HALLUCINATIONS – Substance Warning: 3-CMC, 4-CMC (Synthetic Cathinones)

Substance warning: 4-CMC / 3-CMC sold as fake ecstasy. Users suffered badly. 3-CMC / 4-CMC: terrifying hallucinations, psychosis, unpredictable, sold under fake name, worrysome contaminations, memory loss, not good, ruined weekend, waste of money
Substance Warning: Research Chemicals (NPS) like 3-CMC and 4-CMC are unpredictable. They might cause hallucinations, psyhosis, and memory loss.

The Brits always think they had something going. Porridge Radio or Sprints? Yard Act! Aye, the UK’s DIY-post-punk scene makes bird and bloke raise a smile. Shakespeare already knew: The cat will mew, and dog will have his day. The island sounds Post-Punk 2k2.

To make sure nobody could by accident feel happy here for too long, there is the mainland.

What’s that… A virus pandemic causing lockdowns with everybody arrested at home? For at least two years, you say? Splendid.

What’s that… Russian military bombing cities in Europe? Oh, gimme a break! I still sleep with the lights on because the Dutch sent nightmares to Manchester last summer.

Nightmares to Manchester

When 3-MMC and 4-CMC got banned, the Dutch police pretended to have stopped an organized crime group (1-OCG) from supplying Britain with XTC pills. According to the Dutch, this incident would have led to an MDMA shortage. Known as reliable shippers, the Dutch disposed of the now-banned Research Chemical 4-CMC in Manchester, UK.

The Brits soon found out:

Screenshot of Mail Online website with article about fake ecstasy from August 19, 2021
Mail Online: ‘Fake ecstasy’ from China is flooding UK clubs: Dealers are selling synthetic substitute likened to METH that users say causes memory loss and terrifying hallucinations of ‘shadow creatures’ – Manchester charity testing MDMA have found the synthetic stimulant 4-CMC

Worrisome Contaminations

With Manchester suffering badly and drug education & testing charities alerted, newspaper journalists like James Robinson from the Daily Mail (Online) picked up the story. It goes without saying that the team with VICE closely monitors the drugs market as a habit and also warned against synthetic Cathinones like 4-CMC that were sold for MDMA.

The same warning as every year, James

  • Established drugs like Cocaine and MDMA are relatively well-researched and relatively safe compared to unpredictable Research Chemicals (NPS) like 3-MMC, 3-CMC, and 4-CMC.
  • Drug testing charities publish warnings if they discover a sample either too strong or contaminated. Some XTC pills contain concerningly high = health-threatening dosages of MDMA. Worrisome contaminations could be, amongst others, any Research Chemicals (NPS).
  • Maintaining a healthy lifestyle does not include substance abuse whatsoever. “Relatively” “established” does not mean good.
Map of Europe, rotated, looks like a person, is holding a dynamite "candle", the cities Manchester (UK) and Rotterdam (Netherlands) are marked with red dots. There is a yellow submarine. The sea is blue and there is a person pressing their hands against what seems an invisible glass wall between the sea and the land.
“I still sleep with the lights on because they sent Nightmares to Manchester last year.”

Research Chemicals (New Psychoactive Substances, NPS) posing an immense risk to health due to lack of research and no history of human use is no news. It’s the same ol’ song we overhear for fifteen years.

In case you just tuned in:

  • New Psychoactive Substances (NPS, “Research Chemicals”) are based on common drugs like Amphetamine and pose similar risks (health issues).
  • You must not drive under the influence. Substances remain in your blood for days and test positive for common drugs like Amphetamine.
  • Research Chemicals would usually be unknown substances. Nobody could predict their action profile or side effects. There is no data about possibly life-threatening interactions with medicine etc., available.

And Now for Something Completely Different

Bloody Tomatoes

I live in a country in Europe claiming not to be a fan of the war against Europe but nonetheless financing it.

Europe says they had agreed on hefty sanctions, Russian banks got blocked from SWIFT. Well, seven of them, but not the banks that Europe needs to pay their gas bills. We import even more gas than before. Europe buys Russian gas for about 900 million Euros every day, and, of course, we pay for it. If we didn’t, Russia wouldn’t send the gas we need for heat.

Five red tomatoes on white kitchen paper
Bloody tomatoes!

I sit here with a window opened for fresh air, wearing beach sandals, shorts, and a tee. It is winter, but the tomatoes on the table are from the region. Local farmers built huge glasshouses to heat them up for growing summer vegetables all year.

We all suffer together with our brothers and sisters and neighbors. Of course, we are not going as far as wearing a pullover at home.

Nobody here even thought of asking us not to heat up rooms or outdoor pools or stop that stupid glass houses thing.

Ironically, energy costs have risen lately. Even though we import more than ever, prices for gas and oil are through the roof. In its infinite wisdom and glory, “the market” somehow raised the cost of being stupid.

The first protesters already hit the streets. They demand the government stand up against corporate solidarity and bring their tomatoes back.

One could say that gas might be expensive but freedom is priceless.

(Someone on France 24)
The Raveonettes – Hallucinations,
from the LP “Lust Lust Lust” (2007)

Donate to the Disasters Emergency Committee Ukraine Appeal. The UK Government matches, pound-for-pound, £25 million of public donations to this appeal. (GOV.UK)

£30 could provide essential hygiene supplies for three people for one month. (Credit Card or PayPal)

Austrian Government doubles your “Nachbar in Not” donation (until April, 18). (APA)

Nachbar in Not: Help Ukraine (Credit Card)

hand adjusting gas burning from a kitchen gas stove
adjusting gas burning at a kitchen gas stove
Oil and gas industry, a world map, and streets. The dots are connected.

3-Chloromethcathinone (3-CMC) is a novel substance of the cathinone class. It is an analogue of the neurotoxic 4-CA. (Psychonaut Wiki)

Effects of 3-CMC: There are generally few users who find this substance worthwhile. It is usually described as nothing special or even disappointing, making the risk of neurotoxicity even more unnecessary. (Neue Psychoaktive Substanzen Punkt De)

There is no such thing as “safe” use, only “safer” use. (Psychonaut Wiki)

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  1. […] most certainly remember “Nightmares to Manchester”: In August 2021, Dutch drug dealers shipped the recently banned problematic 4-CMC substance to […]

  2. Europe fighting 4-CMC:

    Last week, Spanish police arrested drug dealers that planned to sell 20 kilograms of 4-CMC:

    In Amsterdam, 100 kg of 3-MMC also lead to arrests:

    1. Substance Warning Update regarding 3-CMC / 4-CMC / MMC

      4-CMC, Hex-En / NEH N-ethylhexedrone, and A-PHP alpha-PHP

      are schedule I substances in Spain, means illegal.

      In the spirit of the law, I believe all and any CMC and PHP variants illegal.

      Spain has also banned Etizolam in 2021.

      Please see for yourselves:

      If you read that Spain had decriminalized drugs, like THC and Delta-9-CBD, then that does not mean they were legal.

      Decriminalized means that if I got caught with a joint, the police will not arrest or fine consumers. If I got caught with a joint again, I will have to pay a fine of between 30 and 300 Euros.

      Please see article twenty-first in the document linked above:

      Minor offences shall be punishable by the following penalties:

      One. Notice.

      Two. Fines of 30.05 to 300.51 euros.

      20,000 grams (20 kg) of 4-CMC are not considered a minor offence, of course.
      Please see article twenty-thirdin the document linked above:

      Very serious offences shall be punishable by:

      One. Fines from 3,005.06 to 30,050.61 euros.

      30,000 Euros is not a lot for a drug dealer.
      This is why I think I to remember having seen drug dealers in Spain being pressed charges against for trying to endanger public health.

      I will try if I can find out how they proceed with drug dealers.

      I doubt they would reply to questions, though.

      This is interesting:
      The government of Spain, just like RC SCENE, describes content they publish (includes laws!) as documents of informative nature but with no legal value.

      * * *

      I can totally see why clown school Antwerp.en consider themselves the almost reasonably-minded remains of résistance on this planet of village idiots.

      Join them thinking about things in the underground, but also in the proud heritage of beloved Star Wars characters like R2D2, Luke Skywalker, and that hot Princess.



      The Dutch police could have seized not 100 kg but even 240 kg of 3-MMC in Amsterdam.

      I know, 77 x 15 makes 1,155, of course, and that is neither 100, nor 240.
      Discovering a barrel of 15 kg does not mean it contained 15kg of whatever, but that the barrel and whatever inside weigh 15 kg.

      The police is busy these days. They do not open things they seize. They weigh letters and barrels together with the drugs and then estimate how much drugs could be inside. Customs experts do not sign reports claiming them containing valid information. Customs sign reports pretending they had witnessed the dog (who is the only expert in this game) pointing them to letters or barrels they seized.

      If you doubt me, then good luck with finding better.
      I mean it, because if anyone else could do similar, why should I waste my time with it?

      The 240 kg source:

      < Tras el registro de una nave por parte de la Policía neerlandesa, se encontró otra mercancía en 77 barriles de 15 kg. Tras su análisis, se comprobó que era 3MMC, por lo que se intervinieron 240 kg de la sustancia. Posteriormente se produjo la detención del jefe de la mujer implicada, "una figura clave del narcotráfico" >