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Last updated March 11, 2023

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RC Vendors / Research Chemical Shops USA

These vendors ship to the US

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***Please note that RC SCENE is not a vendor and neither operating any nor affiliated with NPS shops.***

International vendors usually deliver within one up to four weeks.

Longflourish RC (LF)

  • Solid quality at affordable prices.
  • This is a popular source also with other vendors. I never heard anyone complain about this shop.
  • Stimulants, Tryptamins & Psychedelics, Benzodiazepine powders, and Dissociatives
  • …like A-PCYP, 4F-MPH, 4F-MAR, 4Me-TMP, Etizolam-2, Flubromazepam, Bretazenil, Rilmafazone, 5-Bromo-DMT, 4-Aco-DET, 25B-NBOH, ALD-52, FDCK-2, FXE, 3-F-PCP, O-DSMT
  • Be careful with dosage! This vendor tends to ship uncut substances that could be more effective than expected.
  • Hong Kong
  • #Longflourish Discussion and Reviews
  • Long Flourish RC Shop

Predator RC Café (predation)

  • No delivery guarantee for US customers.
  • Many Cathinones and a tendency to offer underwhelming products that do not quite look or work as seen with other vendors. From time to time, however, some products shine. Pellets are okay.
  • …like 3-MMC, O-PCE, DCK, 1P-LSD pellets, 5-MAPB fumarate, Flunitrazolam pellets Gidazepam, Flubromazepam, RCCP, EU36, DC2
  • Netherlands
  • #Predator Discussion and Reviews
  • Predator-RC Shop

Research Chems Club (Big Jack)

RC Best Sell (RCB)


  • Finally trashed steroids, plans to stock sex pills soon. Meanwhile, the shop surprises with quite a few substances that were thought to have been disappeared.
  • …like A-PHP, Flualalprazolam, Etizolam, Hex-EN, Clonazolam, NEP, 4-CMC
  • European Union
  • #BOLChemist Discussion and Reviews
  • BOL-Chemist Shop


Domestic US vendors usually deliver within a week.


  • is too cool for school and doesn’t react to my emails. With more than 14,000 visitors referred and no complaints received, they might know their stuff, after all.
  • …like A-PCYP, 4F-MPH, 5-Bromo-DMT, Flubromazepam
  • Be careful: These dudes work with social engineering methods to trick you into ordering over and over again. Consider a healthy lifestyle!
  • Albion Discussion and Reviews
  • Albionalkimiya Shop

How are you?

  • You know or are a vendor for this list?
  • You want to help portray the scene by sharing your experiences, photos, and reviews?
  • Perfect!
  • Contact me :- )

RC Snowman

  • In the icy winter wonderlands of Colorado’s skiing resorts, a man and his plastic bathtub carry on the tradition of pouring booze and benzos into tiny brownish glass bottles. They call him the snowman and his prices are outrageous.
  • …like Diclazepam, Bromazolam and Flubrotizolam (Fanax) solutions; O-DSMT powder.
  • Be careful: This easily melts when exposed to fun in the sun.
  • This is highly experimental: #RCsnowman Discussion and Reviews
  • RC Snowman Shop

Benzo Bottles Kingdom

Souls lost to NPS / research chemicals / drugs / evil monkeys
Those Poor Bastards – Heaven’s for the Poor (2022)

Safe NOT Scam!

Tips for when dealing with anonymous sources

  • First of all, never send money to anyone unless you received an order confirmation.
  • If you don’t know the vendor, then start with a small order, for god’s sake. Don’t make it a habit and don’t allow others into tricking you to order more and more! If vendors offer discounts or access to silly forums only to returning customers, then stay away.
  • Allow the vendor a little time. They don’t do overnight express shipping.
  • If, after a few days, your order is still missing, contact the vendor.
  • If you got scammed (you paid for but never received your order) then fucking report the thieves to! Also, warn the community! Also, kindly let me know so I can update the list, thank you.

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The following vendors are out of business and/or notorious scammers

Beware of scammers and ghosts

Avoid Paracelsus Labs (US)

  • The mood was downright depressed as Joel’s ark sank. Users reports have this former vendor out of business since January already.

Avoid Sunshine Labs

  • Total scam!

Avoid Tranquil Treats

  • This is a DN vendor and all clearnet appearances are fake.

Please make yourself familiar with Harm Reduction Practices, Facts about Drugs and their Dangers, and where to find help when coping with Addiction.

How do you feel about this? Have you made different experiences? Please share with the community and post a comment 🙂

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6 responses

  1. rc snowman Avatar

    if anyone has any questions or outstanding orders contact me so I can fix it and answer anything before you attempt to crucify me
    it’s my only job to keep you guys happy

    kind regards

  2. ambi Avatar

    came to ask around about this. all the reviews i saw said hes been scamming since january, but i bought from him in late jan/early feb with no issue. just placed an order with him and he replied within a day to say he was having stock issues and would be shipping as soon as he could, apologizing for the delay. ive seen people saying hes never responded to them at all though. i already paid him so its too late either way so i guess i just have to wait and see

    1. This could be your ad. ;-) Avatar

      Hi, and thanks for sharing!

      I had noticed two customers complaining about Para not replying to emails means not accepting their orders since January already. He didn’t reply to my email, either. That is why I thought he was gone for good.

      I don’t live here, I rely on your experiences shared.
      Please keep me posted and let me know when your order arrives, I will then update the page again_

      Happy days! 🎈

      1. ambi Avatar

        no worries i’ll keep you updated. obviously it looks like he’s scamming, but i have no choice but to hold out hope he’s telling me the truth. been a customer for a long time and have placed a lot of orders.

        i’m only mildly hopeful because he responded to me so quickly when i’ve only seen people saying he never replied after they sent payment confirmation. not the case with me. but only time will tell i suppose

        1. Kaylie Avatar

          Did you get a reply?

  3. Я Avatar

    US vendor Paracelsus Labs (Joel & team) are said to have exit scammed already in January.
    They don’t reply to emails, #AVOID.

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