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Last updated November 13, 2023

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These vendors ship to the US

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***Please note that RC SCENE is not a vendor and neither operating any nor affiliated with NPS shops.***

International vendors usually deliver within one up to four weeks.

Longflourish RC (LF)

  • Solid quality at affordable prices.
  • This is a popular source also with other vendors. I never heard anyone complain about this shop.
  • Stimulants, Tryptamins & Psychedelics, Benzodiazepine powders, and Dissociatives
  • …like A-PCYP, 4F-MPH, 4F-MAR, 4Me-TMP, Etizolam-2, Flubromazepam, Bretazenil, Rilmafazone, 5-Bromo-DMT, 4-Aco-DET, 25B-NBOH, ALD-52, FDCK-2, FXE, 3-F-PCP, O-DSMT
  • Be careful with dosage! This vendor tends to ship uncut substances that could be more effective than expected.
  • Hong Kong
  • #Longflourish Discussion and Reviews
  • Long Flourish RC Shop

BB Gate Forum

  • This is paid-for advertising.
  • I cannot vouch for this forum but it could still be worth a look. They list a few vendors I am not familiar with. Thank you for checking out this sponsor.
  • See the BB Gate forum

Predator RC Café (predation)

  • No delivery guarantee for US customers.
  • Many Cathinones and a tendency to offer underwhelming products that do not quite look or work as seen with other vendors. From time to time, however, some products shine. Pellets are okay.
  • …like 3-MMC, O-PCE, DCK, 1P-LSD pellets, 5-MAPB fumarate, Flunitrazolam pellets Gidazepam, Flubromazepam, RCCP, EU36, DC2
  • Netherlands
  • #Predator Discussion and Reviews
  • Predator-RC Shop

Research Chems Club (Big Jack)

RC Best Sell (RCB)


Domestic US vendors usually deliver within a week.


  • is too cool for school and doesn’t react to my emails. With more than 14,000 visitors referred and no complaints received, they might know their stuff, after all.
  • …like A-PCYP, 4F-MPH, 5-Bromo-DMT, Flubromazepam
  • Be careful: These dudes work with social engineering methods to trick you into ordering over and over again. Consider a healthy lifestyle!
  • Albion Discussion and Reviews
  • Albionalkimiya Shop

How are you?

  • You know or are a vendor for this list?
  • You want to help portray the scene by sharing your experiences, photos, and reviews?
  • Perfect!
  • Contact me :- )

RC Snowman

  • In the icy winter wonderlands of Colorado’s skiing resorts, a man and his plastic bathtub carry on the tradition of pouring booze and benzos into tiny brownish glass bottles. They call him the snowman and his prices are outrageous.
  • …like Diclazepam, Bromazolam and Flubrotizolam (Fanax) solutions;
  • Be careful: This easily melts when exposed to fun in the sun.
  • Recent reports of long shipping times due to product shortage.
  • This is highly experimental: #RCsnowman Discussion and Reviews
  • RC Snowman Shop

RC SNOWMAN helped me with this blog with a donation. Thank you!

Souls lost to NPS / research chemicals / drugs / evil monkeys
Those Poor Bastards – Heaven’s for the Poor (2022)

Safe NOT Scam!

Tips for when dealing with anonymous sources

  • First of all, never send money to anyone unless you received an order confirmation.
  • If you don’t know the vendor, then start with a small order, for god’s sake. Don’t make it a habit and don’t allow others into tricking you to order more and more! If vendors offer discounts or access to silly forums only to returning customers, then stay away.
  • Allow the vendor a little time. They don’t do overnight express shipping.
  • If, after a few days, your order is still missing, contact the vendor.
  • If you got scammed (you paid for but never received your order) then fucking report the thieves to! Also, warn the community! Also, kindly let me know so I can update the list, thank you.

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The following vendors are out of business and/or notorious scammers

Beware of scammers and ghosts

Avoid Paracelsus Labs (US)

  • The mood was downright depressed as Joel’s ark sank. Users reports have this former vendor out of business since January already.

Avoid Sunshine Labs

  • Total scam!

Avoid Tranquil Treats

  • This is a DN vendor and all clearnet appearances are fake.

Please make yourself familiar with Harm Reduction Practices, Facts about Drugs and their Dangers, and where to find help when coping with Addiction.

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  1. arteducation714 Avatar

    RCSnowman is real and eventually sent me a few free examples. They were all strong and real. I promised to make sure I sent a positive review once he sent the order. All worked well

  2. Chem-Casino seems to be a very reliable vendor although because they are international shipping times vary. Could be a week or a few weeks. Really depends so be patient. I’ve yet to not receive a package I’ve ordered from them. They just require patience.

    1. Please mind they cannot guarantee delivery to overseas. Within Europe they seem a safe bet, Overseas is a gamble.

      1. Chemcasino = I have had 2 packages both shipped to USA show up in about 3-5 weeks. The product is nothing special I would say very average. If I do order again I will post pics more details however I’m currently searching for A+ quality with shipping to usa. Quality >quantity

        1. Try LongflourishRC. Never heard of anyone complain about their product quality.

    2. I put an order in….took almost the full 20 business days. But it did arrive….

      1. update, quality was unremarkable

  3. Rcsnowman has still been a reliable vendor for me. I recently had an issue getting a hold of them over proton but once I did they sent my order and although snowman has not been including tracking as reliably as they were at one point and this caused a hiccup with parcel boxes at my location which my order was stuck in for a couple days my order was received and nearly double what I ordered and came with other samples. I’m currently in the process of placing another order with them and will see how this one goes. They just seem to take time responding to emails for whatever reason. Be patient and send a second email if you have not heard back in awhile. I still highly recommend this vendor and they are a trusted domestic one of mine. Snowman is friendly and if something goes wrong will do their best to make it up to you.

    1. Huh. Wish he would just send me the second half of my order. He keeps replying and then ghosting me. It’s been almost a month and a half and I’m super chill when we talk I’m not sure why this is happening because the first items were awesome!! Come on snowman help ya boy out 😭❤️

  4. Chem casino shipped out two orders to USA on October 5th.

    The will not respond to any emails or on their website.

    I would stay away from them

  5. Warning: is a scam site. After checkout they e-mail you a bitcoin address to complete your transaction, and then ghost you. Tbh, in hindsight their “selection” and listed prices are too good to be true.

    1. I am sorry, I was not available due to an ongoing healt issue. If you take a closer look, my fingers in the short unboxing videos do not look healthy. That is still a thing from an awkward accident I had in January.

      I am not ghosting you and as a subscriber you can always hit me up on my mobile, just use the subscribers-only contact form.

      The workflow is: You pay and get access to premium contnet within artices immediately. BTC transactions I need to manually check before I can unlock the full forum access. I could not find your email pinned to an account, tbh., please provide me with further details on your order. Some transactions say failed I cannot finalize/complete these even if I wanted.

      I had been offline for a couple of weeks and have no backup checking editorial stuff, unfortunately. Everyone who already subscribed may be grated full forum access for at least two years to compensate for the delays in planning and providing fresh content,.

      I hope that helps,

      Kind regards,

  6. Someone hacked the data at Novel Science Shop, phished their website and emailed everyone that they had moved to Novel Science STORE, who are dun dun DUN—-dirty scammers.

    NovelScienceShop is still legit however, if a bit pricey.

  7. Made an order with RCSnowman a few days ago. He told me two of the products he could personally ship out but the other two were shipped from somewhere else. He said he offers express shipping for on hand items. He told me he would ship out the first items yesterday; but he wasn’t able to. He told me last night he would ship this morning. He responds to all my emails , not very quickly but he always gets back. Sometimes have to send a second email. I am still waiting on an answer for a time estimation for the other two items being shipped from elsewhere. I will keep you all updated.

    As of now I ordered with express shipping three days ago and to my knowledge nothing has been shipped but as soon as he updates me I will let you all know. Seems like he is not scamming, just a smaller vendor and working alone mostly. Hope you come through snowman

    1. Be careful. Snowman gets a few small orders no problem and as soon as you make a big order he ghosts. Scammed me of over $200. Will never order again from this loser.

    2. Update. First half of my package arrived a few days ago. 9 days after I paid, not bad . The second half which is the more expensive part still isn’t here 2 weeks later. Snowman said they are being shipped from somewhere else. He hasn’t responded to me in a few days or given update on these. I’m sure it will come. I’ll do a full review on quality with pics once it all arrives I’m just trying to do an honest review on timing and quality. He’s a nice guy and has great options but the 8-10 days shipping listed on the site does not seem to be accurate. Thanks snowman ⛄️ hope the stuff comes soon for my lab research

    3. Hello. This is rollingforsoup, I somehow no longer have access to my account. I just wanted to post an honest update . I placed an order with Snowman on October 16th. 2 products he had on hand and claimed to be able to ship within a week. The other two said 8-10 days. After paying him, he told me the second two items would be shipped from two other people that were not himself. The on hand items arrived 9 days after my original order. He sent me extra product but some is unlabeled and he has not responded when I asked what they were . It has now been more than two weeks and he has not replied to me in a few days. Last time we spoke he told me to be patient and the other items would arrive soon. He seems like a nice enough guy. I am
      Not a fan of how little he replies and when he does he rarely answers all questions. We had a couple good talks but have not heard from him since. The only thing I value with vendors is answering questions, honest shipping times, and quality products. I know it can take time, but just tell your customers that’s it’s coming instead of not replying. I am waiting to post any pictures or product review until everything arrives. So far, he is legit for sure. Product he sent me is nice. Would appreciate more accurate waiting times, I don’t mind waiting 2-4 weeks for other vendors, but at least they tell you up front. René if you could just see if snowman is alright and snowman If you see this I only want an update brother . I would love to be a regular and make good posts about you on this forum

  8. RCSnowman ripped me off. I paid and never got what I ordered. He never responded to emails and I wasn’t pushy. New purchasers beware.

    RGB came through with quality powders. I could never track it through 17track but it showed up unexpectedly 21 days later. Triple vacuum sealed and extremely potent. Will be using them again for sure

    1. Hi Mark,

      I will also send them a reminder on your behalf and your issue will hopefully soon be fixed. My emails are in no way handled prioritized and Snowman cannot see your email if you comment here.

      I am working on a solution to send them an email whenever someone commented about their service.

      Also, I recommend trying to contact them via Telegram. In their group chat you can see if they are active and send them a direct message.

      I forgot to mention their TG group but will add it with the next update.

      You can also check by and ask for any links that should be on the RC SCENE here site but somehow seem missing.

      Kind regards!

      1. I was able to get connected with someone at rcsnowman through rcscene. They wanted to make things right and has been in contact with me with the help of rc-scene. It appears rcsnowman is filling my original order and giving me sample of the solutions they have in stocks. I will keep the community posted when when my order arrives. So far, i am fairly optimistic.

        The first response from someoneat rcsnowman to my post was very sarcastic, but someone professional has taken over and is treating me fairly and it’s been a pleasure dealing with them. I have a feeling they will make things right.

      2. Hey Rene, I also am experiencing the same issues with two products k ordered. Still haven’t received any tracking nor update. Snowman told me one was shipped by him 7 days ago, haven’t received tracking nor the package. Se find item is supposedly aas supposedly shipped out form the east coast, but likewise no status update, tracking or package have been provided.

        1. Thanks Renee! And it’s nice to see others commenting with similar issues. Hope RCSNOWMAN is willing to fulfill their promises to us unfortunate customers.

          Also, I don’t want to use this forum to complain about RCSNOWMAN and their customer service. There are more important things to discuss and reliable vendors to bring to the attention of the community.

    2. I’ve been ordering from RCB for about 3 years now,at least 50 time’s!!!!! And always comes through,and top notch chems!!

  9. Hi Everyone, RC Snowman is indeed Legit my past orders prove it. He is prob a bit backed up at the moment on orders. It happens ya know, sometimes we run out of ingredients or a product is on back order.. Just give him some time he will get you your orders! Have a wonderful day all!


  10. So I ordered with Chem Casino and that was on august 28 th and I know that it got caught up in costoms and I still haven’t got it jt says they will do one free reship and I still haven’t heard back from them in days so if you could help me a lil bit on getting them to reach out to me it would be much appreciated

    1. Give them a little more time! I have two previous purchases with them. My first order took only 7 days to reach Central USA & the second ordered made it in 25 days!! Weather can also play a factor in delays. They are good business people! Usually respond in 3 days if not sooner. Hope this helps 🙂

      1. Placed 2 orders with snowman now. 1st order was great! Placed order with payment on Monday and received package on Friday! 2nd order has been much worse. I placed the order and made payment on October 11. Sent multiple emails with no response… today is October 27 any help with the greatly appreciated.