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Last updated August 12, 2023

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RC Vendors / Research Chemical Shops USA

These vendors ship to the US

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***Please note that RC SCENE is not a vendor and neither operating any nor affiliated with NPS shops.***

International vendors usually deliver within one up to four weeks.

Breaking Bad

  • Even more vendors!
  • I cannot vouch for this new forum, this is a paid-for advertisment; The offer could still be worth a closer look. Thank you.
  • BB Forum

Longflourish RC (LF)

  • Solid quality at affordable prices.
  • This is a popular source also with other vendors. I never heard anyone complain about this shop.
  • Stimulants, Tryptamins & Psychedelics, Benzodiazepine powders, and Dissociatives
  • …like A-PCYP, 4F-MPH, 4F-MAR, 4Me-TMP, Etizolam-2, Flubromazepam, Bretazenil, Rilmafazone, 5-Bromo-DMT, 4-Aco-DET, 25B-NBOH, ALD-52, FDCK-2, FXE, 3-F-PCP, O-DSMT
  • Be careful with dosage! This vendor tends to ship uncut substances that could be more effective than expected.
  • Hong Kong
  • #Longflourish Discussion and Reviews
  • Long Flourish RC Shop

Predator RC Café (predation)

  • No delivery guarantee for US customers.
  • Many Cathinones and a tendency to offer underwhelming products that do not quite look or work as seen with other vendors. From time to time, however, some products shine. Pellets are okay.
  • …like 3-MMC, O-PCE, DCK, 1P-LSD pellets, 5-MAPB fumarate, Flunitrazolam pellets Gidazepam, Flubromazepam, RCCP, EU36, DC2
  • Netherlands
  • #Predator Discussion and Reviews
  • Predator-RC Shop

Research Chems Club (Big Jack)

RC Best Sell (RCB)


Domestic US vendors usually deliver within a week.


  • is too cool for school and doesn’t react to my emails. With more than 14,000 visitors referred and no complaints received, they might know their stuff, after all.
  • …like A-PCYP, 4F-MPH, 5-Bromo-DMT, Flubromazepam
  • Be careful: These dudes work with social engineering methods to trick you into ordering over and over again. Consider a healthy lifestyle!
  • Albion Discussion and Reviews
  • Albionalkimiya Shop

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  • You know or are a vendor for this list?
  • You want to help portray the scene by sharing your experiences, photos, and reviews?
  • Perfect!
  • Contact me :- )

RC Snowman

  • In the icy winter wonderlands of Colorado’s skiing resorts, a man and his plastic bathtub carry on the tradition of pouring booze and benzos into tiny brownish glass bottles. They call him the snowman and his prices are outrageous.
  • …like Diclazepam, Bromazolam and Flubrotizolam (Fanax) solutions;
  • Be careful: This easily melts when exposed to fun in the sun.
  • Recent reports of long shipping times due to product shortage.
  • This is highly experimental: #RCsnowman Discussion and Reviews
  • RC Snowman Shop

RC SNOWMAN helped me with this blog with a donation. Thank you!

Souls lost to NPS / research chemicals / drugs / evil monkeys
Heaven's for the Poor
Those Poor Bastards – Heaven’s for the Poor (2022)

Safe NOT Scam!

Tips for when dealing with anonymous sources

  • First of all, never send money to anyone unless you received an order confirmation.
  • If you don’t know the vendor, then start with a small order, for god’s sake. Don’t make it a habit and don’t allow others into tricking you to order more and more! If vendors offer discounts or access to silly forums only to returning customers, then stay away.
  • Allow the vendor a little time. They don’t do overnight express shipping.
  • If, after a few days, your order is still missing, contact the vendor.
  • If you got scammed (you paid for but never received your order) then fucking report the thieves to! Also, warn the community! Also, kindly let me know so I can update the list, thank you.

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The following vendors are out of business and/or notorious scammers

Beware of scammers and ghosts

Avoid Paracelsus Labs (US)

  • The mood was downright depressed as Joel’s ark sank. Users reports have this former vendor out of business since January already.

Avoid Sunshine Labs

  • Total scam!

Avoid Tranquil Treats

  • This is a DN vendor and all clearnet appearances are fake.

Please make yourself familiar with Harm Reduction Practices, Facts about Drugs and their Dangers, and where to find help when coping with Addiction.

103 responses to “Domestic Research Chemical Vendors / NPS Shops * USA (2023)”

  1. I highly recommend RC Snowman. Placed an order at the end of last week and again it got here in no time. Very responsive to emails or any questions I had. Quality offerings. I’ll definitely be using them again soon and encourage others to do so, as well!

  2. Albion was superb. Ordering was easy following their instructions, shipping lightning fast. It literally arrived in one business day. High quality product. I recommend.

  3. Chem casino is legit. I got a sample for free, 1g a-pihp. Good quality

  4. Would like to become a vendor on your great site. I have an extensive rc list and great prices. 24 hour tracking # and 3-5 day delivery. All rc’s are unbanned and I can send u samples if u like and a nice donation frequently. Usa to usa only with no order minimum. Samples with every package over $100 and shipping free.

    1. kindly send an email, info@rc-scene,com and introduce yourself, thx

  5. Chem-Casino is LEGITIMATE. Order came through in 7 days! Asked them if they had 2C-B Fly powder and they told me they buy them from other venders & don’t have the source anymore due to FBI reasons ( better to have it than not they say). What a great research vender indeed. Their product is of high quality research purposes.

    1. Crosseyednsmilling Avatar

      Absolutely 1 wk for delivery on chem-casino!!!! Very pleased.

  6. Just placed my second order with snowman. They are legit. Lots of these clear net websites give off that corporate vibe but snowman gives off more of a local business vibe. They respond to messages 24/7 and work to fulfill your needs. Orders are shipped very quickly. Snowman treats their customers with respect that’s for sure.

    1. Still waiting for my second order…

      1. Any update?

        1. We try to resolve issues via email so that the comments section. I will soon introduce the new mini forum to you. The forum allows uploading photos and videos and I hope will help the debate and allow you to chat with each other.

          In the comments section, I would love to have only relevant information in hte future.

          I am still working on it, but you asked for a mailing list and for a forum or social media functionality and for news. Telegram is nice but not forever, groups get deleteed after the the group owner account had not been online for a year. That’s a bummer, I think.

          We won’t start a mailing list but a forum will be just as good, I think.

          Recent news like, e.g. the DPD dilemma two weeks ago I might also post in this forum.

          Regarding your question; I will forward their complaint to the vendor.

    2. XannyFrom TC ? haahahahh is that u Brother lol

  7. RCB is totally LEGITIMATE
    100 percent recommend

    Shipping 10/10🇱🇷
    Communication 10/10📢
    Packaging 10/10📦
    A+++ in my book

  8. First dealing with RC Snowman. Extremely impressed. Shipping was less than 3 days (fell on the weekend), product research was totally on point as well as communication. Top notch.

  9. Avatar

    please email me at the email listed to contact me at I spend every day responding to emails if you have not received your order I will see to it that you receive what you pay for! it’s litterally my one job to keep you guys happy and I take this honor very seriously. I can show you all the shipping recipts from the past months to show you I spend every day making sure I help as many people as I can .
    feel free to email me at any point in time

    it’s frustrating how much people will spend their time and energy complaining but never send me another email

    is my Proton Mail account
    you can feel free to message me there and thats where I will be responding to emails and continuing to take care of orders



    1. 5/5 for RC Snowman.

      Ordered three bottles last week. There was a two day delay, and he added two extra bottles without me even asking. Product tested great as well.

    2. If my comments aren’t posted like last time I’ll just go to Reddit rc communities that allow vendors to be named n post it there, rc message boards and anywhere else I can. Trust me I may be religious but I can be a bitch.. I’m not expecting to ever get anything trust me it’s been almost 60 days. But I will let people know so they don’t send $$ they can’t afford to loose. If it’s not here that’s fine I’ll just include this site in all them places also. N I got the emails of both of u treating me like shit as if I didn’t get ripped off, well i definitely did. I paid n got NOTHING n never will and can prove that also!!! Shame on both of you!!! But I’ll still pray for you

      1. You are a cuckoo lady spamming my blog. last time, you said you would not ever want to talk to that vendor again and you did not respond to the email I sent you. also, i forwarded your complaint to the vendor and they told me they sent you an extra to make up for the delay. now you are spamming here again. what is wrong with you?! just get in touch with the vendor or fucking reply to my emails. again: fucking reply to my email or hit it.

        1. Link to send a PM didn’t work. But I, unfortunately, must report not receiving my $1300 order from snowman. It’s been a month. After emailing I got a prompt reply and an eagerness to make up about 15%. But at the time I didn’t know what was going on and didn’t want to risk more in transit. After replying back asking what tracking says, or why I might get a letter for domestic, I never heard back.

          For the sake of others, I feel it is my duty to report this info to you. Do with it what you will. I have receipts it needed.

          1. Hi,

            I forwarded your complaint and the vendor says

            I messaged Jaxon ads and resolved the issue earlier today

            I offered Jaxon a reshipment to a new adress If he did not receive his order yet plus 5 grams extra for the time he’s been waiting on vhis order he wants to wait for a reship but I made it clear I will entirely cover the cost of a reshipment and the cost of shipping because his business relationship means more to me than any amount of money I could make one time . (I believe in solving problems for others if you do good to others and give then what they want they will give you what you need)

            Happy days!

  10. Be easy RC Scene Avatar
    Be easy RC Scene

    You only post the comments u wanna post, not the truth. [..] Post that!!!

    1. aye, commandante. if you silly person would have left a real email, you would have received a proper reply…

      1. Rene could you you email me for testing chem-casino & rc best sell reagnant testing?
        I have both flubromazepam & bromazolam rc best sell and waiting to get 2C-B Fly & 1P-LSD chem-casino? I tested 2C-B Fly personally and seems on point just underwhelming to me? I need your email or please respond to my emails

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