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RC SCENE maintains a list of NPS vendors that have proven to be reliable shippers.

The list is based on my personal experience and observations and, of course, even more so on the feedback you provide me with. Whenever you report an issue with a vendor that is on the list, I will try to find out more about the issue and will update the list accordingly.

The shops did not pay to make it here. I do not know the people who operate these shops. The list is nowhere near comprehensive, there might be many more RC Shops that will not scam you but indeed ship your order as expected.

The list does not say anything about the products these shops carry. The list shows only shops that I would dare ordering with. Still, I recommend not to order NPS at all. Stick with quality medication that has been approved to be sold in pharmacies. Stick with well-established drugs like Cocaine and MDMA which have proven to be relatively safe. With NPS, you never know what you get. It could be a waste of money, but it could also be toxic waste with devastating impact on your health.

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