Trusted Research Chemical Vendors * USA

Last updated May 3, 2021

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This list was compiled to save you from scammers, and definitely not to endorse you trying synthetic drugs!

FX Chemlabs (Spain) supports RC SCENE, thank you so much!

We cannot place test orders with all the shops all the time, unfortunately, but we do our best to keep the list up to date and reliable.

Sharing your experiences and updates would be of great help!
We will happily publish your reviews and photos!


Info: The scientific design behind the list briefly explained.

If you should experience trouble with any of the shops mentioned, please do let us know, thank you!

youpie! RC SCENE taking a break

RC SCENE has become the #1 in North America in less than four months.

It would be dumb to leave now that the FBI joined KØMPRØMÆT in fighting scammers and everyone is fit again. Wait for it. May/June 2021.

Thank you for your understanding.

USA – Verified Vendors

While even in the Netherlands, Research Chemicals are considered a grey-area-market and even vendors who registered companies (or actually mostly fronts) for their web shops try to stay anonymous because they are afraid of angry mothers whose kids they have poisoned with synthetic designer drugs, in the US, to my best knowledge, only criminals sell Research Chemicals.

Some run web shops, but more often they would meet in forums or use Social Media like Wickr and Discord where they would do Direct Deals, meaning they pay no taxes, just like street dealers around the corner.

In January 2020, an RC Benzodiazepine vendor dealing with Clonazolam, Diclazepam, Flubromazolam & Etizolam was convicted for Online Sale & Distribution of Unapproved Drugs. His illicit money was seized, he will have to pay a fine of up 250,00 USD and he could face up to 5 years in prison.

Details on this case: The website was selling RC Benzo powders, solutions and later also pellets. They did not claim the RC Benzos to be “real” meds, they sold them under their vanity names (Flubromazolam, Etizolam, Diclazepam, etc.) and also stated that their products must not be ingested (not for human consumption). Please see yourself:

With Chinese and Russian money conquering the States, also the line between Schedule I drugs and Research Chemicals, between Clearnet and Darknet, has become surprisingly thin. Chinese and Russian vendors would smuggle kilos of Schedule I substances to the USA and so are becoming a threat for the Research Chemical scene…

USA – Shops that are okay

These are okay.

USA – Promising New Vendors

These are okay.

  • VYREN (Verified, 4-AcO-DMT)

USA – Vendors for Adventurers

Diluters, bunk substance senders, sleepwalkers, Opiate Crisis “Patriots”, etc. The working title for this category was “headache section”. Vendors are placed here for different reasons, please read the descriptions.

  • Paracelsus Labs (Stay off his very toxic 2-MAP-237 & AP-238 methyl piperazines!)

USA – Shops of Unknown Status


If you happen to know these shops, please share your experience in the comments section. THANK YOU!

  • Encern (Verified, registration closed || Does not reply support tickets (February, 2021))
  • gayperry (Verified, Benzos & Dissos &Uppers; currently on break)
  • Kilo’s research shop (seems an uncertain business atm, don’t waste your money and time)

USA – Shops to #Avoid


Scheduled/banned substances, diluted trash, toxic waste, insane prices, “reverse shillers” and sleepwalkers

  • ProximoResearch (Reports of selling watered down / trash / bunk benzodiazepines as of 11/2020. 17% purity trash! Dishonest communication. Also, stay off his very toxic 2-MAP-237 & AP-238 methyl piperazines!)
  • SSRCs (Deals with illegal Schedule I substances. Heroin is also a Schedule I)

USA – Shops that started scamming



  • Rapid Research (Scam! Started scamming their loyal customers in Autumn 2020 and have created more scams shop since.)
  • RC1 / RC1. (Not accepting new customers; Known Scammer!)
  • Sellkies Labs (Scammer)
  • Sunshine Labs (Scam!)
  • Syliscybin (Scam!)
  • Tranquil Treats (This scumbag even runs two scam shops under similar names. Sometimes, he would send you Fentanyl-laced Benzodiazepines…)

Find more scammers listed on our KNOWN SCAMMERS Scam page!

USA – Shops that are gone for good



  • Labra Tech (After complaints of selective scamming, this shop is now gone for good)

USA: Shops which are said to be okay

These shops would sometimes receive good reviews but since two thirds of shop reviews are fake and we do not know anyone personally having ordered with these, we decided to list them but cannot vouch for any of them.

ALBION ALKIMIYA is correct, was verified by user C.
(some forum has also listed which I did not check, tbh)

Since September 1, 2020 this Albion vendor does not accept orders from new customers anymore. If you had not ordered with them since March, they won’t serve you neither, even if you used to order with them before.
As long as the shop remains public (website, paste), it will stay listed here. I think the odds of them changing this policy again ain’t that litte.

Currently stocks Benzodiazepines, Dissociatives, Uppers, Phenidates and O-DSMT, sometimes also carries Psychedelics.

Uses a remarkably unfriendly tone on his Pastebin

Will communicate with you only if you send self-destructing messages.
Please mind that he often changes his email address

Prices seem otherworldly
(The Real Legit RC)

+ + +

WickR trailz25

Don’t fall for imposers.
He will soon have everything set up again.

+ + +





+ + +

📌 Photos & Mini-Shop-Review & Discussion.

– – –
Benzodiazepine solutions & more (e.g. 4F-MPH)
– – –

Since PG solutions can grow bacteria, he uses everclear instead.

Legit RC has all substances tested by an independent lab before offering them for sale! If purity tested indicates a bunk batch (less than 95% pure), he trashes such a bunk batch and takes the loss. Therefore, his products may seem a little bit more expensive than what irresponsible bunk batch senders like Proximo are offering. In return, Legit RC is the guarantee that you will always receive valuable and professionally done quality products.

– – –

IMPERSONATOR SCAM WARNING: A webshop going by the name legitrcvendorusa is in no way affiliated with the real Legit RC. Do not order from there, according to feedback we received, this webshop is a scam!

+ + +

You find the real Legit RC’s contact details here on the RC SCENE USA page. Anyone else claiming to be him is an impersonator and will most probably steal your money. [ LEGIT RC HAS NO ACCESS TO HIS EMAILS AT THE MOMENT, PLEASE CONTACT HIM VIA WICKR AND MAKE SURE YOU DON’T FALL FOR SCAMMERS OR BUNK BATCH SENDERS! ] is the real Legit RC’s only email address – please make sure to not fall for impersonators. Also, the real Legit RC does not operate a webshop.

– – –

Please note: The photos provided in the real legit RC’s shop portrait show prototypes that had never been available for sale. Legit RC’s products all come with professionally printed labels. He does not use text marker. Don’t believe that smear campaign that bunk batch sender Proximo started. This Proximo spreads lies about many shops since his products would often be sub par quality.

– – –

Started vending in August 2020. Says, quote, “I started up a month ago because I was tired of getting scammed.” 😉
What looks like an online weed dealer, is actually selling CBD, a non-psychoactive version of Marihuana that us said to increase your mood and to help you relax.

CBD-growers use a loophole in legislation: Since Marijuana is also used in the industry, there is a passage in legislation that allows something like a rope or a pullover made out of weed to contain an maximum of 0.3% Δ9THC.

THC is the psychoactive element in Marijuana, that may lead to panic attacks, or drug induced psychoses. 0.3% of THC shouldn’t do any harm, although it could make you addicted as well.

10,000 5-Star-Ratings on
U.S.S.R / U.R.S.S / USSR / 苏联

Shop links and vendor details (new options will be added ongoing)

YouTube | Update 01/2021:
While people behind the times always tried to divide people, this vendor has a couple of advantages over having to deal with certain US vendors:

Won’t scam you
No underweight samples
No Fent laced benzo bars
Ships either same day or no later than 48 hours after payment.

+ + +

Please mind the time difference:

San Francisco = UTC – 8 hours, New York = UTC – 5 hours,
Amsterdam = UTC + 1 hour, Hong Kong = UTC + 8 hours.

An example:
When it is 8:00 in San Francisco, it already is 17:00 in Europe and already midnight in China.

Only few shops like Smokeys Chem Site offer 24/7 support via live chat. Shops like TRRCC or RareChems as well as most Asian vendors in the list work from 8 to 5 local time. So don’t be disappointed if they cannot answer you immediately because they go to bed at nights.

+ + +

Unless you ordered a ton of a product, delivery success rate will be around 90%

+ + +

Please mind: In case a letter should not arrive, and you do neither receive seizure information, then customs decided to not press charges against you. State attorneys have more important tasks to deal with than caring about a small amount of an unscheduled substance.

+ + +

Before you order, always check back with the DEA’s Orange Book of Controlled Substances and ideally double-check with the DEA’s list of recently added schedules. Scheduled / controlled means banned / illegal.

Remember: Just because a product is legal in, e.g. Hong Kong or in the Netherlands it could still be a controlled substance in the US!

The state you live in could have substances scheduled that are not banned nationwide and thus illegal in your area but not listed by the DEA. Check your local legislation and last, not least: Keep in mind that the US have an analogue act meaning there are more substances illegal than the DEA would list.

+ + +

European and Asian Research Chemical Shops are real companies that pay taxes, no criminal tax evaders!

+ + +

USA: Promising New Vendors

These are young enthusiasts, they might need some time to find the right balance, maybe expect short delays in order processing from time to time.

Since they can’t afford paying off the big forums, there are not too many places that would mention them.

Wickr: plasmamoon249
📌 Photos, Mini-Shop-Review & Discussion

– – –
Does accept new customers again & will re-open soon.
– – –

US-based vendor offering 1P-LSD “Pink Sunshine” blotters
(100µg each)

1P-LSD is a psychedelic drug (a Lysergamide) closely related to LSD

Please make sure to read his Terms & Conditions and Refund Policy, etc. on his website before ordering! Prefers PGP-encrypted communication, do not mention the word “order” or similar in the subject line.
📌 Photos & Mini-Shop-Review & Discussion


Started vending in Summer 2020
Receives stellar reviews

USA: Shops of Unknown Status

These either are too new to have received reviews yet, some might be gone for good already. We really don’t know. Better play safe! Would you happen to know any of these? If so, please contact us. Thank you!


📌 Photos & Mini-Shop-Review & Discussion.

Registration is temporarily closed.

– – –
They currently stock Etizolam pellets and PG solutions.
– – –

Same day priority shipping 9am Pacific cut off time.
gayperry / Perry / perinold
Wickr: mrfuckingperry2


“Hey guys, we are no longer taking orders.

Anyone who has placed an order with us will have it shipped
and then this page will probably be deleted.

We have lost almost all of our employees and our reputation in the matter of a week,
so its time to close shop for now.

Thanks for the business and good conversations.”

– Perry





Perry has become the most popular vendor in the US like over night.
He and the team decided that this is too much and agreed upon a (temporary?) customer cap.

Few days later, Personal differences finally made Perry and the team disband the business.
Maybe avoid Freakinkat, who had never been a vendor in the RC SCENE universe, for a while.
That’s it for now. We’ll see what will be to see.

# # #



That Perry allowed friends to also advertise on his Paste does not make his friends verified vendors!
Do not even think of complaining about a vendor that is nowhere mentioned on RC SCENE to me.

# # #

📌 Photos & Mini-Shop-Review & Discussion.

Benzodiazepine solution vials, blotters, powders, dissos, uppers, tryptamines

Expect his stock to soon change, Perry is worried about few customers permanently ordering Benzodiazepins.

Benzo pellets “multi colored sugar pellets” have been discontinued because it was wrong to make strong stuff like Benzodiazepins appear as if they were to eat like candy.

Powders might be sold to to people who want to further dilute them for creating their own products, and not to the average researcher.

– – –
Perry is about to offer new interesting compounds, his stock will change all the time.
This shop description, however, will not.

Checkout his paste!
– – –

(4F-MPH, 4C-MAR)


To be expected in stock:
NM-2AI, 3-Meo-PCP, 2-FDCK
– – –

Quote: “I have a very very small shop I’m trying to get running to avoid people dealing with half brained pieces of shit like proximo and what not. limited supply as of now, mostly benzos (no not sourced from the usa, and mostly intended for those looking to further dilute or dose their own preparations for research) my goal is to provide small quantities at reasonable prices to American researchers, but in the coming few there will be more variety, all very limited save for benzos and certain stims which wee will always try to keep on hand.


A friend of RC SCENE going by the name perinold, btw
Wire: @comadose


📌 Photos & Mini-Shop-Review & Discussion


– – –

Shop started with little stock (Clonazolam and Bromazolam solutions only).
More products will become available soon.


Could not find a current paste, also, the email addresses are new to me, be cautious, better #AVOID and do not fall for impersonators/scammers.

Could be okay shops, could be scammers or out of business. We don’t know. If you do, please let us know, thank you!

If you decided to order with vendors that are not listed HERE, please DO check them against with our little list of known scammers AND always use BOTH AND, especially with Asian vendors!

An example:

If they advertise any chemicals that are banned in China or were obviously illegal to order, like Crystal Meth or prescription meds, stay away from them! China would arrest and torture Meth dealers!

Also, please understand that some scammers post up to a hundred positive reviews for themselves – each and every day! Scamming has become a multi-million-dollars business, these ill-minded guys would sometimes act professional, may have studied marketing or might be trained sales agents who understand the psychology involved in how to make you buy with them.
Also, a single scam might already mean a a fortune for criminals living in poor countries. So they won’t stop flooding the web with their fake reviews, it pays off for them, they do not feel sorry, they imagine the Western World to swim in money.

USA: Shops to avoid (headache section for adventurers)

These shops are known for offering poor quality or or for selling strong drugs in candy form, or for selling mislabeled substances, or for being obviously sketchy. Some have been busted, it seems.

– – –


+ + +


Para: “I’m still insisting that no fool consume it until a large enough sample size of data has been able to be collected over 40 years which is just standard.”

+ + +


Substance Warning with details on the toxicity of these compounds

– – –

Reliable shipper, claims to offer good quality at low prices.

– – –

Reports about quality issues since October 2020

Why is Paracelsus no longer in the “Shops said to be Okay” section?
Looking for alternatives for Paracelsus bunk quality
Do NOT order so-called 2fdck from Paracelsus Labs. Whatever it is, it isn’t that. Probably toxic. (verified)

proximoresearch com
📌 Mini-Shop-Review & Discussion.

– – –


Substance Warning with details on the toxicity of these compounds

– – –

Customers complaining about receiving trash substances since November, 2020 !!!

>> Details on that trash substances <<

Proximo got scammed recently by his supplier. He shared the wholesaler with LegitRC. While LegitRC has all his products tested by an independent lab before offering them for sale, and so found out that these substances were trash, needed to change the supplier and had a loss of income for about a week, Proximo does not test his substances at all and is selling these bunk substances to you.

His loyal customers confirm that he sold them bunk:

– – –
Bribes his customers with drugs to smear forums full with lies of competitors
– – –

Due to his dishonest communication, for selling highly toxic opioids, for selling bunk substances, and because he was caught posting lies about other vendors, this irresponsible douchebag should definitely be #AVOIDed at any cost.

With guys that do not care a little about their customers’ health, you never know what product you will receive. Will it be mislabeled? Is it toxic waste? Will it kill me? There is too much risk involved with ordering from such an irresponsible douchebag.


pastebin TUQ0m9AZ
Claims to be RC Leon’s domestic US vendor. RC Leon is an allegedly Chinese vendor who smuggles schedule I substances to a warehouse in California and sells these in bulk amounts to street dealers.
Better stick with vendors who play safe. You definitely do not want to have a schedule I drug order confiscated by Law Enforcement.

USA: Shops that started scamming

A country run by a stable genius, everyone seemingly on Benzodiazepines, Fent or Meth, and of course, for some criminals, someday their absurdly high profit is not enough anymore, and they start stealing from you…


absolutechems com
Bad quality, insane prices
399 USD for a gram of a Benzodiazepine? Don’t waste your money on such crooks.
Dodgy past
bongochems com
#AVOID! This shops is notoriously known for (selective) scamming. Sucker.
Checkout his Trustpilot reviews, these clearly show that his business ethics are more than questionable.
Best that could happen: Lame order processing, many mistakes, not reliable at all.
JBerg (Berg /mrBerg19new)
ghostbin co / paste/ gc5zg
ghost seeksanctuary net / mrberg19new
Is referring all new customers directly into the hands of a scammer.

He is also messing with loyal customers: Reports of diluted / inactive solutions since Autumn 2020!
Confronted with a scam case in all its details, he would not even reject the accusations.

Wickr: Mr berg 19 new / Wickr: benzo bear 
Bergyfresh 19 @ protonmail com
MDX Research USA
pastebin 1wFeBBSn
mdxresearch safe-mail net
Some say he already used to play his scam game already years ago, he just changes names from time to time.
Neevs Labs
While the .com domain scam shop went offline in 12/2020, in April 2021 a new scam shop going by the name Neev Labs appeared. Both the .com and the .net site are scammers.
purechems net
Users report having been scammed by this shop.
Purple Ghost Chemical
Users report having been scammed by this shop. Could me JBerg and Mr Sellkies.
Rapid Research
rapidresearch(.)net & &

Multiple reports of scamming since September 2020. That asshole told everyone his page would have been hacked and a hacker would have changed the email address and would now scam customers. In fact, Rapid Research himself changed the email and scammed his own loyal customers.
RC1 Domestic Supplier (“Private”)
RC1 paste as of July 18, 2020 without spelling mistakes (PDF)
Search terms:
RC1. / RC1discord
He told me he would stop dealing with drugs, but I just came home from Google and and who do I see advertising on the clearnet again? Mr Shittypants RC1 ! So he is back on the list again.

Be careful: Mr Shittypants RC1 says he would not accept new customers and instead just steal your money if you placed an order, which is a poor performance even for a fucked up criminal who does neither work nor pay taxes.

So if you have already successfully ordered with Mr Shittypants RC1, then he might accept your order. But remember: Mr Shittypants RC1 is dumb as a dog: If he can’t find you in his database, which is a great idea to keep for a criminal to endanger his customers, he would just steal your money. See for yourself what that weasel announed: RC1 vendor paste from June 2020

Email him before ordering. and add question in the subject line just like that:
researchchems1 @

In case Mr Shittypants RC1 should indeed steal your money, please do let us know, we will nuke that dumb motherfucker to the moon.
Sellkies / Sellkies Labs
📌 Sellkies Labs: Portrait of a scammer and liar. Learn how his scam scheme works.
In case you accidentally ordered with that pathetic douche, please DO let us know: /contact

The silly accusations he had spread about TRC he had to take back.
He is not man enough though to publicly apologize. What a pathetic douche.

Was caught bribing customers with discounted drugs in exchange for giving RC SCENE negative 1-star ratings on TrustPilot – multiple times!!! What a pathetic douche???
Pseudonyms: Douchy Doucheberg.
Sunshine Labs
Syliscybin Scam Report
rentry co/Tranquil_treats
rentry co/tranquiltreatsshoppe & &
He operates 2 (!) scam webshops going by the same name.

USA: Shop cemetary

These shops are gone for good. Make sure not to fall for scammers using these former shops names to steal money from you!

Wickr: cartishop

Started vending in summer 2020.
Gave up soon after.

+ + +

This vendor is dead. Do not fall for impersonators claiming to be him. They will only steal your money.

+ + +
( RBsNtYyk kino chems
TOR link: http://pcv2hp6fxa62c4dbb2cwyb2g2achdpx5t7ifyu7yxyo2ckntddhfy4id.onion/
📌 Insights into some kind of mind: Kinochems portrait. Discussion.

Some customers he would simply steal their money from and then ignore/block them.

Claimed to possess more than 1,500 kilos of 2F-DCK and that zero of the ~1,000 packs he would have shipped during a year ever got seized. Also claimed to wanting to join the Navy and starting an honest life. He advertised this information on his website in Spring 2020. He had only been vending since March 2020.


– – –


+ + +

Do not fall for impersonators claiming to be them. Kino is no more.

+ + +


labra tech

In October 2020, a visitor reported
having been scammed and being ignored by them.
He is not the only claiming so. #AVOID them.

+ + +



+ + +

Do not fall for impersonators claiming to be them. Labra Tech is no more.

+ + +

In case you can’t figure out how to place an order with them, like I wouldn’t have without help of our friend S., maybe join them on Discord and open a support ticket:
US Vendors come and go. Take care when ordering. Any tips or experiences shared are highly appreciated, thank you!

1,286 thoughts on “Trusted Research Chemical Vendors * USA

  1. The only vendor I have come across who has the quickest replies and shipping by far is Paracelsus… he goes above and beyond and has been my long go to vendor. Check them out you won’t be disappointed.
    Product: easily a 10
    Value: 10
    These people ship so fast and keep in touch with you so well compared to other US vendors its insane. Give them a try, you wont regret it A++++


  2. there is this vendor i came across they are awesome and good to go with i recommend SCAMMERS have used them on several occasions before making this post.

    [ edited, will add them to blacklist and list of scammers, K. ]


    1. [ | edited K. ]? I’ve used multiple sources from China that have come within a few weeks. There are some good sources out there for sure.


      1. sorry, this one I had to edit. I am 99% sure they are scammers. Check their trustpilot score. The only reliable review there got scammed. In the future, comments containing this website will be deleted automatically. They always try it, over and over again, they spam everywhere.


  3. Look guys Kino is a piece of shit. He is a scammer than goes back to normal than he scams again STAY AWAY. PARACELSUS is A+++++ and so is Proximo A+++ I would mention Kilo but he has been playing the Kino game.

    The only people I would buy from here are PARACELSUS, PROXIMO, and maybe ALBION… donno much about him never ordered from him.But if you’re looking for wuality go with the first two mentioned. THey ship fast and no OMG WTF IS HAPPENING shit

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    1. thanl you. will change his status. I am happy that you share your information with us, but in such cases, please also leave me a note via email or the contact form. I just fly over the comments, I might miss details sometimes. Thank you, monopaisa!


      1. Anytime buddy. I have tried on various platforms to contact him and have not received a word. I don’t know if he just doesn’t accept new customers or what his deal is but he has a good list!

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  5. I hear there is a lot of talk about kino… just leave the dude alone and order elsewhere that guy is a jackass. He deserves no sympathy and is a piece of [ edited, please have a look at our Terms of Use, K. ]. Someone got like $800 bucks stolen…. thats like my fucking rent.


    1. MY $800 DUDE…… my sympathy goes out to you and I hope you get your money back because if that was my order i would probably be homeless right now. But sounds like you are a G so don’t let it get you down. But stop giving Kino a chance until he earns his trust back.

      Liked by 1 person

          1. Show me anyone that got scammed by KINO and I will ask him about the order. So far, everyone screaming scammer was wrong.

            There are delays, no doubt about that. He should not promise to ship asap in emails, then less customers would complain I think.

            By the way, have you noticed the Shop Review? After 3 months I thought fuck that shit, I will just seek a tree and hang myself. While I was reading this book about how to tie knots, the mailman rang and finally delivered the parcel.

            The original soundtrack for the movie “Storytelling”, by the way, holds a beautiful song called “Fuck This Shit”:

            Belle and Sebastian – Fuck This Shit


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      1. are you talking about me??? lol no I live down south in the friendly part of the USA ;). Georgia. I pay about 700 for a single big one bedroom apartment. works for me with utilities covered.

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      1. With DEATH TO ALL SCAMMERS, I can identify, but again, these 800 seem to have been a delay and not a scam.

        If you are heavily addicted, I would recommend taking this in account when planning my orders. If some vendors sometimes take 2 week for order processing, order 2 weeks earlier.

        If the milk in the fridge seems almost empty, I buy a new one, it’s all about planning.
        How used Reddit to put it: “This is not Amazon” 😉


  6. I know one things for sure I would not touch Kino with a 20 foot poll dude… that guy just is bad news. Kilo…. said he was moving thats why evertying was taking so long but I still don’t buy into that.


    1. We will know on Monday. If I would not trust him, he would not be on the list, I thought that over and over again before editing the page. I think I added him a week ago and already 600 people clicked the link to his out of order web shop, but to be honest, I think most orders work just fine.

      If he ships 400 parcels a month and we receive one complaint a month – which will be settled, it could well be that things look worse than they are. I am not going to ask him about his biz, but I am certain that this order complaint will be resolved quickly :))


    2. That moving could be true by the way, in one of the many private emails I am – for reasons unknown – being forwarded, this was a topic. I do not read his emails, just scrolling through till I find an order number. The only email I read completely was the one in which he criticized me for pushing for things too heavily, although he was behind 2 months with shipping. He also likes to misspell my names, but komperat actually sounded funny 😉


  7. I mean honestly fellas unless you want to go the parcelus rouute or whatever his name is I would go for Proximo if you like their chemicals… yeah expensive… but they will arrive in like 3 days. Thats worth it to me. But I realize a lot are short on money.


  8. [ Edited due to violating our Terms and Conditions. Everyone stick to your fucking local law, or will be reported to police. (KØMPRØMÆT) ]. But I never here of anyone actually gettting it. Is it possible? Or just a waste of time looking?



    1. It’s illegal as fuck to even talk about it if you are in the USA, that’s called conspiracy to traffick. >.>

      I would advise against ordering controlled compounds… if you want illegal and controlled substances, get intermediates if anything- and finish the synthesis yourself. That’s the only advice I can give you on that.

      I wouldn’t ever order anything I knew was illegal if you were smart you wouldn’t either. So word to the wise.

      Plus it’s probably fake anyhow. You may end up with something like 2-map-### or whatever. I doubt anyone has or ships [ edited, K. ], plus opiates are a bad downward spiral. Stay away.

      If you have pain issues, try CBD and Kratom or kratom isolates like 7-oh-mitragynine (7x-10x morphine potency at least from personal experience) and it works well on most any pain. Even the worst withdrawals from completely saturated receptor sites can be alleviated with it.

      [ Edited: Highlighted certain parts of the text, K. ]

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  9. OK SERIOUS QUESTION>>>>>> WHERE THE FUCKKKK IS THE DICLAZEPAM LMAO…. it’s funny until it’s not…. it used to be everywhere not it is absolutely nowhere to be found. I have a month research binge i need like 300mg solution but these USA ASSHOLE VENDORS wanna send some DOGSHIT FLUBROMAZOLAM SO I GET RE ADDICTED. Never gonn happen in a million years. I know benzo withdrwawal well…. diclazapam only please. Anyone who has it doesn’t respond to me. Must think Im the cartel Should not be this hard to get DICLAZ….. 4 years ago it was like everywhere.


    1. many Asia vendors have it. if you can wait 15-120 days min-max Average seems around 30-50 days wait time for china post.
      e-express seems to be 10-20 days however. Just depends on how they ship it.
      RCB seems to have 20(+-5) day delivery and I think they offer it fairly cheap. Never used them, but considering it at some point in the future. They seem to offer decent prices with decent shipping times.

      US vendors are …iffy if you ask me. I don’t personally trust usa vendors or “companies”. Call me paranoid, but an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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      1. RCB are actually sold out,
        but lsresearch offers 5 grams for 230 USD, fast shipping included. Only powders, no solutions.

        Average delivery time to Brazil: 153 days, was my favourite in your list 😀


  10. I’m gonna go ahead and say to stay far away from kinochems at the moment. I can’t believe he’s still on the trusted vendors list. I posted a couple days ago about my most recent transaction with him and I spoke with him on wire last night and… I don’t even know how to put it into words. The dude sounded like he was bat shit crazy. I think mr. kino definitely dips into his supply a little too much. I know my word doesn’t count for much but I do have emails of all my transactions from him and screenshots of all my conversations with him. It’s a shame really, the dude had some potential. I was gonna go with albion but he seems like kind of a prick and I found what I wanted for cheaper and quicker on empire markets. If the creator of this site would like my email transactions and wire screenshots I will gladly give them to you. All I ask is that you keep my private information excluded. Plus his site is down. He got me for $140. Coulda been worse I guess. You can reach me at


    1. Hi Shane, thanks for getting back!

      First of all, for the US and for Canada, there are NO TRUSTED VENDORS ON THE LIST.

      If you are implying that you are awaiting a 140 USD order already forever, I will talk to him. I will contact you in a minute.

      Some fucking competitors spend a fortune on attacking him, hacking him, etc. He is not crazy, I would shit my pants if what had happened to him had been happening to me and for sure not even pick up the phone anymore.


      1. I get what you’re saying and I know that he’s been through a lot, especially when his site was shut down, and I wasn’t even gonna say anything about him until he started treating me like a fool. First he said my order was missed due to the site being down and needed my info again. Ok fair enough, so I gave it to him. Then he tells me it will ship the next day (a Sunday) and he can’t give me a tracking number due to opsec reasons, which is fine I’ve been through that before. He then proceeds to tell me it’s not even gonna show up on informed delivery…ok. Anyway another few days go by and still no confirmation so I reach out to him again and he says “ok ok I promise its going out tomorrow ok, my packer just quit, I’m really sorry, I’m even gonna give you a tracking number which I never do anymore “ so he gives me a legit package number. It’s been 4 days and guess what the status of the package is? Yeah. I’ve moved on from kino. Id feel sorry for him if I didn’t see all the other money he got on my block chain alone.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Monday, first thing in the morning I will ask him what is going on with your order. If I understand you correctly, it was being packed but for some reason never shipped.

          It really is unfortunate, because his stock would be good enough even for me to order with him. The rest of US vendors are a lame duck.

          He promised me to ship every order and that he – even if sometimes got lost instead of finding the direct way – he so far has never scammed anyone. The only communication I am aware of, where he told the customer that he will neither refund nor ship was after the customer had started threatening him. We even resolved that issue. First, he would not answer, we waited for six hours or so, neither would his colleagues, all played dead.

          Then I thought for a while, and tried a cynical wording that I send together with this graphic (see below) I created for him. Within a minute, he answered and even though I was provided emails in which he heavily criticized me — (By the way: Why keep people sending me their communication with Kino? I receive private chats and emails, they are not even discussing any order issue, I have no business reading private emails, please stop it!) — we are friendly in a professional way and the order was shipped, and the customer apologized for having threatened Kino.

          I am sorry for the delay, but I am positive as well that he soon ship. I don’t care for why, all I will ask for is when.

          This is the graphic I created for him. You may all know the book “The Catcher in the Rye” and I remembered “phony people” and “sunuvabitch”, I decided to go with the latter ;-D


  11. Any good place for stims? I see that headpace has some but doens’t ever reply? kilo did have some stuff but DEFFFFFF not sure about that…. any suggestions fellas? nothing hardcore just smooth… focus.. maybe some euphoria.. help pass work.


    1. Must have breached, are offline now.

      I once tried to report a web banner to my anti virus. Now I get a malware warning every time I surf the site.

      Next week, we could try with a vendor who stole from me. Big time. We sure have at least 4 different security suites here, I would laugh forever if his website always showed a malware warning 😀

      Liked by 2 people

          1. Thank you! I really appreciate your offer, THANK YOU, REALLY, I MEAN IT, but things suddenly changed, I think had unbelievable luck this week. I will soon share the story in all its details, promised!


          2. I also have a funny idea about reporting, better than the first one. Yesterday, around midnight, a girl started asking how she could report a scam and what we could do without having to go to police. She would not send me proof either. I first answered her, without evidence, I hold nothing in my hands, I cannot just ask someone to deactivate a domain. But she could use Trustpilot et al. She wrote again and again and then I had a funny idea, I think.
            I am a bit paranoid atm, sorry, I’ll send you an email.


        1. I would love to help put any scammer out of business, out of money, out of consciousness…. Okay I went too far. @metasynchronicity has a weekly Scammer report listing all who have ripped people off. They can’t be allowed to stay on Instagram, so I advise the victims to report the fraud.
          After finding out who were scammers , I found out what legit suppliers they knew. Suppliers of various sizes, various substances, all over the world . Please contact me, I do have a few speciality items I am looking for . ( Ex. A-pcyp Aphip)


          1. You can’t know:

            Alex indeed donates, I think it had been 200 Euros ins the past two months, but nobody else does.

            You can’t know:

            RC SCENE is the probably most hated website on the planet, because scammers hate me, corrupt forum admins hate me, even honest honest vendors are cautious because we publish the truth and order anonymously. Last, not least, there seem to be dozens of idiots hating the site for discussing issues about legal products although talking about it is the only way to save us from even more rat poison advertised as cocaine replacement.

            You can’t know:

            RC SCENE would not be possible without the Swiss company Automattic who develops and offers the probly best web hosting solution on the planet here in California: If if wasn’t for them, there was no chance staying online. If 3,00 hacking advanced hacking attempts per hour 24/7 since day one, or 1 billlion DDOS attacks on a single day – they don’t even tell how they do it, explained to me what I need to stick to and we are safe. I consulted them after another project got hacked so badly that they told me the hacker had even destroyed their cloud-based backup system. They told me, there is a company they consult in such cases and I click the link and see: Those guys charge about 2,000 USD per hour. I asked for an alternative, that I could afford without robbing a bank first, then had a look at, understood what they offered is better than anything I had ever seen, and because I can design websites, I was hoping to make it not look like a cooking weblog that some lonesome housewife manages. Web hosting so cheap, given what they offer (that inclused the almost absurdly knowledgable and swift support specialitst you can contact 24/7), because even I am happy with it, although I am afraid that many of you have never seen the website, because on smartphone it is rendered by a Google service. Still, it’s not for free and I pay for, I think, 4 services and several domains. Because web hosting is not everything. I pay a fair price, but far from being nothing for an email service that protects me from spam, email bombers, malware etc. If I would use something like Proton, I could offer an email address. There spam filters and there are spam firewalls. I pay for the latter. So far, no need to donate, that I can cover.

            You can’t know:

            I needed to invest in backup and IT security, I don’t steal, I buy stock photos, I get billed by Adobe, Microsoft, another Swiss company, two language apps, a professional video server, I need more than one VPN, my energy bill went through the roof since I started the site, while I thanl you all for your support for never asking for anything in return (so far 😉 I still have costs to cover for databases, there is a lot of infomation but not available for free. Also, while I sometimes accept free samples or a discount, a single order does not make a shop review. I pay for 6 phones numbers meanwhile, some things do not look expensive, but they sum up. I swear I pay 1,500 Euros or CHF for software licenses every year. Why would I need a professional video server? Because this is to become a history book.

            Reasearch Chemicals have already a date engraved on their tombstone. I found three years ago. Now, with the brand new anti money laundering law, Grapperhaus being remarkably creative, and the 1a to come in Spring I guess, not too many will survice. The average NPS vendor might be a greedy tax evasion master, but I doubt that more than five Dutch vendor would even know what this new 1a addition to the Dutch opiate act means. They think it to be about banning drugs. Yes. But that’s not the point. Most of those guys are so retarded, so poorly equipped minds, so unbelievable dumb, so reckless and not seeing thing that does glitter golden. They will wake in prison.

            Not all of them. Alex will already know that relocating to a country like Russia or Panama or Argentina is not an option but a must. Jacob already in Januray had his stock updates, everythig he offers will remain legal. chem_eu and Smokeys and LL will sure find a way to stay. The rest has already resigned or does not know. Does not understand.

            So I would love to film the shops and work on more shop reviews, because those shops will soon be gone. But nobody donates.

            You cannot know:

            This is not only non-profit, I work for free. I could pay myself a wage, but there is no money since nobody donates.

            You cannot know:

            There are far more than 2,00 emails waiting. When I said I leave the US for good, I meant it. I had gotten temporarily blind because I spend all nights answering emails. I trust somebody who I would love to help with the emails. But nobody donates. Why should he answer your emails or care about your comments? There is no budget to compensate him, since nobody donates.

            My enemy is not China, are no US scammers, no African scammers, no Proximo, no Indian scammers; it’s the DEA fucking corrupt DEA.They try to protect this illegal drugbuyersguide forum and corrupt police units arrest people I talked to for nor reason and say they were heroin trafickers.

            That happened not only once, it’s always the same pattern. The fucking DEA tries to prevent us from creating the US site and and END THAT SHIT SHOW THAT US SCAMMERS PLAY FOR YEARS ALREADY, because beause the fucking DEA pays informants, they don’ investigate, they pay criminals for information. Be it Sellkies or Mexican drug cartels or Rsussian tax evaders that had an illicit income of probably a million over the past years, and if the forum that is a lie lie lie goes down, the DEA would have to work. They don’t believe in work.

            So, what do I do? I need to find ways to keep everyone anoymous. If you want to talk to me and not be charged for being a herin dealer by fucking corrupt cops instructed the shithole DEA, the you not only will Three only to contact me but better read my how-to to configure it correctly.

            So, what is your problem that I should help you with for free while I try to fuck the DEA, support Europol and am collecting proof for a huge money laundering operation?

            Did I mention, I accept Paypal now as well, b/c the BTC fees are to high and Etherum is a rip-off (Alex tried Etherum, we thought it would cause cheaper fees, but it ended in making 120 out of the 200).

            Do you understand that I cannot even afford a review in the US? For 120, Legit sells me half a bottle of tap water at best.

            Recently I was offline because a thing in the family happened and because I almost killed myself with a surprise that was electricity that did not stop because the emergency stop for electricity did not work.

            It still hurts, but so far, nothing has killed me. I will die because I cannot believe that nobody is willing to donate a little from time time although we are still growing and if an honest vendor is introduced anywhere, no matter if from Europe or the US, he contacts RC SCENE only. Those vendors are exluively portrayed on RC SCENE.

            A thank you is nice, unfortunately, the bills ask for CHF.


          2. Please email me. The PGP key is available on key servers, and you find It on the contact page.
            There are two PGP keys for komp @ scene; both are good. I should have known. A Windows System Restore has never worked for me because I seem the be the only person on the planet who would be aware of this option AND have those unnecessary XBOX services uninstalled. And if the XBOX service is missing, then the System Restore will throw an error, fuck up everything and never allow you to reaccess your hard drive. If I had known that the backup key/certificate for the encryption would be exported to as USB being encrypted by itself, I would not have encrypted the whole SSD. However, I had, and so the data are still there, but I need either Sweden or the US to decrypt the certificate, and I am so angry that I have called neither yet.
            You will see, both keys are self-signed and have at least one more confirmation, mgmt @ scene is Germany. They are both okay.

            I don’t have the nerve to discuss any uppers right now, and I will not spend a single second on scammers.



            (Americans are too stupid for everything. That is not working without www. #WTF??? If I were responsible for that, I would immediately end myself.

            So, again:




            Then explain how you could help the US project, please.

            Suppose I told you that RC SCENE has no money at all, but some government seems to love to equip us with a system to report scammers. In that case, that will not happen before the US site is ready but could be a project for September. You have an idea of preventing child abuser Proximo and Melissa, the girl he drugs, not to run away from submitting fake scam reports or a workflow to find out if they are authentic quickly; then, my friend, your idea will be realised. If Proximo reports Albion ten times a day and we cannot prevent idiots from abusing our tool, it won’t happen.

            I believe that the thing to do is report the DEA friends at the DBG forum for money laundering, advertising illicit pharmaceuticals and allowing cocaine dealers in their forum.

            Even the corrupt DEA will understand that we change the game, no matter what;

            Then, we (not me, actually, but you folks) focus on the US site and honest vendors, and nobody will ever have to lose money to a scammer again.

            Think about it. There are millions of scam identities. !!! Also, there are so many site listing scammers already available. That does not help. !!!

            An army of honest Americans will defeat a seven-nation-army of scammers backed by the corrupt DEA and corrupt cops every time.

            I believe in this idea. It will work because I learnt how you communicate.

            I remember like it had been just a second the moment when I heard this song for the first time.

            There is something about it that you cannot deny. It touches you when you hear her sing the first lines. Then a kickass rock guitar and drums changing everything. The cynism becomes anger, and although not proud of her selfishness, she sings it loud and honest. It is so loud, we all recognise ourselves in her.

            It does not matter if you like the music.
            It is an original, and it has soul and is damn angry, and her last line shows that this cynism was a coping strategy. She is hurt. Someone is missing someone badly.

            I never advertised RC SCENE and became in North America within four months. I worked maybe 4 hours 5 days a week. All those corrupt fucks had found their master in a bored teenager who went online with the site that was not ready yet, only because the Preview is not accurate.

            If three of you manage the US site, there won’t be any Discords, Dreads, Berg/Newbies, Sellkies, DEA&DBG scammer anymore. Why would anyone visit scammers if there was you available? You can have my brand. I would even prepare an empty site and find an email solution for you. I want to leave you with a present because it is time for me to goodbye.

            TORRES – Strange Hellos


          3. a-PCYP is dead,

            A-PiHP is FX.

            A-PHP is Alex’s boys. Read my comments from yesterday or so. His white stuff is the cleanest thing that was ever sold for A-PHP. Predator’s Deluxe is great, but he didn’t call me and I am tired of reading, I am not sure how long shipping would be. The boys should be quicker. Remember: It’s Alex’s stuff. Avoid 2-FMA, HXE, Etizolam, Troparil, MXPR, 3-Neo-PCP tabs, DXE tabs and 2-FDCK. He says he has a new fresh batch of crystal NEP available!

            If I would care about drugs, I’d go for the A-PHP, O-PCE and the new NEP Crystals. I like MDPEP, but there must be better than his last batch.

            The boys say I will find out they are good ones.

            Email them, if you doubt me. If they tell you the Etizolam was okay, better go with Smokeys.



  12. My dealings with kino…

    I first ordered from him after I came to this site and saw he was ranked number 1 as im sure alot of people did. well after some little hiccups the package was sent i ordered 500 mg clam,1 gram apihp, and .i think 500 mg of 4fmph but he sent me a gram anyway. two packages had labels and chemical pictures on them and they both checked out. all the third one said was the number 19 and 250 mg on it. i figured maybe they ran out of aphip and gave me what they could and made up the difference with the 4f. well i was wrong i measured out about 10mg of the substance and snorted it. didnt really notice much just felt kinda odd and detatched all day. then i tried to vape it when i got back home. and holy shit. it was a total mind fuck. i told kino what happend and found that i had actually recieved something called OPCE but he geniuly seemed to feel bad about it he even sent me a free gram of 4fmph and 5mmpa for free. this was all back when his site was up. i recently made an order from him from his pastebin. i kept talking to him on wire trying to hint around about it. finally one day i just asked him if my package had been sent yet. he said that somehow it had gotten missed and it would go out the next day, he just needed my TxID again. so i email him all my info and keep checking on him on wire. the last time i talked to him was last night. he gave me a tracking number then told me his packer quit and [ deleted personal details, sorry. K. ]. i hope everything goes well because he actually does have some pretty good quality products.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Shane,

      Thank you for sharing your experience!

      I still deleted a few words, the personal part. I know he talks about it, talking helps, but this is no one else’s business. This website is visited by people even from Africa. I swear. I do not want to have personal issues spread here, it’s a damn shame what has happened and the Chinese criminals – who I all deleted from the ASIA list yesterday – really do not need to know anything about your life.

      Thank you for understanding.

      I hope to see you again, I admire your writing skills!


  13. Fuck the people exit scamming the innocent, especially in such a time of such uncertainty… I love all of you, my fellow reaserchers 💖 … big up to RC-SCENE for keeping us in the in know

    Here’s to life 🍻 … 😘

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I just learnt today that newbieforever2018 or whathisname is a crook and on the paylist of certain vendors. Hearsay has it, that he used to push totally unknown shops and together with them exit scammed. I heard that on several occasions, but I did not believe it. You know what shit people spit about me all the time.

      But he is a Benzo head, a drug addict, I did not see for too long. I did trust parts of this forum and follow the forum and reviews… That was a big mistake.

      Boy, did I lean. It hurts to be disappointed but the signs were clear all the time: On some days, you guys here post more comments under the pages than people do in the biggest RC forum on the Darknet. B/C they do not trust him.

      I mentioned that RCLeon stole 1,700 USD from me and Leon even admitted it.

      Still this stupid swine of mod calls me liar. He banned to not make the scam further public. What an asshole.

      However, if everything goes well, two thirds of the shops he pushes will wonder what newbie mod fuckhole started and did to them.

      Tipp: Order with Kinochems this week.

      Liked by 1 person

  14. ********IMPORTANT QUESTION***** II have never seen TRHEADSPACE1 mentioned in any part of this forum. Is he legit? A little expensive but its worth the service/quallity.

    Liked by 1 person

  15. I’m looking for 2-FMA. US DOMESTIC I will not cross borders… maybe China….but isn’t it banned there? Whats a good stim that isn’t robot laser focus but gives energy and makes you chattty but not TOO chatty where people are like this dude is fucked on something.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Sorry, I tried the comment section a smartphone (not the newest one available) and I increase the margins to make it more obvious at which level of comment you are currently posting, then level 5 is already one letter per line…

        I think will install a forum. But not right now, in Autumn I think.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. usps is being a whore right now.
      Or I’d be able to verify proximo as well. I am anxiously awaiting my pack, hell I need it right about now for sleep. I think I got the cov-sars-2 and sleep has become a hard thing to come by. Due to coughing and pain in my chest while breathing. I’m okay though, just hella uncomfortable. And lethargic.

      [ deleted the rest of this post. sorry, K. ]


      1. Hi,

        I am sorry, but as long as you poor folks need to call that orange liar president, please do not share tracking details. No word about packing. No tracking.

        In a closed forum, I read that Trump lets confiscate chems coming from Canada even if they are completely legal and the customer is a scientist with a license to handle the compound for researching a treatment to battle a disease.

        This very shop also offers opioids. They could get in trouble as well as yourself.


        1. ugh and it is arriving late, 9 days or 11 and its only a 10 hour drive. i wonder why it went back n forth to same facility 4 times…. makes no sense fuck the postmaster general


          1. found out its in a container that’s got packages that are being searched o.O
            IF it arrives Im gonna let that shit sit in the mailbox for a few days lol……

            Liked by 1 person

    1. Saturday night, right after sending over payment, He said via email that my order will be shipped first thing tomorrow (sunday). Told me I could ask for an update if 2 days have passed. I’m gonna give it till the end of the week. I’m really hoping for this guy!


      1. I did email him today basically asking if my package has shipping and if its planned to arrive as stated regardless of the technical issues they are having. So far no reply, but we will see!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Sounds like we put too much hope in crooks but i really hope that it works out for you. I’m llooking for a solid diclazepam source… hard to find out there.


            1. You could add some songs with drug references to the article (the second one) if you feel healthy enough. I had so much fun listening to Afroman again 😀

              Since your English is good you understand slang terms and artists playing with words, my English is by far not good enough, I could only add the obvious songs. And one by Kurt Vile, I am right now listening too, I just found out.

              My family came from South Africa, my father worked in a factory 14 hour shifts. Money was not enough to feed my seven sisters, so I ditched school and started vending. Mother needed to care about my siblings and could not go to work. Our landlord used to bribe us, he was asking for more and more, he was threatening us with immigration authorities. I might sound like Bernie Sanders, but this is only because I am huge fan of Curb Your Enthusiasm which I need to watch with subtitles, by the way. My school was so bad, not a single day passed by in which not at least one teacher would have been sent to the rubber room. I never really learnt the language. My Urdu is fine, though, but hardly any good music is sung in Urdu, we are / were a very diverse country in which even Greek is an official language.


              Liked by 1 person

    2. I received an email explaining he was going to exit scam. I just talked to him: COMPLETE BULLSHIT. I would order with him, otherwise he would not have made it back into the list.

      And this is for everyone: If you spread any rumors or fake reviews here I will always ask for proof.
      If you have no proof, I will delete your accounts.

      I am sick of people calling him a scammer without showing any proof. Have you ever seen any Shop Review on RC SCENE? This is the level I also want in the comment section.

      We are not retards like chemforum, we are no waste of life like Reddit, we are no criminals like dbg.

      In addition, everyone who sends me a n email with a lie two times in a row, will not be able to reach us again.

      Liked by 1 person

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