Domestic Research Chemical Vendors / NPS Shops * USA (2023)

Last updated November 13, 2023

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RC Vendors / Research Chemical Shops USA

These vendors ship to the US

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***Please note that RC SCENE is not a vendor and neither operating any nor affiliated with NPS shops.***

International vendors usually deliver within one up to four weeks.

Longflourish RC (LF)

  • Solid quality at affordable prices.
  • This is a popular source also with other vendors. I never heard anyone complain about this shop.
  • Stimulants, Tryptamins & Psychedelics, Benzodiazepine powders, and Dissociatives
  • …like A-PCYP, 4F-MPH, 4F-MAR, 4Me-TMP, Etizolam-2, Flubromazepam, Bretazenil, Rilmafazone, 5-Bromo-DMT, 4-Aco-DET, 25B-NBOH, ALD-52, FDCK-2, FXE, 3-F-PCP, O-DSMT
  • Be careful with dosage! This vendor tends to ship uncut substances that could be more effective than expected.
  • Hong Kong
  • #Longflourish Discussion and Reviews
  • Long Flourish RC Shop

Predator RC Café (predation)

  • No delivery guarantee for US customers.
  • Many Cathinones and a tendency to offer underwhelming products that do not quite look or work as seen with other vendors. From time to time, however, some products shine. Pellets are okay.
  • …like 3-MMC, O-PCE, DCK, 1P-LSD pellets, 5-MAPB fumarate, Flunitrazolam pellets Gidazepam, Flubromazepam, RCCP, EU36, DC2
  • Netherlands
  • #Predator Discussion and Reviews
  • Predator-RC Shop

Research Chems Club (Big Jack)

RC Best Sell (RCB)


Domestic US vendors usually deliver within a week.


  • is too cool for school and doesn’t react to my emails. With more than 14,000 visitors referred and no complaints received, they might know their stuff, after all.
  • …like A-PCYP, 4F-MPH, 5-Bromo-DMT, Flubromazepam
  • Be careful: These dudes work with social engineering methods to trick you into ordering over and over again. Consider a healthy lifestyle!
  • Albion Discussion and Reviews
  • Albionalkimiya Shop

How are you?

  • You know or are a vendor for this list?
  • You want to help portray the scene by sharing your experiences, photos, and reviews?
  • Perfect!
  • Contact me :- )

RC Snowman

  • In the icy winter wonderlands of Colorado’s skiing resorts, a man and his plastic bathtub carry on the tradition of pouring booze and benzos into tiny brownish glass bottles. They call him the snowman and his prices are outrageous.
  • …like Diclazepam, Bromazolam and Flubrotizolam (Fanax) solutions;
  • Be careful: This easily melts when exposed to fun in the sun.
  • Recent reports of long shipping times due to product shortage.
  • This is highly experimental: #RCsnowman Discussion and Reviews
  • RC Snowman Shop

RC SNOWMAN helped me with this blog with a donation. Thank you!

Souls lost to NPS / research chemicals / drugs / evil monkeys
Those Poor Bastards – Heaven’s for the Poor (2022)

Safe NOT Scam!

Tips for when dealing with anonymous sources

  • First of all, never send money to anyone unless you received an order confirmation.
  • If you don’t know the vendor, then start with a small order, for god’s sake. Don’t make it a habit and don’t allow others into tricking you to order more and more! If vendors offer discounts or access to silly forums only to returning customers, then stay away.
  • Allow the vendor a little time. They don’t do overnight express shipping.
  • If, after a few days, your order is still missing, contact the vendor.
  • If you got scammed (you paid for but never received your order) then fucking report the thieves to! Also, warn the community! Also, kindly let me know so I can update the list, thank you.

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The following vendors are out of business and/or notorious scammers

Beware of scammers and ghosts

Avoid Paracelsus Labs (US)

  • The mood was downright depressed as Joel’s ark sank. Users reports have this former vendor out of business since January already.

Avoid Sunshine Labs

  • Total scam!

Avoid Tranquil Treats

  • This is a DN vendor and all clearnet appearances are fake.

Please make yourself familiar with Harm Reduction Practices, Facts about Drugs and their Dangers, and where to find help when coping with Addiction.

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  1. RENE, could you please put on the scam list They took my $135 a couple months ago and I was asked to pay $300 refundable insurance fee a week after purchase.
    I want to give a good warning to the research community out there that has not read through everything on here “don’t trust fake RC companies that say they have good trust pilot reviews” and please don’t take photos and upload them with the stealth packaging on this site or any other sites like reddit. Don’t ruin it for the research community!!
    Live, Love & Enjoy Life 🙂

    1. that address has been added to

      Please report that scam site to authorities. Only after a scam site was reported, webhosting companies can delete it. Thank you!

  2. Is longflourishrc legit or not? There is conflicting information on here about them

    1. The information provided is crystal clear: longflourishrc are legit, but there are copycat scam sites pretending to be longflourish which I recommend to avoid because such will steal your money.

      These scam sites look (almost) identical and use similar addresses. The scam sites also, and this is very unfortunate, show up in Google search results. If it wasn’t for fucking search engines displaying scam sites, I would not have published a warning.

      We had the same discussion yesterday:

      PS: If a vendor turned out not to be reliable, they will always be warned against. Wait for thirty days, then try to resolve the issue with the vendor, and if to no avail, then kindly consider Thank you.

  3. Rcsnowmang is totally legit. All his products are high quality and ideal for research purposes. Packages are discreetly shipped. Great communication (use proton mail when contacting him) and fast shipping. Have had zero issues and been using rcsnowmang for months. Cannot recommend more. Keep up the great work snowmang

  4. I tried out a couple weeks ago, got some 4-HO-MET and it was shipped in a week, I also tested the drug to make sure it was real and had good results

    1. woud you mind sharing a photo? i couldn’t if that was a real shop or no

  5. Research since 2018 Avatar
    Research since 2018

    I gotta say snowman is the best vendor since proximo. The fanax is excellent n to top that off I got sent extra fanax n probably $200 worth of free samples on my last order for being loyal. Even tho I don’t research most of the samples it’s still amazing that u can order $200 n get $400 of stuff. Might take a lil bit but shits on point. Boss

    1. Still waiting on Bromo from RC Snowman! Ordered 6-18 to date 7-10-23. Says he/she is busy and is out of stock and will not forget about me. I wished I would have been made aware of the wait time before hand 😔

      1. Snowman is legit!! People just need to be a little more patient when receiving messages from the trusted venders list instead of automatically assuming they scammed you because they didn’t respond right away. New vendors might receive more workload one week then the next. Patience is key here pep’s 🙂

  6. Order came in and RC Snowman is legit. I can vouch for that. If I knew how to take pics I would but I’ve never had someone care enough let alone an owner care about someone so much. Snowman is the actual best ❤️

    1. would you mind sharing a photo?

      1. I would if I could. But she/he went ghost again. I’ve had not much contact especially since the original order I made.

        1. Avatar

          anyone who hasn’t received an order yet can email me for an update I spent almost every hour over every single day making sure that everyone is taken care of

          1. Please respond back to me with the questions I have asked in previous emails

  7. Snowman is legit and did send but the product leaked (definitely was the handling not the product) and I was told I would get a little extra on the next order. Placed a new and larger order and confirmed payment but it’s just taking a lot longer to get confirmation on it being sent. Regardless, Snowman you obviously know who is writing this and you are the best. I’d rather wait a little longer in case something happened for AMAZING product than get a 3 day shipped boof pack. Snowman is the best 🥰

  8. Chem casino is on the EU scam don’t use list and still on the USA verified vendor’s list!

    1. hi,

      i am eu-based. eu vendor of “uncertain status” means neither I nor a friend have held their products in hands in the past two years.

      that does not mean they would not be good to go.

      with the us-page, that is misleading, indeed. thanks for the heads-up! will be fixed.

      kind regards 🙂

      1. Sooo is chem casino good or no ?

        1. It’s good to go probably. Not sure about quality of their products, though.

          I will see if I fidn the tiem to place a test order.

          Happy days!

    2. Mr. Scam Meallday Avatar
      Mr. Scam Meallday

      Really? I used casino from this list for my first order ever and was finally satisfied.

      I spent quite a bit of money too! This is a bummer🥺

  9. Please take Alchemical Botanicals off the list. They scam, leading on with no intentions of sending anything.

    1. Have removed him.
      Have also sent him an email.

      Your silly tmp_pm idea is super stupid, btw. If you both use proton mail, then there is no fucking need to ever set a destruction timer or use privnote or whatever. The only reason a vendor using proton and demanding you to also use proton and insistng on self-destructing messages could be to have no evidence in case they scam you.

      1. So your saying if a vendor requires proton to proton and a timer ,, they ARE Scammers?

        1. If both use Proton mail or some other End-2-End-Encrypted means of communication, and if Proton offers Zero-Knowledge-Encryption, which they do, then there is absolutely no point in additionally using self-destructing messages.

          As far as I understand, Proton is better than ever these days:

          – They cannot read your emails. Neither encrypted ones nor plain text emails because they not only offer encrypted communication but they also store your emails with zero-knowledge/access encryption at rest. This is a new feature! It means that they cannot read any of your emails because they do not know your password and cannnot decrypt your data. Please see

          – Proton does store meta data for legal reasons. They keep track of who you exchanged emails with. This means their database remembers all emails you received and and sent and that for years. If you set an auto-timer to have your emails self-destructed, they will, of course, remember that “destructed” email as well.

          I know some do not trust Proton or any commercial services with that zero-knowledge-encryption promise. I know some legit vendors insist on pivnote. That does not make them scammmers, indeed.

          However, if they were scammmers, then it makes reporting scams more complicated.

          I never use self-destructing Proton emails because I could film my screen, take a photo, make a screenshot, export the email, etc… If a vendor thinks it was more convenient for them if you used self-desctructing emails because that way their mailbox would always remain almost empty, then they suck. my 2 cents.

      2. This is the way bottles999 communicates right now, requires proof of RC’s purchased with a pic for verification sent to him on telegram. Placed order, received btc address. Have not paid, waiting for order confirmation. Does this seem legit or sketchy?

        1. i don’t know about the pics, sounds silly to me.

          the rest is exactly as they describe it in their faq:

          if you receive payment instructions, they have accepted your order.

          if you then paid and provided them with the payment transaction id, they will confirm once again so you know they are on it.

        2. i think bottles999 and rcsnowman are the same person….
          same exact layout, same chems almost….i have ordered from rcsnowman and they are 100% LEGIT and gave me extra! just be patient.

          1. Research since 2018 Avatar
            Research since 2018

            Not at all, bottles kingdom ships outta NYC bodega. Snowman delivers outta sacramento. N idk what u been ordering but the chems are far from the same. And bottles is always out of stock, uses timers for orders and chems aren’t nearly as good

      3. I emailed benzo kingdom and RC snowman and neither answered my emails, any ideas René ?

        1. Hi,

          benzo kingdom are either in paranoia mode or receive too many requests. They want to go “private”, whatever that means. They will be added to the list again whever they feel comfortable with being mentioned on a popular site on the www again.

          rc snowman seemed to have taken a few days off, recently. They are still around but, maybe, do not accept orders right now.

          The international vendors are no option? Or the other comedstic ones visible for subscribers (when logged in)?
          It might take a little before finding reliable US vendors again who can handle many inquiries.

          Happy days!

  10. Everyone here Avatar

    Snowman and benzo kingdom no longer answer emails. Did correct way n no response numerous times. No longer vendors I guess

    1. Everyone here Avatar

      Go to Albion. 10/10 on every dept. Package arrived 5 days. Forget all these others they suck n scan or don’t reply. GO TO ALBION 100%

    2. That is not a problem at all. RC SCENE is on the www and draws quite some attention. As long as they don’t take your money, you have not lost anything and there is no problem at all. I would wonder if all the vendors here could handle hundreds of orders. Only very few (probably with the Feds, I could not imagine how else they could get away with it) can upscale to an industrial level.

    3. Snowman also took my money and never delivered or responded to my emails. Total scam.

      1. Hi,

        Je contacted them on your behalf.
        That is something you could have tried as well.

        He says he had ran out of a product and is a little late with a few orders since. He says he won’t forget about your order.

        Kindly keep us posted, thx.

      2. you can always contact me at if you have an unfulfilled order . i spend most if my time responding to emails so if you havent received your order contact me! its my one job to take care of you all

        1. Be easy RC Scene Avatar
          Be easy RC Scene

          Whatever dude u fell off. 3 week waits for tracking, ghosting, wrong products sent, and completely forgot about the little people who put u on the map. No one wants to wait 2 weeks for a order. Im sure these dudes that don’t care about none of that stuff will just keep ordering so why would you care. The rc scene in America is complete trash. Vendors used to send top quality products in 24 hours religiously. That day is gone, u send packages 14 days later n bitch at people for bothering you, ru serious?? You’ll take that bitcoin anytime n respond back quick tho smh

    4. Anyone know of a vendor for 2C-B fly powder that ships to the us

      1. I’d like to find the same


      Snowman replied to my email just a few days ago. Ever since then we have been communicating via Email, Telegram app, and Threema app.

      Anyone know if he is legit? Plan to place an order for diclazepam, but a small order first in case. He seems very genuine, no order minimums. His lowest price for a product is only $15, even with shipping added I doubt he is scamming for $15-25 orders. However, you never know…

      If anyone has ordered from him recently, please let me know or reply back.

      I have been looking for diclazepam forever now, and I would really appreciate any responses regarding his legitimacy.

      Thank you!

      1. hi,

        i know it says he helped the blog with a donation
        but he would nonetheless be categorized a scammer if there would be issues.

        just like with all the other vendors:

        if you feel you had been waiting for your order for too long, get in touch with them

        if to no avail, kindly let me know

        keep your correspondance until your order has arrived. makes things easier for everyone.

        kind regards!

      2. Snowman got me for $150 after months of great product n size. Too bad they all exit scam whg they’re done. Would NOT waste ur time & money

        1. send them an email as a reminder.

      3. I just used him for the first time and 100% recommend him. Shipping was 3 days, products were spot on and just seemed like a stand up vendor. He even made a note of what was out of stock at the moment.