answering emails again 😉

      Oh, and would you please provide me with your order confirmation so that we can be sure you even ordered with Para? Thank you!

      PS: I am sorry, but I cannot allow having published any accusations without proof anymore. There is a reason why we have to authenticate before being able to post a comment now, unfortunately. THANKS!


  7. I just wanted to say, SELKIESLABS HAS ABSOLUTELY pulled through. He kept in contact with me over a small order though out the few weeks it took, although I had to pester the shit out of him. Yesterday he swore he would never ghost anyone and he offered that I just keep my pack if and when it arrives at usps discretion and he would issue a full refund. I came home today and just like he had promised, he did his best to hold up his end of the bargain and a quality pack came in.

    Thanks SELKIES, and I hope you can get caught up and sort shit out


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    1. Would you please send me proof like tracking that says “delivered” via email?

      Blacken out your name and everything, provide just proof that you indeed did an order with him; please. Thank you! (PS: Whatever you send to an @rc-scene email address is kept confidential of course, you find the PGP (optional) and email address here:

      Thank you!

      PS: For his security, I temporarily blocked Mr Sellkies from commenting. He tried to publish real tracking numbers here. Those got luckily blocked by the spam filter. Posting such a tracking number in an open forum is never a good idea. I would not even publish such in a closed platform, in the Darknet, or on any discord Discord server. Learn from Chinese vendors: They blacken out the tracking number and any personal details; they highlight that their shipment from Hong Kong to Miami arrived, that’s sufficient.

      PPS: According to a reliable source, Mr Sellkies is very active on Discord, lately. He offers remarkably many refunds. Another customer received tracking, but the tracking does not say “in transit” yet, and one customer complained having received only half the amount he had ordered. Others did not react to my emails, and I don’t know Mr Sellkies customers’ list, of course, I am just asking those who used to complain to me about him.

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  8. Finally, a new top vendor for the USA. He is going by the name U.S.S.R and thinks The White Album was better than Sgt. Pepper’s, which we all know is not true, of course.

    Still, he is the best vendor on a US list you will ever find – aaand updates will be added soon!


    (PS: Credits for finding this vendor belong to f., thank you, sir!)


    1. I can verify the credibility of Rapid researches claims of being plausible (not probable but it could have occured) that he was hacked. The wordpress backend was openly indexed if you knew the folders default names and uri’s
      I was able to go to the plugin directory and see every file and even the php files were showing their internal coding when i clicked them so all the api were openly exposed and you could just look for a bug in the code to exploit!

      But with that being said if I was to scam and cry hacked, I Would intentionally do something like that so this is still not a busted claim it could or could not have happend I did kind of un-permitted do a quick pen-test manually to see if I trusted the site enough to spend money on it and I did not, I also found similar results on bongos site the backend was index’d that alone screams “do not trust this site”
      if you can go to /wp-includes/ and see every api the site runs you have a problem. So just saying..

      (Dont mind me I need something to dull my emotions I recently came to the realization (yesterday i had a bad episode when i read old messages to and from my mother in law and my eyes were opened to the damage they were doing and how they abused my wife and I but she is okay…. that I have endured torture and imprisonment and mental anguish and more indescribable horrors for 13 months of pure mental physical and emotional torture from my inlaws and also I am lucky to be alive. Albeit fucked up permanantly and in need of therapy and medicine as well as in financial dire situations like we need car repair and had to move and now i cant work so im worrying even more… and unable to function anymore as a normal individual who can leave their room or get out of bed or do normal things such as eat or care about themselves or just be happy or just be at all. I dont even feel human anymore I got abused bad by someone who had a protective order against them by my wife so the police shouldnt have helped my god damned assailant by locking me up for months on fake ass lies!!! the man was in violation of the law on paper and then he violated that and was then a felony and then he was still there, when they locked me up his fat as was laughing and pointing and i told the popo the story but the inlaws painted me as a villan when in reality they wanted to rob my wife after they got me out of the picture and sure enough they did so she had to lose evrything while i was gone I swear there can’t be a god if this kinda shit goes on unpunished…, and nearly lost my life last december the man in violation of family violence orders attempted to stab me but the police ignored my pleas for help and said i shoulda reported it then, well i tried but his mother disallowed me to use the phone to call 911 on her son.. which is a heinous 5-20 year crime in itself but theyre free and i am facing 100 years because they claim i threatened them what the actual fuck? so yeah thats why i snorted the 250mg of flualp when the cops were on the way (thats the second time they used that lie on me this year… i shoulda learned the first time but we had no way out they made sure of it,they even took our phones and broke them and kept us financialy down so they had all pwer over us versus being homeless even though it was our house but since the father in law died well the ex wife somehow got the title deed reversed and then shit went down hill and we were taken advantage of beaten and berated forever…., luckily they just robbed me of my personality my ability to do anything and my sanity as well as all my money :*( I Still got my life… if you can call it that.
      This ^^^^ is why I pray proximos new found reviews are negative-shills. Cmon proximo come through for me!!! be for real I am kind of counting on it to maybe even survive through the near future…. I have never been in so much emotional distress trauma and pain all at once. I have endured a bad relationship from a lover for 7 years before who abused me in both manners but that didnt phase me, I Am perma fucked up right now I will never be the same, and will possibly need therapy for life. I don’t get it honestly…. how a my inlaws could cause so much damage to my psyche But yeah just a lil tmi for the night. Im embarrassed and ashamed it happend and im broken and crushed I don’t know what’s going to happen if I even can do anything about the issues and now even more dire situation I am facing I think I liked the fear of having to lock myself in a room rather than the unknown of if ill be able to survive on just one income for the two of us with added bills and now my inability to work or function. 😦 pray for me yall I need it

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  9. About that Scammer “SylisCybin”:

    A user on Discord going by the name “bleetherlove” is actively advertising that scammer.

    He got kicked from the “RC Vendor Police” / “RCVPBACKUP” / “Food4Plants” Discord server for doing that by a moderator. However, the RCVP main admin invited the user to come back again, so he can go on advertising that scam scheme.

    Take care!

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  10. Speaking of… The Sellkies Scam Squad was confronted with an open order that had been paid for in early October already. Instead of saying sorry or promising to fix this asap, he wrote a letter about how underpaid his job is.

    I assume the SQUAD knows that maybe 75% of victims will not only avoid police but not even tell anybody that they have been scammed at all. That’s how you make money… God save the Queen!


    1. Dude, What are you even talking about? I not only communicated with this client, as well as you, and compensated them for the delay in their order due to medical reasons, but explained exactly why. I never mentioned being UNDERPAID in my fulltime career, and yet you didn’t even reply to my email explaining all of this.I dont know what “squad” you’re referring to, as I am a one man crew, woking a full time career in addition to being a domestic vendor. Your blog was intended for harm reduction and to keep people safe, yet all you seem to do is go on a tirade about how horrible USA vendors are. I’ve sent you multiple images of proof of USPS delays and communication with my clients. They themselves are asking ME about the credibility of who you claim to be a scammer or a reliable vendor. If you want proof, I have sent plenty of screenshots to Renè and I can provide more than enough evidence in screenshots herein the comments below.


      1. I thought it will probably need a squad to scam that many customers. Sorry, didn’t know you contacted the customer separately, I thought you were fucking with me since you promptly answered but I could neither find a hint of being sorry nor a promise to have a look into this asap.


      2. The victim just told me you did not contact him at all.

        All you did was asking me to take you off the scammers’ list…

        This won’t happen before all customers you scammed have received their orders. I am not gonna lie to the community. This is no harm reduction forum, it is a DEATH TO ALL SCAMMERS COMMUNITY… A service to warn against scammers and to help find real/reliable vendors.


      3. Hey boss hows things going?
        I was hoping you’d be able to get ahold of me today I’d really appreciate it if you can ship soon I’ve been dealing with problems with the people I live with and I havent been able to do my research studys and am counting on you atm
        I’ll leave a review for you sellkies as soon as the order comes
        Thank you best regards mrtsandford

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for the hint!

      I assume him to return under different names, not too many drug dealers or scammers switch to a real job…

      His webshop looks like having been deleted, someone will have reported one of the many scam incidents to police.
      Or maybe a long-planned exit scam.


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