Warning: Syntahrise.com selling mislabeled / poisenous 3-FPM

The Canadian clearnet vendor Syntharise.com is currently selling a dangerous blend of various Benzodiazepines mixed together labeled as 3-FPM.

3-FPM is a rather mildly stimulating Amphetamin of which you would take doses of maybe 40 mg. Benzodiazepines are not only a completely different substance class, they are also active in small doses of 2 – 5 mg already.

Reports have been surfacing about users blacking out for several days from taking this dangerous mix.

The product sold as 3-FPM was tested on November 29, 2019 by “Get Your Drugs Tested” in Vancouver.

Test results are as follows:

  • 60% Flubromazolam
  • 25% Midazolam
  • 15% Pyrazolam
Test Result of mislabeled 3-FPM sold by syntharise.com

Greedy assholes that give a fuck about your health

The shop obviously didn’t even test the chemical before selling it. Any cheap 5 Euro testing kit would have indicated that this mix was not an Amphetamine but Benzodiazepines.

Research chemicals are often being produced by shady labs and hardly any vendors would or even could test their substances before selling them.

Just think about it: If you were a talented chemist, would you rather work for a shady drug lab or better decide to make a carrier with a serious company?

These Chinese labs that produce the vast majority of Research Chemicals sometimes don’t share our values. China is an extremely capitalistic country, whoever makes good money is considered a successful person there, it doesn’t matter where the money comes from. Also, Chinese citizens are safe from international law, China would never ever allow prosecuting a citizen of theirs. There had been multiple deaths caused by mislabeled or tainted chemicals, but never ever had a Chinese lab to take responsibility for those deaths.

These labs would often fake NMR test certificates that are intended to prove the purity of a substance, simply, because they have nothing to fear as long as they betray foreigners only.

PS: Of course, there are reliable Chinese labs producing Research Chemicals as well, but the bad sheep among them are endangering the whole scene and just have already cost way too many lives. The American Opiate crisis was not only US prescription drugs, it was also Chinese businessman sending tons of deadly Fent-analogues to the states.

The US finally forced China to ban all Fentanyl and its derivatives and analogues.

Please avoid Syntahrise.com (Canada) at any cost. They are amateurs who don’t give a shit about your health!

Disclaimer: This information was originally posted by chemtrails (Onion link) on Dread forum. Click here for the original post. (Onion link).

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