Domestic Research Chemical Vendors / NPS Shops * USA (2023)

Last updated November 13, 2023

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RC Vendors / Research Chemical Shops USA

These vendors ship to the US

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***Please note that RC SCENE is not a vendor and neither operating any nor affiliated with NPS shops.***

International vendors usually deliver within one up to four weeks.

Longflourish RC (LF)

  • Solid quality at affordable prices.
  • This is a popular source also with other vendors. I never heard anyone complain about this shop.
  • Stimulants, Tryptamins & Psychedelics, Benzodiazepine powders, and Dissociatives
  • …like A-PCYP, 4F-MPH, 4F-MAR, 4Me-TMP, Etizolam-2, Flubromazepam, Bretazenil, Rilmafazone, 5-Bromo-DMT, 4-Aco-DET, 25B-NBOH, ALD-52, FDCK-2, FXE, 3-F-PCP, O-DSMT
  • Be careful with dosage! This vendor tends to ship uncut substances that could be more effective than expected.
  • Hong Kong
  • #Longflourish Discussion and Reviews
  • Long Flourish RC Shop

BB Gate Forum

  • This is paid-for advertising.
  • I cannot vouch for this forum but it could still be worth a look. They list a few vendors I am not familiar with. Thank you for checking out this sponsor.
  • See the BB Gate forum

Predator RC Café (predation)

  • No delivery guarantee for US customers.
  • Many Cathinones and a tendency to offer underwhelming products that do not quite look or work as seen with other vendors. From time to time, however, some products shine. Pellets are okay.
  • …like 3-MMC, O-PCE, DCK, 1P-LSD pellets, 5-MAPB fumarate, Flunitrazolam pellets Gidazepam, Flubromazepam, RCCP, EU36, DC2
  • Netherlands
  • #Predator Discussion and Reviews
  • Predator-RC Shop

Research Chems Club (Big Jack)

RC Best Sell (RCB)


Domestic US vendors usually deliver within a week.


  • is too cool for school and doesn’t react to my emails. With more than 14,000 visitors referred and no complaints received, they might know their stuff, after all.
  • …like A-PCYP, 4F-MPH, 5-Bromo-DMT, Flubromazepam
  • Be careful: These dudes work with social engineering methods to trick you into ordering over and over again. Consider a healthy lifestyle!
  • Albion Discussion and Reviews
  • Albionalkimiya Shop

How are you?

  • You know or are a vendor for this list?
  • You want to help portray the scene by sharing your experiences, photos, and reviews?
  • Perfect!
  • Contact me :- )

RC Snowman

  • In the icy winter wonderlands of Colorado’s skiing resorts, a man and his plastic bathtub carry on the tradition of pouring booze and benzos into tiny brownish glass bottles. They call him the snowman and his prices are outrageous.
  • …like Diclazepam, Bromazolam and Flubrotizolam (Fanax) solutions;
  • Be careful: This easily melts when exposed to fun in the sun.
  • Recent reports of long shipping times due to product shortage.
  • This is highly experimental: #RCsnowman Discussion and Reviews
  • RC Snowman Shop

RC SNOWMAN helped me with this blog with a donation. Thank you!

Souls lost to NPS / research chemicals / drugs / evil monkeys
Those Poor Bastards – Heaven’s for the Poor (2022)

Safe NOT Scam!

Tips for when dealing with anonymous sources

  • First of all, never send money to anyone unless you received an order confirmation.
  • If you don’t know the vendor, then start with a small order, for god’s sake. Don’t make it a habit and don’t allow others into tricking you to order more and more! If vendors offer discounts or access to silly forums only to returning customers, then stay away.
  • Allow the vendor a little time. They don’t do overnight express shipping.
  • If, after a few days, your order is still missing, contact the vendor.
  • If you got scammed (you paid for but never received your order) then fucking report the thieves to! Also, warn the community! Also, kindly let me know so I can update the list, thank you.

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The following vendors are out of business and/or notorious scammers

Beware of scammers and ghosts

Avoid Paracelsus Labs (US)

  • The mood was downright depressed as Joel’s ark sank. Users reports have this former vendor out of business since January already.

Avoid Sunshine Labs

  • Total scam!

Avoid Tranquil Treats

  • This is a DN vendor and all clearnet appearances are fake.

Please make yourself familiar with Harm Reduction Practices, Facts about Drugs and their Dangers, and where to find help when coping with Addiction.

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  1. Bottles is so rude and obnoxious I hadn’t heard from them all day so I kindly messaged look if you too busy let me know I need chemicals, guy blew up on me find another vendor never been treated so rude

    Beware the work when they feel like it

  2. Hey everyone ,
    I would just like to say thank you for the support . I would also like to thank the experienced researchers that have come correct and not complained along the process. My menu on here isn’t always up to date so often there are things I need to catch you up on . I’m also going to say this again vendors are people too . we do have lives ,so please have a little patience especially on the weekends . if you’re told to, respectfully, find another vendor because you either bark orders or are very inecperienced that does not warrent a bad review . just Like you are able to pick which vendor you want to work with we are able to pick who we want to work with. Sorry for the long message . lastly I want to thank René for keeping up with this page . if anyone has any questions feel free to email me . always use timers on emails please

    1. Hi, your menu here is not up to date but unlike with rentry it is always available.

      I don’t like rentry at all because they are a bunch of criminals and would not even respond to scam complaints.

      PS: Don’t worry, I will ask for something in return, just lack the time to at the moment. US vendors will be introduced again in articles and I’d love to hold some of your joker-designed bags in hands in Europe. 😉

      Happy days!

    2. I never barked order I was polite.

    3. Wondering how I can make an order, or receive a catalog!

  3. You may want to take off RC Best Sale from the list! I’m pretty sure I just got scammed as immediately ghosted. I sent funds, the order was accepted and approved, transaction was confirm order was confirmed. Next day everything is the same except the order has now “failed.” Tried to contact RCB Online via Proton and Domain Email, and did follow up prior to purchase but now has ghosted me. Fml.

    1. Hi,

      There currently seems to be an issue with orders shipped from China in general.

      I would not know what is going on. Still, I don’t think you got scammed. Let’s hope it’s a temporary issue means delay.
      That vendor has been around for ten years. Allow them a little while to get back to you and kindly keep us posted, thank you.

      On a side note:

      Rechemco recently asked customers NOT to order products that would be shipped from China as usual, but to first contact them via email if interested in placing such an order. Also, they are out of stock with a few products and expect these to arrive no sooner than in two months. TRC recently advertised new products but they also seem to deal with a delay, these new products are not available yet. I have also seen a few complaints over get-rc lately and them asking customers to be patient. Not sure if this was also about orders shipped from Asia, but could be.

      If anyone else should experience similar issues, kinkly let me know. THX

      A scam site would usually not update your order status. That status update is why I hope this to be a temporary issue.

      Thanks for sharing and please keep us posted.


    2. I believe this issue was resolved. The vendor got back to you after two or three days and everybody happy?

  4. Could you please delete the domestic vendors ranting comment and also this reply comment please just a lil upset… Sorry much apologies to all the domestic vendors.. Keep up the awesome quality and customer service for research. But please just delete both comments, much apologies again n great work from are domestic vendors 🥹🥹😘😘🫂🫂

    1. i might try, but, really, everything computers has become so complicated lately and nobody could seriously promise you things like deleting the internet or certain parts of it.

      good news is coming your way though. this is change clothes, a dj dangermouse mashup featuring jay-z and some band from britain.

  5. No reason to go with domestic vendors at all, especially on this list. Takes 2 weeks to receive product n won’t even give u a tracking #. I can order from many legit vendors for better prices & product from China with tracking just didn’t wanna wait. Well the domestic vendors on this list forget they need us we DONT need them. Run your operation like a business or get out the game completely, PLEASE!!!

  6. I tried to order from bottles. A small order. They received payment and never emailed back requesting my address or anything. They suck.

    1. And they won’t. She compiled like three or four manuals on how to place an order in which she makes use of what to me seem unusual slang terms and abbreviations; She repeatedly critisies customers telling them not to be mad at her and if still mad then at least not to so send angry emails. Consider yourself lucky you found the RC SCENE edit of their paste. 😉

      This is how they expect things to work:

      – You contact them telling what you want and which payment method you prefer. CHECK
      – They will reply providing you with payment instruction. CHECK
      – You send the money and wait until the transaction was verified. CHECK
      – You send them an email with the payment transaction ID, your name, your address and, just in case, the products you want again. HERE WE GO
      – Now they will process your order.

    2. This is bs fud . i will pay someone to find one REAL person that i have scammed bc youll be searching until the end of time. let me start by saying its been very difficult dealing with some researchers from here . 5 out of 10 have never even researched before then expect vendors to jump because they say jump and answer within 10 minutes on the weekend . please have some patience vendors are people too. The other half from here, I’ve had a pleasure to work with and have done many smooth transactions . René thanks for keeping up with this page for many years and more to come cheers

    3. did you receive your order?

  7. ◦ Products ordered: 1gram bromaz powder, Both somas offered, FXE, ABD spicd

    ◦ Customer service: 10/10

    ◦ Product quality: 10/10 of what has been studied, FXE and ABD has not been studied but the FXE looks great and I will test the ABD soon and leave it in my next review everything else is great

    ◦ Process speed: 100/100, got it in 2 days across country for the 3rd time!

    ◦ Price value: 10/10, I do not see anyone beating these prices

    Trust 9.9. I would give a 10 but I usually wait for big orders for that but he is my go to now

    Re order possiblity – 10/10 -, about to make another tonight or tomarrow lol

    constancy – 10/10, of what I have studied before is the same

    ◦ Stealth opsec: 10/10, perfect, up his stealth perfectly

    ◦ Proper sealing/vac sealed- yes

    ◦ Additional comments: super friendly, seems more like a friend, fast, will send any day unless ofcourse irl stuff happens, super fast shipping, I am 3 for 3 now, going to make 1 or 2 more then a large one and see how that goes but I trust he will always come through. Glad I found him and and did not listen to people who said he was a scam

    1. Third-best review ever. I would have given a second-best of all time but you forgot about adding photos and/or videos. 😉

    2. Am I missing something? Who is this reliable vendor you are reviewing?

      1. template-based vendor reviews are all about sharing that 10/10 teenage kicks feeling and to support local onion farmers but never say nothing about any vendors in particular.

  8. if anyone has any questions or outstanding orders contact me so I can fix it and answer anything before you attempt to crucify me
    it’s my only job to keep you guys happy

    kind regards

    1. Just put a sample in I’ll let you know how it works out.

    2. Everyone here Avatar

      Dude u don’t even respond to people anymore. We’re good for bout 2 months. Now sadly just like the rest.

      1. dude, you are that guy who wanted to be listed a vendor here. stop making everyone look bad or you’ll get banned.

        nobody scammed you.
        you are an annyoing whiny bitch.
        you wonder why nobody wants to talk to you???

  9. came to ask around about this. all the reviews i saw said hes been scamming since january, but i bought from him in late jan/early feb with no issue. just placed an order with him and he replied within a day to say he was having stock issues and would be shipping as soon as he could, apologizing for the delay. ive seen people saying hes never responded to them at all though. i already paid him so its too late either way so i guess i just have to wait and see

    1. Hi, and thanks for sharing!

      I had noticed two customers complaining about Para not replying to emails means not accepting their orders since January already. He didn’t reply to my email, either. That is why I thought he was gone for good.

      I don’t live here, I rely on your experiences shared.
      Please keep me posted and let me know when your order arrives, I will then update the page again_

      Happy days! 🎈

      1. no worries i’ll keep you updated. obviously it looks like he’s scamming, but i have no choice but to hold out hope he’s telling me the truth. been a customer for a long time and have placed a lot of orders.

        i’m only mildly hopeful because he responded to me so quickly when i’ve only seen people saying he never replied after they sent payment confirmation. not the case with me. but only time will tell i suppose

        1. Did you get a reply?

  10. US vendor Paracelsus Labs (Joel & team) are said to have exit scammed already in January.
    They don’t reply to emails, #AVOID.

    1. This is Joel from Para. I won’t waste unnecessary time on details that most won’t believe anyways but I no longer have access to the old email address or my old website. We are actively trying to get in touch with anyone who placed an order and didn’t receive it so please if this applies to you please reach out to

      1. a little hard to believe this one

        1. Paracelsus still have access to their Bitcoin wallet, obviously. They received about 700 USD yesterday and immediately forwarded that money to other wallets of theirs. Maybe this email is them, I would not know. If you accidentially sent them money and didn’t receive a thing, contacting this email could be worth a try. Worst thing that could happen is that this email address holder is not Paracelsus but will tell your parents.

          Paracelsus are collecting the money you send them and not returning anything to the senders. They are not anonymous. If this is a fraud scheme I call it a badass villain move because running a non-delivery fraud scheme is a serious crime.

          1. First off, I think I’d be remiss to not give a big thank you to the beautiful mind, who made a place to share (apparently) honest discussions, warnings, and reassurance- Depending on scenario.

            Looking at the almost $70,000 sent to Paracelsus by trusting return customers, or unfortunate uninformed buyers ( LOL, spenders i guess) . That’s ridiculous, and shows how essential honest reviews, and feedback are to this commity. If that was the actual Paracelsus- that’s not how you make things right- some bologna excuse about email, all the while emptying the bitcoin wallet daily…. Go rob your neighbors if you must be a theif… jk jk

            I’ve spent over a decade at places like Research Republic, Chemforum, Sub-reddits for sources (when we could get away with it) but often vendors who financially contributed (Sponsors) would get far too much cover from Admins and the members paid the price….So thank you and I hope you can stay untainted and helpful 🙂 let me know if you need a hand on this worthy endeavor.

            1. Regarding Paracelsus.. Has exit-scammed before. Could be under investagtion (dbg forum main sponsor) and/or is hiding. I agree that collecting the coins every day while not shipping is just sad. Even sadder: Nobody seems to report them. That feels devastating especially since meanwhile allows anonymous scam reports… :((

              All these forums exist for one reason and that is advertising the owners (usually vendors or scam-enablers). Some take money from “sponsors” to use fake accounts post fake reviews. I believe this is not only unethical but a crime.

              RC SCENE has no sponsors. If there were any, it would say so. We will have banner ads soon. I cannot fix an issue with the subscription feature yet and meanwhile will happily display ads.

              I think you are not even allowed to post or would even be mentioned unless a sponsor with corrupt forums.

              I also think I won’t add any new US vendors unless they book a campaign first to see how things are going. Those jerks think I will waste my time with them but do not quite seem to understand that both my time and everything computers costs money. Sociopath nuts…