Substance Warning: 2-Methyl-AP-237. Numerous intoxications and hospitalizations reported. #AVOID

2 weeks ago, we published a warning against ordering 2-Methyl-AP-237 from the vendor The Real RC in the news section. A young man had reported to have ordered that substance from there and that he, after taking two tiny amounts on two consecutive days, on the second day suddenly felt like dying, was hospitalized and needed to stay in hospital for a whole week.

Judging from my own experiences with The Real RC, I assumed they would have sourced that substance from a shady lab like they sometimes had done in the past.

However, The Real RC got in touch with me and explained they had sourced the compound from a well-known and reputable Chinese manufacturer, retail- and wholesaler that is also listed in our Asia section.

What did cause the life-threatening intoxication?

I had three theories:

  • Either the lab had made a mistake and the batch was not mixed professionally. This could explain why the young man didn’t feel any negative side effects on the first day but accidentally overdosed the next day.
  • Or, The Real RC did not mix the batch professionally. There is no such thing as a vendor selling you an uncut batch. They all add cutting agents. (*** The Real RC reject this statement. They sell pure / uncut substances, only, they say. ***)
  • Or, the substance is per se a danger to your health and should not have been made available for sale in the first place.

Then I took a closer look.

What the heck is
2-Methyl-AP-237 ?

2-Methyl-AP-237 is derivate of of AP-237 (Bucinnazine). Bucinnazine was first synthesised by Japanese chemists in 1968. In the 1980ies it was given to dying cancer (!) patients in China for pain relief. It is a piperazine that happens to bind to the μ-opioid receptors and therefore acts as an analgesic, said to be as effective as Morphine.

However, it quickly builds up tolerance and is highly addictive. I am not aware of if it was still used as medication anywhere in the world. From what I have read about it, I guess not.

The methyl derivates of Bucinnazine were later developed and even patented. However, they were tested on mice and turned out to be remarkably caustic, “slightly” toxic and leading to unusual side effects like abnormal walking, loss of posture, gasping for breath or making the mice jump around like they were mad (“motor incoordination”). Depending on the dose, the animals died after between a single minute and 24 hours. The most common cause of death was 2-Methyl-AP-237 affecting (blocking) the cardio-respiratory system – the animals suffocated.

Since the substances were proven to be too toxic for further research and of course no pharmaceutical company would be interested in buying such a formula, the Italian company who held the patent (text includes abstracts of scientific studies conducted on 2-Methyl-AP-237 and AP-238) soon decided to let it be, stopped paying the maintenance fee for the patent and so the formulas became common property, free for everybody to use in 1990.

Click the image to enlarge it.

In 2018, 2-Methyl-AP-237 became available as a designer drug. Chinese psychopaths offered it to European psychopaths (vulgo “Research Chemical Vendors”) since these wanted to sell it to pathetic opioid junkies that would give their last shirt for a quick hit.

In March 2019, it was first reported to the European Drug monitoring agency EMCDDA. Slovenian police had made a test purchase. Purity was tested 91%.

Meanwhile, it has become available in various shops offered as novel designer drug (NPS). Psychopaths like Longflourish, The Real RC, Rechemco, Paracelsus, Proximo Research, and the human trash that runs Foche are offering it…

Show those fucked up trash vendors that we won’t just buy any poisonous shit they want to make profit with.

Lest I forget, please do not only stay away from 2-Methyl-AP-237 but also do ignore AP-238 which is said to be even more caustic, to be four times stronger and to maybe causing serious damage to your health (body and mind).

Don’t buy Nitazenes, either. Why the fuck would you want to end up a heroin junkie? These ugly souls that would sell you just any poison only to become richer and richer are cannibals. These psychopaths have no business anywhere other than being locked away. They should be hunted down and hold accountable for the crimes they committed against society.

Think twice and take care!

How does 2-Methyl-AP-237 feel? Experience reports.

“I took it orally once, a average dose, nothing crazy, i already tried it with a different vendor. But one average dose ended up almost killing me, I went in metabolic acidosis, my kidney failed, and because of the aggressive seizures, and I went rhabdomyolysis, my kidney failed too, they found me 10 hours after I started convulsing, so I had about a 30-40% percent chance of surviving.

I had to be in the hospital for more than a week, and now I have chronic kidney damages. Keep in mind, I’m young, healthy, and don’t use often, my blood/serum exams have always been perfect, now my potassium Is so high that I’ll probably have an hearth attack before 70 years old.”


“I was finally aware that there is a strong causal sub-context here. However, inhalative consumption also leads to significantly more craving, compulsive consumption behavior, a greater tendency to become dependent and ultimately also to a relevant increase in dose (in total consumption, since one is then quickly almost continuously smoking). In July, as part of an asthma attack lasting several days, I was admitted to a pulmonary clinic, where I was told that I was in a life-threatening condition and that I could suffer a potentially fatal attack of suffocation at any time. Then I decided without further ado that I have to use all my willpower and immediately stop inhaling 2-M-AP-237.”


“K: I got some 2map like that and I agree it was bunk. Made me sick after ingesting around 100mg with no high.

T: How sick did it make you? Like throwing up or worse?

K: Headache, throwing up, and a weird body sensation (nothing like an opioid feeling) that lasted about 6 hours before finally easing off.”

(K & T)

“11:15 – Feeling very sleepy, my eyes feel heavy and interfere slightly with my vision also I have some unexpected mild visuals. Otherwise, some itching & no euphoria. (..)

11:20 – It’s becoming hard to keep my eyes open, I may fall asleep if this continues. Still no euphoria.

11:30 – Distinct closed eye visuals and mild open eye but not psychedelic style hallucinations. The hallucinations are unstructured (..) and remind me of low-medium level deliriant visuals.”


I suffered cardiac arrest from the mixed use of Clonazolam and 2-Methyl-AP-237. I have no memory, when I woke up, I was tied up in a hospital bed and suffered severe chest pain. The doctor came to see me and asked me if I had intentionally committed suicide. I was found dead and needed to be reanimated.

(P. | Complete transcript)

Worst opioid I’ve ever taken. At first it was okay, but after 2 days I just felt uncomfortable. I became restless smoking and when I didn’t take anything, a mild withdrawal set in. But I have a history of heroin and am currently on 30-40 g of kratom per day. Plus, it’s damn corrosive.”


“Paracelsus Labs has had a pretty rough inconsistent supply of 2-Methyl-AP-237. It’s been very caustic and varies in strength from batch to batch.


I’m on methadone for pain and got cut off through no fault of my own and wanted a way to taper. I did probably 50 mgs of both ap237 and ap238 and got very sick the day after and stayed sick for a week. I probably almost died. When I went to the doctor, she said that my blood pressure was through the roof. I am slowly recovering. Fuck anyone selling this poison as a drug.


Psychopaths like the human trash operating Longflourish, The Real RC, Rechemco, Paracelsus, Proximo Research, Foche, and whoever else tries to make a fortune out of poisoning you with substances like
2-Methyl-AP-237 or AP-238 will hopefully soon be held responsible for the crimes they committed against society and be locked away forever.

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15 responses to “Substance Warning: 2-Methyl-AP-237. Numerous intoxications and hospitalizations reported. #AVOID”

  1. Umm, there are articles in PubMed, Scholar, etc. Sci-Hub.Se is free to use. You do seem like a man with a mission – a fanatical one, though. You are the one who looks silly here, friendo, although you obviously seem to have the good will. There is Erowid and Psychonaut wiki for a lot of this stuff. Reddit communities for the new substances. Multiple review forums, Dread. RC shops aren’t really responsible for educating the customers. They are responsible to state what they are selling adequately and correctly. The research is on person-to-person basis and must be made independently by the (planning) user.

    Also, what you spew about substance addicts is half nonsense and half stereotypical toxic slander. I, with experience in psychology, second the guy above – your experience might apply to some of the users and high-chasers. While multiple others got into addictions, whether psychological and/or physiological ones unwittingly and/or unwillingly. The form and the substance you present on this subject doesn’t make you look cool, calculated and indifferent, instead it makes you look jaded, arrogant and dismissive of the science of addiction we do have today. Which clearly doesn’t agree with your point in the majority of cases.

    I appreciate you trying to keep everyone safe and inform, albeit your rushing to conclusions, with no clear information, makes you look foolish. As you have yourself presented, replying to your original pitch-forking post, that the situation seems to have been much different that what you assumed above said response. Thank you for your efforts and please do consider, there is more than your own outlook on a matter and perhaps more than one correct, as well.

    1. Hi,

      These compounds had been researched by an amateur-like private company from Italy. Either way, if you are in this field or an average reader, my investigation describes a tragedy. They never released their studies, so the advertisement-like quotes from the Original patent (RC SCENE, btw. is the only place with an as exhaustive as possible article on the whole internet (!) containing all available information together with quotes from people of which I some know, quotes from forums, and an explanation about vanity names/formulas in chemistry) say DANGER, no matter what.

      White Trash Opiate Junkie Crowd AND greedy fuck drug dealers did not like this article at all, I know, I discussed it with junkies, chemists, and greedy fuck drug dealers, nobody could prove me wrong (so far.)

      I understand that the US deal with a severe opiate pandemic causing more and more fatalities each year. I meanwhile understand that for many years a country of 300 million and more got fucked big time by the shady pharma industry, corrupt politicians, media, and doctors. I understand that this is nothing I could just explain and white trash opiate junkies will understand.

      The Health Dept. started late, but better late than never with funding research in non-addictive and non-opioid painkillers.
      I think that says it all.

      When I saw how aggressively they sell delta-8 THC in Texas, I realized the US are a failed state driven by greed. It’s a cultural issue, nothing you can easily change for the better.

      Still, the DEA started researching 2-M-Ap-237 already in spring, after two ODs of which one ended tragically. The quotes are from real people, I know some of them.

      You, my friend seem incapable of reading, the WHO is the scientific masterclass in describing drug addiction. That some US douche publishes a paper celebrating substance abuse is not considered serious science.

      Opiates are no toys. They are immensely dangerous. These dimethyl piperazines are insanely toxic trash. Same with Nitazenes.

      You know this isn’t my show: Feel free to contribute an article yourself. I will fact-check it, nothing goes online here just like this. THIS IS RC SCENE, my friend. Your multiple Review Forums are full of shit people trying to sell more dangerous drugs.

      In Isreal, the first smoking blend containing actual rat poison has meanwhile become reality. Told ya. No, I won’t celebrate rat poison or strange dimethyl-piperazine opioids.

      There used be a time when people would not order cancer online. Hard to believe, hmm?

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